The Stand-in Refuses to Become a Regular Chapter 59

In the living room, Ma peiluan is like a queen sitting on a single sofa, while Xing Yun and Xue yingshuang are sitting on a three seat sofa, like children waiting to be lectured by the teaching director.

Although Ma peiluan reached an agreement with Xue yingshuang, after two months, she was not only afraid of Xue yingshuang’s repentance, but also afraid of any mistakes. Therefore, she wanted to make a surprise attack to see what pornographic caves her son lived in.

However, in the imagination_ The chaotic picture didn’t appear. The home was as neat as when she came last time. They weren’t doing anything strange, and they didn’t wear anything

“That’s no clothes, no taste.” Ma peiluan looked at their colorful dog clothes and felt ugly. The style of the dress is ordinary. It’s an ordinary white pajama. But ugly is ugly. It is printed with dogs of various colors. The color of some dogs is still gradual. It’s really earthy, and the soil is dregs!

When Xing Yun heard her criticism, he was shocked: “you said my favorite clothes…”

Before Xing Yun finished speaking, Xue yingshuang pressed his hand and wouldn’t let him speak.

Ma peiluan looked at their small movements and sneered.

“Madam, you eat fruit.” Xue yingshuang went into the kitchen, took an extra set of forks and plates, put them in front of Ma peiluan, and poured a cup of warm water.

Today’s fruits are watermelon and grapes. The cut watermelon is just the size of the entrance, and the grapes have been peeled and treated cleanly.

“You don’t have to act in front of me.” Ma peiluan obviously thought that Xue yingshuang’s set was specially made for her to see, “what you usually look like now, you don’t have to pretend.”

Xing Yun replied coldly, “it’s really not like this. Usually he not only peels me, but also feeds me.”

Xue yingshuang: ”

The scene was embarrassing. Ma peiluan didn’t speak and Xing Yun didn’t speak. There was no way. Xue yingshuang had to find a movie and start playing it.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Fuck, ha ha!”

“Isn’t that ok?”

“Why didn’t he take it first just now?”

Not long after the film began, Xing Yun and xueyingshuang began to roast. Ma peiluan saw that the two of them were close together. He laughed and talked about the plot all at once. He talked a lot and didn’t stop for a moment.

Ma peiluan endured for a few minutes and finally couldn’t bear it.

“Is the actor acting or are you acting! Talk so much and talk about crosstalk!”

They were immediately quiet.

But it was quiet for only two or three minutes. After a while, a funny plot appeared, and they began to laugh again.

Ma peiluan glanced coldly and saw that they were closer together, laughing and biting their ears. That whisper looks more annoying than just now!

Ma peiluan glared at Xue yingshuang. This is the man who has ruined my son’s taste!


In the middle of the movie, Ma peiluan couldn’t watch it and went back to her guest room.

She walked around the guest room. The first thing was to look at every corner of the guest room, even the ditch of the window.

However, what she saw can only be explained by the word “clean”.

Clean, very clean, without any dust.

Although Xue yingshuang doesn’t do housework eight hours a day now, he still cleans the house inside and outside every weekend, even the unused guest room.

For this reason, Ma peiluan tried his best, but he couldn’t find any problems.

When she came to the bedside, a cup, a cold kettle and a hot kettle were placed on the small table by the bedside. She raised her eyebrows and opened the hot kettle. She saw that the hot water in it was still steaming and had just been burned.

Then to the bathroom, the bathroom also put a new set of toiletries, even skin care products.

It’s just like staying in a hotel.

“Hum.” Ma peiluan snorted.

Is everything ready?

She doesn’t believe she can’t catch Xue yingshuang!

After taking a bath, Ma peiluan left the guest room again. The film has been broadcast. Xing Yun and Xue yingshuang are not in the living room.

Ma peiluan went around Xing Yun’s house to find out something wrong. But the house was clean and tidy, and there were no sundries or strange places. Although there are a lot of things in the refrigerator, they are all kept in the fresh-keeping box. They are stacked neatly. There are no leftovers that have been placed for several days, let alone a little peculiar smell.

