The Stand-in Refuses to Become a Regular Chapter 43

The last meal was finished in silence.

It has to be said that Xing Yun is very wise to arrange the advertisement in the dessert link, so that they don’t have to be silent from the beginning of the first dish to the end of the dessert.

Of course, they still have to go back to the same home in the end.

On the way home, Xing Yun was very silent and Xue yingshuang didn’t want to talk. It’s such a time. What else do you need to say?

Home, the two came in front and back.

Xue yingshuang walks behind. He closes the door and prepares to go back to the second bedroom to pack his luggage, while Xing Yun stops when he comes to the living room. Xue yingshuang passed Xing Yun, but he heard Xing Yun suddenly say, “in my eyes, you are the best.”

Xue yingshuang stops.

Xing Yun said, “you are firm, gentle, smart and hard-working. These qualities attract me.”

Xue yingshuang chuckled: “a smart person who works hard and makes progress is still taking the self-taught undergraduate examination at this time? What you like is just the imaginary me.”

Xing Yun: “aren’t we happy with each other?”

Xue yingshuang looks back at Xing Yun. Xing Yun looks uneasy and flustered. He doesn’t see his high spirits at dinner anymore.

“You are so kind to me,” said Xing Yun. “You see, you spend so much time tidying up my room for me.”

Xing Yun takes Xue yingshuang’s hand and takes Xue yingshuang into the master bedroom.

In the master bedroom, the bed is covered with rose petals, which should be the arrangement made by Xing Yun to celebrate tonight. Xue yingshuang doesn’t want to see it.

Xing Yun opened his wardrobe, revealed the neatly sorted and ironed clothes inside, and said, “you see, you made them for me.”

Xue yingshuang said: “this is part of my work, this is my duty.”

“So is this one?” Xing Yun takes Xue yingshuang’s hand and comes to the kitchen. Xing Yun opens the refrigerator. The refrigerator is still clean and tidy by Xue yingshuang. There is no peculiar smell at all. In the freezer of the refrigerator, fresh-keeping boxes are stacked neatly. Xing Yun likes to eat some food with soup, which are all kinds of high soup frozen in advance by Xue yingshuang.

“Is such careful preparation just work?” Xing Yun opened his eyes. “Isn’t it because you like me?”

“If it’s not a job, what else can it be?” Xue yingshuang looked at him calmly. “People like me can do anything to please people. You see, later we became familiar, and sometimes I would order takeout for you. I’m such a person.”

Those “Xue yingshuang likes me” built in Xing Yun’s heart were broken by Xue yingshuang one by one.

However, Xing Yun didn’t give up. He struggled and said, “you only order takeout on my happy days. When I’m most tired and annoyed, you must cook in person.”

At first, Xing Yun didn’t notice it until one day, he was tired and bored at work, thinking how good it would be if he could have a good meal when he came home tonight. As a result, when he came home that day, the table was full of his favorite dishes. Later, he paid attention and found that Xue yingshuang seemed to be able to guess his idea. He tried repeatedly.

It’s not just dinner, it’s breakfast. Whenever he has an important job, or he doesn’t want to go to work, the breakfast on that day is always very rich.

Sometimes Xue yingshuang knows his thoughts before he is aware of his emotions.

This is not love, what is it?

Xing Yun’s eyes lit up a glimmer of hope. He looked at Xue yingshuang and waited for Xue yingshuang’s affirmation.

However, Xue yingshuang smiled and said, “on busy days, you don’t send messages to me when you go to work. On annoying days, you like to send dog expressions. You will stay up late the day before important work. When you don’t want to go to work or when you are in a bad mood, you will keep watching the ball game… As long as you watch carefully, everyone can find out and please you.”

Xing Yun said desperately, “but no one has ever found it.”

At that moment, Xue yingshuang suddenly felt that Xing Yun was also a poor man.

But the more so, the more he affirmed, “one day, someone who is really worth it will like you.”


Xue yingshuang turns to leave, and Xing Yun speaks again.

“Xue yingshuang, have you ever liked me?”

“It’s spineless enough to be kept by others. How can I overestimate myself to like someone I shouldn’t like again?”

Xue yingshuang left without looking back at Xing Yun behind him.


