The Stand-in Refuses to Become a Regular Chapter 53

Seeing that Ma peiluan was very forthright and agreed to 10 million, Xue yingshuang was still very cautious: “let’s hire a lawyer.”

Ma peiluan glanced at him: “you don’t have to worry about it.”

Xue yingshuang said: “please define, madam, how can I be away from him? How far away? How long?”

“Of course, never appear in front of him!” Ma peiluan stared, “do you still think you are an artist? Ten million is enough for you to leave for a few days!”

Xue yingshuang is busy and skillfully says yes.

“However, there is one condition before you leave.” When Ma peiluan said this, his eyes turned cold.

Xue yingshuang listened with bated breath. He knew that the money was not so easy to earn.

He is ready to go to Africa or stay in a mine for a while.

Ma peiluan said, “you should first let him fall in love for a while.”

Xue yingshuangyileng didn’t expect this condition at all.

“Xing Yun has a bad temper. If you suddenly leave at this time, he must think that I forced you.” Ma peiluan said, “I don’t know what drama he will play to chase his wife at that time, and I don’t want to see it.”

“So you let him fall in love for a while. When the time comes, leave him and let him know that you are a person who can leave him at any time for money, okay?”

Ma peiluan looked decisively at Xue yingshuang.

Xue yingshuangdian: “I understand.”

Xue yingshuang understands very well.

He still remembers that day when he heard that Xing Yun said he would wait for him.

He is not worthy of Xing Yun’s doing so. Instead of letting Xing Yun wait for him, he might as well let Xing Yun hate him.

Of course, Xing Yun is so kind-hearted that he doesn’t hate him at all

However, he has long decided to leave Xing Yun as soon as the contract expires. Don’t continue to disturb Xing Yun.

That’s it. A three-month love affair is worth $5 million, which is very cost-effective for both of them.

“Let’s go to the end of June,” Xue yingshuang said. “My contract will end at the end of June.”

“OK.” Ma peiluan said, “it’s done. I’ll call you the money on time. I’ll buy you a ticket by the way. Go abroad to avoid Ma for a while.”

Xue yingshuang said yes.

“He will suffer a little loss now, so as not to suffer a big loss in the future.” Ma peiluan said, “don’t think you’re using any crooked ideas. The last person who hurt him lost the power of the Ma family. I hope you won’t be the next one.”


When Xing Yun returned home, he met Ma peiluan, who was just about to leave.

Seeing her at home, Xing Yun frowned and asked, “what are you doing here? What did you (say?”

Ma peiluan gave him a cold look: “what are you talking about? You give me a safe life! Stay at home and do something immoral all day!”

Ma peiluan said and left without looking back.

Xing Yun: ”

As soon as his mother left, Xing Yun immediately came forward to check whether there were more palm prints on xueyingshuang’s face.

However, Xue yingshuang has a clean face, no slap marks, and no traces of being splashed with hot water. Just looking at the equipment, she looks a little excited.

“What the hell did she say?” Xing Yun is nervous.

“She (said something to me.” Xue yingshuang said, “she cares about you very much.”

Xing Yun was suspicious: “really?”

Xue yingshuangdian: “really.”

Xing Yun still doesn’t believe it. He grabs the equipment, Xue yingshuang, and wants to check whether his nails have been pulled out.

However, he just grabbed Xue Ying’s hands. Xue Ying turned his hands and held his hands first.

Xing Yun: ”

Xue yingshuang: “Xing Yun, let’s fall in love!”

Xing Yun: “??”

Xing Yun stared and doubted that he had heard wrong: “so suddenly? Why?”

Xue Ying smiled: “haven’t you always asked me to try? I want to try.”

Xing Yun (he mentioned it several times and asked him to try to fall in love by himself. Xing Yun also said that it doesn’t matter to end this love at any time.

Xing Yun said so. They both made five million yuan each. Are you happy?

“The generation doesn’t have much time. It’s a waste of time not to hurry up.” Xue yingshuang said this and first reminded Xing Yun, “but I don’t know when it will end…”

“It doesn’t matter, even one day!” Xing Yun immediately said.

“Are you sure? You still have a chance to go back.”

“I’m sure!”

Xing Yun suddenly smiled. Xue yingshuang saw that his big dog’s eyes were full of joy. The whole person seemed to light up his equipment in an instant.

Xing Yun held the equipment Xue yingshuang and Xue yingshuang turned around in the air.

Xing Yun shouted, “I’m too worried!”

Xue yingshuang thought, if you know that there are five million functions to lead, you must be more worried!

It’s not enough for Xing Yun to turn Xue yingshuang around. He holds Xue yingshuang around the house, presses Xue yingshuang on the sofa, and turns Xue yingshuang around many times.

He kept laughing, and the whole room was filled with his laughter. Xue yingshuang was infected by him and couldn’t help laughing.

Xing Yun finally hugged Xue yingshuang in his arms and said excitedly, “I’m so worried!”

Xue yingshuang said with a smile, “what’s the good heart?”

Xing Yun: “you want me, I’m too anxious.”

Xing Yun asked again, “Xue yingshuang, you like me, don’t you?”

Xue yingshuangdian.

Xing Yun: “I want to listen to you.”

Xue yingshuang said, “Xing Yun, I like you.”

Xing Yun: “say it again!”

Xue yingshuang: “I like you.”

Xing Yun:“ I like you too! ”

Xing Yun smiled again, and Xue yingshuang laughed.