According to her understanding of her son, Xing Yun can’t have the ability to do housework. Xue yingshuang must have done it.

Hum, Ma peiluan can only hum.

Out of the kitchen, she walked around the house again.

Suddenly, she heard something coming from the master bedroom. She frowned, stepped forward quickly and suddenly opened the door.

Drink! Just show her what they are doing!

Behind the door, Xue yingshuang and Xing Yun were both in bed.

Xing Yun lies on his side on the bed. Xue yingshuang holds a hair dryer in one hand and a comb in the other. He combs Xing Yun’s hair and blows Xing Yun’s hair neatly and smoothly.

Xing Yun’s eyes were closed, so comfortable that the whole person melted and deformed, and couldn’t help making a happy “hum”.

The master bedroom is warm, and the whole room emits holy light.

Ma peiluan: ”

Why is there the illusion that her son is spoiled into a dog?


The first night, Ma peiluan failed.

She was never an early riser, but in order to catch Xue yingshuang’s pigtail, she set an alarm clock the next day and got up at 6:30.

Xue yingshuang must still be sleeping so early!

However, she just walked out of the guest room and heard something coming from the kitchen.

In the kitchen, the pot on the stove was boiling, and the steamer on one side was emitting white steam. The whole kitchen was filled with fragrance. Xue yingshuang was busy shuttling through the kitchen in an apron.

Ma peiluan watched it for a long time. At last, he had nothing to say but “hum”.

“Good morning, madam.” Xue yingshuang smiled at Ma peiluan, “do you have coffee in the morning?”

“No.” Ma peiluan stared.

“Still want to make tea?”

“I don’t have that spare time.”



“How about some soy milk?”

“I don’t drink soy milk made outside!”

“I made it this morning. It’s just cooked.”


Finally, Xue yingshuang brought Ma peiluan just cooked hot soybean milk. Soybean milk is made by Xue yingshuang himself. It is rich and mellow. It is completely different from the kind of soybean milk soaked with powder and diluted like water.

Matched with soybean milk is a bowl of seafood porridge boiled with rice grains and a drawer of small steamed stuffed buns.

Ma peiluan couldn’t find anything wrong. Finally, he could only say, “it doesn’t taste very good.”

Xue yingshuang didn’t reply, just smiled.

At the beginning of seven o’clock, Xing Yun woke up.

Xing Yun yawned and came to the kitchen. His mind was not quite clear. When he suddenly saw his mother, he was startled and jumped to Xue Ying.

Xue yingshuang touched his back to comfort him, and he woke up a little.

Early in the morning, the mother and son looked at each other speechless.

Xing Yun is not an early riser. He usually struggles to get up for work and breakfast, which he inherited from his mother.

Ma peiluan got up early this morning. At this time, she ate comfortably. She was really sleepy and had no strength to fight with Xing Yun.

Finally, Ma peiluan gave up.

After breakfast, there were a few cold grunts and went back to bed again.


Near eleven o’clock, Ma peiluan finally had enough sleep.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she showed her shrewd eyes and got out of bed ready to attack again. But before she opened the door, she heard a buzzing sound outside.

“What’s the noise in broad daylight?” Ma peiluan suddenly opened the door.

Outside the door, Xing Yun, who was vacuuming the floor with a vacuum cleaner: “what

Ma peiluan was shocked when she saw her son doing housework for the first time. For a moment, she forgot what to say next.

A few seconds later, Ma peiluan frowned: “what are you doing?”

Xing Yun also frowned: “can’t you see?”

Ma peiluan was speechless, and Xing Yun said, “let me.”

After Xing Yun finished, he went in and sucked the guest room around, and the action was quite smooth.

At more than eleven o’clock, Xing Yun went into the kitchen.

Ma peiluan waited outside the kitchen for a while until laughter came from inside. Then he suddenly opened the door again and made a surprise attack!

However, the expected picture didn’t appear. Xue yingshuang didn’t know what joke he said. Xing Yun laughed beside him, that’s all.

As soon as they saw her coming, they calmed down and stopped laughing.

Ma peiluan walked around the kitchen with his hands on his back, trying to find fault.

