The Obsessive Shou Chapter 57

Yun Qingci had no experience of dealing with this kind of thing. In the twenty-seven years of his previous life, he had only been with his mother for eight years. At that time, he was still very young, and everything was centered on his mother, and he had not lied.

Later, he broke with Yunxiang and faced completely irrelevant relatives, and there was no need to conceal it.

He subconsciously carried the note behind him, and then took it out hesitantly in Yun Xiang’s increasingly dark face.

Yun Xiang took a look, his brows frowned, but he did not scold Yun Qingci, but sighed, handed the note back, and said, “He stayed overnight?”

Yun Qingci lowered his head and gave a small mumble.

Yunxiang said again: “Think clearly, do you really want to leave?”

Yun Qingci didn’t think about it clearly, he just felt that the current Li Ying couldn’t do without him, and every minute and every second of their separation was torture for Li Ying.

But in front of his father, he could only say: “He is sick…”

Yunxiang’s expression changed: “What?!”

“Don’t you realize how much he has lost weight? He still has a headwind, and I vomited blood with anger that day. His body… is very bad now. I can’t leave him here.”

Yunxiang was silent for a moment. Li Ying’s condition was very bad, and he naturally noticed it. Not only him, but other officials also saw it. Today, there are people who asked to re-select the concubine to enter the palace, so as to spread the branches and leaves for the royal family.

Yunxiang stepped back on the chair and sat down, his face solemn, and said, “Do you know what is going on? What kind of disease is it, or…”

“I don’t know what the disease is, but it’s serious.” Yun Qingci didn’t lie at all: “He has been in pain, even when he is writing, he can’t stand the pain.”

Yun Xiang recalled carefully, raised his hand and stroked his beard, and said, “No wonder… you were unconscious before, and your majesty ordered all the documents to be sent to the other hospital. I found that he always seemed very strenuous when he was at his desk and reviewing.”

Li Ying always seemed to have an inexhaustible burden on his shoulders. The body in his previous life was the same, and he insisted on nurturing Li Heng into adulthood. After the lamp went red, he knew that he would die without any doubt, so he still supported Li Heng. Sent to the big place.

To say that he cares about glory and wealth, he was just alone when he died, and he didn’t bring anything except the coat that matched Yun Qingci.

What was he busy in his previous life, and in this life, he was supporting him.

Yun Xiang sighed slowly, and said: “From the perspective of Dad, naturally he is more towards you. Dad didn’t know that he was a good boy and a good diligent king. From his ascension to the present, Dad kept watching. He is more and more able to be on his own, and he feels relieved… But as the emperor, he is not destined to give you all the affection. You are with him, I am afraid that you will be disappointed.”

Father saw it very thoroughly.

Li Ying in his previous life did fulfill his responsibilities for everyone and everything, but he did not fulfill all his obligations to Yunqing.

If he heard his father’s words early, would he continue to struggle with Li Ying? Yun Qingci has no answer, just like there is no if in this world.

“Fine.” Yunxiang stood up and said: “Since I am not in good shape, I have to draw up a book to let him set up his Chu as soon as possible. Whether he adopts or chooses his concubine to enter the palace, there must be a conclusion on this matter.”

He brushed Yun Qingci’s side, patted him on the shoulder, and said, “This matter, it’s up to you… If you want, stay with him more, father doesn’t care.”

Yun Qingci turned around subconsciously, and Yun Xiang had already walked out quickly.

He opened his mouth, always feeling like his father had misunderstood…?

He doesn’t think that Li Ying’s life is coming soon, right?

I can think of what Li Ying looks like now, it really doesn’t look like a long life.

Li Ying, will he die?

This thought came up, and Yun Qingci felt uncomfortable for a while.

Although his father did not continue to nag him, Yun Qingci left the Xiangfu and returned to the other courtyard. During his drowsy days, the peach blossoms in the yard quietly bloomed all over the garden. At this time in previous years, he would sit under the peach trees to paint and practice piano, or improve his chess skills, and miss the time his mother was still there.

