The Obsessive Shou Chapter 50

The alchemist Li Ying looked for was named Qi Shi, not a serious alchemist. Of course, the serious alchemist would only persuade Li Ying to let go of his obsession.

Liu Ziru has been very uncomfortable with him.

He is a caring person of Li Ying. He has seen many things that Li Ying has done over the years. In his opinion, this alchemist has just made up a beautiful lie for Li Ying and used this lie to turn him into a human being. No ghost or ghost, eventually sending him to death.

And Li Ying even willingly.

Where is such a stupid child, such an obvious lie, he believed it, and Master Qi had said that the ending of this world would not change, he died with hope, but there was no substantial change in all this.

The so-called fantasy world only lives in his heart.

Sincerity is spirit, if you believe it, you won’t believe it. Such ambiguity can actually deceive him.

Liu Ziru always thought this way, before he heard the voice calling for Li Ying from the underground palace.

Yun Qingci’s voice is very distinctive, like the cranes and phoenixes above the nine heavens, even the best at imitating sounds can’t imitate it, so even if he has been in ancient times for twelve years, Liu Ziru can still hear it.

He was pulled out by Master Qi, and after staggering to his feet, his face paled and said: “Just now, that’s…”

“It’s Empress Yun.” Master Qi glanced at the stars in the sky, and said: “No wonder I see the stars today are wrong, Hong Luan seven kills move at the same time, I think your majesty has been obsessed too deeply, which attracted the empress’s soul. ”


Qi Shixing walked to the house of the mausoleum and said: “Your Majesty has always believed that he can come back. Even if I told him that the outcome of this life will not change, he still believes that, in your opinion, sincerity is a lie. But in his opinion, this is the only life-saving straw he can grasp.”

“When the light was red, he went back… Is this true or not?”

“You believe it is true, and you don’t believe it is false.”

Liu Ziru was dumb: “What’s the matter with the queen?”

“I don’t know about this. I don’t know when he followed his Majesty. Maybe he has witnessed all the things his Majesty has done for him. Now he is determined to chase after him. It’s just these seven kills…” he He glanced at the sky again, and raised his eyebrows slightly: “It’s a fate.”

Liu Ziru also vaguely knows about the natal chart. If Hongluan meets a star that changes like the Seven Kills, he will never die, be indifferent, and love and hate. He has read some cases in the past, saying that if the husband and wife palace is The appearance of Qingyang or Seven Kills alone, it must be the appearance of the Shenli or the simply and the separation.

And if Hongluan meets seven kills or meets Qingyang in the husband and wife palace, it must be a marriage change and a lifelong quarrel.

“Then the current queen, will the majesty who leave when the light is red, or the majesty who is left behind?”

“Seven kills… hard to say.” The alchemist also looked a little confused. Seeing the old prisoner in front of him with a sad face, he calmed down and said, “But with the red luan, the ending will not be too bad.”

The lid of the coffin was tightly closed, and the sarcophagus contained only the light from the body after it was lit.

Yun Qingci’s eyes were red.

He watched the bodies of himself and Li Ying engulfed in flames, his fingertips were warm, and he realized that he was also alighted.

Looking at his burning palm, he didn’t feel the heat, nor did he feel hot, it was warm and not scorching, as if Li Ying was hugging him silently.

He thought of the long worms that were scared when they saw him.

It’s Li Ying.

Because it was the poisonous insects raised by Li Ying’s flesh and blood, they would instinctively avoid him in order to avoid hurting him, and this blood-waxed lamp was gathered by Li Ying’s obsession.

Therefore, it will not burn Yun Qingci.

The red flame finally swallowed Yun Qingci lying in the coffin completely and completely took him away.

No wonder, he will be born again, because he took the lamp of Li Ying’s obsession and ignited his self-defeating himself.

His rebirth was not an accident, it was his willingness to follow, but unfortunately, he had no memory of following Li Ying after he was killed.

So even Li Ying at the beginning did not expect that he would be born again.

Maybe Li Ying felt that the rebirth of himself was his retribution.

Yun Qingci shrank in the sarcophagus and waited until the flame was gradually extinguished, leaving only one ignition core.

He sat withered in the darkness, in a daze, as if he had recalled his past and present life, but when he returned to his senses, he found that his brain was blank.