Ma peiluan was born in a scholarly family. She was a pampered young lady since childhood. Later, she married a rich businessman and didn’t work for a few days at all.

She looked at Xue yingshuang’s quick movements and couldn’t find anything wrong. She could only skim her mouth and looked disapproval.

Suddenly, she saw something at the tip of her eyes.

She provoked those dishes of different sizes in the basin and sneered: “whoever does what, even a vegetable leaf is cut crooked. Sure enough, the heart is not right, and the work is not right.”

With that, she cast a winning look at Xue yingshuang.

Xue yingshuang: ”

Xing Yun: “I cut it.”

Ma peiluan immediately turned his head and said, “you are the one who scolds!”


At lunch, Xing Yun’s restaurant is rarely used.

Usually they don’t eat while watching TV in the living room, or eat at the small table in the kitchen nearby. Today, in order to cooperate with Xing Yun’s mother’s arrival, I ate in the restaurant.

The table is full of dishes, including fish and meat, meat and vegetables, balanced nutrition, less oil and salt, but it is not too light.

At first, Ma peiluan wanted to be picky about eating unhealthy, but after looking around, she didn’t have to be picky. She couldn’t help but think the food wasn’t hot enough. However, at first glance, there was a food heating plate under the plate. From the first bite to the last, the food was hot.

It seems that at last she looked at Xing Yun.

At this time, Xing Yun is eating in a stainless steel rice basin, which is as big as a face and contains half of the rice. Xing Yun eats very delicious.

Ma peiluan wanted to dislike Xue yingshuang and let Xing Yun eat in a rice basin and treat people like dogs. But before she opened her mouth, she saw her son eating very well, his whole face was radiant and his spirit was better than before. She stopped again.

The three had a quiet meal. Occasionally, Xing Yun said something. Xue yingshuang laughed and then calmed down again. In another two minutes, Xing Yun could not hold back and said two more words. Xue yingshuang laughed again. Such a cycle continued.

Ma peiluan listened silently and scooped another spoonful of seafood custard she had never touched before. When you scoop it, you can see that the egg soup is honeycomb and tastes old. She was overjoyed, as if a traveler in the desert had found an oasis.

“Such a simple thing can’t be done well.” Ma peiluan sneered, “I can’t do basic things. I want to do some tricks. I don’t know how to be down-to-earth.”

With that, she cast a victorious look at Xue yingshuang again.

Xue yingshuang: ”

Xing Yun: “I did that.”

Ma peiluan turned his head again: “you are the one to scold!”

Ma peiluan is so angry that he scolds Xing Yun. Is Xing Yun a fool? You can’t do anything well!

She saw that the biggest problem in the whole house was this criminal cloud!

Xing Yun didn’t realize her anger. Being scolded like this, he was not sad, but excited. He finally got a chance to talk!

Xing Yun said: “I just started to learn how to make egg soup these two days. The first time I made it by myself, I couldn’t even shape it. Later, Xue yingshuang taught me…”

For the first time in his life, Xing Yun learned to cook. Although he was not too successful, he was proud and excited. He couldn’t help talking about his cooking process.

Ma peiluan listened without saying a word. In her understanding, Xing Yun’s words are few and calm. Usually, when the mother and son eat, she always asks and Xing Yun answers, jumping word by word and can’t speak. There are almost no scenes like now.

Xing Yun doesn’t often laugh. She hasn’t seen the picture of her eyebrows and eyes bent when talking at this time.

Xing Yun changed, like a different person.

Thinking of this, Ma peiluan turned his eyes and secretly looked at Xue yingshuang.

Xing Yun is still talking, while Xue yingshuang is like a clapper, and he should respond twice from time to time. And Xue yingshuang didn’t deal with it. His eyes followed Xing Yun all the time, with a smile on his face. The worship and love in his eyes could not be hidden, as if Xing Yun had saved the world by making the egg soup.

At that moment, Ma peiluan knew that Xue yingshuang could not be settled by money.


After lunch, Xue yingshuang and Xing Yun washed the dishes and cleaned up together.

After a short rest, they went to the study.

