The Obsessive Shou Chapter 58

Because of Yun Qingci’s words, Yun Xiang solemnly drafted an excerpt and sent it to Li Ying, and at the same time did not continue to prevent Yun Qingci from getting close to Li Ying.

Fortunately, Yun Qingci had gone through the previous lessons, and did not continue to rush to post Li Ying, every time Li Ying took the initiative to come to him.

He finally started to make faces, and the old father’s heart was slightly balanced.

Yun Qingci has never made trouble to go back to the palace, and will wisely hide from his family when meeting Li Ying, and over time, Yun Xiang also opened one eye and closed another.

The peach blossoms in the other courtyard bloomed and thanked. In order to prevent Li Ying from coming to find him, he always had to run out of the city. Yun Qingci packed up his things again and moved back to Xiangfu, which is closer to the forbidden city.

At night, Li Ying came again.

His face was as pale as ever, but because he could come to find the clouds and clear words to sleep together every night, there was hope in the days, and his spirit was much better than before.

Yun Qingci was lying in front of the table to carve a chapter, with a few broken pieces of wood beside him. He hadn’t done any heavy work, nor had he taken a carving knife, so his movements were quite laborious.

With the cuffs half-armed, his left wrist was hurt too deeply, and now he still has a visible scar.

Yun Qingci was fascinated. He waited until he pulled a stool and sat down in front of him to find that he immediately held down the drawing and said, “Why don’t you make a sound when you come?”

“What are u doing?”

“I want to… be a new card.” Yun Qingci glanced at his expression, Li Ying’s expression remained unchanged, and he warmly said, “I’ll help you.”

Li Ying’s craftsmanship is naturally better than him. Yun Qingci hesitated to pass the carving knife to him, and subconsciously rubbed his painful hand.

Two blisters formed on his fingers, and he blew bitterly.

Li Ying glanced at him, temporarily put down the things he had received, ordered someone to bring hot water, covered him with a hot veil for a while, and said: “Such a thing, you should still find someone to do it, you won’t .”

“You can do it, why can’t I do it?” Yun Qing said sternly, “I can do it too.”

“Your hands are not for this kind of thing.”

“Then what do my hands do?”


Yun Qingci glared at him, saw his joking expression, but couldn’t stop blushing, kicked him, and groaned: “I want to replace the token you gave me. Aren’t you angry?”

“Before you named it Aoshi, I said that it was not quite right. Aci should have something unique to him, and shouldn’t put everything on other people’s marks.”

“But you’re not someone else.” Yun Qing said reflexively, seeing his black eyes smiling, his face suddenly became redder, he kicked Li Ying hard and said: “Anyway, you just don’t care at all, do you.”

Li Ying hooked his foot, gently pressed the blisters on his fingers with her fingertips, carefully picked the singled silver needle, and held the hot kerchief again before Yun Qingci cried out for pain, and said : “Why don’t you care.”

Yun Qingci was immediately happy: “That means you don’t want me to replace it?”

“Naturally don’t want to.” Li Ying said: “Who would want the traces of oneself to be erased by the lover?”

Yun Qingci sighed.

Li Ying lived again, and he really became more and more able to speak. Yun Qingci used to love him with a warm and moist spirit, and later loves his silence and restrainedness. Now he realizes that the sweet-mouthed Li Ying is more flattering.

He was sensitive and suspicious and had a bad temper. In his previous life, he was not ignorant of his shortcomings, but he always wanted to be tolerated, forgiven and comforted. In exchange for these, he worked very hard to understand Li Ying, but in the end It was a mistake, and came to the end of suicide.

He was sheltered by his mother since he was a child, and later sheltered by Li Ying. He has not had much independence in his entire life. It is not an exaggeration to say that he is kept in a greenhouse, so he is accustomed to dependence.

After confirming that Li Ying hadn’t abandoned him in his previous life, Yun Qingci subconsciously decided to rely on him.

Even if everyone around him and his own voice are reminding him that this is not good, he just likes Li Ying. When he finds that even death becomes worthwhile, he wants to become one with Li Ying.

So although reason told him that he should learn to face everything by himself, when Li Ying said that he didn’t want to replace the token, he couldn’t help but feel happy.

But it’s just happy.

He forced himself to leave that warm harbor and said seriously: “But I have decided to change it.”

Everyone has to learn to grow, and Yun Qingci is no exception. He has to slowly let himself become, even if he leaves Li Ying, he can still live well.

This is what Li Ying hoped for in his previous life.

But at this moment, Li Ying seemed a little confused.

Yun Qingci looked at him for a while, then suddenly laughed.

Li Ying: “?”

“You are like an old father.”

Li Ying: “…”

It’s somewhat of this kind of psychology. The guy who has been clinging to people started flapping his wings awkwardly and preparing to fly. He was reluctant to take off, but he still had to take him off with his hands. It was hard not to feel lost.

He picked up the carving knife and commented: “The picture is good.”

Yun Qingci lay on the table and watched his face. After this period of conditioning, the blue shadow under Li Ying disappeared. He sleeps with him every day, and the number of nightmares is much less, although it is still unavoidable. But everything is slowly getting better, Yun Qingci is still very satisfied.

