The Obsessive Shou Chapter 6

In the past, Yun Qingci always liked to say something worthless, at least at that time, everyone felt that way.

As long as Empress Yun saw her Majesty, her mouth seemed to be smeared with honey, and it was clearly shuddering, but when she returned to Li Ying, she immediately became like the water in Spring Lake, a soft mess. .

Once, his gentle, obedient and continuous affection would be conveyed to Li Ying unabashedly, as if he was afraid that he didn’t know that he loved him, didn’t know that he was special in his heart-and only to Li Ying.

But now, his various reactions are like kicking Li Ying out of that position, clearly still in that docile appearance, but with an alienation that is thousands of miles away.

The wide black cuffs were raised, and Li Ying slowly approached his hand on his knees. Yun Qingci suddenly raised his hand and pushed the warm ears on the side of his face, seeming to be unintentional or intentional, avoiding his contact.

Fingertips curled up, Li Ying gathered his eyebrows, and said, “Let me see your injury.”

This reason allows him to openly pull Yun Qingci’s hand, but the latter directly put his hands behind his back. He lowered his eyelashes and whispered: “Your Majesty is concerned, everything is fine with the minister.”


Li Ying squatted in front of him, put his fingers on a stone table, and looked at him from the bottom up: “Who am I? When did you want to share with me like this?”

Li Ying was once the most important person in his heart. He was once a man he regarded as a treasure, and he was the husband he thought would be with him throughout his life.

But it was only once.

Yun Qingci’s eyelashes flickered, and his lips pressed lightly.

He is wronged.

Li Ying’s heart stabbed, and he stood up, breathing heavily. Yun Qingci remembered that he had this problem, and when he was angry and angry but couldn’t vent it, he would walk around the room, and the waiter would fall on the ground and tremble, waiting until he thought of a solution, or swiped his sleeves and overturned the screen. The table case, let out the anger.

This stinky problem occurred soon after he became throne. He was thirteen years old. Many veterans thought he was young and used seniority to pressure him. This has always been Li Ying’s heart disease.

The time Yun knelt down quite a year, to him, was no different from oppression.

Yun Qingci sat there and didn’t move. He thought that Li Ying could be seen through in the first life of the rejuvenation, but it was a pity that he still couldn’t. He had already followed him and didn’t provoke him, but Li Ying was angry again because of his relationship with him.

Isn’t this what he always expected?

Suddenly there was a shadow from top to bottom, Yun Qingci subconsciously raised his face, the man’s tall figure bends down, his arm was resting on the stone table behind him, his breath almost sprayed on his face, and then he stretched out his hand and pushed Yun Qing away. Ci’s hat brim, his eyes fell on the scar.

Yun Qingci’s shoulders retracted, and the brim of his hat was lifted and covered.

The injury on his forehead is not serious. It has scabs at this moment, but it is still a little abrupt on the porcelain-white forehead.

Li Ying looked at him for a moment, moved the wooden stool by himself, sat down beside him, and took out a shallow vial from his sleeve, and said: “This is the holy medicine for healing from the South Xinjiang. May I apply some for you?”

“There is medicine in the minister’s house, although it is not as good as your majesty’s, but it is more than enough to cure this small injury.”

“Where are your hands?”

“The silly things that Chen himself did, he can take care of himself.”

Li Ying held the medicine, was silent for a while, and said, “This time, I wronged you. It is inevitable that you are angry.”

“How come.” Yun Qing said sincerely: “This matter is all my fault. Your Majesty didn’t directly pull me out and cut me off. It is already a great grace.”

“…” Li Ying stared at him silently, trying to see from his face that the other party was just making a tantrum.

But he knew Yun Qing’s resignation too well. His calm and sincere eyebrows made it difficult for Li Ying to deceive himself. He was just playing tricks.

“Your Majesty.” Yun Qingci spoke again, saying: “Fourth brother is still waiting for me on the ice rink. If I have been missing for too long, I am afraid he will be anxious.”

Li Ying bends his lips, jokingly and sarcastically: “And your brother Lin, huh?”

