The Obsessive Shou Chapter 9

Yun Qingci had a heavy sleep this time. When he woke up, he found a small bottle with a shallow mouth on the head of the bed with a transparent paste inside.

He remembered that this was the holy healing medicine Li Ying wanted to apply to him in the pavilion.

Came in the wind and snow late at night, the purpose is to deliver medicine?

If he is not making any bad ideas, then he has seen a ghost.

Putting on his cotton clothes, he got up and went to the table, opened the drawer, and took out a dark wooden sign pendant from it. Although it is made of wood, the tentacles are heavy and the carvings are complicated. Xu Shi always cleans it carefully. The surface is very smooth and there is no dust in the gaps.

This is Li Ying personally took the red bean wood, and the texture was also carved by his own hands. It is composed of a landscape character with moiré, water, wave, star, moon, and phoenix. It is the word’ci’ of Yunqing Ci.

Li Ying has a similar piece. It uses many elements, corresponding to the phoenix, and engraved a dragon. The landscape character composed of it is his “Ying”.

He also clamped a magnet between the two wooden plaques. As long as they were facing each other, they would attract one place, requiring a lot of effort to separate them. When Yun Qingci was presented to Yun Qingci for the first time, it was a pair of wooden plaques embracing each other. At first, Yun Qingci thought it was a whole, until Li Ying took his hand and the two separated the wooden plaques together, and then held each of them. piece.

This is a token of love given to him by Li Ying when he was newly married.

Yun Qingci was reluctant to wear it, and did not allow Li Ying to wear it often, for fear of losing it, but he would still hold it in his hand during the day to observe, every inch of the pattern on it was deeply carved in his blood.

The commander of the youth is in charge of the leader of the youth, and the highest superior is the person who holds this wooden sign, that is, Yun Qingci.

He would use the special cyan corner incense for daily contact, but he was driven out in a hurry this time, and he didn’t carry it. It was obviously unrealistic to go back to the palace to get it, so he could only get this.

To take some time to replace the tokens that had been connected to Ao Si, he had to slowly remove Li Ying from his life.

Yun Qingci put the wooden plaque on his body while pressing the ring. On a cold day, he did not go to breakfast with his father and brother, but filled his stomach in his house.

After packing up, I ran into Yun Qingsu when I went out: “Alright? Master Xiaohou came to pick us up to the ice rink, and you happened to be out. Today, my second brother Xiemu will go together.”

Yun Qingci followed him obediently and said, “Where is my father?”

“Father is going to Bazhenju, there is a glaze he likes at auction today. I have already stepped on it several times before. He has to get it.”

Yun Qingci also knows this little hobby of his father, but his father is going to break his heart this time, because he remembers clearly that this time Taiwei Qiu set up several obstacles on the road, such as the carriage that cannot be moved and the The crying woman in the middle of the road, when he arrived, Glaze Cai had been photographed.

It was not that he deliberately paid attention to the Xiangfu, but the young secretary was too dedicated. When monitoring the officials, he would gather all the relationship between the other party’s good and evil relations into intelligence to facilitate the planning of the peak.

Today’s Aoshi has not developed so terrible as later, but the net has been cast down, and growth is only a matter of time.

Yun Qingci didn’t plan to tell his old father about this. The harder he was in this matter, the more satisfied he would be when he received the best glaze from him in the future.

He comfortably got into the carriage with his brother, found a perfect seat in the viewing pavilion, grabbed a handful of melon seeds, and nibble slowly.

The young man on the ice rink is vigorous, and everyone can be heard shouting outside the arena. Yun Qingci couldn’t hold back, he got up and walked to the side of the handrail with his eyes wide open, admiring it with relish.

The previous life was really a ghost. There are many men with long legs and handsome faces in this world, and there are not no men younger than Li Ying. Why are they just hanged on a tree?

Someone by his side followed, a warm object touched his hand, Yun Qingci lowered his head and saw that it was a hand stove.

Lin Huaijin said: “Don’t patronize, be careful of freezing.”

Yun Qing’s resignation paused, and Li Ying was right. Lin Huaijin was the son of his aunt. If he really cares about himself, he should avoid suspicion.

He did not answer, but shouted Yinxi, asking him to take the warm ears that were sewed yesterday, and then handed it to Lin Huaijin: “Return this to Master Xiaohou.”

“Are you really sewing?” Lin Huaijin raised the corner of his mouth. When he took it, he saw the white gauze on his wrist, smiling slightly, and said: “Actually, there is no need to worry.”

“It’s okay.” Yun Qingci bends his eyes at him. In his previous life, he was too paranoid and ignored the kindness of too many people. Once again, he hopes to get along with everyone in harmony.