Xue yingshuang went into the room to pack up.

It has reached this point. It’s not good for Xing Yun to stay.

He took out the empty cartons he had always had and began to pack them.

They have known each other for seven months. Now, when he was cleaning up, he found that he had many more things, clothes, shoes, books, daily necessities… But these things never really belonged to him.

Xue yingshuang put the clothes and daily necessities bought by Xing Yun into the carton and put them on the table for Xing Yun’s disposal.

All he really wanted to take away were books and clothes given to him by Bai Qianyi. Books are part of his work welfare, and clothes are a personal gift from Bai Qianyi, so he decided to take them away.

While cleaning up, he saw the dog basin and dog chain given to him by Xing Yun that day.

Although Bai Qianyi laughed at the pictures of ugly dogs, he liked them very much. However, after hesitating for a moment, he finally put them into the pile of things returned to Xing Yun.

He thought that when he became rich and had a way to own his own little dogs, he would use his own money to buy them back at Xing Yun’s shop.

Forget it now. It’s not his stuff.

Finally, he packed up, except for the broken backpack when he came, but there was another small carton.

Clean the room again and restore it to its original state. It’s midnight.

Xue yingshuang leaves the second bedroom, the light in the living room goes out, and only the TV is still on.

The football match on TV is still not over. On the sofa, Xing Yun didn’t change his clothes, curled up and slept uneasily.

Xue yingshuang thought that the tyrants of other families should go out for fun and develop new relationships at this time. Why do they look so pathetic when they arrive at Xing Yun? Like a discarded puppy.

Xue yingshuang covered Xing Yun with a blanket and sat in front of the sofa for a while, just like that night when Xing Yun was drunk.


That night, Xing Yun slept restlessly and woke up early the next morning.

When he woke up, he forgot for a moment what had happened last night. When he remembered it, he saw the extra blanket on his body and was happy.

Xue yingshuang built it for him!

Xue yingshuang is willing to help him cover the blanket!

Is everything still possible!

Xing Yun lifted the blanket and immediately got off the sofa. He ran to the second bedroom, but saw that the second bedroom had been empty, leaving only three cartons on the table. He ran to the kitchen again. There was no Xue yingshuang in the kitchen, but a rich breakfast had been prepared on the table.

When Xing Yun approached, he saw porridge, noodles, steamed stuffed buns and fried rice on the table… The food was still steaming on the food heating plate.

The last time, Xue yingshuang made the most delicious breakfast for him on his most painful day.

He didn’t know whether Xue yingshuang was merciful or cruel.

The clock says six five in the morning.

Seeing the clock, Xing Yun suddenly moved his body and ran out. He rushed out of the house barefoot to catch the electricity

Down the stairs, all the way out of the community.

The last time Xue yingshuang took the self-study exam, he left at 6:00 in the morning. It’s only 6:05 now. Maybe he still has a chance to find Xue yingshuang.

People go out to work early on Monday and get up early in the community.

Everyone saw a man in a suit running out of the community barefoot and crazy all the way to the door of the community. At the door, a man with a backpack and a carton in his hand walked with his head down, and then the man in a suit jumped at him

“Xue yingshuang, you are not allowed to go!” Xing Yun grabbed Xue yingshuang and said excitedly.

“Why are you here?” Xue Ying was surprised.

“I regret it. I won’t terminate the contract. You must stay!” Xing Yun’s eyes turned red, almost hating and afraid, “if you dare to go, you can’t pay the liquidated damages! You can’t go!”


“I did what I said!” Xing Yun’s voice was stern, but he couldn’t help trembling, “… Please, at least wait until the end of our contract.”

Xue yingshuang has a hunch that if he turns around and leaves now, Xing Yun may collapse.

Xue yingshuang thought for a while and finally nodded.


At 6:30, Xing Yun and Xue yingshuang go home.

Xue yingshuang went to the gate and saw that Xing Yun didn’t take anything and didn’t even wear shoes. He couldn’t help but say, “fortunately, the door is a password lock, otherwise we might have to call a locksmith.”

Xing Yun youyou glanced at him and he shut up.

Xue yingshuang put the things just sorted out last night back in place one by one.

