The Stand-in Refuses to Become a Regular Chapter 49

At the weekend, Xing Yun accompanied Xue yingshuang to do PPT.

Xing Yun taught Xue yingshuang a lot of practical suggestions from the basic operation methods.

“Ppt looks simple, but it’s actually quite complex,” Xing Yun said. “Advanced content involves a lot of skills. Some people also make money by doing ppt.”

Hearing that someone made money with this, Xue yingshuang’s spirit came immediately.

Xing Yun looked at him and said, “but it’s not learned in a day or two. Don’t pursue dazzling skills at the beginning of PPT. Just have a certain sense of beauty. The most important thing is expression. You must master the teacher’s ideas and reorganize the content.”

Xing Yun showed several ppts to Xue yingshuang and analyzed their design ideas one by one.

Xue yingshuang saw that Xing Yun had prepared so many materials and said, “you prepared them last night? Thank you for spending so much time teaching me.”

Xing Yun said: “it’s OK. Most of them were made by me before. I kept all the files. I found them yesterday and read them again.”

“You did it all?” Xue yingshuang was surprised, “you’re great!”

Xue yingshuang recalled the ppts he had just seen. They were beautiful, generous and clear. There were many ingenious ideas hidden in many places. He could hardly see that they were made by Xing Yun.

Xing Yun raised his eyebrow: “you don’t think I can only draw ugly dogs? I’m in the home decoration industry. There’s still some beauty in this.”

Speaking of this, Xing Yun simply turned on the computer, took out a pile of pictures and turned them one by one to Xue yingshuang: “you see, I took these product pictures, and this, the artist is me.”

Xue yingshuang was stunned: “you know everything?”

Xing Yun smiled proudly: “I started a business when I was in college. At that time, how can I have so much spare money to ask someone for help? As long as I can do it myself, I have done it all by myself, so I have done art work, photography, delivery and customer service.”

Xue yingshuang: “have you ever been a customer service?”

Xing Yun: “yes, one by one.”

When Xing Yun started his business in college, he started from a Taobao store. He first wholesale some small and fresh cups, bowls and plates to sell. Later, when he had a certain income, he simply found someone to design products and make a small brand. After that, he slowly expanded the content of goods, including furnishings, slippers, floor mats, bedding… He covered all the layout of a home, and even had his own factory.

Xue yingshuang listened and said with admiration, “you are born to do business.”

Xing Yun laughed at himself: “no, I’ve lost money.”

Xing Yun lost money, and more than once. Next to the table is the cup Xue yingshuang brought back from the store that day. Xing Yun pointed to the simple stroke dog on the cup wall and said, “this makes me lose a lot of money.”

Xue yingshuang didn’t understand: “why? Isn’t the little dog cute?”

Xue Yun is probably the only one who wins

At that time, Xing Yungang made a small sum of money and coincided with the launch of new products. He thought to himself, if others can design, so can I. isn’t it painting? Why don’t you save the money?

So he drew a series of ugly dogs by himself. After painting, he was quite satisfied. Ignoring the opinions of others, he invested money and produced a pile.

Finally, he not only lost all the money he had made, but also owed another sum.

“This series hasn’t been sold out yet,” said Xing Yun. “I asked the store to put it in order to see which year it can be sold out. Oh, you took this for me and finally reduced the inventory by one.”

Xue yingshuang couldn’t help laughing when he heard this. He never thought there was such a story about this cup.

Xue yingshuang knew that Xing Yun’s family was in a good condition. He always thought that Xing Yun’s career was closely related to his family. Until today, when Xing Yun said so, he knew that Xing Yun had started from scratch.

Thinking of this, Xue yingshuang admired Xing Yun more.

Xing Yun is really a great man.

“By the way,” Xue yingshuang asked again, “why did you want to make home decorations?”

“Because…” Xing Yun smiled and whispered, “… I want to have my own home.”

Hearing the answer, Xue yingshuang felt it again.

Xing Yun is sometimes pathetic.


Xing Yun taught seriously, and Xue yingshuang also studied seriously. Xue yingshuang studied for a day on Saturday. After completing his study progress on Sunday, he spent all his time doing ppt.

When Xue yingshuang went to work on Monday, the first thing he did was apologize to Professor Ma.

He bowed his head and said honestly, “teacher, I realize my mistake. I was really lazy last week. Please forgive me.”

Professor Ma glanced at him and answered calmly.

“I made two copies and asked the teacher to have a look.” He handed over the USB flash disk. “Please give me some more time for the others.”

Professor Ma glanced at Xue yingshuang’s finished product and nodded.

Professor Ma: “just do it before school starts.”

When Professor Ma finished, he looked up and saw Xue yingshuang staring at him with a puzzled face.

Professor Ma: “why?”

