The Stand-in Refuses to Become a Regular Chapter 54

Xue yingshuang has never been in love in his life. He thought whether he was in love or not was probably how to declare the difference of each other’s identity, as well as whether to kiss and have sex_ The difference between beds.

After all, he and Xing Yun already live together, and many things have been done together. There should not be much change after falling in love.

But more than a week after falling in love with Xing Yun, Xue yingshuang found himself very wrong.

After falling in love, Xing Yun is almost different from the one they met for the first time.

At that time, Xing Yun was noble, cold and gorgeous. He didn’t talk to people and didn’t like others to approach him.

Later, the two became closer. Xing Yun liked to stick to him. Xue yingshuang thought it was the ultimate.

But now, Xue yingshuang knows what is not the most sticky person, only the more sticky person.

“Hold.” When he got up early in the morning, the first thing for Xing Yun was to roll to Xue yingshuang and ask Xue yingshuang to hold him.

Xue yingshuang reached out and hugged him, and said, “you go to bed again, and I’ll make breakfast for you.”

Xing Yun didn’t want to let go. They pulled for a while before Xue yingshuang took Xing Yun off himself.

However, in the kitchen, Xue yingshuang just took out the eggs from the refrigerator. Xing Yun shot Xue yingshuang like a shell and hugged Xue yingshuang.

“What!” Xue yingshuang quickly raises the egg high for fear that it will be broken by Xing Yun.

“Make sure you’re still there.” Xing Yun rubbed and smelled around Xue Ying’s neck, “confirmation is over.”

Xing Yun ran again, but in less than a minute, he came back with his toothbrush. He brushed his teeth in the kitchen and didn’t want to be separated from Xue yingshuang for a moment.

With the interference of Xing Yun, Xue yingshuang lags behind in making breakfast. It’s not easy to finish breakfast, leaving him little time. He hurried into the bathroom, checked his appearance and went to the bathroom.

Just as he took off his pants, he heard the sound of a rope coming from the door. Turning back, he saw that Xing Yun was about to drill in through the crack of the door.

Xue yingshuang: ”

There are many toilets at home. Xue yingshuang went to the toilet in the second bedroom, so he didn’t lock the door, leaving a crack in the door. It’s this crack. Xing Yun is sticking his head in from there.

Xue yingshuang was surprised and immediately rushed forward to close the door and lock it. He shouted, “I want to go to the bathroom, you go out!”

Outside the door, Xing Yun scratched the door with his fingernails: “I want to accompany you.”

Xue yingshuang: “No.”

Xing Yun: “I can cheer for you. Come on! Xue yingshuang!”

Xue yingshuang: “no!”

Xing Yun: “don’t you love me anymore?”

Xue yingshuang is going crazy. How can Xing Yun be so sticky?

Xing Yun is really sticky. It seems that if he doesn’t see him for a few minutes, he will disappear out of thin air. After Xue yingshuang made a quick decision and went out, he saw Xing Yun lying on the sofa with a face of resentment.

“Isn’t this coming?” Xue yingshuang touches Xing Yun’s head.

Although Xing Yun was sticky, he was easy to coax. Xue yingshuang touched him twice, and he was well again. He was happy and knocked down Xue yingshuang, which was another crazy rub.

“You are the best to me.” Xing Yun said.

I’m not good to you, Xue yingshuang thought.

Mingming thought that five million yuan should be happy, but Xue yingshuang couldn’t be happy when he saw that Xing Yun smiled so carefree.

Forget it, Xue yingshuang told himself.

Don’t think about it. He is such a ruthless person. He should be happy.


They went to work respectively, but Xing Yun didn’t stop and sent messages to Xue Ying from time to time. He once talked about the employees of roast, the manufacturers of roast, and then sent funny videos. When he had nothing to say, he sent a bunch of expression packs.

Xue yingshuang is usually very serious in class and hardly touches his mobile phone.

He wailed in his heart. How can Xing Yun say so much? Didn’t he go out together in the morning? While thinking, he couldn’t help sneaking back to Xing Yun.

He went back to Xing Yun while having class. In the end, he missed copying his notes.

He usually takes the most complete notes. If anyone misses something in class, it must be right to borrow his notes. But for the first time after class, Xue yingshuang borrowed notes from others to copy.

While taking notes, Xue yingshuang thought, I will never be distracted again!

An hour later, Xue yingshuang sneaked back to Xing Yun in the office.

Usually, when Professor Ma has nothing to tell him, he sits quietly at a small table to study. But as the book stand on the table today, he is holding a pen in one hand and returning to Xing Yun in the other.

