The Stand-in Refuses to Become a Regular Chapter 45

In the twinkling of an eye, it’s new year’s Eve.

The annual leave starts on New Year’s Eve, but it doesn’t make much difference for Xue yingshuang whether he has a holiday or not. He still gets up at seven.

The training class that Xing Yun signed up for him has ended. He wants to review the contents of the training class during the annual leave and prepare for the next self-study examination.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Xue yingshuang went out of the room and wanted to go out to get water. He saw that Xing Yun changed into a suit and walked out of the master bedroom with a tie.

He subconsciously wanted to help Xing Yun tie a tie, but his fingertips just trembled slightly. Finally, he clenched the cup and didn’t move.

“I want to go back for new year’s Eve dinner.” Xing Yun said, “what about you? What’s the arrangement for the evening?”

“As usual, it’s time to eat and read.” Xue yingshuang said.

“Oh, I…” Xing Yun tried to stop talking, and finally said, “I’m leaving.”


After Xing Yun left, Xue yingshuang returned to the room to study. When he looked up again, it was already dark.

Xue yingshuang got up, stretched and picked up his mobile phone to see.

There were few people in his circle of friends, but everyone’s content was jubilant.

Sliding into Bai Qianyi’s circle of friends, Bai Qianyi sent another picture of himself sitting by the window drinking coffee. He looked very leisurely. Xue yingshuang looked at it, but he thought the background was strange and familiar… Take a closer look, isn’t this the living room outside? This picture was taken when Bai Qianyi was still here.

Xue yingshuang sent him a message: “Happy New Year!”

Bai Qianyi didn’t reply. Also, people who are so busy that they can only take the previous photos will not have time to reply to him.

Xue yingshuang walked around the room and suddenly felt that the room was very quiet, especially after Xing Yun left.

Xing Yun is often not at home, and Xue yingshuang is not a lonely person. He should get used to it. However, on such a day of reunion, Xue yingshuang’s mood inevitably fluctuates.

Xue yingshuang sat in the living room and looked at the French window. He couldn’t help thinking of the Chinese new year when he was a child.

At ordinary times, he doesn’t like to gather a pile of gamblers at home, because those people not only gamble, but also smoke and drink. They make noise every day and don’t disperse late at night.

However, on the new year’s day, Xue yingshuang likes a group of people at home.

Although he doesn’t know most of those people, there are a large number of people in the family during the new year, and both parents are there. The noise becomes lively. It’s really good. In particular, his parents will give him red envelopes. Even if he doesn’t have much money, he will be stolen back by them once he doesn’t see it, but he is always happy.

Only during the Chinese new year can he feel that there seems to be little difference between his home and others.

Every year after dropping out of school, he spent overtime in the factory.

The overtime salary during the new year is much extra, and he is homeless, just able to earn money to pay off his debts.

Of course, sometimes he fantasizes about how to celebrate the new year in a parallel world.

In that world, his parents would prepare a table of dishes on New Year’s Eve. It doesn’t have to be a good dish. Peace is often a little different. It doesn’t even matter. As long as a family gets together.

Then there are red envelopes and firecrackers. At zero, we say happy new year to each other

Thinking of this, he thought of Xing Yun again.

Xing Yun never mentioned his family with him. In Xue yingshuang’s imagination, Xing Yun should be born in a good family, loved by his parents and the most favored child in the family.

It’s exactly ten o’clock in the evening.

Xue yingshuang thought that at this moment, Xing Yun should spend the new year happily surrounded by his family.

Thinking of this, Xue yingshuang’s face couldn’t help smiling.

Suddenly, Xue yingshuang heard something coming from the gate.

He stood up at once. Three seconds later, he saw Xing Yun walking out from behind the door.

Xue yingshuang was surprised: “how did you come back?”

Xing Yun’s suit was a little messy. His breath was unstable. He gasped and blushed: “I… I still want to spend the new year with you.”

Xing Yun obviously ran all the way back. Xue yingshuang forgot any words of rejection when he saw him like this.

Xing Yun asked, “what did you have for dinner?”

Xue yingshuang replied, “I seem to have forgotten to eat.”

Xing Yun frowned: “you can even forget to eat dinner. Why don’t you even forget to study?”

Since the confession, Xing Yun hasn’t talked to him so loudly for a long time. Xue yingshuang is a little happy to hear it for some reason.

Seeing his silly face, Xing Yun ignored him and said, “come on, let’s have a reunion dinner.”

Xue yingshuang: “didn’t you eat at home?”

Xing Yun: “I just ate a little. There are too many people in my family. I’m so bored.”

How can you run like this

Xing Yun: “there is no shortage of me.”

