The Stand-in Refuses to Become a Regular Chapter 60

At the end of June,

July comes.

On July 1st, Xing Yun finished his work and hurried to the airport. Along the way,

Xing Yun was full of joy.

In the past today, his contract with Xue yingshuang will expire.

He started the contract because of his selfishness and desire,

It was the contract that led to the inequality between him and Xue yingshuang. But now, the contract is over,

Xue yingshuang can really and completely relax,

With him.

Xing Yun pulled the box to the airport,

The airport is full of people in the morning. Xing Yun came to the place he had agreed with Xue yingshuang and began to wait.

Xue Yinglai is a punctual person and always keeps appointments early,

But it’s late today.

However, Xing Yun was not worried, because even waiting made him happy.

Because he is waiting for Xue yingshuang.

But half an hour later,

Xue yingshuang hasn’t come yet. Xing Yun called Xue yingshuang, but no one answered.

Is the school delayed? It must be. Xue yingshuang is particularly responsible,

Maybe I want to go to school after the holiday.

Thinking of this, Xing Yun called his uncle.


Are you still in school? ”

“Xue yingshuang? How dare you mention him?” Ma Zengyue roared, “that guy told me two days ago,

Next semester may not come! ”

“How?” Xing Yun was stunned,

“He can’t do that!”

“Can’t I lie to you? Get out!”

Xue yingshuang even said he might not go to school… Xue yingshuang regards learning as his life. How can he say that?

After hanging up, Xing Yun realized that something was wrong. Without thinking about it, he immediately called his mother. Almost a dozen,

Ma peiluan answered the phone as if he had been waiting for his call.

“What did you do to him?” Xing Yun said coldly.

“What did I do to him?” Ma peiluan smiled, “first ask him what he did to you. Look at you, you are still in the dark  Isn’t it? ”

Xing Yun’s hand holding the mobile phone trembled.

“As early as three months ago, I reached an agreement with him. I gave him ten million to let him leave you, and he agreed.” Ma peiluan said with a smile, “you have a good eye for such a person who sees money.”

“He loves me!”

“Oh, even in love, I asked him to talk to you, so he talked.” Ma peiluan still smiled. “You don’t think he really loves you? I told you earlier that this person is not worthy of you.”

“Where is he?”

“Him? I gave him a ticket and have flown to the United States.”


Hang up.

People came and went to the airport, and Xing Yun stood in the crowd, motionless.

Xue yingshuang loves him. He has a clear sense of responsibility  Xue yingshuang loves him too much. That’s not a lie.

Nevertheless, he seems to have been abandoned.

Xing Yun smiled and lowered his head again.

In the end, he was the only one left.

Does he hate Xue yingshuang?

He doesn’t hate, not at all.

After all, he paid for Xue yingshuang and tried to pity him and give him a little love.

In the end, he doesn’t deserve it.

He remembered what Xue yingshuang had told him the night when Xiaomu dog disappeared.


The dog once had a master, and the dog was very satisfied.

No one wants dogs all the time. Dogs have long been used to being alone.

So it doesn’t matter. Sad, just nest in the corner and lick the wound. The wound hurts, but a lick is always good.

With that money, Xue yingshuang can get rid of her past life and live a good life. At the thought of Xue yingshuang’s happiness, he couldn’t help laughing.

Great. I can finally help.

It’s really great.

Xing Yun stood in the crowd. The world was so big that he didn’t know where to go.


“Xing Yun!”

When Xue yingshuang’s voice sounded, Xing Yun turned his head and saw that Xue yingshuang was panting towards him in the distance.

“Xue yingshuang?”

When Xue yingshuang ran to him, his hair was messy, he was sweating, his shirt was wet, and there was still wet blood on the corner of his mouth.

“Xing Yun, come on! Help me return the ticket!” “Xue Yun will have to refund more tickets later!”

Xing Yun doesn’t know, so what’s the matter?

“Don’t stand there and run!” Xue yingshuang said anxiously, “I have no money to compensate your mother. Hurry up!”

Xing Yun couldn’t react at all. He was pulled by Xue yingshuang and returned his ticket to the United States with Xue yingshuang.

Seeing the refund, Xue yingshuang was relieved, but his tone was distressed: “the refund fee is deducted too much…”

“What the hell is going on now  Things! ” After a long absence, Xing Yun roared at Xue yingshuang.

