The Stand-in Refuses to Become a Regular Chapter 52

Ma peiluan and several sisters went on a trip. Just after having breakfast in the restaurant of the resort in the morning, she felt as if she saw her son.

She thought she saw something wrong, but after sitting down for a while, she heard her son’s voice again.

She turned her head and looked around the restaurant. Finally, she saw Xing Yun in the corner of the restaurant.

At that time, Xing Yun was flirting with a young man. She was very angry.

Day sex! obscene!

Ma peiluan came to Xing Yun’s table, and Xing Yun immediately stood up.

“Mom, let’s go back and talk!” Xing Yun stood in front of Xue Ying.

“Get out!” Ma peiluan pushed away Xing Yun, “I’ll see which fox spirit hooked your soul!”

Although Ma peiluan doesn’t live with Xing Yun, she can hear the trend of Xing Yun.

She heard that Xing Yun seems to have been in love for more than half a year. The other party is a person with a junior high school degree. Xing Yun loves the other party so much that he took him to Ma Zengyue.

She usually doesn’t have a chance to see Xing Yun and doesn’t care, but if people appear in front of her today, she can’t ignore it!

She pushed away Xing Yun and saw a young man in his early twenties sitting at the table.

She originally thought she would see some flirtatious little bitch, but Xue yingshuang is good-looking, still the good-looking of an honest man, and has the temperament of helping grandma across the street at any time. Xue yingshuang didn’t wear any tights or fart clothes, but wore a clean white shirt. At a glance, there was a black suit pants under it. He couldn’t be more honest.

Ma peiluan stared for a long time. Finally, he could only say, “old fashioned!”

Xing Yunnu: “how can you say that about him!”

Xue yingshuang thought, madam, you’re right!

Xue yingshuang is too excited. Xing Yun’s mother is similar to Xing Yun. Although she is in her fifties, she is well maintained, luxurious and beautiful, especially her big eyes, which are the same as Xing Yun’s dog eyes.

What excites Xue yingshuang most is her momentum. Like the president’s mother in the novel, Xue yingshuang always feels that she will pay a check in the next second.

Xue yingshuang smiles with anticipation.

Xue yingshuang looks happy when he has just been rejected as old-fashioned. Ma peiluan punches on cotton and is very dissatisfied. She said angrily, “if you don’t learn well at a young age, you’ll let someone keep it!”

Xue yingshuang nodded. I’m such a bad embryo. Take out the check quickly!

“Mom, it’s your son’s fault for pestering others.” When Xing Yun heard that his mother told him about the two men, he immediately became worried, “you should scold me!”

“Of course I scold you!” Ma peiluan turned his head and glared at Xing Yun angrily. “Are you stealing the chicken from home and sending it to him?”

Xue yingshuang’s smile was so low that he almost laughed.

But at this time, he was afraid that the president his mother thought he was retarded and would not take the check. He had to lower his head and grin.

Ma peiluan looked at his shoulder and thought he was crying. He was even more angry: “don’t pretend there! Did you instigate him to steal! Steal chicken now, what will you steal in the future?”

Xue yingshuang wants to laugh more. Ha ha, my God.

You can steal battery cars in the future!

The mother and son were seriously arguing. Seeing Xue yingshuang, Xing Yun looked down as if he was crying. He was heartbroken and hurriedly hugged Xue yingshuang.

“Mom, I’m serious with him.” Xing Yun said.

“Seriously? Even if you play, are you serious?” Ma peiluan hates iron and doesn’t become steel. “Bai Qianyi can forget it. At least the family background and education are there. Now, if you want education, you don’t have education, and if you want family background, your vision is getting worse and worse!”

namely! Consumption degradation!

Xue yingshuang agrees with her very much. She wishes she could say more and persuade Xing Yun to recognize the reality as soon as possible.

However, Xing Yun was really angry to hear others criticize Xue yingshuang, so he pulled Xue yingshuang up and left directly.