They walked into the kitchen. Xue yingshuang opened the refrigerator and asked Xing Yun, “what do you want to eat now?”

The conversation was a bit like before. Xing Yun naturally said, “I like everything you cook.”

Xing Yun suddenly paused, then changed the topic and said, “by the way, I stole something from my mother.”

Xue yingshuang: “ah?”

Xing Yun: “I wanted to bring something back to have new year’s Eve dinner with you, so I stole a roast chicken, but she found it and was beaten. Finally, she stole the chicken again while she wasn’t paying attention.”

Watching Xing Yun show off the stolen roast chicken with his hair in disorder, Xue yingshuang couldn’t help but think of a dog running away with a chicken in his mouth, and someone chasing after the dog with a newspaper roll. The dog was chased to tears, but didn’t put down the picture of roast chicken.

“I want to get something else, but it’s raw. I’m afraid it’s broken on the way back.” Xing Yun was helpless. “I’ll buy lobster tomorrow.”

“Let me see what’s left… Eat hot pot?” Xue yingshuang said, “there’s no meat at home, only vegetables left. I’ll cook another meal?”

“Cook noodles.” Xing Yun said, “I want to eat noodles.”

At 10 pm, Xue yingshuang and Xing Yun began to make arrangements for their new year’s Eve dinner.

There was not much time left. Xing Yun also started to help wash the dishes and serve the dishes. They worked hard for a while and finally had a new year’s Eve dinner in the living room.

Their new year’s Eve dinner was a pot of hot pot with more vegetables and less meat, a pot of old Ganma noodles, and a stolen roast chicken.

They crowded on the sofa while eating New Year’s Eve dinner and watching the Spring Festival Gala. From time to time, Xing Yun thought that Xue yingshuang’s cold jokes were much more funny than his sketches.

Xue yingshuang thinks it’s fun. This is the first time for him to celebrate the new year like this.


Near twelve o’clock, the two had almost eaten and took the dishes and chopsticks back to the kitchen together.

Xue yingshuang bowl is good. Xing Yun wipes the table. After Xue yingshuang finished washing the dishes and tidying up, he looked back and saw Xing Yun standing behind him with a stack of paper in his hand.

“I have something to talk to you about.” Xing Yun said.

They came to the table and sat face to face.

Xing Yun first handed Xue yingshuang a red envelope and said, “this is a red envelope and a year-end bonus.”

The red envelopes were thick. Xue yingshuang wanted to be calm, but he couldn’t help being overjoyed when he felt the thickness of the red envelopes. He tried to hold back his smile and said to Xing Yun, “thank you, boss! Congratulations on getting rich!”

Xing Yun smiled and handed a document to Xue yingshuang.

“I want to make some adjustments about our contract.”

These days, Xing Yun has made a profound review.

The initial combination of the two of them came from this wrong contract. As long as this contract exists, they will never be able to get together normally on an equal footing.

But now, the contract has become the only link between the two. Without this contract, he and Xue yingshuang would only be strangers from now on.

Therefore, in any case, he needs the existence of the contract.

“I want to change the working hours in the original contract, change the original morning and evening shift to 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and take a two-hour lunch break at noon.” Xing Yun said, “of course, depending on the situation, there may be an occasional need for overtime, and the overtime pay will be calculated normally.”

Xue Ying double checked the contract and found that the leave was also adjusted from single leave to double leave.

“As for the work content, there are also some changes.” Xing Yun said, “the person I know teaches in the University and is a professor of computer science. He just needs an assistant. I hope you can go and help him.”

Xue yingshuang is vaguely aware of Xing Yun’s meaning.

“From now on, your job is to be his assistant. You can do whatever he asks you to do. If he doesn’t have anything to do, you’ll be off duty that day; if you have more work, it’s overtime. Of course, the salary is still paid from me.”

Xue yingshuang’s hand trembled slightly: “what about housework?”

Xing Yun said, “don’t worry about the housework. However, if you are willing to earn some overtime pay, I hope you can still cook some meals for me, but it’s not necessary. You still focus on the work there.”

Xue yingshuang looked at Xing Yun, who added, “first remind you that the other party is not easy to get along with. You may have to deal with him with my patience at that time.”

Speaking of this, Xing Yun looked a little uncomfortable and said, “by the way, I deleted one. I deleted the one about not laughing.”

Xue yingshuang doesn’t know how to describe his mood at this time. The change of this contract means that he is no longer just Xing yunbao_ Raised bed_ Partner, Xing Yun found a serious job for him.

A serious job related to what he has learned and spoken.

“Such a new contract,” said Xing Yun nervously, “can you accept it?”

At midnight, the bell rang and the new year came.

Xue yingshuang smiled at Xing Yun.


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