Xing Yun’s eyes were red. He looked at Xue yingshuang and his body couldn’t help shaking.

“Why are you hurt? Explain it to me!”

“I’m hurt?” Xue yingshuang wiped the corners of his mouth with Xing Yun’s eyes, and then found that there was blood. He said, “just now I ran in a hurry and rolled down the stairs. It’s all right. I just fell!”

“What did you… What did my mother say  What? She lied to me? ”

“No, she’s telling the truth.”

Xue yingshuang made up his mind last night to stay with Xing Yun.

However, when he went out early in the morning, he found that Ma peiluan had sent someone to guard him outside. He managed to get rid of people, but he was caught in a traffic jam again. Seeing that it was too late, he simply ran all the way by himself.

He rolled down the stairs in a hurry. But it was so urgent that he couldn’t feel the pain at all.

Xue yingshuang looks at Xing Yun and understands that Xing Yun already knows everything.

He took a deep breath and it was time. He grabbed Xing Yun’s hand and said, “I’m sorry. At the beginning, I thought I didn’t deserve you, so I wanted to use this opportunity to give myself a legitimate reason to leave you.”

“But I love you  From beginning to end, I haven’t lied to you. Every sentence is sincere. ”

Xing Yun listened quietly.

“I can’t change my origin, but I can change my future.”

“I don’t deserve you now. When I can, I won’t lose any of them, whether it’s a master’s degree or a doctor’s degree. I’ll read him up!”

“I just want to be a man of honor, I just want to deserve you! I want you to mention me, that is to mention your pride! I want everyone to see me and know that I am qualified to stand next to you! I Xue yingshuang do what I say!”

Xing Yun’s hands trembled slightly.

“Okay?” Xue yingshuang’s impassioned tone calmed down here. He looked into Xing Yun’s eyes and whispered, “can you give me another chance?”

Xing Yun is silent.

Xue yingshuang stopped and smiled awkwardly: “if you don’t want to give me a chance, then I’ll earn 10 million? Don’t worry, I won’t appear in front of you again… I’d like to think well. The 10 million belongs to you and I don’t want a dime.”

Xue yingshuang didn’t seem to care when he said this, but his eyes didn’t leave Xing Yun. Xing Yun couldn’t help laughing: “you follow me, don’t you lose ten million?”

Xue yingshuang said, “if a worker can’t make any money, it’s only 10 million. If I want to be worthy of you, where should I pay attention to 10 million?”


Xue yingshuang looks at Xing Yun expectantly, as long as Xing Yun promises him.

The next second, Xing Yun hugged him.

“Don’t leave me this time. You can’t leave me.” Xing Yun whispered.

“No, never.” Xue yingshuang said firmly, “I will protect you forever.”

The two hugged each other in the bustling crowd at the airport.

Those travelers who come and go are like interlaced and separated souls one after another. In this countless passing, two lonely souls stay for each other.

At that moment, countless parallel worlds disappeared, leaving only this moment.

Xue yingshuang’s phone rang and found that something was wrong. Ma peiluan immediately called.

“Where are the people?” Ma peiluan said fiercely, “where have you been?”

“Madam, I’m sorry. I don’t want the money. Let’s do that.”

“Do it? What’s your reason?” Ma peiluan shrieked, “go  You haven’t answered me yet? So many people in the world want to follow him. Why do you stay? ”

“I am the one who loves by Xing Yun!” Xue yingshuang said firmly.

Why does he stay with Xing Yun?

Xue yingshuang thought about it for so many days and thought about it all the time. Finally, he understood.

For what?

Xing Yun can choose millions of people in the world, and he finally chose me.

Because he chose to love me, I became one in a million. I am unique, unique and unique in the world.

——And I will repay his choice with all my love.

“Thank you, madam, for giving me a chance to recognize myself.” Xue yingshuang said seriously, “if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t think about all this so seriously, and I wouldn’t realize how much I love him and how much he loves me. Thank you very much.”

Xue yingshuang finished and hung up directly.

In the crowd, two hands held hands.

Xing Yun: “let’s go. Where are we going now?”

Xue yingshuang: “to be honest, I just want to go home and study now. I don’t study anymore. I’m afraid I’ll catch up with you too late.”