The passing of his life is very monotonous, only the place where his mother and Li Ying stay are the most important and the longest time.

Yun Qingci couldn’t let go of Li Ying, no matter how calm or sensible he said, he couldn’t let him go.

Just let Dad misunderstand it first. Yun Qingci walked back to the room, opened the drawer, and put the note in.

In the drawer lies a beautifully carved wooden sign, which is Li Ying’s handwriting. Under the wooden sign is a completed drawing, which was drawn by Yun Qingci before going to bed. He is about to replace the one carved by Li Ying and become Qingsi. New token handover.

During the time he was in a coma, Li Ying was lying on this table and writing notes. He must have seen this drawing and recognized the word Qingsi embedded on it.

Yun Qingci didn’t feel any guilty conscience. He couldn’t let go of Li Ying, so he had to love him as before. He still insisted on the previous idea and couldn’t focus on Li Ying. So he changed this brand. deal.

The drawer was pushed in, and Yun Qingci walked into the small kitchen of the other courtyard.

He knows a lot of fruits and vegetables, and the craftsmanship is also very good. He has nothing to do, so he decides to make some food for Li Ying himself.

His old wounds couldn’t be smoky, so he put on a face towel to block the oily fume. Even so, the waiting woman was taken aback: “Such a thing, let the minions come.”

“It’s okay, you burn the fire, and you go and chop me up.”

This kind of thing basically didn’t tire him, and many people who attacked him listened to his instructions.

Halfway through the meal, someone suddenly announced: “Master Lin Xiaohou is here.”

Yun Qingci could only put down the pot and spoon, took off the towel and walked out. Lin Huaijin dressed in a white shirt, a gentleman like jade, standing under the peach blossom tree and looking back at him, she laughed and said, “I may not be here at the right time. ?”

Yun Qingci shook his head, and asked him to sit down at the stone table in Taolin, and said, “Master Xiaohou is here…”

“Listening to Brother Yun said that you are awake, I will come and take a look.”

For some reason, Yun Qingci found that his expression was a little bit of excitement. He poured tea to the other party with his own hands and said casually: “What’s so happy about this?”

“You wake up, I am naturally happy.”

Yun Qingci put down the jade pot and took a sip of the water, feeling that he was not only in a happy mood, but also a little less reserved in his speech than in the past.

He felt weird, but saw Lin Huaijin hesitated to speak.

Yun Qingci: “?”

“I think you just came out of the kitchen. Did you cook it yourself?”

“Yes, because I consider… my father and brothers have been worrying about me a lot recently, so I want to make a table of dishes, please come and eat.”

Lin Huaijin looked around, but didn’t see the Yun family’s father and brother, Yun Qingci added: “I haven’t done it for a long time, so I practice hands first to avoid making jokes.”

Lin Huaijin suddenly laughed, “You are cautious.”

Yun Qingci smiled and wondered that he would have to cook another soup later. Although he cooked lightly, he still fried it with meat oil, worrying that Li Ying might not be used to it.

“I don’t know, do I have any good fortune…” Lin Huaijin just finished speaking, and there was a sudden movement outside, and Qiu Yang’s voice came: “Lin Huaijin, are you here? Lin Huaijin!”

As soon as he heard him coming, Lin Huaijin’s face sank slightly. Qiu Yang went all the way, and the servants from the other yard chased after him. Seeing Yun Qingci all the way, he felt aggrieved: “The little one can’t stop him. ”

Yun Qingci waved him to retreat. As soon as Qiu Yang saw him, he subconsciously adjusted his clothes and said, “I’m here to look for him.”

Yun Qingci heard that these two people often visited when he was asleep. He deliberately said, “Then you found it, can you leave?”

Qiu Yang, who was about to sit next to Lin Huaijin, stiffened, and then hit him with his elbow. Lin Huaijin had to say, “He also heard that you are awake, so come and take a look.”

“Right, right, right.” Qiu Yang picked up Lin Huaijin’s teacup and said: “Congratulations, congratulations, double happiness.”