Yun Qingci faintly heard someone calling his name, but he ignored it.

Until someone speaks, “Your Majesty, Your Majesty?”

Li Ying? !

The fire core shook in the enclosed sarcophagus, and there was nothing else but two dead bones.

It seemed to have completed its final mission and went out quickly.

Yun Qingci woke up from his dream, turned his face, and found someone lying on the head of the bed, his hand was lightly put on the fingertips of the other person, even if he hadn’t seen his face, Yun Qingci still recognized him at a glance. Hands.

Liu Ziru originally wanted Li Ying to go elsewhere to rest, but he did not expect to wake Yun Qingci. He was taken aback, and his face was suddenly overjoyed: “The Queen! The Queen is awake, Your Majesty, wake up soon. Queen…”

“Don’t move him.” Yun Qingci just wanted to say to let him rest, and when he held his fingers, he suddenly tightened.

Li Ying slowly raised his face.

His entire face was cyan, and the black shadow underneath made his eyes extraordinarily large. At that moment, Yun Qingci almost thought he had seen the inhuman and ghost in his previous life.

“You’re awake.” Li Ying’s eye sockets stretched hard, and said: “Hurry up and get some food for the queen.”

He was haggard and almost unnatural. In order to cheer himself up, he let go of Yun Qingci’s hand. Yun Qingci seems to be able to drive away the long worms that bit him. As long as he gets closer, the pain will instantly move away, and once he gets away, the pain will immediately approach.

Yun Qingci had a lot to say to Li Ying at first, but seeing him at this moment, thinking of the relationship between the two before, suddenly didn’t know what to say.

He sullenly retracted his hands.

Soon someone brought the gruel, and Li Ying personally took it, put it on the bedside table, took the middle spoon and took a bowl, and said: “Go to the Xiangfu and say that the queen is awake.”

Yinxi happily said, “Someone has been sent.”

Yun Qingci realized what was wrong: “You, why are you here?”

He just slept, how come everyone seemed to lose weight when he woke up?

“You slept for half a month.” Li Ying stirred the porridge with the spoon in his hand, then scooped it up and brought it to his lips, saying: “First eat something.”

Yun Qingci looked at his expression, stretched out his hand to take it uncomfortably, and said, “I’ll do it myself.”

For the first time, he didn’t take it, Li Ying’s hand was tightly squeezed.

Yun Qingci raised his eyes to see, he slightly loosened and put the bowl in his hand.

Yun Qingci took a bite with the bowl by himself, and then took a peek at him.

The Li Ying in front of him was real, he was that Li Ying, Yun Qingci knew. But he was able to chatter in front of that Li Ying before because the other party couldn’t hear or see, but now Li Ying could hear and see, he suddenly seemed to have nothing to say.

Say something?

Before he went to bed, he was aggressive and wanted to drive him far away.

Is there something to say now to not be so obtrusive?

Li Ying had been sitting next to him looking at him, his black eyes were silent, unable to see what he was thinking.

Yun Qingci took another bite of porridge and asked for a topic: “Have you not slept well these days? Or, you can go to bed for a while.”

Li Ying’s eyelashes flickered slightly, he looked at Yun Qingci for a while, and finally said, “Okay.”

He got up and walked out, Yun Qingci’s gaze chased him away, his expression turned gloomy.

How did this guy become so obedient?

Li Ying walked to the door, the dazzling sunlight shining on his face, and his eyes suddenly dizzy.

Jin Huan supported him in two steps, “Your Majesty!”

Yun Qingci directly put down the bowl, lifted the quilt and got out of the bed. Maybe it was really like what Li Ying said. He slept for more than half a month. When he got out of bed, he had a soft leg and fell directly on the ground.

Yun Qingci hit the ground with his chin and fell directly out of the screen, tears in the corners of his eyes suddenly hurt.

Li Ying held the door frame and looked back at him, while Yin Xi ran in two steps to help Yun Qingci up.

Yun Qingci flushed while rubbing his chin, annoyed on his face: “What do you look at?!”

Li Ying: “…Be careful.”

He took the cuffs out of Jin Huan’s hands and walked out.

Yun Qingci didn’t chase him again.

Yin Xi helped him onto the bed, and heard Yun Qing’s unhappy voice: “Is he laughing at me?”

