The Obsessive Shou Chapter 8

The snow is like crumbs, small and dense, and there is no variegated color in the yard.

Because I just used my eyes, the lights in the house were very bright, but when the screen was blocked, the light on the side of the bed was still a little dim.

Yun Qingci leaned on the pillow, his long hair with splashed ink was held by a ebony wooden hairpin, Li Ying leaned slightly and sat in front of him, his hair slipped a few strands from his shoulders, and his eyes were glowing.

In his previous life, Yun Qing had been used to his resignation for twelve years. Even in this life, he had been used to resigning by Yun Qing for four years. It is not surprising that he would have such a thought.

If it was Yun Qing’s resignation, he would definitely put the warm ears on him without hesitation, and could not sleep happily all night because Li Ying took the initiative to ask for a gift from him.

Don’t talk about Lord Lin Xiaohou, the Heavenly King Lao Tzu has to be behind Li Ying when he comes.

Yun Qingci smirked, wondering whether it was for the self who drove in the past, or for Li Ying, who is now self-satisfied.

“This is not for your majesty.” He took back the warm ears from Li Ying’s hand, stretched it out, and said, “It’s for Master Xiaohou.”

Li Ying’s expression froze, and the light in his eyes shrank rapidly: “Did you sew and warm his ears with your own hands?”


Yun Qingci’s expression was open and serious, and Li Ying looked at him for a few breaths: “Why?”

“He kindly warmed my ears to keep my ears warm, but I lost it due to improper care, so I should return him.”

“Good intentions.” Anger was surging in his chest, and Li Ying felt ridiculous: “Is it kind or ulterior?”

“It is true that I have ulterior motives.” Yun Qing replied: “Rumors abound. Although he just gave me a pair of warm ears, he still protects me from bad words. I should cherish such good care and dedication.”

Li Ying’s lips trembled: “Treasure?”

Yun Qingci just looked at him.

Li Ying said every word, as if to make sure he could hear clearly: “Do you know what you said? You Yun Qingdi, as a queen, should you cherish another man’s mind?”

“As for a man, as for a woman, if he treats me well, I treat him well.”

“Do you know how to avoid suspicion?” Li Ying said restrainedly: “Lin Huaijin is the son of my aunt.”

“I know.”

“He likes you!”

Yun Qingci was startled slightly and said, “Oh.”

“……”Oh? !

Li Ying had a sullen face, staring at Yun Qingci for a moment, and said bitterly: “I don’t allow you to give it to him.”

“I have promised him.”

“I don’t allow it.” Li Ying said: “I have promised, but I won’t be allowed to give it. This is an order.”

Yun Qing thought a little bit, and said: “Then, if your majesty likes it, take it away.”

Li Ying was spoiled. Yun Qing’s death in his previous life had spent too much effort on him, and he didn’t want to quarrel with him any more. Anyway, no one of them could convince anyone, so it’s better to be like this, he is his king, he After being his, respect each other like a guest.

The white palm lies in front of him.

The gray warm ears are furry and look very warm. This warmth should belong to him.

Li Ying moved his fingers, but didn’t take it away directly. Instead, he raised his eyes and asked Yun Qingci: “Where is Lin Huaijin?”

He was eager to say Yun Qingci, let someone sew a pair for him, or, your Majesty didn’t mean to explain to him, I didn’t care.

Yun Qingci said, “I will sew another pair for him.”

Li Ying was jealous: “…you must give it to him?”

“Your Majesty.” Yun Qingci had to remind him: “It was you who broke his things. I am helping you with the aftermath, and I have promised him. People can’t say nothing.”

“This matter doesn’t require you to come forward.”

“Where is your Majesty?” Yun Qing resigned: “Why didn’t your Majesty tell him the first time when Lin Huaijin was by the lake, you burned his warm ears? Why did you let me go back to face him? Why did you Can you return to the palace with such peace of mind?”

“Your hand is still injured…”

“Your Majesty.” Yun Qingci became impatient: “Why bother, you and me don’t have to be so arrogant. My injury is the price I paid for my stupidity. The whole Shangyang City knows that, Your Majesty doesn’t need to remind me again and again.”

Yun Qingci said that he was hypocritical and felt that he was deliberately humiliating. Li Ying’s fingertips contracted and his heart was dull, so he had to calm down and explain, “I’m just caring about you.”