Yun Qingci was a little surprised, just now he felt that someone was following him, it was actually Li Ying’s person? He solemnly said, “Yes, Brother Lin is also here.”

The frivolous smile shattered, and Li Ying suddenly felt that his five fingers were numb and stiff, he opened it restrainedly, and then slowly closed it, he looked at the pair of furry warm ears on the table, and said: “The thing Brother Lin gave, Do you want to put it on again?”

Yun Qing thought for a moment, then took off Li Ying’s ears, and said: “Then return this to your majesty.”

“…” Li Ying started staring at him again.

Yun Qingci reached out for Lin Huaijin’s pair of warm ears, but one hand stretched out, and with a light wave, the two warm ears fell into the charcoal basin next to the couch without any errors. stand up.

Yun Qingci: “…?”

“This is Princess Yan Zhao, who sewed it to Master Xiaohou herself.”

“I will explain to him myself.”


Yun Qing resigned: “If your Majesty has nothing else to do, I will go back first.”

He got up and left, but Li Ying suddenly got up and stopped in front of him. He was tall, and Yun Qing took a step back. Fang felt that the sense of oppression was slightly relieved. He was already a little angry. Li Ying burned Lin Huaijin’s ears. Even if it was all Li Ying’s fault, he was also responsible for improper care.

Emperor Dog, he cursed secretly in his heart, still unable to spot the slightest mistake on his face, and said: “What else is your Majesty?”

Li Ying looked at him, peeped a hint of annoyance from his frowning eyebrows, and lowered his voice: “I really didn’t think about sending you back to Xiangfu this time. I have heard rumors that you… don’t be too much. care.”

Yun Qingci’s confusion was about to overflow, he raised his face in confusion, and almost directly posted “I can’t understand you” on his forehead: “Your Majesty…when will you care about this?”

“I just want to tell you that I will take care of this as soon as possible, I…” Li Ying’s throat rolled, staring at him, and said: “I care about you.”

Standing outside the pavilion, Liu Ziru tremblingly copied his hands into his sleeves, and couldn’t help showing a smile. Your Majesty is rarely subdued and shows her sincerity. The Empress must be flattered at this moment. No surprises, she should go back to the palace with Your Majesty today.

He can finally sleep peacefully.

Two figures suddenly slid on the ice rink ahead. Liu Ziru could see clearly, approached the curtain, and cautiously said: “Your Majesty, the Fourth Young Master Yun is here.”

Inside the pavilion, it is warm like spring. Yun Qingci never spoke. Li Ying avoided the sight, walked over and picked up the warm ears he had brought, put it on Yun Qingci’s ears again, and said, “If you still want to go to the ice rink, I will accompany you. ”

Yun Qingci found the voice and said: “No need.”

Li Ying’s gentle face was slightly frozen.

“Thank you for your majesty for caring, and the minister is grateful.” Yun Qingci continued: “Since the fourth brother has found him, I will go back first.”

He rubbed shoulders with Li Ying, lifted the ice shoe thrown on one side, lifted the curtain and walked out. A cold wind blew on the wide ice rink, and Yun Qingsu and Lin Huaijin were looking towards the frozen lake.

Yun Qingci shook his head and ran quickly to put on ice shoes, and said: “Your Majesty just asked me for something, are you waiting in a hurry?”

Lin Huaijin’s eyes fell on his ears, and said, “No hurry.”

Yun Qingsu was a little unhappy: “What did your majesty say to you?”

“Nothing.” Yun Qing resigned: “Shall we slide back from here, change our shoes and go to Jinya Building to eat?”

Lin Huaijin said: “It’s a coincidence, I’ve set a position before I come, and your third brother should be there too.”

“Really?” Yun Qingci’s eyes lit up and said: “He went out early and returned late. I haven’t seen him in the past few days.”

“Let’s go.” Yun Qingsu supported him while he was on the ice, and the three of them got together and quickly slid to the other side.

The curtain was lifted again, and it was obvious that he came out of the warm pavilion, but Li Ying’s body was colder than the ice and snow outside. Liu Ziru just stared at the pendant and mysterious boots on his waist, not daring to explore his expression.

