The Obsessive Shou Chapter 43

Yun Qingci was already asleep when Li Ying returned from getting dressed.

For him, it was a great surprise that Yun Qingci agreed to stay today, and he did not bother the other party.

That night, Yun Qingci had no dreams.

In the absence of a court today, Yun Qingci was lying on the bed, but he did not hear the sound of sword practice. He sat up and saw Li Ying practicing calligraphy at the table. His fingers were slender and strong, and he was very calm and leisurely when holding the pen.

But today, it seems a little strenuous.

Yun Qingci walked over and said, “Is it so hot in the house?”

The pen rubbed the paper suddenly, as if a long knife had rubbed the rough stone surface, leaving a long mark.

Li Ying sat down on the chair as if forcefully.

After Yun Qing resigned, he realized that he chuckled and laughed: “Why, I scared you? Just practice a word, you haven’t practiced enough in your previous life, so attentive?”

He seemed to be in a good mood, and without waiting for a response from the other party, he directly ordered people to prepare water for washing.

Sitting at the table for a meal, before waiting for Li Ying, he watched him come and said, “What are you doing so slowly? Little old man?”

Li Ying quickened his pace, sat down in front of him, and said, “Where do you want to go, I can accompany you today.”

“Are you with me?” Yun Qing resigned: “Do you feel bad for me?”

Li Ying nodded and didn’t answer any more.

“I hope that your Majesty understands that I promised to disagree for the time being, but it does not mean that I will not be disagreeable. I promised to stay overnight, nor did I forgive you. I accept all your explanations. Yes, they are all said in the past, but I still hope You think carefully about the matter between us.”

He paused, and asked casually, “Aoshi, do you still have to?”

Li Ying’s words yesterday made him feel that Ao Si was too much. To him, Ao Si was just a face of Qi Renwei, but a cover for those strange people.

“Qi Renwei didn’t do what Qingsi did.” Li Ying said slowly: “In the beginning, I was worried that you were wronged in the palace. In addition to being inconsistent with your father, there should be people you can trust, so I encourage you to create Aoshi, and Aoshi is collecting intelligence, you will see more things outside.”

“I got it, coax me to play.” Yun Qing said with a smile, and Li Ying could only say: “No, Qing Si did play a very important role later.”

“Well, otherwise you can’t fool it out of my hands.”

“……I did not lie to you.”

Explain as you wish. Anyway, Yun Qingci didn’t care about a single word. He took a mouthful of yam porridge and put it in his mouth, and said, “I still want to go home and live.”

He wondered if that strange dream could only be continued when he went home, or how could he have not dreamed of anything after sleeping in Jiangshan Palace for so long.

He has a weird intuition that there may be very important things in that big box.

Be sure to climb up to see clearly next time.

“As long as there is no peace and separation, I will rely on you.”

“Really? Can I raise noodles in Xiangfu then?”

“…” Li Ying didn’t speak, but his tight lips curled slightly, a sad arc.

Yun Qingci’s mood suddenly improved.

“By the way, you said before that the two guards who were sent to protect me… are they still in your hands now?”

“Yes.” Li Ying asked: “I’ll give you what you want.”

“No, no need.” Yun Qingci said, “You should be kind to them.”

Li Ying looked at him.

Yun Qingci: “…I was sacrificed for you to perform the task, shouldn’t you be kind to others?”

Li Ying quickly wiped something in his eyes, then nodded, “I know.”

“Well, then I will go back after I have eaten, and I want to live in the mother’s home in the spring of the new year.”

He would go there every year, from the sprout of the peach branches to the end of the peach blossoms. Although it is still a few days before the peach branches sprout, he mainly does not want to stay with Li Ying.


Li Ying agreed, and Yun Qing replied: “There is still something between us, you should think about it.”


“Tell me after you think about it.”

“…” Li Ying stopped talking.

Before leaving, Li Ying asked him: “Are you going to see Ruan Lian?”

“No.” Yun Qing resigned: “But I am curious about one thing. When did you start to doubt him?”

