The Obsessive Shou Chapter 47

The palm of his hand was placed on Yun Qingci’s feet. This intimate contact effectively relieved the pain in his body, and Li Ying fell asleep almost instantly.

Yun Qingci found that his breathing calmed down. He took his foot and glared at Li Ying. As soon as he pulled his foot back, Li Ying’s brows were immediately raised, and his steady breathing was messed up.

Yun Qingci: “…”

Is this guy on purpose?

He pulled his foot back completely, got up and looked at his elder brother again. The other party hadn’t woken up yet, and the imperial doctor was treating his wounds all over his body. Yun Qingci saw that he couldn’t help, so he came back again.

Li Ying on the couch had already carried her back, and her tall body curled up silently.

Yun Qing resigned and stood for a moment, then went back to the couch, and kicked him hesitantly: “Li Ying?”

Li Ying seemed to wake up: “Huh?”

“If you don’t feel well, call the doctor to come and see it.”


“Oh, then you go to sleep.”

Li Ying did not answer any more.

Yun Qingci couldn’t sleep, so he sat on the bedside and flipped through the book casually. A few pages later, Li Ying seemed to be unconscious, turning over and sticking to his waist, putting his fingertips on his legs.

Then, he fell asleep again.

Yun Qingci called him a few times, and Li Ying remained motionless, this time he really fell asleep.

He wanted to move away, but when he saw Qing Ying under the other’s eyes, he let go of the idea.

never mind. Yun Qingci thought blankly, for the sake of bringing his eldest brother back.

Li Ying fell asleep until it was bright. When he woke up, Yun Qingci’s face was beside him, his breathing blended, and his delicate and flawless face was still what he remembered.

Li Ying raised his hand, and flicked his fingertips across the side of his face.

After a long absence of ease and ease, he closed his hand, gently placed his chin on the queen’s forehead, and closed his eyes.

Yun Qingci was not awakened by his actions, even if he didn’t admit one thousand and one hundred in his heart, his body was still used to Li Ying’s closeness.

Li Ying didn’t miss it for too long. He knew that when Yun Qingci woke up, he would have verbal abuse again, so he let go of Yun Qingci by himself and got up and went to bed.

When Yun Qingci woke up, Li Ying had already left.

He packed up and went out. Under the peach tree where the buds were blooming, the thin and thin man was sitting in a wooden wheelchair. With his eyes closed, he seemed to be intoxicated in the gentle spring breeze.

Yun Qingci walked towards him a few steps, his eyes lightened slightly: “Big brother.”

Yun Qingji turned his head to look at him, his expression was slightly startled, and then smiled: “Is…A Ci?”

They had never seen each other before, and they were more than ten years old, and they were a little reserved for each other. Yun Qingci sat down opposite him and said, “Have you eaten yet?”

“Already used, your majesty arranged tonic soup brought by the imperial dining room.”

Yun Qingci nodded, and said, “Would you like to find Daddy?”

“The time has come, and your majesty will arrange for me to meet with my father.”

Yun Qingci scratched his head, and said, “Is it uneasy along your way?”

“Yeah.” Yun Qingji sighed, and said: “Your Majesty personally picked me up and returned to Jing. I didn’t expect it. Because I was worried that my identity would be exposed, I was in a hurry along the way. Maybe I found some clues on the other side and sent someone. To assassinate, your majesty even shot an arrow in order to protect me.”

“…You, you work for him, he protects you, he should be.”

Yun Qingji looked at him with a little surprise, Yun Qingci raised his face slightly, and looked serious: “You almost took your life for him, he should have taken care of you.”

“What nonsense?” Yun Qingji laughed and said, “I am not for your majesty, but for Yasukuni, including your majesty. He went to court and criticized Zhezi. Even if it is to kill, it is not just for the individual, but for the whole country. ”

He thought he had been loyal to the country and loyal to the emperor in Qirenwei since he was a child, and every sentence carried the righteousness of the family and the country. It’s not that Yun Qingci didn’t understand, he was just a little confused: “After all, this Jiangshan belongs to the Li family.”

“It belongs to the Li family in name, but in reality, it belongs to the people.” Yun Qingji said, “Your Majesty took the risk to save me. I think it’s because of you. He didn’t have to do it like this. This is a private matter and a private favor. I can’t think that he should have been shot for me just because of how much I did for Yasukuni… Fortunately, he was not injured badly, otherwise I would be a sinner through the ages.”