Lin Huaijin stared at him with a gloomy face, Yun Qingci also looked at him suspiciously: “Double happiness, where is the double happiness?”

“You were in a coma for half a month and woke up with joy. Your Majesty finally agreed to reconciliation. Isn’t it another joy?”

Yun Qingci: “…who told you?”

“Before your Majesty dismissed the imperial concubine, you want to make peace with him again, this matter is raging in the city, you should also know.”

Yun Qingci really knew about this. In the month when Li Ying left Shangyang to pick up his eldest brother, there were indeed stories about them in the city, but–

“I’m asking you, how do you know your Majesty has agreed to make peace with me?” Lin Huaijin looked at Qiu Yang blankly. Qiu Yang finally realized that this matter had not been made public, he said: ” When we came to see you before, we accidentally heard the conversation between your majesty and your father… Master Xiaohou knows too.”

“…” Yun Qing was speechless for a moment, and said: “You won’t talk to others yet, do you?”

“No, no,” Qiu Yang hurriedly waved his hand and said, “I don’t dare to talk nonsense about such a thing. As a friend, I just come to congratulate you in advance for your freedom. In the future, this good man in Dajing will not be close to you. pick.”

Yun Qingci was speechless.

He could reluctantly repent in front of his father, but in front of outsiders, he really didn’t know how to say this.

“Little son, the food is ready.” The cook came over and greeted Lin Huaijin, “Since Aci is okay, the two of me will…”

“Let’s stay and eat together.” Yun Qingci lost his thoughts of delivering meals, and ordered, “Go cook some soup again.”

As soon as the food was served, another person came to the courtyard. Lin Huaijin and Qiu Yang didn’t pay attention. Only Yun Qingci put down the dishes and chopsticks for a while and said, “It seems that there is still a dish in the kitchen. I’ll check it out.”

Before the two of them could speak, Yun Qingci left the table. He walked out of the dining room and chased the delicate fragrance into the peach forest. When the wind blew, the petals of the peaches scattered, and the smell was completely hidden.

“Li Ying?” Yun Qing replied, and a person walked out from under the tree in front of him. The sunlight penetrated the peach forest, illuminating his pale face almost transparently, and a few pink petals fell on his black clothes.

Yun Qingci hurriedly ran over and said, “I’m here, why don’t you show up? I just made some food and just put it on the table.”

“After I’m busy in the morning, I want to come and see you, and I’ll go back soon.”

“Go back after eating.”

Yun Qingci took his hand, and Li Ying did not resist. The two walked a few steps along the way. Yun Qingci suddenly stopped. He looked at Li Ying hesitantly and said, “They also know that you promised to follow. I’m leaving…”

Li Ying said mildly: “You don’t want them to know that we are reconciled?”

“Yes, not really.” Yun Qingci twisted and posted to him, with his forehead pressed against his chest, and said dullly: “I was so fierce a while ago that I wanted to reconcile, and suddenly I said reconciliation was reconciled. I have no face…”

“I’ll tell them, just say I don’t want to leave.”

“Then you say you don’t want to, then you don’t want to, I still lose face.”

Yun Qingci’s head rolled back and forth on his chest, and he hummed, “You think of a way.”

Li Ying touched his head and said, “Did you personally cook today’s food?”

“Um… almost.”

“Is there left in the kitchen?”

“Huh?” Yun Qingci raised his face and said, “There is still some soup.”

“You secretly take me to have some soup.”

Yun Qingci blinked, he went to support the cook first, and then returned to lead Li Ying in, put him on the side of the pot, put the remaining soup in the bowl, and asked, “Do you want to Eat bread?”

“You did it?”

“Of course not.” Yun Qingci turned around to get it, then came back and handed it to him, saying: “Ms. Wu made it. She has good craftsmanship. She puts sesame oil and small green onions in it, so it’s not greasy at all.”

Li Ying stretched out his hand to pick it up, and Yun Qing replied, “Drink your own soup, and I will feed you cakes.”

