The Stand-in Refuses to Become a Regular Chapter 46

The next Spring Festival holiday,

Xue yingshuang breaks it every day  Fingers count when they can go to work. They want to leave and go to work immediately.

Bai Qianyi heard the news,

I just feel that Xue yingshuang is too anti human. I refuse to talk with Xue yingshuang again. Xing Yun is very  Know Xue yingshuang,

Accompany  Xue yingshuang is happy and looking forward to it together.

Finally, the day of work came.

Xue Ying woke up early in the morning and kept washing and changing clothes. Have to say,

It was quite right for Xing Yun to choose white shirt and suit pants as his work clothes. He was not only at home  Can wear,

Now you can wear it at work.

Xue yingshuang dressed himself up neatly,

Quietly open the door,

Ready to go out.

However, passing the living room,

Turning around, he saw that Xing Yun was already sitting on the sofa.

Xue yingshuangyi looks at the clock. It’s only half past six!

Xue yingshuang asked : “Why are you awake?”

Xing Yun has also been changed  Suit: “too tight.”

Xue yingshuang didn’t understand: “what are you nervous about?”

“You go to work,

Of course I’m nervous. ” Xing Yun asked again ,

“What do you want  Go out? It’s only half past six. What are you doing out so early? ”

Xue yingshuang confessed: “I’m afraid it’s too late.”

Xing Yun said, “it’s impossible to be late. Have breakfast first,

I’ll take you after dinner. ”

Xue yingshuang  ask  What does Xing Yun want for breakfast? Xing Yun goes to the kitchen first. Xue yingshuang followed,

See Xing Yun turn on the microwave oven,

from  Bring out a bowl of porridge.

“I can’t cook like you. I can only give you a hot bowl of take out porridge.” Xing Yun said, “have a good meal on your first day at work  Digestion  Yes, save a nervous digestion  Bad. ”

As soon as the porridge is put in front of Xue Ying,

Xue yingshuang knew that Xing Yun called his favorite store.

Xue yingshuang was grateful and happy. He looked up at Xing Yun and saw Xing Yun looking forward  He.

Xue yingshuang smiled at Xing Yun: “thank you, you are so considerate.”

Xing Yun still watched  He.

He had to  He took a quick bite and said, “great  Yes, you microwave just fine 。”

Xing Yun was satisfied  Feet, suddenly the tail cocked high.


After a full breakfast, Xing Yun sent Xue yingshuang to work.

Xing Yun wants to accompany Xue yingshuang to school, but Xue yingshuang resolutely won’t let him accompany him. Xing Yun had no choice but to  Go back to your class. Before Xing Yun left, Xue yingshuang said the last sentence: “he’s not good  Deal with it. If something’s wrong, call me immediately and I’ll take you home !”

Xue yingshuang thought, what else can be bad  Against? I dealt with you, didn’t I?

Or winter vacation, there are not many people on the university campus.

Early in the morning, the air in the campus was very good , Xue yingshuang walked in the huge campus of a university and couldn’t help jumping happily.

want  Yes, big a is good  School, even in his senior year, he didn’t dare to think about it. After dropping out of school, not to mention that he never  I never thought that one day I could step into this school and work as a professor 。

He is so happy! And all this is the credit of Xing Yun!

Thinking of Xing Yun, Xue yingshuang sighed involuntarily.

Xing Yunzhen  good , He just doesn’t deserve it.


It’s almost time. Xue yingshuang is waiting outside the professor’s office 。

At first, Xue yingshuang thought that the professor he was looking for was Xing Yun’s peer friend. However, after checking, he found that the other party was an old professor of some age, named Ma Zengyue.

Professor Ma studied abroad in his early years and taught abroad with profound qualifications. Xue yingshuang looked for his photo, but only saw one in the school website, and that photo was taken in an academic conference. It was too small to see his appearance clearly. Therefore, Xue yingshuang doesn’t know what he looks like, so he can only imagine.

In Xue yingshuang’s imagination, Professor Ma is probably an old man as kind as teacher Fang , want  No, just like Mr. Chen, he is hale and hearty. And Xing Yun said he was a little difficult to deal with. Xue yingshuang thought, that’s probably a little stubborn in kindness. He’s an old urchin.

Xue yingshuang imagined a lot and looked forward to it more and more.

At nine o’clock, the appointed time is up, and Professor Ma hasn’t appeared yet.

Xue yingshuang is very happy  Be patient and wait at the door of the office.

