The Obsessive Shou Chapter 48

There was no one to wait for Li Yingyu.

In fact, since he sent Yun Qingci out back then, he hasn’t been served much anymore.

But like this, after the people moved into the wooden barrels and hot water, they let him sit alone, and in the entire Chaoyang Palace, there was not even a maid eunuch, but there was no situation.

Everyone was shut outside, and he was the only one in the huge palace.

There was silence.

The arm resting on the wooden barrel is a large scar, every piece is shocking, Yun Qingci can hardly believe that this is Li Ying’s body.

“Why are you… people who die can’t come back to life.” He spoke again, and his palm slowly moved away from Li Ying’s eyes.

He knew that Li Ying had loved him, even if he had denied those loves and labelled Li Ying with countless shameless and indecent labels, it still couldn’t stop the fact that he loved him.

He always thought that Li Ying did not love him as deeply, so he was annoyed, regretted, and hated.

If I knew it, I wouldn’t love him anymore.

Yun Qingci is a person who is eager to give and get the same reward. If he doesn’t get it, he will be unwilling, and he will be satisfied if he gets it, but if he is not careful, the reward is greater than his contribution, and he will feel anxious.

Ask yourself, if Li Ying leaves, Yun Qingci will not do this for him.

Of course, the most important thing is that when a person is dead, a dead person knows nothing. He will not understand what he has done for him. Yun Qingci is most afraid of being moved by himself. If he did something for Li Ying, Everyone knows who must make trouble, and most importantly, must let Li Ying know.

If he knew he would never know, he would never do it.

Just as he cut his wrists to make Li Ying feel bad, and to play a gentle little meaning to make him like it.

The injury on Li Ying’s body can almost be said to be Ling Chi.

He was too late to wait for a lamp that was almost impossible to red. With such endless torture, Yun Qingci could hardly imagine the pain.

In addition, there were some knife wounds on Li Ying’s back, as well as the scars pierced by sharp arrows, which should have been left by the conquest of Beichen in the past few years.

Yun Qingci rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand, reached out to check the water temperature, and realized that he couldn’t feel it.

“The water should be cold, you come out soon.”

A quarter of an hour after saying this, Li Ying finally got up from the bathtub. Drops of water slid over his bruised body, and he wiped himself dry casually, completely wrapped in a thin coat.

Yun Qingci suddenly didn’t dare to look at the injuries on his body.

He blinked a few times and saw Li Ying holding his precious lamp and walking towards the bed.

“You know you are going to sleep, when is this, you really don’t want to…”

He wanted to say, you really want your life, right?

Thinking of it again, Li Ying was indeed desperate.

Li Ying got on the bed, and Yun Qingci threw himself up and lay face to face with him. He saw his thin fingers stretched under the pillow, took out a sapphire hairpin, and pressed the round tip against his chest. .

He closed his eyes heavily.

Yun Qingci recognized that it was the hairpin he wore when he defended himself.

He watched Li Ying go to sleep, and gradually let go of his mind.

He couldn’t sleep anymore, so he stared at Li Ying in a daze. He really lost a lot of weight, but the outline is still what he remembered. His long gray hair made him look like he was dyed with wind and frost. Yun Qingci moved closer to him and whispered: “Li Ying.”

“Li Ying… you live your life well, I know, I know, you didn’t mean it, I don’t want to see you like this.”

I would rather blame you for hating you than love you, do you know.

In the middle of the night, Li Ying was awakened by a nightmare, his dark eyes slowly opened, and a faint blue color appeared on his pale face.

He groaned and squeezed Suzhan in pain, then turned over and covered his eyes with his arm.

After a while, he turned over on the pillow again, curled up with his head in his arms.

Next, there is a suffocating silence.

He finally fell asleep in cold sweat.

Yun Qingci hopes that today’s Wuchao will allow him to sleep a little longer. He has often looked forward to it in the past because he hopes that Li Ying can accompany him more.

Now, he only hopes that Li Ying can get a good night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, the sky did not fulfill the wishes, and before dawn, there was a movement outside: “Your Majesty, it’s time to go up.”

Li Ying woke up instantly.

The mermaid entered, Li Ying washed his face, combed his hair, put on the dragon robe, hung the jade hook, Liu Ziru helped him adjust it close, and the palace servant knelt down to help him tidy his hem. .