Li Ying reminded: “You have been out for too long, and two friends are waiting for you.”

Yun Qingci thought of Lin Huaijin and Qiu Yang.

Li Ying took the cake by herself and said, “Go, I’ll be waiting for you here.”

Yun Qingci turned around and walked out, looking back at him at the door, Li Ying waved at him and watched him disappear in the door.

He is the only one left in the kitchen.

Neither life nor Li Ying had eaten in the kitchen. He tore off a small piece of cake and put the rest back. He simmered the soup with a clear speech, reluctantly ate some, and then waited quietly in the kitchen.

He can understand Yun Qingci’s thoughts.

Before that, Yun Qingci was so concerned about him and didn’t put anyone in his eyes. Before getting married, he didn’t have classmates who could eat and tease birds, but because of Li Ying, he missed appointments many times and left others many times.

As a result, his small circle, which was originally not large, was left with Li Ying alone.

Yun Qingci is ready to be himself and to be an independent person. This is what Li Ying has always hoped for. In the previous life, he told Yun Qingci not to stick to him, and to learn more, hoping that he could regain his own life circle.

Now, he finally got what he wanted.

Should have been happy.

But this kitchen was suddenly deserted.

He understood that this was because the current self could easily solve the things that were very strenuous for him in the past, so he had a lot of time free, only to wait for Yun Qing’s resignation.

Yun Qing’s resignation from the previous life was waiting for him in this way.

Some suffering, some anxiety, and some loneliness.

Even if Yun Qingci has shown that he loves him very much, even if he is willing to let Yun Qingci make himself, he will still be at a loss and worry about being abandoned at any time.

Li Ying got up, washed the soup pot and tableware together, and put it back in place.

Of course he knew that he was wrong. He just wanted to feel Yun Qing’s resignation from his previous life, to experience the experience and pain he had never been understood.

It seemed that he was the only one who was worthy to let Yun Qingci choose him again.

He always tells himself that he has paid the price to come back, just for Aiyun to leave.

He once forced Yun Qingci to retreat again and again, and became an emperor who admired the officials. Everyone would sing praises when he mentioned him. He never moved forward, and whenever he looked back, Yun Qingci cleverly accompanied him by his side.

Until he turned around again, Yun Qingci left his life to him.

This time, if he is replaced, he will stay here forever, waiting for Yun Qingci to turn back.

No matter how long he waits, as long as Yun Qingci is willing to turn his head, he will be there.

“A Ying.”

There was a sound like a natural sound, and Li Ying looked up from the small window. When Yun Qingci saw him, there was an accident in his eyes. It seemed that he hadn’t expected that he would really be here waiting for himself.

Then his eyes lit up, and he dashed a few steps and rushed over to his arms, “I’ve eaten, haven’t I waited for a long time?”


“Isn’t there?” Yun Qingci frowned: “You like me so much, don’t you feel like you don’t see me in a day?”


“Then waiting for me to make you feel very tormented?”

Li Ying: “…”

Talk as you speak, how can you bully people again for no reason?

Yun Qingci glanced at his expression, puffed up and laughed, and said, “I can’t hold back seeing you so behaved.”

No way, now Li Ying looks too good to bully. Yun Qingci finished bullying, rewarded him with a kiss, and praised him: “This clothes is so good today. Don’t mess with it in the future. It tastes too heavy. It smells good.”


The smell is sometimes absent. When he feels loved, the smell is gone. He seems to be Li Ying, who was full of spirits back then. When Yun Qingci does not love him, the smell will become Especially pungent, he was like a mouse thrown into a damp cellar, rotting silently and humblely.

Li Ying realized that it might be an illusion.

“Have you finished the soup for you?”


“Where’s the cake?” Yun Qingci walked to the basket with the cake, and Li Ying immediately stretched out his hand to hold him, and said, “It’s done.”

Yun Qingci stopped, glanced at him, and said, “Go for a walk?”


Yun Qingci took him on a stroll in Taolin, found a conversation in his heart, and said, “You have to eat well.”

“Will do.”