“That day, he said he came from Lingzhou. I remembered that it was after you left. I personally led troops to conquer Beichen. From a prisoner, I confirmed that your eldest brother’s identity was leaked. He was a man who claimed to be from Lingzhou. Spy, it’s just that I didn’t expect that he would have gotten into the palace so early.”

Yun Qingci recalled for a moment, then looked at him and said, “Will you keep your promise?”

He was referring to the eldest brother who would come back alive.

Li Ying looked at his jaw with deep and firm eyes: “I will.”

Yun Qingci left the forbidden city, while Li Ying went to the dungeon. Just after the round of interrogation, Ruan Lian was covered in blood, his hair scattered, and his former handsome face was also covered with blood.

“The Queen, the Queen…” He muttered unconsciously, and someone immediately stepped forward to throw a basin of water on his face.

Ruan Lian suddenly woke up and raised his eyes to meet Li Ying, his expression overflowing with familiar sarcasm: “Your Majesty is so jealous. He used his power to slander Ruan, and he did not hesitate to surrender himself to extract a confession by himself. You are so mean and shameless, if the queen knew …”

“You don’t have to try to irritate me.”

Li Ying sat down on the chair, looking lazy: “What you did yourself, you know clearly in your heart that you want to harm his eldest brother, but you still think that he will come to save you, foolishly dreaming.”

Ruan Lian said weakly: “I didn’t…I just asked casually, I don’t know…”

“Pei Yue.” Li Ying said, “The third prince of Beichen, he doesn’t care for his mother to the point where he doesn’t love his mother, so he wants to go deep into the enemy camp himself?”

“Your Majesty, what are you talking about, Ruan does not understand.”

Li Ying looked at the dossier in his hand and said: “The news sent by Kuai Ma, I already know that the former prince of Beichen died in June last year. When he dies, your father will re-establish the reserve, and the royal family of Beichen will be turbulent. , Your brothers all want to seize the reserve, and you, your mother and concubine are just a slave and maidservant, who died early, you have no family, in order to avoid the limelight, petition straight into danger, check the news, but in fact it is not complete It’s for shelter from the limelight.”

“You know very well that as long as you uncover the hidden line that Yasukuni buried in Beichen, you will be reused. This is the only way for you to free yourself from the title of son of a cheap servant.” Li Ying said: “After all, your father likes to say that heroes Don’t ask for the source.”

Ruan Lian slowly raised his head.

His eyes became dark and gloomy, and the face against the breeze and bright moon became terrifying.

Li Ying stared at him, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and he stood up suddenly and said calmly: “You don’t need to try again, get him something to eat and drink.”

“How would you know, how could it be, why are you…”

Li Ying went out of the dungeon and threw the file in his hand to Liu Ziru, without a word on it.

He did catch a prisoner in his previous life. At that time, Bei Chen had re-established the prince, and it was Pei Yue. The captive was not talking about the spy who went deep into Shangyang, but that Prince Beichen had dived into Shangyang alone.

Li Ying asked the details at the time, but the captive finally only revealed the native place he used to pretend, and did not say that he went directly to the Yasukuni Palace at that time.

Li Ying in his previous life hadn’t noticed this musician in the palace. During this rebirth, he had been investigating Lingzhou personnel along with Zhang’s family, but he did not expect that he had the courage to enter the palace.

If it hadn’t been for Yun Qingci’s first glance, Li Ying would probably not have paid attention to him.

He had only heard of Pei Yuesheng’s Qingfengmingyue before, and the fascinated Beichen woman was dizzy, but never had a face-to-face encounter with him.

This man is very sinister, this is how Li Ying felt when fighting against him.

After Yun Qing left, he rearranged the memories of his previous life and pushed back carefully. When speaking to Pei Yue, he was cautious and actually lied about his identity.

Pei Yue cares about being a maid girl, and because of this, he always carries the best and noble manners, which makes him stand out from the rest of the northerners, and is even more conspicuous among the rough brothers. .

Before Yun Qingci praised his good manners, Li Ying felt weird, just a musician, who would show this appearance to him.

I really want Yun Qingci to take a look at his gloomy and terrifying face, and to see what the icy and yujie people really look like in his eyes.

Unfortunately, Yun Qingci didn’t care about him.

Yun Qingci…don’t care about him.

