The Obsessive Shou Chapter 56

Li Ying grabbed his hand.

Yun Qingci has never practiced martial arts, never touched a sword, the skin on the back of his hand is very soft, and his palm is softer.

These hands should have ten fingers that didn’t touch the sun and spring water, but they made soup for him many times, and the Yunxiang of the previous life had not tasted his craftsmanship.

Fortunately, he treated him wholeheartedly, only Li Ying.

From the first day of marriage, Yun Qingci would make him a piece of clothes every day, and he would only sew it alone. Because I was loved for too long, I gradually began to feel that it was right, and because of the busy state affairs, I ignored Yun Qingci with peace of mind.

Yun Qingci’s face was still buried in front of his chest, and he stopped moving obediently after being pinched by him. The crown of his hair was skewed, and the half of his ear exposed in the gap between his black hair was glowing red.

Yun Qingci has personally put this into practice. When he was just born again, he wanted to draw a clear line with Li Ying, and to be a person of indifferent life, and then he failed. Just now he thought that he could never take the initiative, and he could not pester people because of the other party’s few words, and then he failed again.

Now that someone has grabbed his hand, Yun Qingci didn’t want to count it, but at the same time he refused to give up. He secretly said that the other party took the initiative to seduce him, and he will pretend to be a chaste man when things happen.

As soon as his belly fell, Li Ying suddenly leaned over, Yun Qingci turned his body, his hair crown fell on his pillow, and he subconsciously held his breath.

With thin fingers passing through the hair, Li Ying held up the back of his head and kissed his lips directly.

Yun Qingci’s love is too strong, and his hatred is too strong. When I love him, I dig my heart and lungs, and when I hate him, I want to dig out his heart and lungs and let them hang out in the sun.

After learning that Yun Qingci was also from a previous life, he was desperate for a few times. He secretly said that it would be difficult to return to the past in this life. Yun Qingci would never forgive him if he did not recover the suffering caused by him.

He envisioned many endings for himself and Yun Qingci in this life, and each one would never die.

With the candlelight swaying, Li Ying’s nose rubbed Yun Qingci’s cheek heavily, and then stretched to his neck.

He came to Aiyun to leave, not to torture him or cause him pain.

He wants to learn to love like Yun Qingci, and he loves that he is not understood by others. He knows that even if the world thinks him crazy, Yun Qingci will definitely understand. But in those days when Yun Qingci was asleep, he suddenly suffered a sap.

He suddenly discovered that Yun Qingci lying there without talking or smiling, was far more painful than cutting flesh and removing bones.

He would rather Yun Qingci never look back at him in this life, and hope that he will always be alive and bright.

So he agreed to the teacher, agreed to let go, agreed to leave.

But Yun Qingci got it back.

Li Ying’s nose chased his lips, and went down the queen’s collarbone.

At first, he thought Yun Qingci was a big vengeance, and he refused to let him go. It wasn’t until Yun Qing resigned that he understood that he had returned to his previous life and saw that rotten self.

Yun Qingci finally decided to forgive him.

Li Ying knew why he would look back. Yun Qingci is a person who must compare with each other. He is willing to smooth everything and look for him because he found that Li Ying in his previous life was too tragic and too pitiful.

Li Ying doesn’t mind letting Yun Qingci, who hates him, know those things, but he does mind, let Yun Qingci, who loves him, know his cost.

Does Yun Qingci know that he is in love with a disgusting carrion?

He has no way of knowing this.

I dare not ask this.

But there is no doubt that he is reluctant to leave Yun Qing. Even if he was destined to be abandoned, before Yun Qing spoke, he would pretend that nothing happened.

A white foot protruded from the closed tent, the toe bones curled up tightly, and then opened with restraint.

“Aying, huh…”

With a low cry, the foot retracted and kicked out, hanging in the air for a while.

Spring is always warm and cold. The cold wind blows in the night, and the flowers on the branches are frozen. The petals are scattered, revealing the yellow pistils.

Yun Qingci’s feet were caught and put back into the warm quilt. He closed his eyes and leaned back into Li Ying’s arms contentedly.

Li Ying pushed away the hair that was sticking to the side of his face due to sweat, dropped a kiss on his full forehead, then squeezed the person, closed his eyes, his brows overflowed with faint fatigue.

Yun Qingci pressed against him, measured his waist with a thin arm, his voice was soft and hoarse: “A Ying.”


“You have lost too much weight, you have to make it up quickly.” Yun Qingci has no sleepiness, and has time to check his own labor tools and give constructive opinions: “Tomorrow I will go…I can’t go, you can find a royal kitchen Come out, let’s meet outside, let me sum up with him, how can I make up for you.”

Li Ying’s voice was very soft: “Despise me?”

Yun Qingci lifted his face to look at him, his eyes sparkling, and solemnly separated his thumb and index finger, and said, “It’s a little bit.”

Li Ying leaned over to kiss him, Yun Qing shrank his head, grinned ticklishly, and then pushed him hard, saying, “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s not too disgusting.”

His cheeks were as tender as water, and Li Ying watched for a moment, his heart tightened inch by inch, always feeling that he couldn’t see enough.

“Isn’t it for your own good? You have been unable to sleep because of the pain before. You were already very haggard. Later, you took care of me in a clumsy clothes… I always have to give something back.”

“No need to return.”


“No need to return.” Li Ying said: “You are good, that’s enough.”

Yun Qingci’s heart jumped a few times again.

He pursed his mouth, touched his heart, and said to Li Ying: “You, don’t think you told me a good thing, I will be touched, I, I will learn from the previous lesson… I won’t be heartbroken to you. ”

Yun Qingci looked back on his previous life. In the final analysis, Li Ying and him are two extremes, one is that reason is greater than sensibility, and the other is that sensibility is greater than reason. Although he promised to make peace with Li Ying, he would never put all his emotions on him again.