Ma peiluan took the opportunity to swing around in the master bedroom, but there was nothing strange in the master bedroom. Except for a dog chain, everything was normal, so she had to put the target back to the study.

When I finished dinner, I thought she was going to sneak into the study twice. However, I was sure she didn’t want to sneak into the study.

She saw only two people sitting in front of their desks. Xue yingshuang was reading while Xing Yun was typing on the computer screen.

Ma peiluan was immediately disappointed.

“Mom, what are you looking forward to these two days?” Xing Yun finally couldn’t help it. “Every time you come in without knocking, do you think you’ll see anything? We’re usually like this. It’s nothing to look at!”

“Who wants to see you! Boring!” Ma peiluan dropped a sentence, raised his chin, shook the door and left.

In the study.

At the moment the door was closed, Xing Yun immediately kicked his foot, slid his chair, slid to Xue yingshuang, kissed Xue yingshuang, and then slid back to his seat.

“We must envy her.” Xing Yun said.

Xue yingshuang smiled and said nothing.

In the afternoon, Xing Yun had something to do temporarily and went out.

As soon as Xing Yun stepped out, Ma peiluan came to the study.

The two tacitly understood that Ma peiluan said, “don’t think I’m just looking for trouble when I’m idle. Let me talk to you.”

Xue yingshuang nodded: “I have something to tell my wife, too.”


In the study, Ma peiluan sat in front of Xing Yun’s desk.

Xing Yun’s desk was in a mess, with a pile of documents, reports and various product catalogs stacked together. Ma peiluan picked up several documents, turned them over and threw them back. He picked up the wooden dog placed next to the screen, looked at it, and then threw it back.

“Say what you have to say.” Ma peiluan doesn’t look at Xue yingshuang either.

No major events have happened in the past two days, but Xue yingshuang is very clear that today’s dialogue is the real purpose of Ma peiluan’s visit.

He waited for this day for a long time and finally came.

Xue yingshuang took a deep breath, thought about Xing Yun in his heart, summoned up courage and said calmly, “madam, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time for more than two months. I don’t want the money. I want to continue to be with Xing Yun.”

“I really love Xing Yun. I don’t want money. I just want him.”

As soon as he had finished his words, Ma peiluan laughed, with a crisp laugh.

“Thought you were going to say something?” Ma peiluan’s drooping big eyes similar to Xing Yun looked at Xue Ying Shuangyi, “that’s what they are? They’re laughing to death!”

Xue yingshuang remained unmoved and continued: “now I may not be worthy of Xing Yun, but I will work hard. After I get my undergraduate degree, I will continue to take the postgraduate entrance examination…”

“Do you think you deserve him after taking the postgraduate entrance examination?” Ma peiluan smiled and raised his eyebrows. “Then why doesn’t he just find someone with a doctor’s degree and find you? Oh, whimsical.”

Xue yingshuang wanted to retort, but Ma peiluan didn’t give him a chance to speak: “I’m coming back to remind you not to use any crooked ideas. When it’s time for you to go, you have to go and have no other choice.”

“I won’t go.”

“Why?” Ma peiluan said, “there are many people who want to be with him. Why should you stay with him?”

Ma peiluan’s tone was aggressive, and Xue Ying was speechless when he won the double one.

Yes, why?

After falling in love with Xing Yun for more than two months, Xue yingshuang’s heart is constantly struggling.

From the beginning, he felt that he didn’t deserve Xing Yun. Sooner or later, Xing Yun saw through him. It’s better for him to take the initiative to let Xing Yun hate himself. Later, he realized that he was not so bad. He could work hard to become a person worthy of Xing Yun.

He thought he had thought it through, but now he was asked by Ma peiluan, but he didn’t know how to answer.

For what? Because he loves Xing Yun?

He knew that when he said this, he would only get Ma peiluan’s ridicule.

What if he loves Xing Yun? How much is his love worth? There are millions of people who are willing to love Xing Yun in the world. Why should he?

Ma peiluan saw that he was speechless and knew that he could not answer.

“For people like you, how can I give Xing Yun to you at ease?”

