The Stand-in Fell into Unemployment Crisis Chapter 31


Fan Wai

[several only two or three sentences]


When the double ran away temporarily, the president was in a fucking rage. The president was so fucking angry that he was ready to come to the door and ask questions.

The President stopped his mother and told her not to come now.

After a few days, the president fucking went.

She was greeted by a double with shining eyes.

She cursed the double.

Double means you’re right. It’s me. Forgive me.

The president advised her to go home quickly, or it would be too late.

But it was too late. The double took out the fucking book written by the president and several printed papers.

That night, the president finally knew why his son told her to run.


The president made such a fucking comment on the double.


No one found that they had forgotten that Bai moonlight was going to Europe to surprise them.

White moonlight:


According to the progress, the double will get the bachelor’s degree in self-examination in another half a year.

So he began to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination.

But he didn’t give up his lectures in the University. At the same time, he also followed the project with the old professor.

The double is busy day and night. The president looks at it silently and does housework silently.

He thought he would become a puppy behind President Ba sooner or later.


Bai Yueyue regretted that he had missed another chance to be a young grandmother.


The president will call a double teacher o recently. Because the avatar lights up the drawing repair skill after contacting the PS.

Doubles can always help the president turn his photos into immortals and impress other old sisters in group photos.

The president is fucking satisfied with teacher o.


The president was unwilling to be a puppy and began to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination.

The dog succeeded in the postgraduate entrance examination.


Other presidents attended the party with their little lovers.

The president frowned at the paper stored in his mobile phone.

And I think the picture seems similar.


Reading every day, doubles are not tired.

Just go home and suck the dog, and his spirit comes.

He guessed that the president would never fucking know how they played the game of dog and owner.


Doubles get a master’s degree.

It was not easy to have a higher degree than the president, but the president soon got a master’s degree.

The double decided to go to a blog.


The double thinks he and the president are made for each other.

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[updated on April 3, 2021]

The expanded version of “double refused to become a regular” (Coming soon to MTL Hunter) has been updated and has entered V ~ ~  ~ Notes:

This novel is a short version of a 66 Chapter book: The Stand-in Refused to Become a Regular which will be added to MTLhunter as soon as possible. Thanks for your support.


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