Five minutes later, no one.

Ten minutes later, there was still no one.

Half an hour later, there was still no one in the corridor.

Xue yingshuang didn’t have the contact information of the other party, so he had to  Stand in front of the office and read , keep in mind  If he doesn’t come at ten, he’ll have to  ask  ask  Xing Yun.

Finally, near ten o’clock, a figure appeared at the end of the corridor.

Someone carry it  Light, Xue yingshuang can’t see his appearance clearly. He only knows that the other party is walking very fast  Come on, the footsteps are not small, and come with big strides.

“Who are you? Why are you standing here?” The other party asked directly , The sound is thick.

Xue yingshuang is busy and stands at attention , Self report home  Door: “Hello, Professor , I’m Xue yingshuang. Xing Yun introduced me. ”

The other party is silent for a few minutes  Restart in seconds  heavy  “Hum”.

The other party should take a step forward  Open the door and Xue yingshuang quickly takes a step back.

This man has  The key to the office is Professor Ma. That’s right. Professor Ma opened the door and went in by himself. Xue yingshuang followed. The office curtains are drawn , At this time, the room was dark. Xue yingshuang didn’t know what he kicked when he entered the door. “Bang” again, something fell down.

Professor Ma angrily said, “be careful!”

Xue yingshuang hurriedly said “sorry”, and then Professor Ma turned on the light. At first, Xue yingshuang finally saw the whole picture of the office.

I saw about 20 square meters of office, looking around, full of books  Books and paper.

Books in the room  The cabinet occupies two walls, but the book  The cabinet is already full of books  It was thrown into a pile like a landslide on the ground. Xue Ying kicked him when both sides entered the door  In a Book  But he didn’t know whether to help him up, because the ground was full of books , I don’t know from  He Fuqi.

There are two tables in the room. A computer is placed on a small table. Paper is stacked next to the computer and on the keyboard, and the paper is higher than the host computer

。 A big table is the professor’s desk. There are three big screens on the table. In addition, all kinds of sundries fill all the gaps like weeds. Xue yingshuang also saw the leftover takeout box.

There are only two words to describe this office: dirty and messy.

“Why are you standing there? Come here!” Professor Ma shouted and Xue yingshuang was busy  heavy  Obstacles, move forward.

At the same time, Xue yingshuang finally saw how Professor Ma looked.

The person in front of him didn’t fit in with his imagined neutral and amiable appearance at all. Professor Ma had gray hair mixed with gray and dressed in clothes  A set of old sports fir, feet on a pair of yellow gray sports shoes.

Professor Ma has thick eyebrows and big eyes. He can see that he was very young  Handsome, but a pair of eyebrows frowned tightly , The forehead is deeply raised, and the whole person exudes a strong murderous spirit.

Professor Ma sat down on the chair and looked up at Xue yingshuang. Xue Ying held her breath and dared not move.

Professor Ma took Xue yingshuang from  Head to foot, and from  He looked at it carefully from the end of his foot, and finally weighed it again  heavy  “Hum”, it seems very disdainful.

“What a clever man he is, I don’t think so.” Professor Ma finished, turned his chair and turned on his computer.

Xue yingshuang: ”

Professor Ma takes care of his own computer, regardless of Xue yingshuang.

Xue yingshuang: ”

Xue yingshuang is about to ask  What should I do? I heard Professor Ma say, “what are you doing standing there? Put down your things and write the examination papers and papers over there  Share your business! ”

Xue yingshuang hurriedly said, “OK ”, Go to the small table and put your bag on the ground.

Those on the small table  The paper piled higher than the computer is the examination papers and works of the students last semester  Industry. Look at that height. It’s probably accumulated for a whole semester and hasn’t been returned.

Xue yingshuang has a rough look. Everyone has two midterm and final examination papers, five quizzes and at least eight works  Then there are 70 people in a class, and there are two different courses in total, so it is two classes… And what he must do is to find out all the examination papers and works belonging to that person according to his name in this pile of mixed paper  Business volume, OK  Let everyone  At the beginning of school, you can get everything back at once.

Xue yingshuang rolled up his sleeves and began to work.

There was a lot of dust on the paper, and soon his hands were black.

He from  Work of seat number one  The industry began to look for the number one work in each stack of paper  Industry.

But this job  More than he thought  Take time, what time  A hundred parts of paper, just to  Find out all one’s test papers and work  Industry is about to  It takes a lot of time, let alone  Said there were 150 people here.

