The Stand-in Refuses to Become a Regular Chapter 47

The next morning, Xue yingshuang went to work in high spirits.

Professor Ma was still an hour late. Xue yingshuang was prepared and stood outside the office with his clothes. As soon as he saw Professor Ma coming, he said hello loudly, “good morning, teacher!”

Professor, go back and yell early

As soon as she spoke, she was despised. Xue yingshuang was not discouraged. He smiled at Professor Ma and followed him into the office.

As soon as Professor Ma entered the door, he coughed and crossed the pile of clothes on the ground to the desk.

When he turned back, he saw Xue Ying looking at him with shining eyes, as if he had something to say. He ignored it and said coldly, “what are you doing there? Don’t you go and divide the East ones and plan to study them until you graduate?”

After Professor Ma finished, he bypassed Xue yingshuang and went to the meeting without looking back.

At 12:10 noon, Professor Ma came back from the meeting.

As soon as he entered the door, he found Xue yingshuang still in the office. He stared and didn’t have a good way: “it’s time to get off work. I thought he abused you!”

After finishing, his brain turned quickly and thought that Xue yingshuang didn’t take a lunch break. Ken didn’t finish his work.

Oh, Xing Yun keeps saying that he is capable. As a result, he is a stupid boy who can’t do anything

Professor Ma angrily glanced at the small table, ready to see what Xue yingshuangyi was busy with in the morning, thinking of scolding Xue yingshuangyi.

He went to the small table and opened his mouth to curse. However, when he looked at it, he suddenly found that things were completely different from what he imagined.

He had imagined that Xue yingshuang had only completed half at most, and it would take more than half a day to finish the fastest part.

At this time, I found that the messy small table originally filled with paper is now neatly stacked with homework and examination papers. The papers that everyone should take are arranged in order, clamped with a long tail clip and placed one by one according to the number.

Moreover, the original dusty desktop has been cleaned, and the computer desk, computer and the ground on one side are spotless, which is incompatible with the surrounding messy environment.

Xue yingshuang said, “teacher, can you tidy up a little?”

Professor Ma could not spit out his swearing words. He could only hate and say, “mind your own business!”

Professor Ma turned and headed towards the desk again. Xue yingshuang smiled and followed.

Professor Ma looked back and saw Xue Ying holding a small heat preservation pot in his hands. He said, “teacher, I heard you cough yesterday. I stewed some rock sugar Sydney before going out this morning. Drinking rock sugar Sydney in winter is helpful to stop cough. If you don’t dislike it, have some.”

Xue yingshuang looks good, but she is not the kind of publicity. She is the kind of good appearance that teachers like. At this time, he smiled with curved eyebrows and eyes, which made him feel more and more approachable.

But Professor Ma doesn’t like this.

Professor Ma just glanced sideways and said with great disapproval, “don’t do serious things! Always do useless work! Who cares about your little tricks to deceive children!”

Xue yingshuang was stunned. How could it be so?

Professor Ma waved his big hand: “get out of here, it’s a hindrance!”

Xue yingshuang had no choice but to step back like a little eunuch.

After Xue yingshuang left the small pot, Professor Ma said “trouble East”. When he looked at it, he found that Xue yingshuang had left the small pot, and immediately became angry.

Put all the rubbish here!

He felt that the small pot was out of his sight, and reached out to move the pot out of sight. However, he tried too hard, and the pot “gurgled” and fell into the pile of sundries behind the table.

He was upset and got up impatiently to pick it up. Together, I saw the pile of homework sorted out by Xue yingshuang.

Hum, you can smile at a little thing! It’s hopeless!


Xue yingshuang was cooking when Xing Yun came home from work.

Xing Yun didn’t put his briefcase. He came forward and asked, “how was your work the next day?”

Xue Ying said with double happiness: “you’ve been kicked out again!”

Xing Yun: ”

Xue yingshuang told Xing Yun about what he sent today. As soon as Xing Yun heard it, he was speechless: “this is no, that is no, why is he dissatisfied with everything?”

“One is because he thinks it can be better!” Xue yingshuang said excitedly, “I’ve figured out what I’m going to do tomorrow. This time, I won’t do useless work. Bingtang Sydney’s cough treatment is only a symptom after all. Seeing teacher Ma coughing and sneezing, Ken is allergic to dust. I’ll clean it up tomorrow…”

Xing Yun listened to Xue yingshuang’s plan and admired him. He felt a little sour in his heart.

Professor Ma has your iced sugar Sydney to eat, but he still dislikes it. He doesn’t have to drink… Xing Yun coughed twice when he thought of this. He was afraid that Xue yingshuang didn’t hear clearly. He covered his mouth with his hand and did enough.