Li Ying stepped to the lakeside, bent over to pick up the exquisite embroidered cotton boots on the ground, and then looked at the ice for a long time until Yun Qingci was no longer found.

He said: “Liu Ziru.”

Liu Ziru hurried forward: “What’s your command?”

“When the queen returns to the door, what equipment should I have?”

“This…when the Yasukuni Dynasty was founded, the queen was equipped with a Fengyiluan driver for the first time, a 20-passenger car, a pair of red, blue and white umbrellas, eighteen auspicious figure fans, a guard of honor totaling about eighty people, and three hundred and four guards. A sweaty horse opens the way… and then returns to the door, it will not be so solemn.”

“What about me?”

“Your Majesty…Your Majesty usually goes out of the palace, the figure fan adds 30, the honor guard has to increase to 100 people, the **** has more than 1,000, and the car is 30 passengers. The driver and the **** are determined according to the size of the trip, but at least the generals above the captain. Armored soldiers, archers, cavalry, etc. formed four guard phalanxes and front and rear guards…” Liu Ziru uttered endlessly, and took a sigh of relief.

“With the equipment I used to travel and drive, I will pick up the emperor and return to the palace.”

Liu Ziru stood by the lake in a mess.

The emperor’s travel is divided into big, dharma, and small driving. Liu Ziru just talked about the most basic small driving equipment. The emperor’s return to the door is not a major event. If it is related to the emperor’s driving, it would be unprecedented.

He hurriedly followed: “Your Majesty, the minister knows that your Majesty loves the emperor and is criticized by others, but this method is to find two generals to open the way personally. Is it a bit too exaggerated just to pick up the emperor and return to the palace?”

“I will go personally.”

Liu Ziru: “…This preparation may take some time.”

“Give you seven days.”

What else Liu Ziru wanted to say, the emperor had already got in the car directly, so he could only shut up.

Another voice came from the car: “Keep it from the Yun family.”

Liu Ziru realized that he wanted to surprise the queen.

I just don’t know, for Yun Xiang, the emperor’s high-profile admiration is a surprise or a fright.

In this case, Yun Qingci and his elder brother came to the lake together, he sat on the low stool handed by the next person, and changed his ice shoes with his eyes down.

Lin Huaijin next to him, together with him, whispered softly: “Is my ears warm?”

“Yeah.” Yun Qingci whispered, “I accidentally fell into the brazier and burned.”

Then he said: “I’m sorry.”

Although it was Li Yingshao, he really could not shirk the blame.

Lin Huaijin sighed and said soothingly: “You don’t have to blame yourself, and it’s not that expensive.”

He handed the ice shoe to the servant and helped Yun Qingci up easily.

Yun Qingsu came over and noticed that Yun Qingci’s expression was wrong, and said, “What’s the matter?”

“I accidentally burned Master Xiaohou’s warm ears.”

“It’s not his fault.” Lin Huaijin said, Yun Qingzhu raised his eyebrows, and realized that Li Ying, the dog emperor, is not good at hurting people, but the vinegar is quite fresh.

He touched the younger brother’s head and said with relief: “Okay, go back and let Aunt Ding sew one for him.”

Lin Huaijin laughed: “It won’t get in the way.”

Yun Qingci still bowed his head until he got into the carriage.

Yun Qingsu thought that he was still blaming himself, and while feeling that Yun Qingci also had a conscience, he said: “You don’t do well in needlework. If you really feel uncomfortable, let’s sew one for Master Xiaohou?”

He was really good at sewing. He took care of Li Ying’s life in his previous life. Yun Qingci would make him at least a new set of clothes and a pair of shoes every year.

This is not difficult for him.

But in the end it was her mother who did it. Yun Qingci values ​​her mother very much. He saves others with oneself and naturally feels that the things princess Yanzhao sews by herself are irreplaceable.

I’m afraid the other party will not accept it easily.

Lin Huaijin suddenly opened his mind and looked at him eagerly, with a look of expectation: “Can you?”

The author has something to say:

Li Huang: Reject him

Ci Zai:…Um.

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