“Xue yingshuang!” Suddenly Professor Ma called him.

He was guilty of being a thief and stood up immediately. Professor Ma was startled by him and glared at him.

Professor Ma frowned: “take the test paper and get the score.”

Xue yingshuang was nervous when he heard the word “examination paper”.

Recently, he took a lot of quizzes in class. Although the test papers were printed by Xue Ying, he never peeked in advance. It was only when the test papers were issued that he saw the test papers like other students.

Because of this, he was frightened every time he took the exam. Professor Ma’s exam paper was too difficult.

“What’s your expression?” When Professor Ma gave him the examination paper, he looked nervous.

Xue yingshuang said honestly, “I’m afraid I’m poor in the exam.”

Professor Ma gave him a blank look: “don’t you know whether you have read or not?”

Xue yingshuang looked down and saw that his examination paper was at the top.

He got a high score in the exam!

High score!

Xue yingshuangdeng laughed. Professor Ma looked at him like that and didn’t bother to talk about him.

Xue yingshuang smiled and said, “thank you, teacher!”

Professor Ma: “you got it yourself. What’s the matter with me?”

Xue yingshuang still smiles. Suddenly he remembered something, took out a printed paper from his schoolbag and said, “teacher, can I ask some questions?”

Professor Ma glanced at him and motioned him.

“I’ve read several papers recently, and I don’t understand a few questions.” Speaking of this, Xue yingshuang was afraid that Professor Ma disliked him and asked him stupid questions. He added, “I have discussed with Wang Hao and other students, but I haven’t discussed the results.”


Xue yingshuang truthfully said the question. This time, Professor Ma didn’t scold him, but answered the question carefully for him. This was the first time he had privately asked Ma Zengyue a question. Hearing the teacher’s answer, he quickly took notes.

“Finally know to read the paper.” Ma Zengyue “hum” twice, “still make progress.”

Xue yingshuang smiled awkwardly. Although he couldn’t understand it in the ordinary group meeting, he listened more, gained more or less, and knew how to read the paper.

He was still happy that the teacher was willing to solve his doubts. Suddenly, Professor Ma said again, “the report you handed back in last time is not bad.”

Xue Ying’s eyes widened.

“There are a few places that can go deeper.” Professor Ma said, “well, you start to help in the laboratory tomorrow and get more knowledge.”

The teacher told him to go to the lab! The teacher let him go to the lab!

The work done in the laboratory needs to be professional. Mr. Ma asked him to go to the laboratory, which is an recognition of his ability.

Xue yingshuang was so happy that he almost jumped up when he returned to his small table.

At this time, a teacher came to the office to find Ma Zengyue. Xue yingshuang said hello to the teacher. The teacher also smiled at him and casually asked Ma Zengyue, “who is this?”

“I’m a student,” Ma Zengyue said

Xue yingshuang heard this and stared again. He could hardly believe his ears.

You know, when Ma Zengyue introduced him, he always said he was a “busboy”. Now he has been promoted to the status of “student”

This is of great significance to Xue yingshuang. He grabbed his mobile phone and wanted to tell Xing Yun this great good thing at the first time. Xing Yun must be very happy to know it.

However, after typing, Xue yingshuang suddenly stopped one second before his finger pressed the send key.

What is he doing? Just now I was thinking about how Xing Yun talked so much. Now I want to send a message to Xing Yun again

He is a liar. He even wants to taste the happiness of falling in love like others?


But I have to admit that Xue yingshuang still feels happy. When someone can share their happiness, the happiness is doubled.

At dinner, Xue yingshuang told Xing Yun about it. As soon as Xing Yun heard this, he immediately raised his head from the rice basin and didn’t even care to eat.

Xing Yun: “you’re great, too!”

Xue yingshuang smiled, “it’s nothing.”

Xing Yun: “it’s nothing. He will let you enter the laboratory after you have only been to school for more than half a year. It’s not because you work too hard. Your efforts are not only reflected in your grades, but also seen by the teachers.”

Xue yingshuang was embarrassed to be praised.

Xing Yun said again, “you are really my model.”

Xing Yun said it himself and smiled again: “God, I can’t help laughing just when I think of it now.”

Seeing Xing Yun laughing, Xue yingshuang also laughed.

Being praised so much by Xing Yun, he even had the illusion that he was actually good.

He’s a terrible man.


Xue yingshuang began to help in the laboratory.