Ma peiluan angrily said, “where are you going? Dare you go and try!”

Xue yingshuang also thought, the check hasn’t come out yet. Where are you going?

However, Xing Yuntou didn’t turn back and took Xue yingshuang away.


Xing Yun took Xue yingshuang and went straight up the mountain.

They didn’t have breakfast and went up the mountain hungry. However, Xing Yun can no longer control so much. He is furious at the thought of his mother’s bad words about Xue yingshuang.

Xing Yun kicked stones along the road and didn’t speak angrily.

Xue yingshuang looked at him and comforted, “don’t be angry.”

Xing Yun gritted his teeth: “she told you to cry.”

Xue yingshuang: “I didn’t cry!”

Xing Yun: “you just cried like that!”

Xue yingshuang was embarrassed to say that he was just holding a smile. He said, “in fact, I think what she said is the truth. I have a bad education and family background. If you are with me, you will suffer too much.”

Xing Yun: “are you willing to have a family background? Aren’t you taking the education test? Where did I lose?”

Xing Yun said angrily, “do you want me to be bankrupt now and beg on the roadside before I am qualified to fall in love with you?”

Xue yingshuang: “you are the best, don’t do this…”

Xing Yun: “anyway, I’ll steal chicken. I’ll steal a battery car to raise you at that time.”

Xue has a bad mind about stealing a pair of batteries, but Xue has a bad mind about it.

“She did it for you.” Xue yingshuang can only say so.

Xing Yun was obviously in a bad mood. Xue yingshuang knew that it was useless to say more. He comforted him and said, “don’t be angry. I’ll play you a music and relax.”

Xing Yun glanced at him and motioned him to let go.

Xue yingshuang picked up his mobile phone and operated it.

Therefore, in the quiet mountains and forests, a song “listen to your mother” sounded leisurely.

“You’d better listen to your mother and fall in love later ~” Xue yingshuang looked at Xing Yun with encouraging eyes and motioned her to sing along, “listen to your mother and don’t hurt her ~”

Xing Yun almost died of anger.


On that day, Xing Yun took Xue yingshuang to the Wenqu star temple where he had been that day.

Xing Yun threw in the sesame oil money, held the incense in both hands, closed his eyes and sincerely thanked the God: “thank you for blessing Xue yingshuangping to arrive at the examination room safely, and thank you for blessing me that I didn’t have a brain at that time. The confession before Xue yingshuang’s examination affected his mood… Please also continue to bless Xue yingshuang, so that he can be healthy and safe in every examination… If you also care about love, also bless me to fall in love with Xue yingshuang earlier, please!”

He read a long string. When he opened his eyes, he found Xue yingshuang also holding incense and closed his eyes to pray.

“What did you ask?” After leaving Wenqu star temple, Xing Yun asked Xue yingshuang.

Xue yingshuang naturally said, “of course, I want to succeed in the exam. There are many exams recently. There are exams in school and self-study exams in April.”

Xing Yun nodded.

What Xue yingshuang didn’t say was that just now, he asked the gods to bless Xing Yun.

Bless Xing Yunjian’s health and peace and happiness in his life.

Of course, it would be more perfect if the president his mother threw a $10 million check in his face.


After the tour, the days are back on track.

After returning home that day, Xing Yun had another quarrel with his mother on the phone. Xue yingshuang didn’t hear what Xing Yun said in the room. He only heard Xing Yun yell at the end: “I’ll love him all my life! If you dare to let him go, I’ll wait for him all my life!”

Xue yingshuang was surprised. How can Xing Yun do this?

With such a long life and such a good Xing Yun, I’m sure I can meet better people. How can I be so stubborn?

At the end of the call, Xing Yun walked out of the door and talked to Xue yingshuang again.

“What I said that day didn’t lie to you. Try it with me. You don’t want me for a year, a month or a day. You can abandon me at any time. It doesn’t matter.”

