The Obsessive Shou Chapter 39

Yun Qing’s speech was stunned firmly.

He had never thought that Li Ying would have such a big reaction.

Yunxiang was also really taken aback.

In the voice of Liu Ziru calling for the imperial physician, Li Ying pressed his lips and waved his hand.

He stood up straight and wiped his lips clean. When the silk kerchief retreated, the lines on his lips had been dyed pale red.

“I’m fine.” His tone was light and dumb, but his eyes looked deep at Yun Qingci: “What about the reason?”

Realizing that Li Ying didn’t blame Yun Qingci, Yun Xiang’s firmness was relieved, and he turned to look at Yun Qingci, who subconsciously said, “The reason, the reason is… I don’t want to torture each other with you.”

This is exactly the same as Li Ying’s response to him at the time.

Yun Xiang pursed his lips and said, “Since this matter has been spread out, your Majesty, think about it?”

He has always supported Yun Qing’s resignation and separation, but the timing of Yun Qing’s resignation was not right. His original intention was to be no different from Liu Ziru. When Li Ying’s health is better, let him avoid stimulation. Then we will discuss and leave the matter.

After all, Yun Qingci’s name was on the Li family tree. As long as Li Ying doesn’t erase his name for a day, he will always be the queen.

Therefore, Yun Qingci’s He Lishu did not work.

Yun Qingci didn’t expect that his father would still speak for him after all this happened. He lowered his eyelashes subconsciously and stopped speaking.

His eyes fell on the blood on the ground, and there was something strange in his heart.

It’s hard to describe the feeling at this time, because in his eyes Li Ying has always been very strong, except for some headwinds, he has never looked so weak.

In fact, he doesn’t look sick now, his shoulders are straight, and his eyes are still unpredictable. If he hadn’t seen him vomiting blood with his own eyes, Yun Qingci would have always felt that he was indestructible.

“Aci.” Li Ying said, “Can you give me some time?”

Yun Qingci went to see his father subconsciously, and Yun Xiang bit his head and said: “Your Majesty, cut the mess with a quick knife…”

Since the person who vomited blood is fine, it means that his ability to resist pressure is far from that weak. As an emperor, he should not be obsessed with his children’s personal relationships. This is what he has always taught Li Ying.

This is why he didn’t want Yun Qingci to marry Li Ying.

Because the good emperor in his eyes and the lover Yun Qingci wanted were destined not to be the same.

Just like even if the first emperor loves Queen Wei again, he still has the Sixth Court of the Three Palaces.

Yun Qing didn’t listen to him before, but now he finally thinks about it. The most important thing is to drag him out of this muddy water first.

Anyway, Yun Qingci has already gained popularity, and things won’t get worse.

“Continuously cutting.” Li Ying still looked at Yun Qingci, and said: “Aci, let’s talk.”

Yun Qingci went to see his father again, and Li Ying said: “The matter between the two of us, don’t bother the teacher anymore.”

He was referring to past lives.

Yun Qingci bit his lip. Just as he was about to agree, Yun Xiang suddenly knelt down: “Your Majesty, I forgive the veteran for being troublesome. Today, you are just a father as a veteran. In fact, the last time Qingci was injured, the minister thought it would be better to get along. Li, but…”

“I don’t want to resign.” Li Ying looked down at him. Yun Xiang’s words were almost the same as those of his previous life, except that in the previous life he came to beg him not to resign for Yun Qing’s resignation, and in this life he came to beg him to let Yun Qing resign. .

“If you don’t want to be clear, you can persuade him to make peace, and if you clear your wish, you can persuade him to make a difference. What I think is not important at all, is it?”

Yunxiang had no memory of his previous life, and his words made him puzzled and startled, and Li Ying seemed to blame him, but also seemed to be wronged.

Today I am going to be self-defeating?

He oozes cold sweat, and said: “Old minister, old official means that since the two are in one place, the pain is far greater than…”

“I don’t feel painful.” He still stared at Yun Qingci. He knew that Yunxiang had no memory of his previous life, so he was actually speaking to Yun Qingci.

Yun Qingci also understood this, he involuntarily glared at Li Ying, bent over to lift his father up, and said, “Just talk.”

When he came, he thought it was Li Ying who refused to reconcile, and deliberately used his father to pressure him, but now thinking about it, his father never said that he and Li Ying would not be allowed to reconcile.

He just said that Li Ying was not in good health these past few days, so he slowed down a little.

The two moved aside, Li Ying walked very slowly, Yun Qingci chose a corner and stood still, turned around and waited for a few breaths before the latter walked closer.

“What do you want to say?”

“I want to be parted in the previous life, you don’t want to be parted, I don’t want to be parted in this life, can you also be softer to me?”

“In my previous life, I went crazy, self-harmed for you, and lost my reputation. Everyone said that I was paranoid and cruel. I was abandoned by the whole family and gave everything for you… Then I gave you my life…”

“You demand fairness.” Li Ying slipped a dagger from the cuff of his right hand, and Yun Qingci stepped back subconsciously, “You, what are you doing?”

Li Ying stared directly at him, his arms raised, his wide sleeves slipped down, revealing his smooth forearms. The dagger was about four fingers long and narrow, and he stabbed it relentlessly. All four fingers were immersed in the flesh. Yun Qingci’s pupils contracted. Seeing the dagger sliding slowly, Li Ying said softly, “Then give it to me. A chance to go mad for you, to self-harm for you, to lose your reputation…to lose your life for you.”

The dagger slashed out, Li Ying pulled out, pierced the flesh again, and slashed away fiercely again. The blood was left on his elbow. Li Ying looked at him and asked, “How about?”