Ma peiluan smiled triumphantly and said briskly, “don’t think that telling him about money will turn things around. If he knew you were so open-minded about money, he would hate you earlier. I think he is still hot in love, so you should cherish these days more. When the time comes, I will let him know. You know what will happen then.”

Xue yingshuang opens his mouth to say something, then lowers his head again and laughs at himself.

In fact, he knows very well that he always wants to brainwash himself with money. Thinking about taking money, I’m not afraid of anything. It’s best for Xing Yun to hate himself. He will let Xing Yun hate himself and never like a rotten man like him again.

But now he’s afraid. He’s afraid that Xing Yun hates himself.

He Xue yingshuangtian is not afraid, but there is such a day.

“Take it.” Ma peiluan threw the ticket on his desk, “it’s time to go.”


“The teaching director is gone?”

When Xing Yun came back, his mother had already gone home.

Xue yingshuang nodded. Xing Yun immediately laughed, rushed over and hugged Xue yingshuang. He rubbed fiercely and licked two mouthfuls.

“I’m suffocating.” Xing Yun looked up and said, “didn’t she bully you just now?”

Xue yingshuang shook his head and smiled: “she’s your mother. How can she bully me?”

Xing Yun came up and kissed him: “you are the best in the world. She must like you.”

Xue yingshuang didn’t say anything, but smiled.

He can only laugh, and there are few days left to laugh.

After Ma peiluan returned, Xue yingshuang realized that there were only two or three weeks left until the end of his contract with Xing Yun.

He was lucky enough to think that he would write off the ten million yuan. He and Xing Yun went on happily.

At this moment, he knew that there were not many days left for them.

He was not a character who would complain to others. At this time, he was afraid that Xing Yun hated him, and he didn’t dare to tell Xing Yun about it.

He dresses as if nothing had happened during the day, but he can’t control it in the dead of night.

At night, Xing Yun woke up.

When he woke up vaguely, he saw Xue Ying frowning and whispering in his sleep.

“Sorry…” Xue yingshuang murmured, “I hurt you…”

“Sorry what?” Xing Yun touched Xue yingshuang’s head and took him to his arms. “You can do anything to me. You don’t need to be sorry.”

Xue yingshuang in the dream seems to have heard another “sorry”.


In mid June, the University also came to the end of the term.

Final exams, papers, group presentations, all kinds of things swarmed in. Xue yingshuang is a bystander. He is not divided into a group with the students taking classes. He must complete all kinds of group homework alone, which is particularly stressful.

He thought that being busy would make him forget everything, but the fact proved that the shadow had been pressing on his heart and could not be removed.

Finally, Xue yingshuang made a mistake.

In fact, it’s not a big mistake. It’s Professor Ma’s program homework. He changed several versions and finally handed over the first version full of bugs. Professor Ma opened his file and immediately got angry.

Good to die, Professor Ma told him three minutes ago to make four copies of the materials. As a result, when he brought them back, he brought back ten copies in total.

“Just go away!” Professor Ma’s roar rang through the office.

Xue yingshuang stood up straight at once.

“It’s like losing your mind to do things!” Professor Ma glared at Xue yingshuang angrily. “You’re just this age. What’s your trouble? Do your work, read your books, do what you want, and be full of messy things every day!”

Professor Ma hasn’t yelled at Xue yingshuang for a long time. Xue yingshuang seems to wake up.

Professor Ma did not intend to let him go, but continued to scold: “how long did Xing Yun beg to get you in? Is that your attitude and worthy of him?”

Xue Ying was stunned.

Professor Ma stared at him again when he saw that he was out of condition. Professor Ma grabbed a stack of paper from the drawer and threw it on the table: “look carefully for yourself!”

That’s a pile of letters, Xing Yun’s handwritten letters.

When he opened the first letter, he saw that Xing Yun’s neat handwriting was full of stationery.

“… uncle, Xue yingshuang is a hard-working man. He came from a bad background, but he never gave up studying. I admire his spirit very much. He is a studious man and aims to become a programmer. At present, he has passed the self-examination and obtained the college diploma of computer major…”

Xing Yun attached the results of Xue yingshuang’s self-taught college entrance examination. Those scores can be printed on the computer, but Xing Yun didn’t do so. He chose to write them down by himself. He wrote down the scores of each subject one by one.