Xing Yun said too pitifully, but Xue yingshuang felt that Xing Yun was stubborn.

He doesn’t deserve Xing Yun’s liking.

How can he make Xing Yun recognize him?


A few days later, Xue yingshuang meets Xing Yun’s mother.

That day, Xing Yun sent a message that he had to work overtime tonight and would go home later. As a result, Xue yingshuang just got home and Ma peiluan came to the door.

Ma peiluan’s appearance today is still elegant. She is wearing a white dress, with a huge pearl necklace around her neck and a famous brand handbag in her hand. She stands outside the door, full of air.

Xue yingshuangyi opened the door. She didn’t look at Xue yingshuangyi and walked in. She looked around the house, snorted, and finally sat down on the sofa.

Xue yingshuang immediately brought hot tea and fruit and said politely, “madam, please.”

Ma peiluan didn’t look at the snacks and asked, “how much do you want to leave my son?”

Xue Ying’s hands shook and the teacup he was about to put down almost fell over.


Here comes the check!

“Hum, you look down on her, and I persuade her to recognize her.”

Xue yingshuang didn’t speak and gritted his teeth.

He has fantasized about this scene too many times. Who hasn’t?

A rich lady threw money in his face and forced him to leave. Who doesn’t want such a good thing?

Xue yingshuang knew that he could not act rashly at this time because he had fantasized too many times.

This is an occasion for negotiation. We must be steady!

Sure enough, Ma peiluan saw that he didn’t speak and understood that he wouldn’t leave. Ma peiluan stared at him and said, “Xing Yun suffered a lot from childhood and finally got today. How can I tolerate others to hurt him?”

What a good mother! Xue yingshuang is very sad on the surface and happy for Xing Yun in the heart.

Ma peiluan took out the photos in his handbag and lined them up on the table. Those photos are full of young people, both men and women, with outstanding looks.

“These are the objects that others want to introduce to Xing Yun. Which one doesn’t look better than you?” Ma peiluan said, “they all have good family background, educational background and versatility. What do you think you can do better than them?”

Of course not!

Xue yingshuang was sure, but he still shook his head.

“Five million, leave him.” Ma peiluan offered.

“No,” said Xue yingshuang, holding back his impulse to agree. “We can’t shake with this money.”

Ma peiluan seemed to hear a joke and laughed.

“Young, you are too young.” Ma peiluan said with a smile, “now you think your love is unparalleled in the world. As time goes by and you face more reality, you will find how weak your love is. Do you have the same values? The same vision? The same plan for the future? Can you talk to his friend?”

“What can you give him?” Ma peiluan said, “you can’t afford it. You can only get it from him.”

Xue yingshuang hates that he didn’t record all the words of the president’s mother just now and broadcast them to Xing Yun every day.

That’s right. She’s right. That’s what Xue yingshuang has always thought.

His family background, education and character are not worthy of Xing Yun. What comes with it is that every detail of life may go wrong.

Xing Yun is so excellent that he can’t catch up with him. He is destined to live on Xing Yun.

And Xing Yun will realize all this one day.

“He will wake up one day. What will you do then?” Ma peiluan asked.

He didn’t want what to do. He just didn’t want Xing Yun because he missed a better person.

Xue yingshuang didn’t speak. Ma peiluan chuckled, “isn’t five million enough? OK, for the sake of taking care of him, ten million.”

Five million won’t shake us, but ten million will.

“I see what you mean. I’ll leave.” Xue yingshuang took a second to show that he recognized the facts and made a radical change. After his performance, he immediately brightened his eyes, “so before or after tax? Can you sign a gift contract?”

Ma peiluan: ”

“Ten million can send you away. He really likes only a man who is open to money. It’s OK to know someone with money.” Ma peiluan sneered disapprovingly and said simply, “after tax, are you satisfied?”

satisfied! I’m so satisfied!

He took five hundred and gave the other five hundred to Xing Yun as a rebate!


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