Everything is in order, and the headed dragon boots are out of Chaoyang Palace.

Yun Qingci accompanied him on the Luanjia and reminded him: “You haven’t eaten yet.”

He went and called Liu Ziru: “Why don’t you remind him to eat?”

No one cares about him.

Yun Qingci sat on the dragon chair with him, and the whole room was silent.

He saw his second brother, his official uniform was changed, and his expression was more rigorous, but he didn’t see his father. He thought that the other party was already old and had already withdrawn from officialdom. Even Taiwei Qiu was not in court.

Someone was talking: “In this flood, the local officials did neglect their duties, but…”

He didn’t say what he said, and he kept silent.

“Since dereliction of duty, we must be punished. The flood is a natural disaster at first, and failure to deal with it in time is a man-made disaster. Hold it there first and let it go.” At this time, he would lean slightly in a posture full of oppression, but now, He just leaned back lazily, with a faint expression: “Aiqing, do you have any objections?”

All the dynasties saw the ceremony together, and they agreed with each other: “The minister has no objection.”

Yun Qing was in a daze and didn’t recognize him anymore.

Li Ying was not like this in the past. Although he was majestic when he went to court, he didn’t have such a way of doing what he wanted.

To him, the affairs of the court seemed to be the same as eating and drinking. Now he is playing with the court, and he is no longer the young emperor trapped in the court.

Judging from the reaction of the civil and military forces of the Manchu dynasty, he hardly needs to make any more actions, and the fear of him has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

He destroyed the Zhang Family Mansion and killed all the imperial concubines, what else? What else did he do, scary things?

After leaving the dynasty, he has no nostalgia.

Luangjia sent him back to Chaoyang Palace, Yun Qingci chased him behind, and suddenly saw him stop and looked up.

Yun Qingci followed his line of sight and saw the eaves of the flying hook of Qifeng Tower. Li Ying seemed to just glance up inadvertently and walked into the palace with his eyes down.

Yun Qingci was still worried about the fact that he hadn’t eaten: “You hurry up and eat, how can your body eat well if you go on like this.”

Fortunately, the Imperial Dining Room has done his best and has prepared meals with meat and vegetables.

Yun Qingci was very happy: “You can eat more meat to replenish your body.”

Li Ying changed into his normal clothes and walked over to sit at the table. Liu Ziru first brought him a bowl of porridge, which he ate casually.

Yun Qingci also said: “Don’t just be vegetarian, eat meat, eat meat.”

Maybe it was because of the spirit, Li Ying picked up a piece of roasted meat on his own, Liu Ziru looked at him with a faint worry in his eyes.

The piece of meat was put into the mouth.

In Yun Qingci’s expectant sight, his face became very ugly.

Liu Ziru hurriedly brought water again, and Li Ying seemed to swallow it with great difficulty, and every inch of his face was filled with resistance.

He turned slightly blue, took a sip of tea, and started picking meat again.

After a few mouthfuls, he suddenly closed his eyes again.

Liu Ziru expertly held the spittoon.

Li Ying was short of breath, and he vomited out without holding back.

Yun Qingci’s eyelashes trembled.

“Your Majesty…” Liu Ziru said softly, “If you can’t eat it, let’s not eat it.”

Li Ying rinsed his mouth, did not answer, but silently picked a few that seemed acceptable, and put them in his mouth again.

Yun Qingci suddenly understood that no one can calmly eat meat after cutting meat and feeding snakes. But Li Ying wants to eat, he needs to maintain his body energy, so as to feed the female snake conveniently.

After rebirth, Li Ying, is it the same, can’t eat?

Yun Qingci didn’t know, he hadn’t paid attention to him.

He had never seen anyone able to eat and it was so difficult to eat.

The meal was finally finished, Li Ying moved to the table with a pale face, raised his hand to support his forehead, and did not move for a long time.

Yun Qingci squatted under his feet and looked up at him.

He realized that Li Ying had come here for so many years in his previous life.

He is not in pain for a moment.

After a while, Liu Ziru offered tea, and Li Ying drank it, then began to write memorials, practice calligraphy, and then paint.

He barely let himself idle, only occasionally raised his eyes, and saw the glazed lamp that was always burning, and he would be stunned for a while.