He packed up his things and left the room. Xing Yun was still in a suit and lay on the sofa with the soles of his black feet after walking around outside.

It’s almost seven o’clock. Xue yingshuang said, “go and change your clothes. You have to go to work today.”

Xing Yun lay motionless on the sofa: “I’m not going to work.”

Xing Yun was stimulated by Xue yingshuang last night and suddenly felt that nothing was important.

He thought that the two feelings were happy, but it was his own wishful thinking. It was ridiculous and pathetic.

Xue yingshuang: “go.”

Xing Yun: “No.”

Xue yingshuang: “what about the company?”

Xing Yun: “it’s best to pour it out.”

Xue yingshuang: “what about the money?”

Xing Yun: “begging.”

Xue yingshuang: “it’s not easy to beg in these days. Do you want to hang a collection code around your neck?”

Xing Yun: “then I’ll go to the naked loan.”

Who wants to lend you a big man… Xue yingshuang is speechless.

Xing Yun broke the jar and played with Lai. He said angry words just to win Xue yingshuang’s attention.

Sure enough, Xue yingshuang went to the kitchen and saw that the food was still there. He said, “boss, have a meal.”

Xing Yun did not respond.

Xue yingshuang said again, “it’s time for dinner.”

Xing Yun still didn’t respond.

Xue yingshuang had no choice but to shout “Xing Yun”.

Xing Yun’s dirty feet moved.

“Yun Yun.”

Xing Yun sat up and looked at him warily.

Xue yingshuang was helpless: “eat, don’t be hungry.”

Xing Yun felt Xue yingshuang’s attention to him, so he was willing to eat.


At the dinner table, Xing Yun ate a full breakfast prepared by Xue yingshuang for him.

The food still tastes good. Every time, Xing Yun fantasizes about Xue yingshuang’s love for him from these carefully prepared food.

Now it tastes different.

“Xue yingshuang, when did you get up and cook it for me?” Asked Xing Yun.

“Five o’clock.” Xue yingshuang answered.

“You had to pack your bags yesterday and get up at five to cook for me. Why?”

“Because things must start and end.”

“Aren’t you tired?”


“Since you don’t love me, don’t be so kind to me.” Xing Yun laughed at himself.

Suddenly, Xing Yun remembered something and said to Xue yingshuang, “you said you were willing to do anything for me. Do you still count?”

Xue yingshuang nodded.

Xing Yun said, “do you like me, too?”

Xue yingshuang shook his head: “I can’t do it.”

Xue yingshuang refused too simply. At that moment, Xing Yun accumulated pain and shame all night and turned into anger. He patted the table and shouted, “get out! Get out!”

Xue yingshuang immediately got up.

“Forget it, get down on your knees! Get down on your knees!”

Xue yingshuang kneels down.

Seeing Xue yingshuang kneeling down in front of him without hesitation, Xing Yun’s tears fell.

“You are willing to do such a thing. Why don’t you like me?”

“Because I can’t do anything too advanced, that’s what really suits me.”

In an instant, Xing Yun’s anger dissipated. He knelt in front of Xue’s knees. He held Xue yingshuang and apologized: “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done this to you! I shouldn’t have hurt you, it’s my fault! I’m sorry!”

Xue yingshuang said normally, “you don’t need to apologize. If you want, I can kowtow to you. I’m such a person.”

Xing Yun cried, “I’m sorry, I won’t do this to you again in the future. I know I’m wrong…”

Xue yingshuang didn’t understand why Xing Yun cried. He wondered and wondered, “what’s the matter with you? Which boss doesn’t treat employees as dogs? Isn’t it normal for a worker to be humiliated by the leader several times?”

At that moment, Xing Yun really felt desperate.

He suddenly really woke up. This feeling was wrong from the beginning.

It was he who wanted to buy someone for money.

He thought he was rare and thought Xue yingshuang must love him.

He is proud and rude, thinking that Xue yingshuang must respond to his love.

Although he just wants someone to love him.

But he was wrong after all.

He was wildly wrong.

Why should Xue Ying love him when he is like this?

It turned out that he was the one who really didn’t deserve it.

He is not worthy of Xue yingshuang.


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