Xue yingshuang was upset: “the teacher didn’t scold me?”

Professor Ma angrily said: “changed, good-looking, what else do I scold you for?”

Xue yingshuangdeng laughed and was elated when he heard the teacher say “good-looking”.

“What’s wrong? Scold if you have nothing.” Professor Ma muttered and ignored Xue yingshuang.


In the next few days, Xue yingshuang made other ppts one after another. When he prepared other teaching materials instructed by Professor Ma, the opening day of school also came.

On the first day of school, Xue yingshuang was stunned by the sudden crowd.

Although some students have returned to school in succession a few days ago, they can’t compare with the people in the mountains and valleys on the opening day. Xue yingshuang just feels that these people seem to come out of thin air.

The campus is full of people, and the quiet campus becomes lively.

Xue yingshuang looked at the students and couldn’t help admiring them.

These people can be admitted to this school. They are all extremely smart people. Unlike him, they haven’t even finished the self-taught undergraduate examination.

Professor Ma had a class on the first day of school. Xue yingshuang went to the classroom in advance to prepare equipment for Professor Ma. He prepared the equipment, saw the students enter the classroom one after another, and planned to leave.

But as soon as he came out of the classroom, he met Professor Ma who was about to enter the classroom.

Professor Ma frowned, “where are you going?”

Xue yingshuang said honestly, “go back to work. The work ordered by the teacher has not been completed yet.”

Professor Ma stared again: “listen to me! Is chores more important than study?”

Xue yingshuangyixi: “really?”

Professor Ma: “I can’t lie to you! Go!”

Xue yingshuang can’t describe his mood at the moment.

In fact, he also wants to attend classes. He always wants to. But he didn’t pay his tuition and was not a student of this school. He couldn’t expect Professor Ma to let him attend the class.

At this time, Professor Ma allowed him to attend the class. He almost thought he was dreaming.

He is so happy.


When returning home in the evening, Xue yingshuang shared the good news with Xing Yun.

“Miss Ma is very good in class!” Xue Ying’s eyes lit up. “It’s much better than the teachers in online class!”

Although Professor Ma has a bad temper and can’t speak with humor, the content is detailed and clear. In the past two hours, Xue yingshuang has become more and more eager to learn and want another two hours.

Xing Yun smiled: “just like it.”

Xue yingshuang added, “but good is good, but the class is too difficult. Guess, how much do I understand?”

Xing Yun cooperated very well: “I guess… 70% understand?”

Xue yingshuang laughed: “it’s 90% actually!”

“Because I made those ppts and printed the textbooks,” Xue yingshuang said, “so I’ve secretly previewed them many times, so I’m impressed when I listen to them today!”

Xing Yun applauded hard.

“Not only that,” Xue yingshuang said, suddenly smiling and looking mysterious, “I heard the students say after class…”

“Say what?”

“Say that PPT is really good-looking!” Xue yingshuang grinned again. “They don’t know I made the PPT. They’re still talking in front of me!”

Xue yingshuang said this, his eyes were full of brilliance and smiled sweetly.

Seeing him happy, Xing Yun was also happy.

That’s what Xing Yun wants.

Xing Yun knows that what Xue yingshuang needs is never just that others praise him for his good cleaning and delicious cooking. What Xue yingshuang really needs is that his professional ability is affirmed.

Looking at Xue yingshuang’s happy appearance in front of him, Xing Yun took the opportunity to say, “let’s go out for dinner one day next week. We haven’t gone out together for a long time.”

Xing Yun also understands that Xue yingshuang eats both soft and hard.

When you show weakness, he will pity you, but he is very persistent in his heart. Therefore, it is not always good to show weakness. Be tough in time. Xue yingshuang will cooperate instead.

Without waiting for Xue yingshuang to refuse, Xing Yun immediately said, “don’t deduct money.”

Sure enough, Xue yingshuang immediately said, “go! Of course!”

Xing Yun said, “that’s a deal. We’ll have dinner together next Friday evening.”


Since the beginning of school, Xue yingshuang has been busy day by day.

He should not only prepare for the self-study examination in April, but also work at Ma Zengyue. After work, he also has to listen to classes and rotate around every day. But he is always happy when he is busy and has a full life.

Only one thing is not very good.

He has many computer problems that have not been solved.

This day, Xue yingshuang saw that Professor Ma was not very busy, so he took some questions he didn’t understand saved these days to Professor Ma.

“Miss Ma, I don’t understand some questions…” Xue yingshuang pointed to the questions in the book, “can you tell me?”

He blinked and expected Mr. Ma to be like Mr. Xing and Mr. Bai before. When he saw the problem, it was like beating chicken blood

Generally, answer quickly.

However, he saw Professor Ma glancing at the subject faintly and then moving his eyes away again.

“Teacher?” Xue yingshuang was puzzled.