For the longest time, he can stay motionless for half an hour.

Then, he repatriated everyone and walked to the bookshelf on his own.

Pushing the agency, Yun Qingci discovered for the first time that there was a secret room in Chaoyang Palace.

Li Ying shut himself in.

Yun Qingci saw that the entire wall was covered with memories between them, all outlined by Li Ying one by one, from sitting opposite each other under the peach blossom tree in the other courtyard when they were young, to chasing them in the palace. Fighting around, and after the wedding, there will be Qifenglou Yunqingci climbing the stairs and turning around to visit…

Every scene is familiar.

Li Ying finally shed tears.

In this secret room full of memories, he leaned on the black table and pressed his forehead on the overlapping arms, and large drops of water stains fell on the ground.

Yun Qingci walked over and squatted down beside him.

He always felt that he had a reason to hate Li Ying.

But now, he was suddenly at a loss.

He felt that when Li Ying had just been born again, he had put on that haughty appearance, and he must have been ignored. But thinking about it now, he probably didn’t want Yun Qingci to see his humble appearance.

He paid a lot and finally returned to the past. He firmly believed that Yun Qingci loved the gentle, moist, arrogant and noble young emperor.

He thought he really went back.

Unexpectedly, Yun Qingci was also reborn.

The reality gave him a slap in the face.

He sorted his emotions, and left the secret room with the light in his hand.

Yun Qingci followed him and saw him clean the Chaoyang Palace again before taking a shower and going to bed.

This is Li Ying’s day.

Next, Yun Qingci followed him for a few more days. Li Ying came here almost every day, except that the secret room did not go every day. Yun Qingci found that he would only go when he was emotionally uncomfortable. There.

But even when he was alone, he was almost silent, whether in a daze or sadness, even when he was venting, he seemed very silent.

He seems to have been used to such days, including regularly using blood as wax to keep the flames, and regularly cutting meat and feeding snakes, and then treating the wounds by himself.

The injuries on his body are often not healed, so new ones are added immediately, the scars are superimposed on them, and the whole body is horrible.

He would often go to the underground palace alone and take care of the sarcophagus carefully. For the longest time, he can sleep with Yun Qingci for two days and two nights, without eating or drinking, and then when he comes out, he eats 80%, and he has to vomit 60%.

Sometimes, Yun Qingci felt that he was alive, it is better to die.

When he went to court, he would take Li Heng with him, and he seemed to be interested in the Zen position. Li Heng looked very obedient, but Yun Qingci’s attention was not on him.

Li Ying became more and more like an elder. He was very gentle with Li Heng. Perhaps it was because he was young and he did not deliberately put pressure on Li Heng. Of course, he did not relax when it was time to be harsh.

Yun Qingci thought, when I wake up, I will take Li Heng to the palace, take care of him with you, and watch him grow up.

But he never wakes up.

He realized that it might be because he was nostalgic for this Li Ying. After sunrise in the underground palace, he had been with Li Ying and couldn’t wake up.

A year has passed like this, maybe two.

One day, when Li Ying woke up from a nightmare, Yun Qingci was awakened by him. He opened his eyes and suddenly saw a red light in the room.

Suddenly Li Ying got up, Yun Qingci followed to look, only to see that the dim yellow lamp beside the bed turned red, and the heart of the fire was even more glaring.

His eyes lit up: “Aying Aying, look, the light is red! We can meet!”

Li Ying watched motionlessly.

Then he slowly got up, came to the door, and opened the door to look.

Under the bright moon in the distance, the eaves of Qifeng Tower are flying hooks, and the night view is beautiful.

Li Ying took a step back, closing the door with a pale face.

As if experiencing rebirth and aging in an instant, he turned around and walked back slowly, holding the screen with his fingers, thick blood gushing in the corner.

Blue veins appeared on his forehead, and he sat down like a force.

Yun Qingci rushed over to support him: “Aying, Aying…what’s wrong with you? You can go back now, aren’t you happy, you…”

He turned his head to look at the lamp, and suddenly realized something.

Li Ying’s fingers grabbed his long hair, his expression turned hideous and terrifying, and the red blood in the white of his eyes trembled frantically.

The voice was hoarse, like a beast crying.

“I can’t go back… it’s not me who will go back.”

I will never see you again, Aci.



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