The pain was always present, but Li Ying’s eyes became mild.

On the first night that Yunqing resigned from the Xiang’s Mansion, he dreamed of the underground palace again.

This time he came prepared, and immediately climbed up the platform without hesitation, grabbed the edge of the box with his fingers, and looked carefully at it.

There was one person lying in the box, one, Yun Qingci was very familiar with, but if two people had a face-to-face one day, Yun Qingci could get goose bumps.

This man was dressed in a silver robe, and that robe did not know what fabric it was. Under the light of the night pearl on the dome, the Milky Way glowed like a streamer. His clothes were adorned with countless pearls and some parts were inlaid with gold threads. This body was graceful and solemn, yet beautiful. Seize people.

Yun Qingci stretched out his hand to touch the opponent’s face, and his palm passed through from above.

This is his face.

He looked up at the dome again, and realized in a daze that this underground palace might be his tomb.

This is a two-person sarcophagus, it is very big, he only lay on one side, the coffin is ajar. It should be dusty, but his whole body is very clean, as if someone came to clean up from time to time.

Why did I not rot?

Yun Qingci crawled in and observed himself to his feet from the beginning. He couldn’t smell the smell and didn’t know if it smelled. It’s hard to tell how long I’ve been dead like this, although it looks like I’ve just died.

He lay on himself for a while, then went out to look at this underground palace. The scale is not small, and there are several ear chambers, but the Shimen is closed. He can’t go out now, otherwise he can look at the layout of other places.

Suddenly there was a voice, and Yun Qingci immediately ran to look at it. Someone carried a dim light and walked in.

“Li Ying.” Yun Qingci was stunned for a moment.

It’s Li Ying, and it doesn’t seem to be Li Ying. He has gray hair. If it wasn’t for the same face, Yun Qingci almost thought he was old.

He put the lamp in the groove in the front of the sarcophagus, then naturally turned into the coffin and lay in it.

Yun Qingci immediately followed, grabbing the coffin and looking inside: “You are not allowed to touch me, have you heard?!”

“What kind of pretense, what can you pretend if you are dead? You are so rare that you were kind to me when I was alive!” Yun Qingci scolded him, even if he couldn’t hear a word, he looked at each other. He touched his face with his hand, and turned in directly, pushing him hard, but it didn’t work.

He was very angry, but saw that the other party just wiped his cheek with nothing but actually did not touch it.

Yun Qingci became even more angry: “Do you dare to despise me.”

Li Ying retracted his hand restrainedly.

“If you are there, you don’t want me to touch it, right?”

“Yes.” Yun Qingci murmured, frowning to see him lying flat on one side, slowing his breathing. He observed Li Ying’s expression and began to wonder: “Am I smelly?”

“Don’t lie down in front of me.”

Yun Qingci woke up, Yin Xi had already opened the bedclothes and stared at him blankly, “The queen, what did you just say?”

“… Did I say anything?” Yun Qingci got out of bed, touched his mouth, and said, “I didn’t say anything.”

He got up and went to the front hall. His father was drinking tea in the yard. Yun Qing thought a little bit and walked over and shouted, “Father.”

“Get up.” Yun Xiang said: “Why is it so late, you boy, your brothers have all gone to the early assembly.”

“Get used to it.” Yun Qingci thought for a while, moved his stool, and pasted it towards his father, and said, “Father, let me ask you something.”


Yunxiang looked lazy and said, “What’s the matter?”

“Have you really never seen my mother once?”

He stared at his father’s face, and suddenly realized that there was a faint guilty conscience on it. Yunxiang sat up a little bit, and said: “You don’t let me go, she won’t let me go, I… I have never been.”


Yun Qingci smiled.

He just said, if you really like A-niang so much, how could he resist looking.

Yun Xiang glanced at him and said, “What are you laughing at?”

“No.” Yun Qingci picked up the tea and suddenly said, “In the small ancestral hall that day, did my father find me out?”

“…” Yun Xiang was silent for a while.

The scent on Yun Qingci’s body was brought from the palace, and it was easy to distinguish. At the beginning of the day, Yun Xiang did not spot him, but after standing for a long time, Yun Xiang naturally smelled the difference.