“Don’t ask me that silly question.” Professor Ma said coldly, “lower my IQ.”


Xue Ying was embarrassed and had to take back the book silently.

At this time, the bell rang, Professor Ma got up and left the office, and Xue yingshuang hurried to follow.

Today is a fixed group meeting time. Every day, the graduate students under Professor Ma will gather together to start a week’s experimental report and literature report.

Professor Ma didn’t let Xue yingshuang attend the group meeting before. This is Xue yingshuang’s first time to watch the group meeting.

As soon as he entered the conference room, he saw all the graduate students typing with their computers, and several people were whispering about something.

As soon as they saw Professor Ma enter the door, they were quiet and cast curious eyes at Xue yingshuang at the same time. Professor Ma did not introduce who Xue yingshuang was. He just sat down towards the seat, held hands and signaled to start.

Over the next two hours, Xue yingshuang opened his eyes and explained why Professor Baima didn’t let him ask questions.

Because it is not a level problem at all.

Compared with the questions of the students in the group meeting and the questions of Professor Ma to the students, his questions are just kindergarten level, which is really embarrassing!

Xue yingshuang was confused about the content of the group meeting. He tried to concentrate on listening, but he only understood 10%. It was not easy to finish. He was sorting out some problems that he had to go home to understand, so he heard Professor Ma call him over.

In front of Professor Ma, in addition to Xue yingshuang, there is a male student.

Professor Ma said, “Xue yingshuang, if you have any questions in the future, ask Wang Hao. Wang Hao, you take him.”

The student named Wang Hao is about the same age as Xue yingshuang, wearing a pair of black thick framed glasses and a red plaid shirt. However, when you look carefully, you can see that under his glasses, although he is not very handsome, he is clean and gentle.

Wang Hao nodded respectfully, “OK.”

After Professor Ma left, Xue yingshuang and Wang Hao were left in the conference room.

Wang Hao is the same as his appearance. Although he doesn’t talk much, he is very polite. Xue yingshuang has been hungry and thirsty for a long time. At first, he was a little reserved. After a while, he couldn’t care so much and asked questions frantically.

Wang Hao answered everything he knew and solved several major problems of Xue yingshuang in a row.

Mr. Wang said, “I’m sorry it took me so long to see you. I’m sorry it took you so long.”

“Don’t say that. Those questions also give me some new thoughts.” Wang Hao smiled politely, “if you have any other questions, you can ask me at any time or find me in the laboratory.”

Xue yingshuang saw that the other party was so gentle, so he simply added Wang Hao’s wechat.

Wang Hao’s wechat avatar is a mountain. Xue yingshuang slides around Wang Hao’s circle of friends. Seeing that he sent several landscape photos, he casually asked, “where is this landscape? It’s so beautiful.”

Wang Hao: “my home.”

Xue yingshuang: “Oh?”

Wang Hao smiled calmly: “I came out of the mountain. I’m a poor man. Don’t laugh.”

Xue yingshuang also smiled and said, “what a coincidence, I’m also a poor man.”


“I met a new friend today.” when Xue yingshuangyi came into the house in the evening, the first thing was to report to Xing Yun. “His name is Wang Hao. He’s a sophomore this year. He’s a little selfish.”

“Well.” Xing Yun stood by the door and nodded.

Xing Yun is not so busy at work these days, so he leaves work early. Xue yingshuang sees Xing Yun standing by the door as soon as he enters the door. It’s not surprising.

“He is the first person in their village to go to college.” Xue yingshuang later chatted with Wang Hao and probably knew Wang Hao’s background, “it’s amazing.”

“You don’t lose him.” Xing Yun said, “if you have the opportunity to take the HKCEE, you won’t lose him.”

“There’s no such thing. Many problems today were solved only by asking him. He’s really good and makes it clear.”


“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. My nose itches.”

Xue yingshuang even praised the young man in front of him. Xing Yun tasted it, but he didn’t dare to show his jealousy.

“I’m late today. Are you hungry?” Xue yingshuang said, going to the kitchen, “I’ll cook.”

As soon as he stepped out, Xing Yun took a step and stopped in front of him: “no, I’ll order takeout.”

Xue yingshuang: “then I’ll cut some fruit after dinner.”

Xing Yun: “don’t go. I don’t want to eat fruit today.”

Xing Yun doesn’t eat fruit? Xue yingshuang doesn’t feel right.

When he fixed his eyes, he saw Xing Yun’s eyes flickering and his eyebrows wrinkled slightly. After careful observation, we can see that Xing Yun’s shirt sleeve is rolled up to his elbow, and the rolled up part is actually wet.

Must be a demon!

Xue Ying smiled: “well, I’ll study first. Call me when the takeout comes.”

Xing Yun: “OK! Go and study!”