She smiled, but the smile on Xue Ying’s face faded.

He suddenly felt terrible.

But he immediately comforted himself that maybe Xing Yun saw through his sex in a few days, or was tired of kicking him.

He’s such a bad person. This kind of thing has a high function.

Then everyone will be happy.


That night, they made out after a long absence.

The two haven’t been intimate for months. They touch each other again, almost like crazy.

Xing Yun almost rubbed Xue yingshuang into his arms and kissed Xue yingshuang over and over. Xue yingshuang tries his best to cooperate. As long as Xing Yun likes it, he cooperates with everything.

“Xue yingshuang, say again that you like me.” Xing Yun kissed Xue yingshuang’s mouth.

“I like you, Xing Yun. I like you.” Xue yingshuang doesn’t remember how many times he said it tonight.

“Thank you.” Xing Yun said.

Right? Xue yingshuang thought.


Xue yingshuang had a rare night without study.

On the morning of the first day, Xue Ying had both back pain and back pain, but she still went to school to work.

At the thought of what happened yesterday, he is inevitably in a mixed mood.

But I think there are still three months left. If I have time to think about it, I’d better study hard. These three months are his last opportunity to study here, so I must take good advantage of it.

After work that day, Xue yingshuang went to the supermarket to buy vegetables.

He thought that since he wanted to fall in love, he would treat Xing Yun very well and let him spend the past three months wholeheartedly.

He went home after buying vegetables. It was still some time before Xing Yun got off work. He just had time to cook.

However, as soon as he hit the door, he saw Xing Yun’s leather shoes in the porch.

What time is this? Is Xing Yun back so early?

Xue yingshuang habitually put the dishes aside and went back to his room to put his bag. But when he hit the door of the second bedroom, his eyes widened.

Second bedroom, empty.

His desk disappeared and so did his bookcase. Call the wardrobe again, and the wardrobe is empty.

Where’s my stuff?

Xue yingshuang went out suspiciously and listened to the news from the study. When I hit the study, I saw that his desk and bookcase appeared in the study. Xing Yun was sucking hard and dragging the heavy bookcase alone.

“What are you doing?” Seeing this, Xue yingshuang hurried up to help.

Two people carry the bookcase, which is placed in one wall of the study. Xing Yun commanded Xue yingshuang again, adjusted their desks and arranged them in a row.

Looking at the modified study, Xing Yun put on a sweat: “in the future, we will learn the function and equipment.”

Xing Yun then took Xue yingshuang and said, “there’s something else for you to try.”

Xue yingshuang: ”

Xing Yun pulls Xue yingshuang to the master bedroom. As soon as Xue yingshuang enters the master bedroom, he finds that even the master bedroom has changed.

All his belongings were put into the master bedroom, while two sets of clothes were still on the bed.

Xing Yun said, “try it quickly, lovers’ home clothes.”

Xue yingshuang: ”

Xing Yun: “and this, couple slippers.”

Xue yingshuang: ”

Xing Yun: “couple underwear.”

Xue yingshuang: ”

Xing Yun took out all kinds of lovers’ supplies from every corner of the room, including but not limited to lovers’ bath towels, lovers’ toothbrushes and lovers’ ugly dog cups. A lot of things were piled in front of Xue Ying.

Xue yingshuang was surprised: “when did you prepare so many things?”

Xing Yun’s expression was complex, and he was a little proud of his bad intentions: “about two months ago.”

Xue yingshuang: “??”


Finally, Xue yingshuang was forced by Xing Yun to change into a couple’s home clothes. Xing Yun’s couple’s home clothes were designed by himself, with a white bottom and covered with colorful ugly dogs.

Xing Yun changed it himself. He took Xue yingshuang for a group photo and immediately sent it to Bai Qianyi as a show off.

Soon Bai Qianyi replied, “what’s this dress? It’s so ugly.”

Then the next one: “wait, what do you mean? Couple clothes?”

Looking at the news of Bai Qianyi’s clothes, Xing Yun frowned and said, “that guy thinks our clothes are ugly.”

Xue yingshuang looked down at his clothes while cooking.

Frankly, he thinks the dress… Looks good. He doesn’t understand why Bai Qian is easy to dislike ugliness, nor does he understand that Xing Yun’s painting “dog Cup” can’t be sold. It’s obviously very beautiful.

“I think it looks good.” Xue yingshuang said.

“Yes!” Xing yundian, “only you understand my aesthetics.”

As he spoke, Bai Qianyi called directly.

Xing Yun turned his mobile phone to hands-free and stood next to Xue yingshuang (Bai Qianyi spoke).

As soon as the phone was connected, Bai Qianyi was surprised and his voice came: “you two are in the same equipment? When did it happen?”

Xing Yun was proud: “last night!”

“I think you’re dreaming?” Bai Qianyi couldn’t believe it. “We are both willing (are you in the same equipment?”

“Hey.” Xing Yun smiled, “I feel like I’m dreaming. I’m so happy.”

Xue Ying’s hands stagnated and his right hand trembled slightly. He looked up at Xing Yun, saw Xing Yun smiling happily, and lowered his head again.

Think about it. Think about five million. Xue yingshuang comforted himself.

He took five million and flew away. And Xing Yun took five million yuan to print countless dog cups.

The world is so big that Xing Yun will always find someone who really deserves him and appreciates him.

It will.



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