Yun Qingci sat for a while, then hesitated: “Then he, besides Zhongjian, is there anything else…like poisoning?”

“I haven’t heard of it, but he saw that he was sick. He couldn’t sleep peacefully on the road. He often had headaches. I don’t know if there was any hidden illness.” Yun Qingji took a sip of tea and said, “You are the queen, but he didn’t find that he had any problems. Is something abnormal?”

“How would I know.” Yun Qingci’s voice became very small.

Li Ying obviously didn’t tell his eldest brother about the matter between them. Apart from the blood relationship between him and Yun Qingji, he was actually no different from a stranger.

Not much to say.

The appearance of Yun Qingji letting Li Ying arrange it also made Yun Qingci feel incomprehensible. But he knows that his eldest brother has suffered a lot and devoted too much to Yasukuni. Whether it is personal or physical, he respects Yun Qingji.

He also knew that Li Ying’s past life was not just for himself or the Li family, because once the court is overthrown, the whole country may collapse together.

He understands Li Ying, but he does not mean that he can accept it. He has fulfilled Li Ying’s righteousness in his previous life. In this life, he just hopes to change his way of living.

That’s it.

In the afternoon of the same day, my father and three elder brothers were welcomed in the other courtyard.

Yun Qingji’s identity in Beichen has been exposed, and when he returns to China this time, Li Ying needs to re-arrange his position.

Yun Qingci stood beside his father and brother, watching them talk and talk after confessing their relatives, and couldn’t help but raise his eyes to look at the peach tree beside him.

For the whole family, the mother and eldest sister are left behind.

He held up the tea cup, and Yu Guang suddenly caught a corner of the black clothes. Li Ying didn’t know when he would arrive. He stood in front of the door, leaning against the corner, and looked quietly towards this side.

His figure looked lonely, but his eyes collided with Yun Qingci, and he no longer looked away.

When Yun Qingci turned his head, he had his father and elder brother behind him, but when Li Ying turned his head, there were only the old father and queen mother and the black-hearted Queen Mother Zhang.

The expression in his eyes told Yun Qingci that he identified him.

Yun Qingci looked away, raised his head and drank the tea.

That night, Yun Qingci came to his dream again.

The timeline in the dream is moving forward, but it is not consistent with reality. As soon as Yun Qingci entered this time, he found that the coffin lid was open. He immediately rushed to look at it, and the corners of his mouth could not help but raised.

“Li Ying, you are back.”

Li Ying was lying in the coffin, deep asleep. He thought he was tired for a long time. He should have slept for a long time this time, because when he woke up, there was a slight indentation on the side of his face.

He opened his eyes, looked at the missing lover beside him, and then took his hand.

“Don’t touch my hand.” Yun Qing murmured. He glanced at the lamp on the head of the coffin. It hadn’t turned red, and he didn’t know how long it would take before Li Ying would go back.

This time Li Ying didn’t talk to the person in the coffin, perhaps because he had already said everything before Yun Qing resigned into his dream.

He raised the lamp again and left the imperial tomb.

Yun Qingci suddenly thought of something, and followed up: “I will leave the underground palace with you to see how you are doing now, and by the way, what is the current state of Jingguo.”

Li Ying couldn’t hear it, and naturally it was impossible to stop him.

At the moment when he finally left the imperial tomb, Yun Qingci saw sunlight for the first time in his dream. He squinted his eyes, the light passed through his body, and his fingers became transparent.

At the same time, late at night in the other courtyard, Li Ying came to Yun Qingci’s bedside.

He sat on the edge of the bed and gently shook his hand, Yun Qingci fell asleep deeply, and didn’t notice it.

When it was about to dawn, Li Ying left the courtyard.

Yun Qingci still fell asleep deeply.

Three rods in the sun, Yinxi and Jin Huan came to the bed together, and the two whispered: “The Queen, how can you sleep so heavily today?”

“I should be awake as usual.”

“It’s all lunch time.” Jin Huan looked hesitantly, and said, “Call?”

The two attendants stepped forward together and gently opened the bedclothes: “The Queen, the Queen?”