Those scores are the pride of Xing Yun. He knows them by heart.

“… he is a person with potential. I believe you can see it. He expects progress, and I am more eager to see his progress. If you are willing to accept him, he will become a proud student. I promise you with my personality.”

Xue yingshuang’s hands trembled slightly.

When did Xing Yun write so many letters? Why doesn’t he know anything?

Professor Ma added: “when you come home to give gifts every day, even after the Spring Festival, the first one is not to find his mother, but to find me! He is so optimistic about you, is that your attitude? Is that how you repay him?”


Xue yingshuang didn’t know how she left school that day.

In the past three months, he has recognized the depth of Xing Yun’s love for him all the time. Each time he thinks it is the ultimate of love, and the next time he will realize how Xing Yun loves him.

When studying in the evening, Xue yingshuang unconsciously initiated a stay at home. He was expressionless and stared straight at the computer screen.

Xing Yun noticed that Xue yingshuang was in a daze and was shocked.

In a daze? Xue yingshuang will be in a daze? Xue yingshuang, who can concentrate on his study no matter how noisy the environment is, is in a daze?

“What’s the matter?” Xing Yun immediately slid to Xue yingshuang’s seat, “in a bad mood?”

Xue yingshuang recovered and shook his head immediately.

Xing Yun rubbed Xue yingshuang like a big dog, looked at the half code written by Xue yingshuang on the screen and asked, “can’t you write the code?”

Xue yingshuang could only nod: “the homework is too difficult.”

“That’s not easy? I’ll write it for you.” Xing Yun stretched out his hand and pressed it indiscriminately on the keyboard, and a string of random codes ran out on the screen. ”

“No, no, no!” Xue yingshuang quickly stops. Xing Yun insists on fighting. Xue yingshuang fails to stop. He rolls up the documents on one side to smoke Xing Yun. The two are in a mess.

After a while, Xing Yun pulled Xue yingshuang up and said, “no, let’s go out and play.”

Xue yingshuang: “I haven’t finished yet.”

Xing Yuntou didn’t answer: “no matter, you should walk the dog.”

Xue yingshuang: “what time is it?”

Xing Yun: “give you the last chance, or I’ll make trouble. Be careful that I tear down my house and tear up all your homework.”

Xue yingshuang had no choice but to go out with Xing Yun. Before going out, Xing Yun also asked Xue yingshuang to change into a sportswear. Xue yingshuang didn’t know why. When he changed his clothes, he saw that Xing Yun had changed a football from nowhere.

“Can you play football?”


“Go! Mr. Xing teaches you to play football!”


At ten o’clock in the evening, there are many people exercising in the nearby park. Xing Yun takes Xue yingshuang and they occupy a piece of turf.

“Watch it.”

Xue yingshuang knows that Xing Yun likes watching football matches, but he doesn’t know that Xing Yun can also play football. He saw that Xing Yun put the football on the ground and hooked it up again.

The movement was very smooth, and Xue yingshuang clapped his hands immediately.

Seeing that he clapped his hands, Xing Yun bumped the ball with his legs. His legs were not enough. Once he hooked, he used his head for ten times without falling off.

“Good!” Xue yingshuang shouted, “great! It’s like…”

“Like who?” Xing Yun’s eyes are shining and expects Xue yingshuang to say which star’s name.

“Like a seal!” Xue yingshuang was excited, “seals can play ball best!”

“Get out! The sea lion is playing with the ball!” Xing Yun kicked the ball in the direction of Xue yingshuang. Xue yingshuang dodged with a smile.

Xue yingshuang understood that Xing Yun realized that he was in a bad mood, so he took him out to play.

Xing Yun usually looks careless, but his observation is actually very sharp. Xue yingshuang smiles again for fear that Xing Yun is worried about him.

“I can’t play football. Let Mr. Xing teach me.” Xue yingshuang smiled.