Xing Yun: “let’s go. We’re both going to take the postgraduate entrance examination for me. Now we have to study. Will you buy reference books later?”

If you win the ticket, you’ll have to deduct the money first

Xing Yun: “go now! By the way, if you want to take the postgraduate entrance examination, you should not buy the political books with my mother.”

Xue yingshuang: “why?”

Xing Yun: “because she teaches ideological and political education in the University.”

Xue yingshuang: “you didn’t say it earlier!!! If I had known earlier, I would have taken her!!!”


On the way.

Xue yingshuang: “did we forget something?”

Xing Yun: “yes?”

Xue yingshuang: “I remember! Terrible!”

Xing Yun: “what’s up!”

Xue yingshuang: “Miss Bai is still waiting for us!”

In the distance, Bai Qianyi hid in the hotel , Ready to surprise the two.

Bai Qianyi: ”


Four years later.

In the study, there are still two desks side by side.

Xue yingshuang’s desk is as clean and tidy as ever, and notes are pasted on both sides of the computer screen to write down various to-do items.

On Xing Yun’s desk, the front of the screen is full of all kinds of small wooden dogs, small stone dogs and a glittering little golden dog, which Xue yingshuang bought for him with the first money he earned from writing the program.

In the empty bookcase  At this time, books are full, and Xing Yun and Xue yingshuang are standing in front of the bookcase.

“Should I get a PhD now?”

“I support you. I know you love learning.”


Xing Yun stretched out his hand  The business master’s degree certificate of a university I just got is placed on the bookcase, and the distance is adjusted to make it have a just good gap with Xue yingshuang’s master’s degree certificate of Computer Department of a university and the admission notice of doctor of a university.

“I really don’t want to write my graduation thesis anymore.” Xing Yun thought of the picture of his painstaking efforts to write his graduation thesis not long ago, and his hair was falling off.

That year, Xue yingshuang prepared for the postgraduate entrance examination while taking the undergraduate examination.

Xue yingshuang knew that Ma peiluan was a teacher of Ideological and political education, and he won a tutor of political class for himself with the fastest speed. Bai Qianyi also resigned  When he was not working, he made up for his English. Not to mention Ma Zengyue, a group of senior brothers and sisters accompanied him to take the postgraduate entrance examination.

With the help of several teachers and his efforts day and night, he was admitted to the Graduate School of a university at one time and truly became a student of the school he dreamed of.

Seeing Xue yingshuang getting better and better, he became more and more like a dog hiding behind President ba. Xing Yun didn’t forget his promise and took the postgraduate examination the next year.

While working and studying for graduate school, Xing Yun read to death and dared not waste any time.

Even in the hotel  When socializing, others were drunk to death. He had to take out his mobile phone and quietly read the paper.

… he suddenly understood why Xue yingshuang had a meal with them and had to steal a copy.

Because I can’t finish reading the book! How can there be so many books!

“Xue yingshuang, it’s not easy to deserve you.” Xing Yungan  Sighed, “you’ve started blogging, and that’s all I can do. Will others think I’m up to you?”

“Say something stupid.” Xue Ying smiled, “I did it just to deserve you.”

Xing Yun: “forget it. At this time, I won’t say whether I deserve it or not.”

Xue yingshuang: “yes, after all, we are made for each other.”


The author has something to say: I spent eight months telling this story twice. Once had them, I am very satisfied.

Thank you for seeing you here. Thank you for giving me such a chance to finish this story.

Dedicated to each of you on the road of struggle, it is your efforts that light up the world.

I’ll see you next time.


After that, there will be two confirmed accidents. One is the process of Xing Yun escaping from high school, which can be regarded as the last link between Xing Yun and the dog. The other is how Xue yingshuang won the ideological and political teacher. I’ll write it after two days off.

I should see you next year. Please help collect an author and collect it in advance

“No return” is a complicated story about holding the wrong child. I haven’t figured it out yet. I have to endure it again.

“I’ll get through the robbery by going out of the way” will probably be a short story I’m playing over time. It should be different from the general entertainment literature, that is, it’s written to play.

In addition, “one in advance” is a pit I have occupied for myself. After all, I may have a whim at any time to write a brain hole like doubles. Please help me accept it.

If you have anything, you can send a private letter to big eye @ panda guadada

Finally, love you!


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