The Obsessive Shou Chapter 41

The tall nose is facing him.

In Li Ying’s first sentence, Yun Qingci was not surprised at all. That day he took Li Ying to toss the queen mother, and realized that the other party was probably not her biological mother.

He had never heard of any mother who would give her children that kind of enlightenment.

But the second sentence really surprised him. At that moment, his mind was full of thoughts, but it quickly became empty. The information he received was really too little to infer that Li Ying would pass this passage. To elicit something.

“Talk about my eldest brother first.”

Yun Qing resigned: “What does it mean that you don’t even know anything?”

He was confused, and Li Ying sighed slightly and said, “Because I was not born when your eldest brother died.”

When Li Ying ascended the throne, he secretly took over an organization directly appointed to the emperor, named Qi Renwei. He had been the prince for many years, but it was not until the moment he became the throne that he knew that there was such a group of people under his father.

There is an intelligence department in Qirenwei, and there is also a torture door, and the screening of personnel is very rigorous. But as long as it is Qi Renwei, they are collectively referred to as “Qiren”. Some of these people are very old, and they have done something for Qi Renwei unknowingly, confirming that they are absolutely trustworthy, and then they will be absorbed.

And some, just like Yun Qingci’s eldest brother, because of the absolute loyalty of their ancestors, they were taken in since childhood and sent away to perform secret missions.

Yun Qingci grabbed the corner of his clothes and chased after him, “What task?”

“He is in Beichen.”

Jing people lie in wait in Beichen, and what they do is almost self-evident. Li Ying said: “I have never met him, but I passed a lot of letters with him, until one day, I learned that his identity was exposed and he was arrested.”

Then came torture and sacrifice.

He seemed to have never existed before, except for the letters that he exchanged, one could faintly see what kind of person he was.

He had no funeral and no corpse. Li Ying secretly sent someone to Beichen to retrieve his corpse, but it failed.

“Later, your father told me that it was your eldest brother, because he wanted to be absolutely secret, so his identity file has always used a false name.” Li Ying said: “Your father said, I don’t need to know that he is. Who, where he was born, as long as he knows everything he has done for Yasukuni, it is enough.”

Yun Qingci blinked his wet eyelashes and asked, “Then why would he tell you?”

“This involved another matter.” Li Ying recalled, “I drove you back that time, and you forced the teacher to come and beg me. In fact, we talked for the night that night.”

Yun Qingci was stunned: “So, you, at that time already…”

“Already have a heart.” Li Ying looked at him and said: “That’s why, he was willing to tell me later that that person is your eldest brother.”

Yun Qingci felt a little awkward, and then he asked: “Then how is my big brother now?”

“I have sent someone to send a letter to him, telling him not to act rashly. The palace may be mixed with Beichen’s fine work.”

In the flames of calcium carbide, Yun Qingci understood the words Ruan Lian asked him: “So, so Ruan Lian…”

“I have controlled him, but your elder brother was arrested in his previous life. He was definitely not spotted overnight. It is very likely that his identity has been suspected. Even if he does not move, it is not appropriate to continue to stay in Beichen.”

“You will save him?”

Yun Qingci stared at him for an instant, “Li Ying, is he going to be fine?”

“No.” Li Ying shook his hand and gave him a positive reply.

Yun Qingci lowered his eyelashes, and after a long time, he said: “What did you talk to my father that night? Why, he didn’t tell me, you didn’t tell me, I always thought that he was angry for me. You…that’s why you went to jail.”

“He probably hopes that you can understand his painstaking efforts. You refused to communicate with him at that time. He may want to use this matter to let you know that his family loves you very much, and even hesitate to offend me for you… and, He has always wanted you and me to be separated. If you make things more serious, maybe you don’t want to be with me anymore.”

“What about you?” Yun Qing said, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You were in the same situation as the Yun family back then. If you knew…I had a chat with your father, what would you do?”

What would it do?

Yun Qingci thought, he probably felt that in Li Ying’s mind, his father was more important than him. He could accept that Li Ying was jealous of Yun’s family, but he could not accept that Li Ying was so close to people he hated.