He couldn’t hold back, moved his feet, and quietly pulled the chair to Li Ying’s side, and said, “I have ordered the young secretary to find Qi teacher.”

He is someone who has done something for others, and he must let the other person know, for fear that his contribution will be ignored by others.

Li Ying felt soft and asked, “What then?”

“But I haven’t found it yet.” Yun Qingci’s expression became awkward, and Li Ying couldn’t help it. He reached out his hand and touched his head: “No hurry.”

“How could you not be in a hurry?” Yun Qing said hardly, “I am very disappointed in myself.”

“In fact, it’s not very painful.”

“But I only need to think about the underground palace…” Yun Qing said shut up. He was not shocked when he saw that scene at the time. Even if he turned to think about it later, he couldn’t remember the emotions at the time.

But he always felt very empty, like his heart, liver and lungs were taken out together, light and floating, at a loss and at a loss.

It also seemed to be caught off guard and fell from a high altitude.

This reminded him every time that those transparent things got into Li Ying’s body, unscrupulously sucking his blood, eating his flesh, and reveling in his body, and Li Ying kept it all the time. Feelings and emotions will get out of control momentarily.

Without a word, he leaned towards Li Ying, who subconsciously opened his arms and watched him stick to his arms, then quietly buried his face in it, motionless.

Li Ying looked down at him.

Yun Qingci’s nose was red, and the corners of his eyes were also moist. He arched in the arms of the emperor, calmed his emotions, and said, “I want to heal you.”

“It’s fine now.”

“It’s okay to leave me–” Yun Qingci anxiously clenched the corners of his clothes, the elongated tail was dyed with trembling crying, he drilled into Li Ying’s arms again, twitched his nose, and said with a flat mouth: “I’m not worried about you, I just want you to be well.”

“I’m fine.” Li Ying said: “You care about me so much, I’m so happy it’s too late.”

“You don’t understand me, don’t you?” Yun Qingci pushed him, his body was suddenly embraced, Li Ying’s chin was pressed on his forehead, and he started to change the subject and said, “I am going to take Ah Heng along. Take care of yourself, what do you think?”

“One more question.” Yun Qingci said, “His father was from Princess Wei. When you come up with enough evidence, you will be upright and honest except for Queen Mother. After you have given your birth mother Queen Wei the name, Princess Wei is your real aunt, this dear. Add a dear, you are just someone who succeeded him.”


“And you have taught him a lifetime before, and you should know him better, and it should be easy to bring it along.”

“When I adopted him, he was twelve years old, and now he is only more than two years old, I’m afraid he is not as sensible as his previous life.”

“Then you take him to death, I hate children the most.” Yun Qingci was full of grievances.

When he used to go out and stroll on the street, he often encountered children crying and crying. Adults couldn’t help it while being harassed. There were also some children who directly grabbed their father’s hair and dangled on the swing. itch.

At that time, he hadn’t married Li Ying, but he had been thinking that if one day he had a child, he would never let him ride on his head.

He was worried that Li Ying would be tossed by the little boy, so he tugged at him again, and said, “Have you ever asked, he is not obedient now?”

“He was quite obedient later, and now he has been raised under the knees of Princess Wei, and he doesn’t know much about it.”

“So…” Yun Qingci frowned, not forgetting to remind: “You can’t let him pull your hair on the swing, and you can’t let him ride on your head.”

“I don’t have another head for others to ride.”

Yun Qingci was at a loss, and said: “I mean you don’t get used to it, you are lawless and let yourself suffer.”

“I don’t have the energy to get used to another child.”

Yun Qingci finally realized the meaning of his last two sentences, and immediately said, “Can that kid be the same as me?”

“Of course it’s different, you are much more important than him.”

Yun Qingci was very satisfied. He held the corner of his mouth held up and hummed: “I’m trying to dig my heart with you, don’t you know what is good or bad.”

“You can give me more advice and suggestions.”

Yun Qingci glared at him.

Li Ying leaned over and kissed his lips. Yun Qingci was so dizzy from the kiss, he was finally satisfied, and continued to babble: “If you want me to say, this kid, you have to treat him as a kid. Raised by a slave, he often let him serve tea and pour water or something, so that he will form a habit when he grows up, and he is willing to listen to adults, but he must not be eyeballs, otherwise he will shake the sky.”

“Like you?”

Yun Qing’s face sank, and said gloomily: “You say it again.”

“Like you… lawless.” Li Ying’s eyes were bent, and when he saw anger in his eyes, he immediately deceived and kissed his lips again.

Yun Qingci was so hopeless, he artificially pushed him twice, and was quickly dizzy by the kiss.

Li Ying’s nose is really strong. When kissing him, he will press on his face, and when he leaves, it becomes a decoration. It looks so beautiful on his face.

Li Ying held his forehead against him, rubbed the tips of his nose against each other, thinking thoughtfully: “I didn’t worry about it at first, but listen to you, I’m afraid I can’t stand him.”

Yun Qingci was hooked, and he gave out a promise: “Don’t worry, I won’t let you take the child by yourself.”

Li Ying’s eyes were dark and deep, and he rubbed his lips together, and said in a low voice: “Thank you for your consideration.”

The author has something to say: Ci Zai: Are you cheating me?

Li Huang:?

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