His phrase ‘I don’t know if I beg Aci, would you like me to take a look at you’, is actually deliberate.

“Hey.” Yun Qingci patted the sachet on his body, and said softly: “I want to go to Aniang’s grave later. I don’t know if Dad and Dad want to be together?”

For fear that he would regret it, Yun quite straightened up and ran into the room with red eyes: “Wait, I’ll change clothes.”

Yun Qingci smiled, picked up the tea cup on the table, and poured himself a cup of morning tea.

In the past, Yun Qingci went there by himself, or the three brothers went together, or Yun Xiang went secretly by himself, and said to the outside world that he had never been there once.

I don’t know what principle he is sticking to, or he is afraid of being discovered by Yun Qingci and saying some damning words.

But it is estimated that the latter is more likely.

If Yun Qingci in the previous life heard that his father secretly saw his mother, he was afraid that he was going to rush into Xiangfu to be a sarcasm. He would laugh at Yun Xiang’s so-called saying that he did what he said, and made others seem possible at first glance. The innocuous things are brought to light.

In everyone’s eyes, such Yun Qingci may be a fuss, but he will never change what he has identified, nor will he consider it from another angle.

This is the case when you hate a person, no matter what he does, it can be interpreted as malicious.

Now, Yun Qingci didn’t think so much, and suddenly felt that he had seen his mother secretly, maybe it was actually a kind of warmth.

Not only did Yun Xiang go by himself, he also ordered someone to call his three older brothers to come back, asking them to go together.

The family rode through the official road in a carriage, Yunxiang’s expression was sometimes heavy and sometimes worried, and his eyes kept moist. Yun Qingci handed over his veil, and also passed the second brother’s veil, and said, “Are you happy or unhappy at all.”

“Your mother, if you know that you let me see her, will she be angry with you?”

“I don’t know.” Yun Qingci thought for a while, and said thoughtfully: “But I think she definitely doesn’t want to see me like before.”

Seeing that I was dying to live for a man, and finally took my life.

In fact, Yun Qingci hadn’t thought about how his mother would think about his temperament in his previous life. But Li Ying was kind to him, so he forgot everything.

Li Ying hated his extremes, and Yun Qingci didn’t hate his indifference. Li Ying liked his gentleness, and Yun Qingci didn’t miss his considerateness.

He would also love and hate Li Ying in his previous life, more cute, and Li Ying…probably hated him more.

As the wife of the prime minister, Qin Feiruo was still his wife until death. They did not formally reconcile, but separated. Therefore, she has a mausoleum, which is not as big as the underground palace seen in Yunqingci’s dream, but the area and burial objects should not be underestimated.

The children stepped forward and offered incense, and then left all the space for Yunxiang.

When the old father came out, his eyes were swollen, but his expression seemed to be a lot more relaxed, and he choked up and said, “It’s kind of, the family is reunited.”

“It’s still a little…” Before Yun Qing finished speaking, he remembered that Li Ying had said that Qi Renwei was a top-secret matter. In the suspicious sight of several brothers, he suddenly jumped on his second brother’s back and said loudly. Said: “I’m so tired! I’m exhausted, hurry up, hurry up, and take me to Jinya Building to eat delicious food!”

Yun Qingxiao laughed: “It’s so heavy, let them carry you.”

“You never carried me back when you were a kid…”

“Father never carried you back.”

“He’s getting older.”

“It’s okay, my second brother is not physically strong, I will carry you.” Yun Qingsu patted his waist, and the next second, he saw Yun Qingxiao holding Yun Qingci on his body without saying a word. , Directly walked out of the mausoleum.

Yun Qingsu squatting on the ground: “?”

Yun Qingju patted him on the shoulder: “How can you say that the second brother is not good?”

“No.” Yun Qingsu hurried to catch up: “Second brother, I don’t mean you can’t do it, I mean the small speech is so heavy…”

Yun Qingci snorted. Yun Qingsu closed his mouth and said, “I want to share it for you.”

Yun Qingxiao said coldly: “No need.”

“Okay, okay.” Yun Qingjue said: “Take turns, if you are tired, brother, say straight, don’t force it.”