He worked hard for more than half an hour before finding out the share of two or three people.

“Touch for so long, use your brain!” Just then, Professor Ma came over and looked at him with a look of disgust  Xue yingshuang. He coughed for a few minutes  Sound, rough  His voice is as smart as mine

Xue Ying was surprised. Why did he suddenly praise me?

“Take it and make a copy.” Professor Ma put a pile of text again  Throw one on the table.

“Excuse me  want  Where can I copy it? ” Xue yingshuangyi asked 。

“The copier is so big. Don’t you see it?” Professor Ma is not good  Airway.

where? Xue yingshuang looks around, OK  It is not easy to find the copier under the sundries in a corner.

He cleared out the sundries and thought that he had never used a copier in his life. What should he do?

He had to  Quickly take out your mobile phone to query  Way, while checking, he heard Professor Ma coughing and sneezing and blowing his nose from time to time. It seems that the old man  My body still has some effects in winter.

Xue yingshuang used the copier for the first time. He was in a hurry. The two sides were printed into one side. He was in a hurry  Want to weigh  Yin, Professor Ma, look at his movements  Slow down, rushed up to have a look, found that he had a bad print, and immediately scolded him again.

“Clumsy, what are you doing here?” Professor Ma said, “go back! It’s annoying to see it!”

So work  On the first day, Xue yingshuang was kicked out before noon.


In the evening, Xing Yun got off work early and came home at 5:30  I happened to meet someone who had just arrived home  Xue yingshuang.

Xue yingshuang stayed in the dirty office all morning. His white shirt has become a gray shirt, and even his hair is a lot messy.

“You… Are you…” seeing Xue yingshuang’s embarrassed appearance, Xing Yun asked quickly , “How was your first day at work?”

Xue yingshuang grinned with a little gray on his face: “he was kicked out before lunch!”

Xing Yun: “… I knew it.”

Xue yingshuang told Xing Yun what happened this morning and said to him, “he looks so angry, but he still praises my head as you!”

Xing Yun: “… That’s scolding you.”

Xue yingshuang: “really? But you’re very smart  Smart! ”

lie  Also praised, Xing Yun was happy again. But I’m only happy  Seconds later, Xing Yun was worried and said, “that’s why I said he’s difficult to deal with. If you don’t want to do this job , You can also change one. You don’t have to work here 。”

Xue yingshuang was stunned: “why don’t you think so? I’m fine  Look forward to working tomorrow! ”

Xue yingshuang told Xing Yun that after he was kicked out at noon, he found a house directly outside the University in the afternoon  The printing shop spent 100 yuan and asked the boss to teach him how to copy and print.

Xue yingshuang is proud  A smile: “I not only learned, but also operated there  After a whole afternoon, I can print any type now. ”

Xing Yun: “so powerful!”

Xue yingshuang added, “later, the boss returned 100 yuan to me because I printed a lot of things for him there. Do you think I made a profit?”

Xing Yun nodded: “the boss lost you and made money!”

Xue yingshuang said happily, “and those papers! I’m so stupid. I’ll take them  It’s Mr. Ma who doesn’t scold me. I’m not enlightened. I always work in a stupid way. Fortunately  He woke me up, and now I’ve figured it out  How to classify. ”

Xing Yun: “how to divide it?”

Xue yingshuang said seriously: “we should  Make each copy first  The industry makes a rough ranking according to the seat number, so it doesn’t have to start from  Turn your head to the end… ”

Xing Yun: “OK  How! ”

Xue yingshuang finished his work  He said excitedly to Xing Yun, “there’s more, there’s more  Not after watching those works  Industry, I don’t know that real college students write  What  What about karma, their work  It’s hard. I remember a few  One question, in the evening  Let’s make a question… ”

Xue yingshuang gabbled to Xing Yun. Seeing that he was talking, Xing Yun was elated and happy with him.

Xing Yun thought that Xue yingshuang’s eyes were curved and his expression was sweet when he smiled. It’s nice  Look.

And he’s good  I like to listen to Xue yingshuang. Xue yingshuang is always so optimistic. No matter what happens, he can look at it positively. After listening to Xue yingshuang say this, even he follows  I’m motivated.

He found that Mingming hadn’t seen each other for half a day, and he liked Xue yingshuang better than in the morning.

His good  He wants to kiss Xue and win, but he wants to  Patience is a good way to be patient  A dog’s owner will like it.


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