He lowered his head and said in a low voice: “In the future, I will treat you well within my ability. You can also treat me well within your own ability as before. There is no need not to give back… It’s normal to be selfish and want to repay.”

Yun Qingci waited for a while, didn’t wait for his answer, looked up again, Li Ying looked at him as before, and his gaze didn’t leave his face for a while.

Yun Qingci pushed him: “Do you understand? I don’t need you to treat me well, just the same as before.”

Li Ying still looked at him, nodded, and said, “I understand.”

He used to think that Yun Qingci didn’t seem to grow up no matter what, he was arrogant and self-willed like a child. He thought about forcing him to grow up, forcing him to be rational, forcing him not to bind him with immature love.

Now, Yun Qingci died once, and all figured it out.

It suddenly seemed empty in his heart.

Yun Qingci looked at him and said, “I never understood why you suddenly became as extreme as me. I thought I was dead and you woke up and wanted to love me, so I don’t want to give you a chance.”

“But now I want to make it clear to you. I think you may not be as infatuated as you imagined. It’s just that you have experienced the twelve days of being inhumane and ghostless in your previous life, so…” Yun Qingci urged Courage, say: “So you don’t want to lose money.”

Li Ying said: “Go to sleep.”

“Don’t be upset, I’m either bullying you, or helping you figure it out. After all, if we are to be together in the future… I don’t want you to be like me before…”

Li Ying put his head in his arms.

“I see.”

Yun Qingci did not move.

In fact, he knew he was in a guilty conscience, and there was a paradox in his words.

If the current Li Ying doesn’t really love him, then it means that the former Yun Qingci doesn’t really love Li Ying either.

Yun Qingci’s guilty conscience is because he loved Li Ying like that before and didn’t get the love he deserved while he was alive. He pushed all the faults on Li Ying, thinking that Li Ying had let him down.

But now, he wanted to live in another way, to love Li Ying the way Li Ying loved him in the previous life, so he began to stick his face light, saying that he would love him within the scope of his ability.

He was not denying Li Ying, he just didn’t want Li Ying to follow his old path, or it seemed that he was denying Li Ying, who had sacrificed ten thousand snakes in his previous life.

He stretched out his hand, silently wrapped Li Ying’s neck, and whispered, “Don’t be angry.”

“Not angry.” Li Ying said, “Aci is right.”

“Where is it right?” He couldn’t even convince himself.

“Your father has always worried about you because you liked me too much before.” Li Ying touched his head and said: “When you grow up, you want to understand and will protect yourself. He must be very pleased.”

At that time, Yun Qingci was ignorant and fearless, not afraid of heaven and fearless, and he held it in front of him with a sincere heart and without concealment, as if he had never worried about getting hurt.

Now he was injured once, so he started to be afraid.

This is reasonable.

Normal people would know how to better protect themselves from harm, but Yun Qingci, who was in front of him, didn’t know.

Now that he knows, he wants to protect himself, which is reasonable.

It’s ok.

Yun Qingci was scared, he was not scared.

Yun Qingci can be fearless because of ignorance, and Li Ying can also be fearless because of knowing.

He is here to love Yun Qingci, no matter what Yun Qingci says, as long as his heart is still beating, he will not stop loving him.

He supports all the decisions and ideas of Yun Qingci, and is willing to let him come and leave as soon as he calls.

Yun Qingci had seen him look like that, and he was willing to turn around to ask him, which was already beyond expectation.

It’s not good to ask for more.

Yun Qingci’s stance became so unresolved. While he felt that what his father said was reasonable, he also felt that the current Li Ying was more worthy of his heart and soul to like. He felt that once again, something like that in the previous life would definitely not happen. Up.

But I also feel that the world is unpredictable.

That’s it, he thought sadly, let’s go to sleep.

He woke up naturally when he fell asleep, and when he opened his eyes, Li Ying had already left.

A piece of rice paper was pressed on the head of the bed, which read: See you tonight.

Yun Qingci picked it up and looked at it for a while, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and he was pressed down by worry.

He didn’t know the pain of being bitten by countless snakes. When he jumped from the building that day, he didn’t actually feel any special pain, because his body was frozen and he died soon.

But Li Ying had to suffer all the time.

How did he do it as usual to go to court, as usual to approve the paper, as usual to discuss matters with the officials, and how did he do it, escorting his eldest brother back from Beichen all the way back.

“Li Ying…” Yun Qing murmured, “What should I do with you.”

“What about haggling?”

There was a voice from outside, Yun Qingci hurriedly stuffed his letter into his sleeve and shouted: “Father, you, why didn’t you go to the morning court?”

“There have been no major incidents in the court during the recent period. They were all impeaching the Zhang family. Today, your Majesty ordered the Criminal Department to file a case and said that you want to thoroughly investigate the Zhang family.” Yun Xiang sat down on the chair opposite him and said: “Last night, Your Majesty Didn’t you come to see you?”

“No!” Yun Qing said righteously: “Father, don’t worry, I won’t see him again until the peace and separation matter is still pending, and I have to send him out when he comes.”

He raised his sleeves excitedly, and the rice paper he hurriedly placed was thrown out immediately.

Yunxiang looked at the small folded note on the ground, frowned and said, “What is it?”

He got up, but Yun Qingci took a quick step, ran over to pick it up in two steps, and chirped, “What is it.”

He took a look at Yunxiang with the paper back on his back, rubbed it into a ball, and smiled: “It seems that the little grandson of Uncle Ding asked me to bring snacks. The child picked it up. I’m afraid I can’t remember. I wrote it down, but I didn’t expect it to be still in this dress.”

Yunxiang stared at him questioningly for a moment, stretched out his palm, and said sternly: “Bring it.”


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