“Watch it, kick the ball here and push it straight with your foot bow.” As he spoke, Xing Yun demonstrated and kicked the ball under Xue Ying’s feet. “Come on, kick it back to me.”

When the ball came to his feet, Xue yingshuang didn’t play very accurately. He kicked askew at once. Xing Yun ran after the ball and brought it back all the way.

“Try again.” Xing Yun kicked the ball again.

Several times in a row, Xue yingshuang kicked more forks than he hit. However, Xing Yun didn’t dislike his poor skills at all and took the trouble to catch up with the ball.

Suddenly, Xue yingshuang kicked the ball to a very outrageous position. If others see it, they must scold him for deliberately making trouble. However, Xing Yun didn’t complain at all. He chased the ball, brought the ball back to him and said happily, “keep coming!”

It looks like a stupid dog who likes to play with his master. He doesn’t know he has been bullied at all.

Xue yingshuang was suddenly very, very sad.

Xing Yun is very kind to him.

He is so sorry for Xing Yun.

“What’s the matter?” Seeing that he looked depressed, Xing Yun hurried forward again, “crying?”

“No.” Xue yingshuang said, “I just…”

At that moment, Xue yingshuang almost told the truth, but the moment before he spoke, Xing Yun hugged him.

Both of them were sweating, but Xing Yun didn’t dislike it at all. He held him very precious. Xing Yun whispered, “you’ve been under too much pressure recently. Don’t give yourself so much pressure. You still have me.”

Xue yingshuang was speechless.

“I don’t care. Let’s go out and play.” Xing Yun said, “as soon as the school is off, we’ll go out to play. This time we’ll find a far away place, only the two of us. Don’t be disturbed by anyone.”

It was like elopement.

Xue yingshuang seems to be so desperate to follow Xing Yun to the ends of the earth. Wandering or eloping, just the two of them.

But why should he.


A few days later, Xing Yun went on a business trip.

Before the end of June, Xing Yun was very busy and had to travel continuously for several days. On the day of business trip, Xing Yun had to go out at 4 a.m.

At more than three o’clock, as soon as the alarm clock rang, Xing Yun reached out and pressed the alarm clock.

He opened his eyes, hugged Xue Ying’s parents, and then quietly got up and got out of bed to wash.

He didn’t dare to make too loud noise for fear of waking Xue yingshuang.

However, as soon as he came out of the bathroom, he saw Xue yingshuang sitting by the bed and looking at him.

“Wake you up?” Xing Yun stepped forward quickly and kissed him on the cheek, “sleep fast, good.”

“Xing Yun.” Xue yingshuang whispered, “Xing Yun.”

“Sleep silly?” Seeing his confused appearance, Xing Yun couldn’t help kissing again, “you’re in bad spirits these days. Go back to bed.”

Xue yingshuang insists on following Xing Yun. Usually, Xing Yun follows Xue yingshuang like a little dog. Today, Xue yingshuang follows where Xing Yun goes and never leaves.

Finally, the moment before going out, Xue yingshuang hugged Xing Yun.

“Xing Yun, I love you.”

Xing Yun was stunned and smiled again.

“I know. You love me every minute.”

Before leaving, Xing Yun kissed Xue yingshuang on the face again.

“I left you a present. I’m in my study. Remember to go and see it when you wake up.”

Xing Yun set out. Xue yingshuang stood at the door and kept looking at the direction of Xing Yun’s departure.

After a while, he came to the study.

There was an envelope on his desk. When he opened it, he saw a ticket inside.

Considering that he had to take an exam, Xing Yun didn’t take him abroad. The destination of the ticket is another city in China. It is famous for its ancient city, which is far away from city a, one east and one west.

There is also a note attached to the ticket: “go to a place where there is only you and me.”

The date of the ticket coincided with the end of their contract.


This time, Xing Yun was very busy on a business trip. He didn’t have much time to chat with Xue yingshuang. He took time to send a few messages to Xue yingshuang every day.

On the last day of the business trip, Xing Yun only sent two messages to Xue Ying.

“Have you collected your luggage? Remember to collect your luggage.”

“See you at the airport tomorrow.”