“Why are you coughing?” Xue Ying was surprised. “Fortunately, you left a rock sugar Sydney. You’ll wait a minute. Now heat it up first. You drink it.”

Xue Ying turned around and Xing Yun immediately snickered with pride.

Xue yingshuang took out rock sugar Sydney from the refrigerator. Xing Yun coughed twice again and said in a dumb voice, “my throat hurts.”

Xue yingshuang looked at him anxiously and said, “will you cook some porridge?”

Xing Yun nodded.

Xue yingshuang took out the material for cooking porridge again and said with regret: “I didn’t know you were uncomfortable. I bought a pile of crayfish in the afternoon. After the shells were peeled, I’ll make crayfish noodles. You eat it. Fortunately, I didn’t let you eat it, otherwise your throat can’t stand it.”

Xing Yun: “??”

Spicy crayfish noodles?

The spicy crayfish noodles he ate so happily last time?

Xing Yun stopped coughing and said solemnly: “it doesn’t hurt so much. You can eat crayfish noodles.”

Xue yingshuang worried and said, “you can keep it for a few days. You can’t eat spicy food these days.”

The crayfish mixed with noodles flew to his mouth, and Xing Yun almost cried out with a cry.


The next day, Xue yingshuang went to work on time.

Professor Ma was not late this time. He came at nine o’clock. Professor Ma still wore a smelly face early in the morning. He looked at Xue yingshuang instead of Xue yingshuang and said, “today, you have to have a meeting all day. There’s no work for you here. Go back.”

Xue yingshuang hurriedly said, “teacher, do some work.”

Professor Ma glanced at him coldly, opened the door and said casually, “then collect the garbage and throw away what should be thrown.”

Xue Ying said with double happiness, “really?”

Professor Ma said angrily, “I can’t lie to you!”

This boy, strange!

What he doesn’t know is that this is exactly what Xue yingshuang wants to do.


At six o’clock in the evening, Professor Ma finished his day’s work and led several professors to the office.

They have just finished a meeting, but there are still some things to discuss. A professor said, “why don’t you go to the office.”

Another professor said, “yes, yes, go to you.”

A professor similar to Professor Ma’s age was less reserved and said with a smile: “look, you’re just afraid of his doghouse office.”

Professor Ma hummed heavily. What kennel? He’s just a little more east!

When he came to the corridor, Professor Ma found that the light in his office was still on and frowned.

He stepped forward quickly and opened the door.

Who’s hiding in there!

However, the moment he opened the door, he was stunned.

The professors who followed him were stunned.

Ma Zengyue’s Kennel has been famous for decades. Everyone knows that Professor Ma’s office is in an amazing mess. His office hasn’t been tidied up once since he entered school. It’s getting more and more chaotic year by year. People avoid it for fear that they can’t catch up. I don’t know how he can stay in it.

It’s not that no one advised him to clean up, but he has always been a vegetarian and no one can control him at all.

So when they looked at the office in front of them, everyone stepped back and looked up to confirm the sign outside the office.

Ma Zengyue.

Is that right?

What’s the matter with this clean office?

Those piled on the ground are gone.

The paper thrown all over the floor like waste paper is gone.

All kinds of garbage, gone.

At this time, the ground is clean, the white tiles reflect the light, and there are no sundries on it.

The walls on both sides are neatly placed. On the other side of the wall, a dozen cartons were stacked neatly. In the center of the office, the sofa buried by sundries for several years is seen again.

The window of the office is open, and the wind blows in slightly, bringing a faint fragrance of plum blossoms.

Ma Zengyue noticed for the first time that plum blossoms were planted outside the window.

“Teacher, you are back.” Xue yingshuang saw several of his professors and said hello to the teachers.

“Oh? Who is this?” He is curious about the professor.

Professor Ma paused for a few seconds before saying, “a handyman.”

He stepped forward quickly and said to Xue yingshuang. Xue yingshuang’s face is still sweating. It seems that he has been busy for a long time. However, he didn’t care. He blew his beard and stared: “where did you take all your clothes?”

Xue yingshuang: “except for garbage, he didn’t throw it away. It’s all in the box.”

Professor Ma: “you’ve taken all your clothes. How can I find them!”

Xue yingshuang hurriedly took out two documents from one side of the small table: “I have made a directory, and there are numbers on which one I put.”

Professor Ma was speechless for a moment, and then angrily said, “when does this make you turn over?”