A good reputation is also conducive to standing more stable.

Lin Huaijin tentatively handed out the hand stove again. Before they could speak, someone squeezed in between the two. Yun Qingxiao directly stuffed his hand stove into Yun Qingci’s hand and said: “It’s windy here, go back and sit down. .”

He always looked indifferent, as if no one cared about it, but what he said was always indisputable.

Yun Qingci obediently took it and returned to the chair.

Yun Qingxiao continued to stand beside Lin Huaijin and reminded: “He is still the Queen.”

Lin Huaijin clenched her hands to warm her ears, and whispered, “I know.”

Yun Qingxiao patted him on the shoulder and returned to Yun Qingci again.

The spectators on the pavilion are not always reserved. For example, Yun Qingsu rushed to the handrail and clenched his fists to applaud the players he was optimistic about. Qiu Yang squeezed in unwillingly and yelled louder than him.

Yun Qingsu glanced at him and said, “Which one are you talking about?”

“Which one are you talking about?”

“Wearing a red scarf.”

“I’m talking about that too.”

Then the two suddenly looked pleasing to each other. After the game was over, Yun Qingci walked out of the pavilion, facing the figure of the fourth brother and Qiu Jiawan on their backs, deeply confused.

“Sister-in-law!” A crisp young voice came from one side, Yun Qingci stopped, and a young man with a red scarf and a black face jumped in front of him happily.

Yun Qingxiao immediately stepped forward and stopped him.

“I, I, sixth.” The young boy’s eyes were extremely white on his black face, and Yun Qingci finally recognized the person from his dancing and dancing: “…Ayan?”

Yun Qingxiao also recognized it: “Prince An?”

Li Ying’s sixth brother, Li Yan, did he sneak into the private ice rink? I also paint my face in this color.

Yun Qingci frowned, and Li Yan could not wait to jump over and opened the box in his hand: “Although it is a private enterprise, this year’s prize is not bad. It is a pair of white jade chicks, look at my sister-in-law!”

He excitedly raised the trophy to Yun Qingci.

Li Yan and Li Ying were both sons. The first emperor named two queens together. The first one died in a dystocia, and the latter was the current queen mother. She gave birth on almost the same day as the former queen, but was much luckier than the former queen and gave birth to Li Ying. , Was canonized as a new queen.

A few years later, Li Yan and Li Fu gave birth to a pair of twins.

In his previous life, Yunqing had a good relationship with Li Yan and Li Fu. When he was beaten into the cold palace, Li Yan ran to Li Ying to intercede for him, but Li Ying was cruel and dragged him out and beat him four times. Top ten boards.

When Yun Qing resigned, he was probably still recuperating on the couch.

But now that he doesn’t wait to see Li Ying and the Queen Mother, it is naturally impossible to treat Li Yan as he did in his previous life.

Yun Qingci glanced lightly, and said with a smile: “It’s really good, Ayan is amazing.”

Li Yan didn’t see his estrangement. He didn’t hesitate to hand over his trophy and said, “Sister-in-law likes it, then give it to her sister-in-law.”

He hasn’t left the palace to build a mansion yet. This time he sneaked out for the purpose of going to the ice rink to participate in the game, but he would definitely be found if he took the spoils back. If he found it, he would have to be punished.

He is willing to get close to Yun Qingci. Li Ying said that he was lenient and benevolent, but in fact, there was nothing good in his bones. He was unrelenting when he started to discipline his younger brother. For many years, Li Yan could be said to have no way to ask for help. he.

Li Ying is very obedient to Yun Qingci, before marriage, and even more after marriage. In the past few years, whenever Li Yan wanted to be lazy and skating, he would go to Yun Qingci to hide, because Li Ying almost never clouded the cloud. Lost his temper before Qingci.

Even if they have been arguing constantly over the past year or so, they will always leave Yun Qingci with a little bit of shame.

He looked pleased, but Yun Qingci did not accept it.

Li Ying had ulterior motives for all his obedience, and all the thin noodles he gave him had to be recovered. Yun Qingci didn’t want to get involved with him for unrelated people, and didn’t want to take care of his family affairs anymore.

“Ayan got this on his own, don’t you want to keep it by yourself?”

“But, I…”

Yun Qingci personally covered the pair of jade birds and pushed them back into Li Yan’s arms, with a gentle and solemn expression: “This is your trophy, and everyone who loves you will be proud of you.”

Li Yan’s black-and-white eyes were wide open, and his breathing was slightly quickened. The young man’s blood surged and said, “Then, that emperor brother…”

Yun Qingci earnestly said: “Ayan is a capable person and has the right to choose to do what he likes.”