Put down his mobile phone and Xue Ying looked at the two tickets on the table without expression. Two tickets, the date is tomorrow, but the destination is different.

One is Xing Yun.

One is to leave.

Xue yingshuang stretched out his hand towards Xing Yun’s ticket, but just a second before he touched it, he took back his fingertips.

Ma peiluan’s question rang out in his mind again.

Why is he?

He tried his best to get into graduate school, so what? Why doesn’t Xing Yun directly find a graduate student?

Why did he stay?

Xue Ying took her hands back and sat quietly on the bed.

The luggage has been packed. He has packed all the luggage leaving the house and will stay tomorrow.

Just thinking, the mobile phone rings.

He picked it up and saw that it was Bai Qianyi.

“Shuangshuang,” Bai Qianyi’s voice sounded from his mobile phone, “I hear you’re leaving tomorrow? Are you nervous? Don’t be nervous, there will be surprises waiting for you.”


“Guess what the surprise is?”

Listening to Bai Qianyi’s happy voice, Xue yingshuang smiled and didn’t speak.

“Why is it so quiet today? I’m nervous about flying for the first time tomorrow?” Bai Qianyi said, “where is he? Where is he?”

“He’ll finish his work before he goes on business tomorrow.”

“Oh, that’s it.” Bai Qianyi said bitterly, and then smiled again, “Shuangshuang, he really loves you.”

Xue yingshuang was silent.

Bai Qianyi didn’t check it and said, “I was always afraid that he wouldn’t dare to love others in the future. Now I’m so happy for him that he can find you. He really lacks love.”

“What happened before Xue yingshuang heard this?”

“Ah? You don’t know?”

“I didn’t ask him.”

“I thought he told you… Maybe he didn’t want to mention it.”

“Tell me, I want to know.”

Bai Qianyi hesitated and said at last.

Xing Yun’s parents married under the guidance of their elders, and their feelings were extremely weak. After marriage, they often quarreled, and finally divorced at Xingyun primary school.

Xing Yun’s mother wants Xing Yun, but she can’t compete with his father.

Xing Yun’s father is a rich businessman, whose economic strength is far better than that of the horse family, and finally won the custody of Xing Yun.

Then, is the beginning of hell.

Xing Yun’s father is elegant and gentle on the surface, but he is a violent maniac behind his back. Ma peiluan has a tough character. He didn’t do anything when he was with her, but his nature was revealed after his divorce.

Xing Yun has been wearing long sleeves for many years to cover the scars.

Once a year, I have the opportunity to see my mother, especially dressed up in order not to be found.

The servant in the family will look at Xing Yun. Seeing that his father treats him like this, he doesn’t give Xing Yun a good look. He gives him some cold leftovers for many years.

In this way, Xing Yun was silent in his youth.

Until one day in senior two, Xing Yun took the opportunity to escape. That is, on that day, he met his classmate Bai Qianyi.

Bai Qianyi hid him at home and helped him contact his mother.

Then Ma peiluan knew the situation of Xing Yun and felt heartache.

Finally, the Ma family joined hands with several scholars to bring down such a businessman. That day, Ma peiluan said to Xue yingshuang that “the last person who hurt him was dealt with by the Ma family with the strength of the whole family”.

“At that time, he was different from what he is now. If you see him at that time, you will be distressed to death.” Bai Qianyi finished and sighed heavily.

At the other end of the phone, Xue yingshuang didn’t reply.

“Shuangshuang, are you crying?”


“Don’t cry, he has you now, he is very happy!” Bai Qianyi was worried when he heard Xue yingshuang’s cry. “He told me that day that he had suffered so many crimes in his life. He was worth the chance to meet you. He is very happy now. Don’t cry.”

Xue yingshuang never cries, because his tears are useless. Migrant workers never cry.

Now, however, his tears kept falling.

He doesn’t understand Xing Yun.

That stupid dog can cry and show him the scars he left before, asking him to feel distressed, pitiful and afraid to leave himself.

But his dog is so stupid that he only cares about happiness and love him in front of him.

Why is his dog so stupid? Silly people don’t know they are going to be abandoned and still love him.


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