“When I learned that I warmed Lin Huaijin’s ears, I cared. Then you came when I was bathing. I sewed an extra warm ear under the lamp. For so long, you thought I was doing it for you. Here, why didn’t you think of caring?”

“I am not, you came when you were in the shower…”

“…” Yun Qing lied to him unexpectedly, “Then when did you come?”

“When you are almost ready.” Li Ying pursed his lips, unexpectedly he would lift a rock and hit himself in the foot: “Not long after I come, you will cut the thread.”

Yun Qingci expressionlessly said: “Then in this short period of time, haven’t you been chuckles? Your first reaction at that time was to let me put it on for you, why didn’t you think of caring about me?”

He slowly said: “Your skill in disguising affectionateness is not as good as before.”

Li Ying looked at him suddenly.

His hair was pitch black, his eyelashes were pitch black, his eyes were pitch black, and the abyss was unpredictable, so he set off the extra whiteness of his face, as if he had been drained of blood, it was horribly white.

Yun Qingci didn’t like this.

Now that he has been born again, everything starts again, his father and his brother are there, and the right way is to build a good relationship with Li Ying and make the Yun family stand more stable.

He doesn’t want to continue entanglement, just want to be respectful and respectful with him and maintain the best cooperative relationship. In his previous life, he founded the Youth Division as Li Ying to supervise the officials. It was a force that made people fearful, and it was also a force that allowed Li Ying to sit back and relax as a powerful emperor.

Although later he completely handed over Ao Si under Li Ying’s coax, he didn’t leave half of his hole cards in his hand.

But now the youth secretary is still in his hands, and the leader youth secretary only recognizes him. In other words, a lot of information that Li Ying obtains every month is in his hands.

Li Ying only has the great cause of the emperor in his heart. He has already wanted to open up and will not continue to entangle himself. Then in this life, he may get what he needs from each other, and he will control the mountains and rivers…

If he couldn’t be pacified, he killed him.

However, Li Ying’s tight press today still made him lose his sense.

Shouldn’t let those shameless scheming methods insult this clean and pure interest relationship.

After a thousand threads, Yun Qing opened his lips and said, “Chen means…”

“I know.”

“?”what do you know?

“You’re just so angry that you don’t know what to say.”

This also saved him from bothering to find a reason. Yun Qingci nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Warm your ears,” Li Ying’s voice was slightly hoarse: “Just rely on you and pay him.”

This is the Li Ying he is familiar with. He shouldn’t put this little matter in his eyes, let alone waste his tongue and argue with him here.

Yun Qingci put the warm ears away and said, “Okay.”

He took away the acrimony and meanness graciously, and became well-behaved and pleasant. It’s not that Yun Qingci had never been mean in front of Li Ying, but it was all because Li Ying defended others. He was angry and jealous. Yun Qingci had never defended anyone in front of him, let alone someone who had a good impression of him. man.

Yun Qingci shouldn’t care about those people, he should only care about Li Ying.

But now, Yun Qingci mocked him, pretending to be affectionate.

Yun Qingci lay down, with long black hair spread out on the pillow, his delicate face was like beads and jade, his eyes soft: “Your Majesty.”

Reason reminded Li Ying that it was time to leave, but when he heard him shout, he couldn’t help but want to approach, he was slightly in a daze: “Huh?”

“It’s late at night.” Yun Qing resigned from the guest order: “Go back and rest earlier.”

He has no plans to keep him.

Li Ying’s jaw tightened, and he tucked the quilt in silence. Yun Qingci followed his hands and said, “Don’t bother, I will take care of myself.”

Li Ying said: “Okay.”

He stood up, reached out and put down the bedclothes for him, looking as if he was reluctant to give up.

Yun Qingci’s eyes became confused again.

Li Ying’s footsteps were far away. Before leaving, he thoughtfully helped him turn off the light. Yun Qingci thought about how to get in touch with the palace eyeliner as soon as possible, and fell asleep in a deep sleep.

I don’t know how long it took, a hand that was as Cang Xiuzhu lifted the heavy bed curtain, and that hand kept this movement quietly for a long time before finally withdrawing it.