Yinxi hurriedly shook his head: “No, your Majesty stays with you in unbuttoned clothes these days, and won’t laugh at you.”

“Is it?”

“Yes.” Yinxi looked at his face, his expression hesitated for a moment, and then energized and smiled, saying: “And your majesty has promised you.”

“Promise, what promise me?”

“In these days when you are sleeping, your grandfather often talks to your majesty alone, and your majesty finally let go, as long as you wake up… he promised to leave.”

Yun Qing Ci: “…”

Li Ying walked slowly out of the other courtyard, and when he reached the door, he met the cloud phase who got off the car in a hurry. When the monarch and his subjects met, he hurriedly saw him: “Your Majesty…”

“He’s awake.” Li Ying looked ahead, his heart was ashamed: “I will enno, go to the ancestral temple, and remove him from the Li family tree.”

“In the future, you must keep your promise…” He passed the cloud phase, and said in a low voice: “I won’t come back.”

Yunxiang turned his back to him, and said cautiously: “Thank you for your fulfillment.”

Li Ying came to the front of the car, stretched out his hand to support the body, slowly lowered his head, and stood still for a long time before stepping on the steps and going up.

Liu Ziru sighed and said, “Go back to the palace.”

The guards are with them, driven by a carriage.

Yun Xiang entered Yun Qingci’s room all the way, but saw him walking back and forth with his bed, hurriedly said, “You kid, why don’t you lie down for a while.”

“Why are you lying down? My legs are dead.”

Yun Qingci frowned, looking very irritable.

Yunxiang sighed, remembered something, and said with a smile: “I met your majesty just now, and he promised to go to the ancestral shrine to remove you from the genealogy, and he won’t be bothering you again. This is a blessing in disguise, so you can rest assured. ”

“…He said, when did you go to the ancestral temple?”

“It should be only these two days.” Yun Xiang sighed, “but it should not work today. These days… he should go back and have a good rest.”

Yun Qingci lowered his eyelashes, continued to kick his feet back and forth with the bed, and said dullly: “Has he not slept well these days? I think he has lost a lot of weight?”

More than slept, almost didn’t even eat much. Yun Xiang didn’t say anything. He was worried that Yun Qing’s resignation would be shaken when things came to an end. Of course, the sooner the matter of reconciliation, the better.

Yun Qingci began to feel anxious, and he let go of the bed and wandered around the house.

Yun Xiang said: “You scared people to death this time. Your Majesty has invited all the Qintian Supervisors, and it all means that if you don’t wake up in the next day, you will be called to souls.”

Yun Qing thought, it’s better to call souls earlier.

After thinking about it, I felt that if he called the soul earlier, maybe he would not see Li Ying’s last sacrifice, nor would he be able to kill the snakes to avenge him, and suppressed this idea again.

“Hey, don’t leave.” Yunxiang stretched out his hand and held him: “Just awake, you don’t know what’s going on with your body, you have to find an imperial doctor to see…”

Yun Qingci stopped and looked down at his feet that finally moved.

“I live so far, and I have to bother the imperial doctor to run back and forth.” Yun Qingci said, “I will go to the imperial hospital to see by myself.”

After he said, he felt that this method was very good, so he immediately came to the bronze mirror and shouted Yinxi: “Come and comb my hair.”

Yun Xiang was puzzled in his heart, leaned to look behind him, and said, “You want to go to the hospital by yourself?”

“Ah, yes.” Yun Qing replied neatly: “It is too troublesome to find someone to pick up the doctor. I feel particularly uncomfortable now, so I should go in person to save time for the next person to go to the palace.”

Yun Xiang said: “It’s better to find a doctor in the city and see first.”

“Oh no, I will…” Yun Qingci said bitterly, “I feel cold.”

“Wear more?”

“…I feel hot again.” Before Yun Xiang could speak, he said, “I still feel itchy, so I can’t tell where I feel uncomfortable. Anyway, it’s very uncomfortable. I’ll go by myself. I can still pick it up by myself.”

Yunxiang: “…Hmm.”

It seems, it seems, makes sense, right.

The author has something to say: Ci Zai: So what, it will not be me next, chasing husband for cremation?

Li Huang: …Don’t think about it.

How willing.



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