The Obsessive Shou Chapter 38

The carriage of Yun Qingci was brought out from the palace. It was wide and stable, and it ran as fast as the wind on the official road.

When he reached the gate of the forbidden city, the guards let him go as soon as he showed his face.

Yunxiang was a step late and was stopped outside the palace.

He poked his head and said, “I came with the queen, he has already entered.”

The guard looked hesitant. In the forbidden city, even veterans like Yun Xiang need to be notified if they want to enter. For so many years, outsiders are allowed to enter and leave the palace freely, only Yun Qing, who has not been married to the emperor that year.

That is still the precedent set by the Holy One as soon as he enthroned.

He is the only one.

Yunxiang was not easy to embarrass him, so he could only ask for help and wait outside patiently.

The carriage in the palace must not be too fast, so as soon as it entered, the carriage immediately slowed down.

Yun Qingci suddenly heard a cry of crying, and opened the door to see that several imperial concubines were being driven out by the eunuchs. Yun Qingci could not remember everyone in the palace. Most of these people had only one side with him.

“Why are we leaving? Why isn’t he Yunqing’s resignation?!!!” A palace concubine was yelling: “Your Majesty drove everyone out and keep him. Can he give birth to an heir for the Li family?!”

These imperial concubines were not brave in front of him, but they didn’t expect to have such a big temper behind him. Rarely, in the next eight years of his previous life, why didn’t he find such a powerful character here?

Yun Qingci is naturally incomprehensible. They have been in the palace for the longest time for two years. Unless a few, no one who enters the palace is so easy to provoke. They just stay dormant, waiting for the opportunity.

They were afraid of Yun Qingci, so they didn’t dare to fight him head-on, because they had been warned by his majesty, so that Ning Rou was really not serious.

Since your Majesty has warned for Yun Qingci, it means that he cares about Yun Qingci. No matter how Yun Qingci quarrels with your Majesty, it is a matter between the emperors and queens. If they bully Yun Qingci again, then The next step must not be a warning.

So they dare not.

But dare not, it doesn’t mean that there is no thought, everyone is waiting, Ning Rou can be stupid, get the queen down, and wait for her to be in the back position, it is not at the mercy of the people underneath.

But now, all the illusions have been shattered. Your Majesty wants to expel them all. It is really surprising to expel people just after the Chinese New Year.

Some people who still rely on going home are fine. Those who think that they can’t live well at home, or who are still nostalgic for their status in the palace, naturally refuse to do it.

Ning Rou was also among the concubines. Some people said that uniting together is powerful, and she naturally has to be with the sisters and sisters.

Suddenly someone saw Yun Qingci, “It’s the Queen, the Queen is there!”

The carriage came slowly, and everyone temporarily suppressed the noise, and all looked up at him. Yun Qingci leaned in front of the car door, glanced over the charming faces in front of him, and retracted into the car carelessly.

He didn’t bother to care about these people, and he didn’t bother to care about these things. This time he entered the palace to clarify the matters of separation with Li Ying. As for who he wants to get out of the palace, what does it have to do with him.

Suddenly one of the imperial concubine pulled Ning Rou, and she turned her head awkwardly, and the imperial concubine whispered: “It’s fine if we go. You are the best looking one in our place. How can your majesty tolerate another man? Can’t tolerate you?”

Ning Rou took a step back timidly, she was also afraid of Yun Qing’s resignation.

“Didn’t your mother ask for a gift for you before? If you go out, the medicine these days will be drunk for nothing, and the talisman will be for free… It’s a pity.”

“You can’t let him go, he did it deliberately. Once we leave, this harem will be his own world, and the court will be his Yun family’s eloquence!”

The imperial concubines suddenly stepped forward. Ning Rou saw that everyone moved, and she immediately rushed to Yun Qingci’s car for fear that she would not be able to grab the spot. She was arrogant than anyone else: “Yun Qingci! You get me down!!” ”

The carriage stopped.

Yun Qingci glanced at her.

Ning Rou furiously said: “Why are you so greedy? It’s not enough to occupy your majesty’s heart. You still want to occupy his harem, his power and his body! Now you even want to occupy the court, Yun Qing resigns, why are you doing this? overbearing?”

The imperial concubines all agreed. You said and I said, like hundreds of ducks making noise in your ears, Yun Qingci directly stretched his hand across the car door, and just about to close it, Ning Rou rushed over and grabbed the car door, saying: “Dismiss the harem, Yun Qingci, are you worthy?! You don’t like your majesty. Don’t think I don’t know. You have been running around recently, and you are not willing to wait for the bed. Not worthy of being a queen!”

Yun Qingci steadily pulled the door, and listened to Ning Judo: “Yun Qingci, if you eat meat yourself, at least you have to give us a sip of soup? You are driving us to a desperate situation. What do you want?”

“It’s not me who is forcing you, it’s your majesty.”

“If you didn’t force your Majesty, would he force us?”

“I have reconciled with him. Whatever you do, it has nothing to do with me.”


There was a commotion among the imperial concubine, and some people didn’t believe it: “If you are reconciled, why are you still in the palace?”

“Believe it or not, what can you do with me?”

“…” After a period of silence, the concubine’s discussion increased. Yun Qingci sneered, kicked Ning Rou’s shoulder, kicked her far, and said, “Go.”

Can’t go.

They stopped in front of the horse, and they must give him an explanation.

What can he say?

Yun Qingci’s bad mood became worse and worse, all of this gradually spread to the top after Li Ying’s voice appeared.