None of them questioned why Yun Qingci couldn’t walk, but had to carry it on his back.

Yun Qingci didn’t fight with them either, anyway, his physical strength was really bad, and he would have to pant for walking so far.

He leaned on the second brother’s back, turned his face to look back, Yunxiang walked a few steps and turned his head, lagging far behind.

All the way back outside, the second brother put him down in front of the carriage, stretched his waist, and said in a deep voice, “Next time you have to carry him, you have to be lighter.”

“It’s okay.” Yun Qingci said: “I used to accompany your majesty to see the emperor, the tomb is so big, he carried me back and forth, and he didn’t say that I was heavy.”

Yun Qingjue pushed his head: “Do you want to reconcile?”

Yun Qingci looked calmly: “I’m telling the truth, it seems that the second brother’s physical strength is not enough.”

Yun Qingxiao looked at him Shen Shen for a while, Yun Qingci had never worked with him, his face was innocent and dazed, the next second, Yun Qingxiao suddenly picked him up, and walked back without looking back. .

Yun Qing said head down: “?”

“Second, second brother?” He was a little uncertain, and Yun Qingsu had already said loudly: “Don’t be afraid, second brother just wants to put you back, and come back by himself later! Just like that, you can do it!”

Yun Qing was in a hurry. He didn’t know that the second brother was such a person: “Second brother, second brother, I was wrong…I was wrong second brother, don’t toss about it so far, brother, father——!!!”

He went to call out the last Yunxiang, the latter glanced at the two son’s indifferent face, and said: “Did you provoke you?…So, if he committed the first offense, please spare him.”

Yun Qingci had already started to gasp, and said: “I am hurt, the injury has recurred, it hurts, and I can’t breathe.”

Yun Qingxiao finally put him down. Yun Qingci leaned on his father fragilely with his chest. He was supported by Yun and looked pitiful after standing firm: “How can the second brother be so serious.”

When Yun Qingxiao flicked his sleeves and turned towards the carriage, there was a smile in his eyes.

They asked for the best location in Jinya Building, Xiao Er ran up to report for food, Yun Qingci liked their quick mouths, like running water, and even couldn’t help applauding when he signed up.

After the second report was over, an ingot of broken silver was suddenly thrown towards him.

Yun Qingjue said, “You are rewarded for coaxing our eyes to be so happy.”

“Thanks to the third son!” The little second came to see Yun Qingci: “Next time the little son will come here, the younger one will report to you in another way!”

“Okay.” Yun Qingsu was out of anger: “After ordering, roll out.”

He often comes to this house, and he has a good relationship with the second child here. Obviously he often gags. The second child is not angry. He laughed a few times and praised him before he left: “This fourth son is really neat, even more so. It’s so romantic.”

Yun Xiang caressed his beard and laughed, and the private room was lively.

There were a lot of short chats among the parents. Yun Qingci quickly discovered that the third brother was very open-hearted. Although his temper was grumpy, he came and went quickly. The fourth brother had no way to speak, and his temperament was a little unruly, but contented and happy. As for the second brother… Looking indifferently, it seems that you don’t have anything in your eyes, but be careful, it’s easy to be true in certain things.

The second elder brother can’t offend, the fourth elder brother can bully, the third elder brother looked very deceived, Yun Qingci nodded, raised his head and took a sip of fruit wine.

Not at home, just to have a drink in order to avoid gaffes. Yun Qingci was unable to drink enough, and soon folded his hands on the table, pressed his chin against the back of his hand, and began to listen to them.

Yun Qingci’s body quickly drifted a little with the voice of a book from downstairs.

He was brought downstairs by the third brother.

In fact, his brain is still sober, but maybe because he is too complete today, he is supported by great satisfaction.

“elder brother……”


“I have always liked… brothers.

Yun Qingjue suddenly remembered the younger brother who returned to the mansion when he was seven years old. If his father didn’t like him too much, and even took him with Xiandi on outings, maybe everything would be different.

He raised the corner of his mouth uncontrollably, and said softly: “I see.”

The author has something to say: Ci Zai: Happy, happy, happy, happy!

Li Huang: Don’t jump on the bed.



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