In fact, he can do little, but it is also a great help for his study to be able to get in touch with the projects being studied, learn to read data and practice writing code.

It was already dark when he came out of the laboratory that day.

He discussed problems with several classmates along the way and suddenly realized that it was getting late.

“I’ll go back first.” Xue yingshuang said goodbye to her classmates and hurried out of school.

However, he only took a few steps, and a dark shadow came out. At a glance, it was Xing Yun.

Xue yingshuang was surprised: “Why are you here?”

Xing Yun smiled proudly: “I miss you and come to pick you up.”

At this time, there was no one in the teaching building. Xing Yun looked and took Xue yingshuang’s hand. Their hands are big and small. They just hold them together.

Xing Yun said with adoration on his face: “just now I heard you discussing problems with others. It’s so handsome that you look like a scholar.”

Xue Xiaoshuang said, “don’t die when you hear others!”

However, Xing Yun still adores: “sure enough, you were right to choose a computer major at the beginning.”

Just then, several students appeared at the corner without warning. Wang Hao happened to be walking in front of him, and the next few were all graduate students under Professor Ma’s door. As soon as they saw Xue yingshuang, they greeted Xue yingshuang.

As soon as Xing Yun saw them, he immediately released his hand held by Xue yingshuang and retreated slightly.

Xing Yun never taboo other people’s eyes and dare to hold hands with Xue yingshuang in public. At this time, he loosened up, just worried about Xue yingshuang’s classmates and was afraid that Xue yingshuang didn’t want to be public.

Xue yingshuang glanced at Xing Yun and understood what Xing Yun meant almost instantly.

So Xue yingshuang took Xing Yun’s hand again and turned to greet the other students: “are you going back?”

Wang Hao met Xing Yun and heard Xue yingshuang say that Xing Yun was his boss. At this time, Wang Hao was stunned to see them holding hands. Several other students are also straight men. They are surprised to see this picture.

Xue yingshuang, with an ordinary face, introduced them: “this is my boyfriend.”

Several other people recovered and hurriedly said, “Hello!”

Xing Yun was no less surprised than those students. He turned to look at Xue yingshuang, and his big eyes widened.

Xue yingshuang has admitted our relationship with others

Xue yingshuang told others that I was his boyfriend!

Xing Yun’s tail tilted high and held Xue yingshuang’s hand tighter.


After returning home, Xing Yun was still very happy.

“You introduced me to them!” Xing Yun picked up Xue yingshuang in colorful dog clothes and turned around, “you’re so brave!”

“Is that all right?” Xue yingshuang couldn’t laugh or cry.

At that time, he turned to look at Xing Yun and found that although Xing Yun let go, he looked a little lonely. So I blurted out without thinking.

But he didn’t expect that Xing Yun could be so happy.

Xing Yun turned Xue yingshuang several times, and finally threw the man into bed and pressed him over.

Xing Yun looked at Xue yingshuang and said with a bad smile, “do you like me very much?”

Xue yingshuang nodded.

Xing Yun smiled and kissed him.

That day, Xing Yun was happy and had a little late with Xue yingshuang. After that, Xing Yun slept. Although Xue yingshuang was tired, he couldn’t sleep.

He thought of Xing Yun’s happy appearance and thought that this person was really easy to satisfy. It was such a small thing

At first, Xing Yun he knew was like a dog in another family. He was noble, cold and gorgeous, and no one could touch him.

Later, Xing Yun was like a stray dog. He had a distance from people, but he couldn’t help but want to go home with people.

At this time, Xing Yun, like a little dog with a home, spins around his master every day to show his love for his master. As long as the master gives him a little love and touches his head, he can wag his tail wildly with joy.

Xue yingshuang thought and stretched out his hand.

When he touched Xing Yun, his hand stopped again.

For a moment, he moved slightly and touched Xing Yun’s head.

Late at night, Xing Yun frowned and subconsciously approached Xue yingshuang. Xue yingshuang reached out and hugged him, then patted him on the back to appease him. After a while, Xing Yun opened his eyes vaguely.

Xue yingshuang whispered, “what’s the matter?”

Xing Yun said in a muffled voice, “I have a nightmare.”

Xue yingshuang asked, “what did you dream of?”

Xing Yun: “I dreamed that you didn’t want me and said everything was false.”

Xue Ying’s hands stagnated, but Xing Yun laughed again, hugged him and said, “fortunately, it’s just a dream.”

Xue yingshuang doesn’t understand.

Why do people like themselves who can do everything for money feel heartache when they hear this sentence?

Obviously he has no heart.


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