“Take them off.” Outside the car, the voice was extremely cold: “All majors hit the boards at fifty, and carry them home.”

There was a wailing outside the car, and then went away.

A light cough came, and someone came to the front of the car and called him through the door: “Aci?”

Yun Qingci squeezed his fingers.

Without waiting for his reply, Li Ying knew that what happened today annoyed him. Originally, he was not going to bother about the concubine’s trouble, but he didn’t expect them to meet Yun Qingci. He glanced at the head of the other party’s car, his heart sank slightly, and then glanced at Liu Ziru.

The latter shivered.

It’s not good, he is afraid to do bad things with good intentions.

Li Ying stepped forward and shouted again: “A Ci…”

He reached out to pull the door of Yunqingci’s car, but the door slid open from the inside, the big open car door slammed into his hand, and then hit the top of his head hard.

Li Ying dizzy unexpectedly.

Liu Ziru screamed and reached out to support him.

There was a rush of footsteps, and Yunxiang, who was finally put in, hurriedly arrived: “Guardian, see Your Majesty!”

There was a bruise on Li Ying’s forehead, which was caused by the smashing of the pearl day and night, and it was not yet complete.

When Yun Xiang came, he happened to see this scene, and he was immediately frightened. Liu Ziru took out the veil and pressed his nose to Li Ying. The latter raised his eyes in silence, only to see Yun Qingci’s slightly flustered expression.

He didn’t expect to hurt Li Ying.

Quickly glanced at his father, Yun Qing thought, when it’s over, he will be scolded.

Yun Xiang really turned his face, his brows were cold, his arm was held by Li Ying.

The emperor said lightly: “It’s okay, the Qing Ci is not intentional.”

Yun Qingci felt even more angry.

He didn’t accept Li Ying’s affection at all.

This man is so scheming. While urging his father to come over and scold him for arbitrage and renunciation, he also installed someone here. With his scheming strategy, he might have expected that he would open the door suddenly when he came over, so he deliberately Bumped into it.

He couldn’t bear it: “What are you pretending?!”

Yun Qingci jumped out of the carriage and said angrily: “Li Ying, if you are dissatisfied with me, I will talk about it first, just say it, you can solve it whatever you want, why did you call my dad? Our mess, Is it necessary to pull others in?!”

Liu Ziru breathed tightly.

Li Ying said: “…what, Heli?”

“Don’t understand?” Yun Qingci reached out and grabbed Yun Xiang’s sleeve, pulled out a letter of lien from the inside, and threw it directly on him, saying: “Don’t tell you that I didn’t see it. I proposed the renunciation to save each other. The last decent, your self-esteem has been guilty again? Can’t stand it anymore? You can only abolish me, and I can’t even mention peace?”

The thin letter slammed on his chest, and then slowly fell into the snow.

Yunxiang stretched out his hand to pull Yun to clear his resignation, and the latter threw him away, “Don’t speak for him anymore! He has difficulties, don’t I have them? He wants face, don’t I want face? He is not easy. Is it easy for me? He is the emperor, and you have to spoil him one by one. What about me? I deserve to be his foil? I deserve…”

I deserved my life and got nothing.

The most ridiculous thing is that they are all separated, and Li Ying’s dismissed concubine can still bully him.

In the previous life, he willingly endured it for Li Ying, but now he is not willing, and he doesn’t want to get involved with Li Ying anymore.

I don’t even want to perfuse those vanity-loving women for him!

Li Ying looked away from He Lishu with difficulty, Liu Ziru had already thumped down on his knees, and said: “The queen, your majesty really doesn’t know. Yesterday, he vomited blood and caught the cold. It’s irritating, so the minister made his own opinion and informed Yun Xiang about the matter. He wanted to say that when your Majesty’s body is better, you can talk about it carefully…”

Yun Xiang also reacted immediately and said: “Yes, it is the fault of the father, and I forgot to tell you just now. Your Majesty still doesn’t know about this matter…for the sake of national affairs, you first…”

“What does it matter to me?” Yun Qingci said indifferently, “You are all spoiling him for this, and for that, I don’t want to spoil him. If he is a qualified emperor, he should be the same as the first emperor. Get everything ready, if your health is not good…”

He stared at Li Ying, and said, “Early Prince Hitachi is the business.”

Li Ying didn’t seem to hear what he said, so he decided: “Why, reconciliation?”

“I don’t like it, I don’t love it, I don’t want to serve anymore.” Yun Qingci said, “Can’t it?”

Li Ying’s Adam’s apple rolled for a while, and he lowered his head, as if he was enduring some great pain, and his brows wrinkled deeply.

Liu Ziru panicked: “Your Majesty, Your Majesty…”

Yun Xiang saw that his face was pale, and immediately stretched out his hand to help him.

The muscles all over his body were tensed, and his arms were as hard as steel.

A distant voice rang in my ears: “If everything goes well, it will be fine, but if you go back this time, everything will be contrary to your majesty’s obsession, I’m afraid it will be backlashed by the spell, is your majesty ready for all of this? ”

“No matter what, I will try.”

Li Ying’s hand passed through his hair restrainedly, holding on tightly.

Contrary backlash, the deeper the obsession, the heavier the backlash.

His throat surged, and large swaths of blood sprayed on the snow.

Yun Qingci took a step back abruptly, his pure white clothes were splashed with dots of red.

The author has something to say: Ci Zai: In other words, if I don’t love you, you will die?

Li Huang: Well…



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