The Stand-in Refuses to Become a Regular Chapter 51

Finally, Xing Yun took Xue yingshuang to the night market near the school to eat large food stalls. Xue yingshuang sat in front of a small table and stool on the side of the road and was slightly surprised: “would you eat this kind of food in college?”

He thought that Xing Yun had been an exquisite man who only ate high-end restaurants since college. Unexpectedly, Xing Yun would also eat such roadside stalls.

However, Xing Yun just looked at him and said honestly, “at that time, I didn’t earn money. How can I pretend to force?”

Xue yingshuang couldn’t help laughing. Xing Yun was so funny.


After the academic conference, the school’s curriculum gradually entered the track, and various assignments, quizzes and reports began to appear in each class.

Although Professor Ma didn’t ask Xue yingshuang to participate, Xue yingshuang didn’t fall behind in what students in the classroom should do.

Therefore, Xue yingshuang’s days are getting busier and busier day by day.

As soon as he was busy, he stayed longer at school and interacted more with his classmates.

That day, he asked Wang Hao a few questions. After Wang Hao answered, he took the fruit prepared before the accident as a gift of thanks.

“That’s very kind of you.” Wang Hao said, “it’s just a small matter.”

“Take up your experimental time. Of course, thank you very much.” Xue yingshuang said, “apples are all cut. Please eat them. It’s good for your health to supplement more vitamins.”

“Then I’m welcome.” Wang Hao also stopped pushing and ate generously.

Xue yingshuang happened to have a little space, so they talked a little.

“There are so few people like you, Wang Hao.”

Xue yingshuang: “this is home? Just cut a fruit.”

Xue yingshuang said, thinking of Xing Yun’s dragon fruit, and couldn’t help laughing.

Wang Hao thought he was laughing at what he said and said, “really, I won’t lie to you. The boss scolded us and said, look, Xue yingshuang can stew rock sugar Sydney. What can you do?”

Xue Ying was surprised. Is there such a thing?

Wang Hao smiled again and said, “it should be very happy to be your girlfriend.”

Xue yingshuang quickly shook his head: “I don’t harm others!”

Wang Hao smiled, ate another apple, and then asked, “I saw you in the night market after the meeting that day.”

Xue yingshuang: “Oh? I didn’t notice you.”

Wang Hao: “I didn’t bother you when I saw you with others.”

Xue yingshuang guessed that Wang Hao probably saw him with Xing Yun. Sure enough, the next second, he saw that Wang Hao’s expression was a little strange and whispered, “who… Was your boyfriend that day?”

Xue Ying was stunned: “ah? No! How can you guess so?”

Wang Hao smiled awkwardly: “I saw you eat the same kebab.”

Xue yingshuang didn’t notice this.

He usually eats mine and yours with Xing Yun. Although the relationship between them is a little awkward, this habit has not changed. That day they ate kebabs in the night market. That’s how they ate them separately.

Xue yingshuang explained, “we always eat like this.”

“Really…” Wang Hao nodded hesitantly.

What Xue yingshuang doesn’t know is that what Wang Hao sees is not a roasted string, but Xue yingshuang holding the string and another person eating with Xue yingshuang’s hand. His attitude is very intimate.

Xue yingshuang saw Wang Hao’s expression and hurriedly said, “he’s my boss.”

Wang Hao looked even more strange: “the boss will drive you to dinner…”

Xue yingshuang painted more and more black. Fortunately, Wang Hao didn’t ask again. They separated soon.

Afterwards, Xue yingshuang recalled this dialogue, and his heart was a little complicated.

In fact, he doesn’t care what others think of him. He doesn’t care what others think of him.

What he was afraid of was that others thought Xing Yun had to be with people like him.

What made him feel the most complicated was that he was a little, little… Happy when he heard that others misunderstood his relationship with Xing Yun.

Wake up, Xue yingshuang!

Xue yingshuang reminded himself countless times, wake up!


Xue yingshuang is busy, and Xing Yun is also busy.

Xing Yuncai was idle for a week and began a new round of busyness. He worked late every day.

When Xue yingshuang got home in the evening, Xing Yun didn’t go home.

At half past eleven, the door opened. Xue yingshuang was just about to go out to meet Xing Yun when his door opened.

Xing Yun shot into his arms like a shell. He was thrown to the bed by the momentum.

Xing Yun kissed him fiercely. After kissing, without waiting for him to curse, he immediately ran away.

“You…” Xing Yun came and went like the wind. Xue Ying couldn’t respond.

Xue yingshuang wiped the red mouth of Xing Yun with the back of his hand, and his face was also red.

This bully is too much!

After working overtime all night, I still have the energy to play with him like this!

Xue yingshuang stayed in the room for a while. He didn’t leave the room until he calmed down and showed the cold face of the hard-blooded worker again.

“Xing Yun, have you eaten?” Xue yingshuang said, “if you don’t eat, I’ll give it to you next?”

Xing Yun didn’t respond. Xue yingshuang was puzzled. He went to Xing Yun’s room and found that Xing Yun was asleep.

Xing Yun’s suit hasn’t been changed, and his socks are still wearing. His briefcase is beside the bed and he is lying on the bed and sleeping. Xue yingshuangdeng couldn’t cry or laugh when he ascended. I’m afraid I just spent the last drop of energy and wanted to rush over and kiss him.

Xue yingshuang goes up to help Xing Yun take off his socks, and reaches out to untie his tie and belt.

Xing Yun is probably tired. No matter how Xue yingshuang moves, he doesn’t respond at all. When Xue yingshuang finally covered him with a quilt, he suddenly heard him whisper, “Shuangshuang.”