Li Yan flushed.

He never dreamed that Yun Qingci would say this to him. He agrees with him, supports him, and understands him.

Not only him, everyone around him also showed a strange look.

It has always acted like the wind, and the hysterical cloud was reborn overnight, becoming warm and innocent, like a pearl like a jade.

Qiu Yang straightened his eyes.

Yun Qingci in the past was of course beautiful, but the sharpness of the beauty was revealed, and it was easy to make eyes burn, but the current Yun Qingci restrained the arrogance, like a cat with its claws retracted, good as water, soft harmless.

“Go back early and don’t play too late.” Yun Qingci never forgot to exhort, “Be careful.”

He passed by Qiu Yang and saw the other’s silly expression.

Unable to hold back, he glanced sideways.

How could the Qiu family and the Yun family be evenly matched? Qiu Taiwei and Yunxiang had been in trouble with each other for a lifetime. How could Qiu Yang be so stupid that he was worthy of being the son of his father’s rival.

Qiu Yang shrank his head in fright, and Yun Qingci had directly boarded the carriage.

He knew that Yun Qingxiao was prudent and would definitely arrange manpower to ensure that Li Yan returned to the palace safely.

Yun Qingsu was also stunned by his younger brother’s horizontal eyebrows and fell back to the ground, and subconsciously asked Qiu Yang, “Did you provoke him?”

Qiu Yang: “…Me, do I dare?”

Although Yun Qingci is beautiful, but it can’t stop him from being a big poisonous scorpion. Unless Qiu Yang has a brain disease for ten years, he will definitely not provoke Yun Qingci.

Yun Qingsu was deeply moved: “This is also true.”

Yun Qing resigned and went back home, ready to listen to the old father’s sighing complaints, and even thought about how to comfort him.

He has nothing to say with his father on weekdays, but today he can take the opportunity to express it. The carriage parked in the yard, Yun Qingci took a deep breath, then bent over and went out—

Several guards from the forbidden city were guarded in the mansion, and his father’s expression in the hall was reserved. Li Ying was sitting steadily, sipping tea.

On the table between the two, there is a glaze that shouldn’t be here.

In this room, Qiu Yang headlessly returned to the mansion. Before entering the door, a tea cup suddenly fell to pieces, and he was immediately shocked by the fright.

Taiwei Qiu roared the lines that should have belonged to Yun Xiang: “The old man stared at the glaze for half a month! I caused so many troubles to Yun Yu, and finally made a wedding dress for others! … The old man is not angry, how am I? Can you not be angry?! I don’t even know who bought it!”

Xiangfu, Yun Qingci followed his brother into the front hall to meet someone. Li Ying’s attitude was kind: “You don’t need to be polite.”

Yun Qingci’s eyes fell on the table, suppressing the inexplicable anger, and looked at his father: “This is…?”

“Sent from your Majesty.” Yun Xiang was obviously a little embarrassed. He did like it very much, but the person who sent it was Li Ying. Now it is not received, nor is it not received.

“So that’s it.” Yun Qingci smiled, solemnly: “Congratulations to father for this wonderful product.”

Li Ying followed with a smile, seemingly meritorious and wanting to ask: “I…”

Yun Qingci spoke again: “The child has not healed from his injuries and is a little tired. I want to go back and rest first.”

Li Ying shut up, Yun Xiang had no choice but to say: “…Then, you go to rest first.”

Yun Qing resigned and walked out of the front hall without looking back.

Good Li Ying, bad things for him.

Suddenly a plainclothes **** swept to his waist, Yun Qingci glanced at him, and the eyes of the two were touching.

Yun Qingci continued to move forward, and pulled the wooden sign off his waist.

He walked all the way back to the small courtyard, and soon a voice came from beside him: “The Queen.”

This is the eyeliner he stayed beside Li Ying, calling Yuanbao.

Originally, I had to wait for the young secretary to find him and then ask questions, but Li Ying didn’t expect Li Ying to bring people over to him directly, thinking that he had only seen the wooden sign on his waist just now, and felt that the matter was urgent, so he hurriedly followed.

Yun Qingci did not hesitate: “Has there been an abnormality in the palace recently?”

“Not in the palace, but your majesty…”

Before the words fell, the sound of footsteps suddenly came, and a man wearing a mysterious robe embroidered with a golden thread and dragon appeared at the corner of the corridor.

Ingots slammed silently.

The author has something to say:

Ci Zai: One after another bad my good deeds, I’m so angry!

Li Huang: …I didn’t mean it.



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