He may be discouraged and get a blow. After all, the person who drove him out was Li Ying, and the person who had more face than him was the murderer who indirectly killed his mother.

He would probably resist his father even more because of this, and with Li Ying, they would definitely argue again.

“But it’s my fault.” Li Ying stared at him, and said: “I should confess to you. I shouldn’t give up telling the truth because I was afraid to make you angry. It was because I didn’t pay enough attention back then. If I could talk to you more. Communicate some…we will definitely not get to that point.”

Yun Qingci glanced at him, his eyes were slightly red, and Li Ying’s heart pierced, and he said dumbly: “Aci, if you stabbed me twice, it doesn’t matter…you don’t, don’t cry.”

Under the shining thin tears, the clear eyes turned to one side, and Yun Qing resigned: “Tell me about the Queen Mother, when did you know about this?”

“After your eldest brother’s incident happened, our relationship with Beichen became tense. I am sure that Beichen must have planted meticulous work in Shangyang. When investigating, I found that it had something to do with the Zhang family.”

“I told the teacher about this, and he told me that he also found something… It’s about my life experience. If nothing happens, your father must have begun to doubt now. You and I got married. At the beginning, we all Confused, I thought that the Queen Mother raised this matter to check and balance the Xiangfu. In fact, why didn’t it make me lose the queen in a disguised form?” He said, then glanced at Yun Qingci’s expression, and whispered: “What I’m talking about now It’s a matter of the court, this is just an analysis, not really wanting to have a later meaning.”

Now that he has learned to be careful, Yun Qingci glanced at him and said, “I’m not a kid, I can understand what you are talking about.”

Li Ying’s gaze was fixed on his face, before he continued, “And in the past four years, you have become more domineering, but the queen mother has no intention to stop her. She is very close to you. Your father has also seen something wrong, except for her. Using you to provoke the relationship between you and me is also using you to prevent me from wanting children.”

“She doesn’t know you…”

Li Ying shook his head, “Before, only I knew, but now, only you and I know.”

A secret was buried in his heart for two lives, Yun Qingci deliberately said: “It is not a secret to tell it, I will let you all know in the future.”

Li Ying bends his lips gently: “It’s up to you.”

He was so calm, Yun Qingci was a little uncomfortable. He kicked Li Ying under the quilt and said, “Go on.”

“After discussing with the teacher, I started investigating, but after too long, it is not easy to investigate, and there is nothing special about all medical records.” Li Ying said: “But Zhang’s affairs must be done. It’s dealt with, but it’s not time to deal with it. After that, the frontier breaks the defenses, the war is fierce, the internal and external troubles, I can only get rid of the outside and the outside. On the battlefield, Zhang Siyong also went with him.”

Yun Qingci nodded.

Li Ying said: “The day you showed me the porcelain, I was busy with these things, and then I went out in person to invite experts to design military drawings… Of course I didn’t mean that I was very busy, so I should Ignore you, but that time, I really didn’t mean it.”

Yun Qingci looked at him for a while, nodded slowly, and then said, “Why don’t you tell me that your mother may not be a dear?”

“One is that there is no evidence, and the other is… I told you once by accident that you didn’t take it to heart, and I thought, I just need to deal with my own affairs by myself. Time, I have been learning things, it is rare that you can calm down, and I will not bother you.”

As soon as Yun Qingci opened his mouth, Li Ying said: “But it’s still my fault. I am moved and self-righteous, and you don’t know anything like a fool… It’s all my fault.”

Yun Qingci: “…”

Li Ying summed up his words, and the words that made him full were stuck in his throat and couldn’t come out.

Li Ying observed him for a few breaths, and said, “After you returned to the palace, we didn’t get along well. Whatever you want, I will cooperate with you… Except for Ning Rou and Ning Rou’s things, I will also be with you. I said, but you always get angry, or I did it wrong.”

Yun Qingci received too much news at a time, and he ignored it, “Ning Rou, what?”

“You always say that I promote her as a noble concubine to contain you. This is not my intention.” Li Ying had never said so much to him. He ordered someone to bring tea and sipped his saliva before saying: “Ning Rou is the best person in the entire harem. You always say that other imperial concubines are silent and afraid of you, but they are not as good as Ning Rou to clean up. I favor Ning Rou to contain those imperial concubines, they I think I’m using Ning Rou to deal with you, so I’ll be watching from the sidelines.”