Xing Yun hardly called him like this. Xue yingshuang was stunned when he heard such a call.

“Shuangshuang.” Xing Yun shouted again.

“What’s the matter?” Xue yingshuang lowered his voice and listened closely to what Xing Yun wanted to say.

Xing Yunhan said vaguely

Xue yingshuangyi didn’t hear clearly. Later, he found out that what he said was “will you kiss me too”.

For a moment, Xue yingshuang almost couldn’t help himself.

But he held back.

He felt that he should deal with the matter early, otherwise he would harm Xing Yun sooner or later.


After a few more weekends, Xing Yun’s busy life came to an end and went on a trip with Xue yingshuang.

Xue yingshuang didn’t intend to go, but Xing Yun asked him to go whatever he said.

Xing Yun was tough: “last time you stood me up, you agreed to make up for me with tourism.”

“I just want to go out with you.”

Then he continued to be tough: “don’t deduct money.”

After a while, he continued to be soft: “haven’t I performed well recently? Am I not qualified to go out with you?”

Finally, Xing Yun simply lay down on the ground and began to cheat: “I won’t go to work, the company will fall down, and I’ll pay your severance compensation at that time…”

Xue yingshuang was speechless: “are you going to take a naked loan to earn my compensation?”

Xing Yun insisted: “yes, you are ready to see my naked photos on various yellow nets. Anyway, you are not rare, someone is always rare.”

Xue yingshuang: ”

Xing Yun: “I can also sell bodies to old men as dogs.”

Xue yingshuang: “??”

In order to avoid Xing Yun becoming an old man’s dog, Xue yingshuang had to respond.

Xing Yun went to the hot spring resort with Xue yingshuang last time.

Xue Yun won so many cards on the way.

“Xing Yun, I’m not worth your liking.” Xue yingshuang said.

“Whether it’s worth it or not is up to the person who likes you, which is up to you.” Xing Yun replied to him, “I think you are good, you are good.”

Xue yingshuang: “I’m so good that anyone can replace me.”

Xing Yun: “then find me one.”

Xue yingshuang: “then you can use him as a substitute, and then you will forget me.”

Xing Yun: “you…”

This simply poked the pain of Xing Yun. Xing Yun said, “I like you and Bai Qianyi, but it has nothing to do with you. I like you just because you are you.”

At the hot spring resort, the topic is not over yet.

“It’s really beautiful here…” Xue yingshuang couldn’t help admiring the classical decoration in the resort. After admiring, he turned to Xing Yun and said, “look, I’m such a bumpkin who hasn’t seen the world.”

When we arrived at the hot spring pool in the room, Xue yingshuang still said, “you see, I just don’t keep my male virtue. We both have this kind of relationship, and we still go to the hot spring with you.”

Xing Yun frowned.

Xue yingshuang saw his reaction and immediately said, “do you finally know now?”

Xing Yun: “you are such a man who doesn’t abide by male virtue…”

Xue yingshuang: “I just don’t keep my male virtue.”

Xing Yun suddenly smiled: “in that case, it shouldn’t matter if I kiss a few times?”

Xue yingshuang: “??”

Xing Yun pounced on Xue yingshuang and wanted to kiss him. Xue yingshuang is busy trying to escape. They make a mess in the hot spring pool, and the water splashes everywhere.

Xing Yun has long hands and feet and moves fast. Xue yingshuang is not his opponent at all. Without a moment, he was kissed by Xing Yun in his arms.

A few days ago, Xing Yun kissed him like a dog licking people. But this time it was different. Xing Yun took it seriously. He put Xue yingshuang’s shoulder in his arms with one hand, and Xue yingshuang’s back brain with the other hand.

Compared with the green kiss in the laundry room, Xing Yun’s kiss is real and skilled.

Both of them were only surrounded by bath towels, and their bodies leaned against each other, as if they were igniting each other, which was a bit out of control.

“Xing Yun!” Xue yingshuang was almost suffocated by kissing. He was soaking in the hot spring pool. He was already a little on top. Now he couldn’t breathe, “I’m going to be kissed by you! You let me breathe!”

Xing Yun released him and dragged the man out of the pool.

It has entered spring. In the spring night, all things sprout, and the repressed emotion is almost uncontrollable.

Xing Yun hugs Xue yingshuang to the bed, holds the person down and kisses him again and again.

However, Xing Yun didn’t continue. He just looked at Xue yingshuang and almost begged: “try it with me. You don’t want me for a year, a month or a day. You can abandon me at any time.”

Xue yingshuang didn’t reply.

Xing Yun said, “Xue yingshuang, what are you afraid of?”

Xue yingshuang replied, “I don’t know.”


That night, they didn’t do anything after all. They just slept with each other all night.

The next day, their travel plan was to climb mountains.

They got up early in the morning and went to the restaurant in the resort for breakfast.

This is not the peak tourist season. There are not many people in the resort. They chose a corner with few people to sit in.

As soon as he sat down, Xing Yun tried to kiss Xue yingshuang. Xue yingshuang hid left and right, and the two fought secretly there.

“I didn’t kiss you yesterday. I’ll try my best today.”

“Don’t come!”

Xue yingshuang couldn’t dodge. Seeing that Xing Yun was about to succeed, he suddenly heard a roar from behind.

“Xing Yun!!!”

Xing Yun and Xue yingshuang immediately stopped and turned back.

In the distance, I saw a middle-aged woman standing there. The woman came towards them with angry eyes.

Xue yingshuang’s worker’s radar rang at once.

Intuition told him that this woman was Xing Yun’s mother.

Can I get dumped?

Xue Ying was reflexively overjoyed.


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