Yun Qingci remained motionless.

Yinxi’s expression suddenly changed. He and Jin Huan looked at each other. The latter immediately reached out to shake Yun Qingci. Yun Qingci turned from lying on his side to lying flat, his arms hanging softly on the bed, still motionless.

Yinxi’s face was already white and couldn’t be whiter.

Jin Huan forced his composure, and slowly probed his breath.

“Yes, yes, I should be asleep.”

Yinxi’s eyes were red: “Well, then we, wait a minute.”

A gentle voice came from outside, it was Yun Qingji: “Why hasn’t A Ci started yet?”

Jin Huan twitched his cheeks, and ran out a few steps, saying, “The queen, maybe I was too tired yesterday and was still asleep.”

Yun Qingji narrowed his pupils, realizing that his expression was wrong, and his face sank suddenly: “What happened?”

Jin Huan knelt down.

The guard behind him lifted the wheelchair over the threshold, and Yun Qingji quickly slid to the bed, reaching out to touch Yun Qingci’s pulse.

Everything is normal, but that is, I can’t wake up.

“Don’t say anything, wait a minute.” He said: “Maybe it’s just too tired. If you still don’t wake up at night, then go to the Xiangfu and your Majesty to inform.”

Yun Qingci’s experience at this moment is very novel. He never thought that one day he could go back to the past in his dream, see his corpse, and see the scenery outside the imperial tomb.

He got into the carriage with Li Ying, changed from his left to the right, and then from the right to the left, and then squeezed to his side and blew into his ears.

Li Ying didn’t move.

He got off the car normally and returned to the palace normally, not Jiangshan Palace, but Chaoyang Palace.

Liu Ziru was much older than he remembered. He saw Li Ying still very eager, and followed him to report the affairs of North Korea.

Li Ying nodded faintly, carried the glazed lamp, walked in all the way, then put the lamp on the table, and said casually: “Call the prince.”

Prince Li Heng.

Yun Qingci sat at the table and observed the child who had passed the weak crown. He speculated that Li Ying who appeared should be around 37-8. He seemed to be very afraid of Li Ying and was very cautious when replying.

Yun Qingci sat for a while, then turned out humorously, looking at his former residence.

The furnishings of the Chaoyang Palace are still the same as before, and even the position of the antique jade has not changed at all. What surprised Yun Qingci the most is that the carvings on the top of the jade are as clean as new. He didn’t love these in the past. He had barely taken care of it, and the lady of the court had just wiped it on her own hand, and he remembered that there was some blue and gray hidden in the gaps of these carvings.

Well, people who are worthy of serving Li Ying are more careful than those in his palace.

The night when this idea came up, he saw Li Ying personally took a rag and began to carefully wipe the tables, chairs and objects in Chaoyang Palace. He took care of them very slowly and carefully. Liu Ziru stood at the door watching He sighed slightly: “Your Majesty, rest early.”

“Get down.”

Liu Ziru didn’t dare to say anything, and after saluting, he exited the door and closed it carefully.

Yun Qingci squatted on the chair, watching him tirelessly cleaning the middle of the night.

Of course the cleaning alone would not take that long, mainly because he would stand still in a daze from time to time, not knowing what he thought of.

“Okay.” Yun Qing said, “Go to bed, the drum will be ringing.”

Not long after the words were over, Li Ying put down his veil and walked behind the screen.

He did not sleep, but ordered someone to take hot water and undressed and put it in the bath tub, Yun Qingci discovered that not only his arms, but also his legs had scars that had been removed.

Obviously, it was not overnight for him to feed that snake.

Yun Qingci came to the side of the bucket, looked at his thinner eyes, and thought of everything in his dreams and reality. He felt uncomfortable for no reason.

Sitting in the bathtub, Li Ying had been looking at the lamp, his eyes full of despair and helplessness.

His eyes gradually moistened, and the same thin fingers suddenly submerged in the water, holding them up and splashing them heavily on his face.

He closed his eyes, rested his neck against the side of the bucket, and then leaned back.

Like a sigh, and like a call: “A Ci…”

He couldn’t see, Yun Qingci stood behind him, his palm covered his eyes with a vacant palm.

“I’m here.”

The author has something to say: Ci Zai: I’m tired today, woo.

Li Huang:…

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