“I’m serious.” Yun Qingci paused, and raised his face again, and said: “I tell you, I am not going to reconcile with you now, don’t talk about other things, at least you can’t let me be a widow. ?”

“…No.” Li Ying said helplessly: “I am in good health.”

“You don’t look good at all!” Yun Qingci said annoyedly: “I am really worried about you, Li Ying, today I told my father that you can’t live without me now, and he thinks you will die soon. Do you know? Your face and body are terrible. The most important thing is your waist. It used to be vigorous, but now, I have a good heart, consider you, and don’t expose you.”

Li Ying’s face turned strangely green, he stretched out one arm to hug Yun Qingci, and said in a low voice, “What are you talking about?”

Yun Qingci shook his suspended foot, realizing that his aggressive technique was working, he deliberately said: “Although I didn’t find other people’s thoughts, you never want me to lose you because of this, right? Where are you talking about? It’s good everywhere, but the body is not good. What can I do?”

Li Ying was irritated: “It wasn’t you who cried yesterday?”

“It’s me.” Yun Qing said righteously: “I’m cooperating with you.”

“…” Li Ying glanced at his small expression and suddenly realized his intention. Yun Qingci was worried about him. He knew that Li Ying could not eat, and knew that Li Ying was very concerned about the ugly appearance he saw. He used this method to say that he knew that Li Ying would not give in in this regard. In fact, it means: You see you are so good everywhere, I must like you to death, why do you stumble every day, cheer up and toss me!

What kind of person is Yun Qingci?

When the bad language hurts people’s heart, when he is considerate, it is almost impossible to see his original intention.

If it wasn’t for Li Ying to understand him, he would really fool him.

He placed Yun Qingci on a low, very old peach branch, held his face, and kissed his lips heavily.

He shouldn’t let Yun Qingci worry about him. Now every aspect the other party expresses loves him, even if it is not as paranoid and extreme as before, it is also love.

He felt sorry for himself, but it was as if he was accusing Yun Qingci of not loving enough or deep enough.

He should let Yun Qingci understand that Li Ying is still the same Li Ying. It is the majesty Li Huang who can let Yun Qingci do whatever he wants and ride on his head, not the useless coward who needs to make Yun Qingci cautious and exhausted, always worrying about his inferiority collapse.

His kiss was strong and domineering, Yun Qingci did not evade, his breathing was short of breath, his heartbeat quickened, and the old lung injury almost recurred.

Li Ying finally stopped.

He stretched out his hand and stroked the back of Yun Qingci’s head, and then came to give him the breath that Shun began to recover, and said softly, “Aci.”





“What are you doing.”

Li Ying pinched a peach blossom and placed it on his hair, and said, “You have a peach blossom on your head.”

Yun Qingci glanced up, and put one on his head: “You also have a peach blossom.”

Li Ying laughed lowly.

I was in a trance to remember that a long, long time ago, when Yun Qingci had passed away because of his mother, and still closed the door and refused to pay attention to others, he quietly squeezed to Xiao Yun Qingci, who was holding the book, and put a flower on his head: “Child, there is a flower on your head.”

The child glared at him with a cold face, and threw the rowan off his head directly aside.

He picked another one and put it on the child’s head, “open another one.”

The child caught it again and threw it away, and said fiercely: “I will beat you again.”

Li Ying was not afraid, and picked the third one and put it on his head: “How come your little head is always blooming?”

“You’re just blooming!” The child blushed, grabbed the book and ran after him: “I want to hit your head until it blooms!”

The childhood laughter faded away in the memory, and Li Ying looked down at his lover who was resting on his lap.


“Oh, why are you so annoying.”

Li Ying half-squinted his eyes and raised his face, the warm but not scorching sunlight of spring fell on his skin.

There are large tracts of peach blossoms around.

Yun Qingci adjusted a comfortable posture on his leg and asked, “Why don’t you call me?”

“Well, I want to tell you that the weather is really good today.”

Yun Qingci couldn’t hold back, and laughed out loud.



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