Under the witness of Xing Yun, Xue yingshuang went into the house to study.

He didn’t want to scare the snake. He planned to pretend to read the book first and then attack after Xing Yun took off his guard.

ten minutes later.

Xue yingshuang, who was addicted to learning, suddenly remembered that he had forgotten the raid and quickly closed the book.

He opened the door quietly and crept out of the room.

The light in the living room is dark, and Xing Yun is not there. In the distance, in the direction of the kitchen, there is a weak light.

What is Xing Yun doing in the kitchen? Aren’t you cooking?

Xue yingshuang suddenly remembered the joke that the takeout was so bad that his dog learned to cook four dishes and one soup. But he immediately realized that it was wrong. The light came not from the kitchen, but from the laundry room in the same direction as the kitchen.


Xue yingshuang quietly walks to the laundry room. Before the person arrives, he sees bubbles floating out of the laundry room.

When he came closer, he was dumbfounded.

I saw white bubbles everywhere in the laundry room, and many bubbles were flying in the air. All these bubbles come from the washing machine that is foaming at the mouth.

In front of the washing machine, it is the punishment cloud that the forehand is busy wiping the foam.

Now Xue yingshuang understands that Xing Yun just stopped him from going to the kitchen for fear that he might find the tragedy in the laundry room

Looking at it, he saw that Xing Yun stepped on a bubble on the ground and almost slipped.

Xue Ying couldn’t help laughing heartlessly.

“Why are you here?” Seeing Xue yingshuang standing by the door, Xing Yun immediately knew that his deeds had been exposed. He blushed and said, “you, you go back and read your book!”

“Let me help!” Xue yingshuang smiled.

“Go, go, go, go. Have you got your undergraduate degree? If you don’t, go, don’t come!” Xing Yun flushed and pretended to be angry to drive Xue yingshuang away.

Xue yingshuang ignored him and went directly into the laundry room, picked up the mop and dragged the bubbles. Xing Yun can’t help but let him clean up with him.

The more the bubbles were cleaned up, Xue yingshuang asked puzzledly, “how did you get it out?”

Xing Yun innocently pointed to the empty bottle of laundry detergent on the ground: “they did it.”

“How much did you add?”

“Just half a bottle.”

“Just half a bottle???”

“Because there are a lot of clothes to wash!”

Xue yingshuang cried and laughed: “why don’t you keep it until I come back to wash it?”

“Your job now is to study, not to do housework,” Xing Yun said seriously. “And this is our home, and I have to learn to do housework.”

Xue yingshuang listened, but shook his head.

Suddenly, Xue yingshuang stepped on the wet laundry detergent on the ground, slipped and fell back. Seeing this, Xing Yun quickly stretched out his hand to pick him up. As a result, Xing Yun was in a hurry, but he also slipped and fell, and they immediately fell into a ball in the laundry room.

The fall came so fast that it took them a few seconds to realize what had happened.

Xue yingshuang looked at himself and Xing Yun full of bubbles. He was really embarrassed and couldn’t help laughing.

Seeing that he smiled, Xing Yun smiled as if he had been pressed the switch.

The two giggled endlessly, laughing out a string of brisk pig barks.

Finally, Xue yingshuang is tired of laughing. Xue yingshuang wants to get up. Xing Yun stretches out his hand for him to use. However, he just got up with one foot, and he didn’t know whether it was his foot slipping or Xing Yun’s hand shaking. They fell into a ball again, and they laughed again.

Suddenly, the laughter stopped.

They looked up and realized that their posture was too ambiguous.

Xing Yun leaned back against the washing machine, while Xue yingshuang almost sat in Xing Yun’s arms. They were very close and could feel each other’s temperature.

Xue yingshuang subconsciously wants to avoid it. However, before he moves, Xing Yun tilts his head and kisses him on the lips.

Xing Yun is an inexplicably innocent person.

Before he signs the bag_ After the adoption contract, although he had a close relationship with Xue yingshuang, they never kissed.

At that time, he didn’t fall in love with Xue yingshuang, or he didn’t know he fell in love with Xue yingshuang. He once told Xue yingshuang: “kissing is something that two people in love can do. Don’t try to kiss me.”

At this time, it was their first kiss.

Xing Yun’s movements are clumsy, and he doesn’t know where to swing his hands. He gently licked Xue Ying’s lips. Feeling that it was not enough, he leaned up and kissed.

Xue yingshuang wanted to escape, but at that moment, he was gone.

He looked at Xing Yun’s big eyes with slightly drooping tail, and suddenly thought that this was the so-called dog eye.

In the world, who can refuse a dog’s hot, soft, wet kiss with bubble aroma?

After kissing for a long time, Xue yingshuang regained consciousness, pushed away Xing Yun and fled.

That night, Xing Yun was so happy that he went around the room.


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