They were so familiar, they were so familiar that they had almost carved each other into their bones, just like Li Ying was unsuspectingly pierced into the arm by him with a silver needle in the Manyue Pavilion, and Yun Qingci didn’t even notice his approach.

The snowy night is long and people tend to fall asleep very heavily. Liu Ziru is suddenly half-wake and half-dreaming. There is no one standing in the lighted house.

The hair all over his body stood up, Liu Ziru suddenly leaned under the pillow, and Huozhezi lighted up.

“His Majesty……!”

He recognized the other party, Li Ying stood silently, his figure darker than the dark night, and his aura deeper than the abyss, as if there were endless dark tides wrapping him from head to toe.

Liu Ziru turned over and lit the lamp, covered the lampshade. The dim light dispelled the darkness in the room, but couldn’t drive away the dark tide around Li Ying.

I don’t know how long he stayed outside before he came. There was a layer of broken snow on his body and head, his hair was frozen, and his voice was hoarse: “Within three days, I will take the emperor and return to the palace.”

“Three days…” Liu Ziru didn’t expect that he would come to say this in the middle of the night, and couldn’t help but feel embarrassed: “As usual, if you really practice the emperor’s law, you have to make preparations at least one month in advance. Seven days are already strong…”

“I said.” Li Ying approached sharply. His face was pale, his facial features appeared strange and vicious, and the red blood vessels could be seen trembling slightly in his angered pupils: “Within three days, return to the palace after receiving the emperor.”

At that moment, as if a hideous evil spirit rushed out of human skin, Liu Ziru’s eyebrows jumped wildly, and he fell at the feet of the emperor with a puff: “Yes, the minister must make arrangements.”

The interior was brightly lit, and the walls cast a long and slender shadow. The shadow was bent over and stared at the feet, with a soft tone: “Mr. Hard work.”

Li Ying is too moody now, Liu Ziru dare not talk about hard work, and dare not delay any longer.

Early the next morning, he ran to the Taiwei’s mansion. Qiu Xian was practicing the whip. When Liu Ziru entered the door, he just heard the fourth son of the Taiwei’s mansion sighing: “Big brother, I can’t do it anymore, I really can’t do it, so I will rest for a while.”

Qiu Xian slapped his whip at his feet, and Qiu Yang wailed, hurriedly straightened his arms, and steadied his horse again.

“Lord Qiu.” Qiu Xian is the eldest of the Qiu family and the most important child of Prince Qiu. He quickly handed the whip to his servant, hurried forward, and said, “Mr. Liu.”

“Your Majesty’s orally, two days later, he will follow the rule of the emperor, and I hope that the leader will tie up a few teams of good players and arrange a phalanx close guard.”

Qiu Xian looked surprised: “Dare to ask if you want to drive by law, what is the important thing?”

“It’s hard to say a word.” Liu Ziru sighed: “If you bring the verbal order, I have to go back first. Please be sure to act appropriately.”

This is considered advice.

Qiu Xian looked solemn and said, “Thank you, Mr., for your suggestion.”

Liu Ziru hurriedly left, Qiu Yang had already taken the opportunity to sway in front of him: “Big brother, Mr. Liu came here in person, is there something major?”

“Is it necessary to say?” Qiu Xian frowned, and said, “But if it is a serious matter, why is the preparation so anxious?”

“That means it is very important to your majesty, but not so important to the world.” Qiu Yang analyzed, suddenly clapped his hands, and said, “Do you think he is going to the Xiangfu to pick up the emperor and then return to the palace?”

“The Queen?” Qiu Xian’s eyes filled with mockery: “That lunatic, is he also worthy?”

“…Actually, I don’t think he is so unbearable.”

“Isn’t it time to bully you on the ice?”

Qiu Yang straightened up slightly, and said solemnly: “Neither is he, anyone bullies him.”

“Huh.” Qiu Xian took the whip again, and drew it at him fiercely: “Let you read more! If you don’t learn and know nothing, you will forget everything when you see a good-looking face!”

Qiu Yang grinned as he was drawn: “Just be angry, maybe your majesty is going to take him back to the palace with a method, your grand commander is just one of the pendants that your majesty gave him a long face——”

Qiu Xian sneered: “Absurd, after a return to the door, even if he doesn’t even have a car, if he Yun Qingci can turn the sky, you are my elder brother.”



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