He pierced his arm for the third time and severed it for the third time, and he asked, “Okay?”

Each of the three bloodstains seemed to be cut off. Li Ying raised his hand for the fourth time, as if as long as Yun Qing didn’t stop, he would cut it down like this, even if all the flesh was scraped off.

Yun Qingci grabbed his hand.

He was a little scared, and a little dazed.

The red blood had dyed the close-fitting quilted cuffs on Li Ying’s entire arm. The thick blood soaked the cloth and tickled down on the elbow.

What Li Ying did at this moment was exactly what he had done before. He knew what mood he was in to cut himself. He was afraid of pain, but he hoped that Li Ying would love him, so even if he was afraid of pain, he still did that. .

Some people think he is terrible and extreme, but only Yun Qingci knows how afraid he is to be abandoned.

And Li Ying’s movements were more decisive than him, and he was even more ruthless in his attacks. After only a few strokes, there was even a small piece of flesh that flew out when the blade was dislocated.

Yun Qingci’s eyes were red.

“Li Ying…” Yun Qingci said, “I may not love you anymore. Even if you leave me in this way, I will just sympathize with you and love myself at the beginning. Then, don’t you care? ?”

“Past life and this life together, we have known each other for 31 years.” Li Ying said: “We have been married for 16 years.”

“I will never fall in love with others again.” He said, “I don’t have a father who can help me intercede, I can only beg you, Yun Qing resigns…”


“I’m here to love you.” Li Ying said: “You are right. I was too greedy at the time. I always wanted to do everything well, but in the end I didn’t do well…I am incompetent, I am useless, but This time, I will do everything to protect you.”

“Aci, give me a chance.”

Yun Qingci’s eyes flickered.

“You don’t hate me, do you?” Li Ying said to him: “The person you loved for your life, come to you, come to you as a horse… Aci, you don’t hate injustice the most. Huh?”

“When you are irritated by me, you always have to irritate me. When you are wronged, I have to follow the wrong to be happy. Whoever bullies you, you always have to bully back. You are so domineering, so unwilling The one who suffers…are you going to confess willingly?”

“Let me go, what good is it for you?”

Yun Qingci pursed his cheeks.

He clearly knew that Li Ying was using the radical technique, but he couldn’t help it.

Yes, of course he is not reconciled. After paying so much, he finally got what he wanted. The man in front of him is exactly the same as him now, even more mad than him.

He went in even for his life, and in the end he wanted to draw the bamboo basket for nothing?

Of course he wants to squeeze Li Ying, and of course he has to pay back all the suffering he has suffered in his previous life.

Li Ying stepped forward, his neck and neckline soaked with cold sweat, “Aci, think about it.”

“You said I don’t understand love, and that I learned how to love by hurting you. Do you want me to take what I learned from you to love others? Obviously I only feel for you. If you don’t take the opportunity to enslaved you I, insulting me, riding on my head for a lifetime, how can I be worthy of your contribution?”

He understands Yun Qing’s resignation too well.

He knows every dish that Yun Qingci likes to eat, every habit of Yun Qingci, and knows that Yun Qingci’s love and hatred will be repaid. He is extreme and stubborn. Unwilling.

He only needs to magnify that unwillingness infinitely, without telling Yun Qingci how much he loves him, just tell him, you see, I hurt you, don’t you want to get back with revenge?

Yun Qingci will rush towards him.

“I, I don’t believe you.” Yun Qingci was indeed too angry. Every word of Li Ying’s words almost smashed into the bottom of his heart. He is getting more and more angry now, and he can’t wait to knock Li Ying’s head off. , But the remaining intellect is still telling him that leaving him, all he said is just to prevent him from leaving, as long as the opposite is done, it is not him who suffers.

…But, so angry! ! !

Li Ying took a step forward again, his arm drooped, and the blood flowed down his pale fingers. The excessive blood loss made him a little dizzy, but he was here to find him in this life, and he would be with him at all costs. Together.

Nothing can stop him.

“Aci, the imperial concubine made trouble today because I didn’t know that you went back to Xiangfu last night, and I don’t know that you will come back from the east gate today.”

Before Yun Qingci spoke, he listened to him continue: “But it is my fault to let them disturb you. After all, I recruited them into the palace. And if I can pay more attention to you, I should know you. Yesterday I went back to Xiangfu. I should know that Liu Ziru hid and left the book privately. This is my dereliction of duty and my incompetence.”

Yun Qingci: “…”

Li Ying said everything he wanted to say.

“The culprit in this matter is me.”

“But from now on.” Li Ying pursed his pale and chapped lips, and the sweat on his forehead rolled down: “I will hold you on the tip of my heart.”

“I swear that in the future, if someone else dares to say that you don’t say anything, I will kill him immediately.”

“Aci…I can give you glory and wealth, and I can make you lawless. In this world, no one knows how to love you better than me.”

Yun Qingci once again caught the loophole in his words: “Then you didn’t want to love me in your previous life?”

Li Ying smiled, a little bleak, and a little ostentatious: “You’re right, I was a coward in my previous life, I’m a trash, I don’t deserve to love you at all.”

“But now I want to try.”

“As long as you want, I can teach you the emperor’s art, can teach you to weigh courtiers, teach you how to hold this country… as long as you want, you can take my life at any time.”

The dark eyelashes were also moist, and he seemed to faint at any time, but he was still holding on.

“Can you, don’t leave me?”

The author has something to say: Ci Zai: … Is this the awakening of fate, or is it a re-enactment of me?

Li Huang: Thanks for the invitation, but the author lifted the ban on me.



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