Xue yingshuang then took out a USB flash disk and presented it with both hands: “the file is here. The teacher uses this to facilitate retrieval.”

Professor Ma: ”

Xue yingshuang: “these are preliminary numbers, and some of them need to be confirmed with the teacher tomorrow before continuing to number.”

The documents in Professor Ma’s hand are divided into two parts, one is classified according to the content, and the other is sorted according to the strokes of the name. After each book, it is clearly written in which box the book is put.

He looked at the two documents and was speechless for a moment.

“Old horse, you little friend is very funny.” In the book, a professor took over the file in his hand and turned it over, admiring it on his face. “My brain is very clear.”

Another professor sat down on the sofa and said with a smile, “it’s rare to be entertained by you. Do you have any tea?”

Tea? Where’s the tea!

Professor Ma was about to rush. Xue yingshuang said again, “teacher, come and make tea.”

Xue yingshuang changed tea sets and tea leaves from nowhere and really began to make tea.

Professor Ma stared: “where did you come from?”

Xue yingshuang replied, “the teapot was found in the teacher’s cabinet. The tea should have been brought by Xing Yun last time.”

Professor Ma looked at the teapot, and even he forgot that he had this Dongyu. I don’t know how Xue yingshuang turned it out!


Xue yingshuang’s set of combined moves is too complete. Professor Ma wants to pick the hair disease. He can’t pick it out. He can only say angrily: “everything is done. You’ve finished… Just go back.”

Xue yingshuang said goodbye to the teachers. Professor Ma thought of something and stopped Xue yingshuang.

Xue yingshuang looks back. Professor Ma takes out his pocket and throws it away.

Xue yingshuang: ”

Professor Ma said coldly, “open the door yourself in the future! Don’t let me cooperate with your time!”

It’s the key to the office.

Xue Ying held the key in both hands, smiled and said happily, “thank you, teacher! See you tomorrow!”

Professor Xue yuanshuang got up too early, but he didn’t want to get up too early.

But Xue yingshuang’s eyebrows fluttered and he obviously didn’t feel his dislike.

Looking at Xue yingshuang’s happy back and his spotless office, Professor Ma said, “Xiao Yunzi, the assistant he’s looking for is stupid!

But he was really motivated.


“Xing Yun! I got the key to the office!” Xue yingshuangyi went home and immediately announced the big wedding to Xing Yun. He took the key to Xing Yun’s eyes like a treasure, “look! The teacher has put the key in!”

Although I don’t know what’s special about an ordinary key, Xue yingshuang was happy, and Xing Yunzhen immediately followed suit: “how so good!”

“Hey, hey,” Xue yingshuang said, “this shows that the door of the teacher is always open for you!”

Xue yingshuang couldn’t wait to share with Xing Yun what he did today, such as cleaning, this classification, and finding a tea gift box thrown in the corner.

Xing Yun asked, “where did you find so many cartons?”

Xue Ying smiled: “yesterday I went to the printing shop and saw a lot of cartons and small boxes containing copy paper. Today I went to the boss for it! The boss also borrowed a car to push!”

Xue yingshuang muttered a lot. She was so excited that she found it was late for a while. He yelled, “come and cook dinner. Are you hungry?”

Xing Yun shook his head: “don’t do it. You just ordered takeout when you came in. You’ve been busy all day today. You’ll have a rest after dinner later.”

Xue yingshuang noticed that Xing Yun was still holding a wet mop in his hand.

Xue yingshuang was surprised: “what are you doing?”

Xing Yun looked ordinary: “mop the floor.”

Is Xing Yun mopping the floor? The overbearing president, Xing Yun, is mopping the floor?

Xue yingshuang was shocked and hurriedly stretched out his hand to take over the mop in Xing Yun’s hand: “ come on, you sit down.”

But Xing Yun moved his hand and didn’t let him take it: “you just sit down and come on.”

“No, I’ve been working outside for a day, but I don’t do my own housework when I get home. What’s the matter?”

“Is it different?”


“No, but.”

Xue yingshuang was about to finish his work, but Xing Yun suddenly said, “Xue yingshuang, don’t forget that he likes you and hasn’t given up.”

Xue Ying was stunned.

Xing Yun stared at him, his face flushed slightly, but tried his best to be calm: “you have to have a chance to show yourself.”

Xue yingshuang found his face red.

His heart suddenly jumped wildly and looked forward to Xue yingshuang’s reply.

The next second, Xue yingshuang blushed and said honestly, “but your land is so rotten. Can you stop it…”

They turned their heads and looked silently at the ground dragged like a flood.

Xing Yun: ”



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