“Because everyone is expecting that Ning Rou will climb on your head and become a thorn in your eye. You two fight, they will reap the rewards. They will take action when you meet your opponents, and you will see them today. With their appearance, when they left the palace, they showed their prototypes.”

“So, I hold Ning Rou. I have told you this many times, because she is a straw bag, she…cannot be your opponent.”

He paid attention to Yun Qingci’s expression, and when he saw his brow frown, he immediately admitted his mistake: “But it is also my fault. You don’t believe me because I always hurt you. Aci… these things are really true. My true thoughts.”

Yun Qingci didn’t want to say what Che Yunlu said back and forth, he glanced at Li Ying. He understands that what Li Ying is telling is the truth now, and he shouldn’t lie to him now, he said, “I’m thirsty too.”

Li Ying was stunned for a moment, then turned around and poured a glass of water and handed it over. Yun Qingci did not answer, and the latter held it with one hand and fed it to his mouth.

After drinking a glass of water, Yun Qingci was a little satisfied, and said: “Okay, no matter what, you all have difficulties, I won’t argue with you.”

Arguing is also useless, things that have passed are all entangled in a mess, and you have to waste a lot of talking if you have to say who is right and who is wrong.

Everyone has their own standpoint. Since Li Ying is willing to say it, he listens to it when he is happy, and swears at him when he is upset.

“I don’t forgive you anyway.” Yun Qing said, “Is there anything else to say?”

Li Ying didn’t expect him to forgive directly.

He said softly: “Then, after fighting for a few years, there was a lot of chaos outside during those years, and I didn’t deal with Zhang family until the border victory, your third brother returned with troops, and I started to formally collect Zhang. Evidence of the family’s crime.”

“After that, I found that the Zhang family had colluded with Beichen, and they wanted to usurp the throne.”

“This discovery shocked me and I can only continue to investigate further, because it takes too long and Beichen may have infiltrated Shangyang through the Zhang family. It takes a long time to find out all the dens. energy.”

In order to make sure nothing goes wrong, he showed great patience until…

Li Ying lowered his eyelashes and said, “Until, my teacher and I decided to do a scene to draw the snake out of the hole.”

“So, what’s the reason, you didn’t tell me?”

“Because this is hard to say in one word, and one more person knows it, it’s more dangerous, and I have selfish intentions.” Li Ying’s tone became heavy: “My teacher and I want to make the trick more realistic. ”

“So you threw me into the cold palace?” Yun Qingci raised his eyebrows, with a full of fun: “There is no shortage of food and clothing. It is also because you are afraid that the play has been done, and you don’t believe it there. After all, the queen mother seems to be very Clearly, the feelings between us.”

“There is this reason, and there is also, you have been well-dressed since childhood, at least I can’t treat you badly.” Li Ying’s eyelashes trembled and said: “I have always sent someone to protect you secretly, and I have secretly visited you. Make sure you are still a habit. In order to give the Zhang family time to lay out in the palace, I went to the imperial tomb by dreaming of my father, but when I came back… I only knew the person who protected you. It happened that I was killed on the day I left the forbidden city. I didn’t know at that time, and you were the next few days…”

He closed his eyes, his temples tingling frantically.

“I don’t know who killed them. Those two people are my side guards. They are not low in skill. What kind of people are they that can make them without the power to fight back… I, I don’t know.”

Yun Qingci opened his eyes slightly.

His face suddenly became weird.

“You sent someone to protect me?”

“Yes, I sent two guards.” His expression became very painful. It was a memory he didn’t dare to touch, and when he mentioned it, he broke with a headache: “I wanted to… the matter is over. Just look for a day and tell everything with you.”

However, what he was waiting for was bad news.

He pressed his head tightly, the symptoms were too serious, so he didn’t have the mind to pay attention to Yun Qingci’s expression at the moment.

The author has something to say: Ci Zai: Look at what I am doing, do you want to throw your pot to me?

Li Huang:…no

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