The Stand-in Refuses to Become a Regular Chapter 61

Fan Wai

At the end of September, it should be autumn, but the south is still sunny.

At more than five o’clock in the evening, before the sun set, a luxury car drove into the largest villa in the community.

The door opened and a thin boy in a long sleeved school uniform got out of the back seat.

Before the garage door was closed, the neighbor of the opposite villa just went out with the dog. He saw the boy and greeted him warmly.

“Xing Yun, class is over?”

Xing Yun lowered his head slightly and whispered, “Hello, uncle.”

“Where to play on the eleventh day?” Asked the neighbor.

Xing Yun shook his head.

“Xing Yun, can’t say hello?” The driver’s door opened and a handsome and elegant middle-aged man got off. The man smiled gently at his neighbor: “Hello, do you come out to exercise?”

“Go and walk the dog. Mr. Xing will personally pick up Xing Yun from school?” The neighbor smiled, “your father and son have a good relationship.”

Xing Shenzhi went to Xing Yun, stretched out his hand and took Xing Yun’s shoulder, slightly scolded and said, “can’t you call people?”

“He just said hello.” The neighbor said.

“It’s too low. Who can hear it?” Xing Shenzhi looked at Xing Yun.

“Hello, Uncle…” Xing Yun whispered again.

“Hello.” The neighbor smiled, “Xing Yun is very good.”

“Good is good, but it’s too quiet to talk.” One of Xing Shen’s faces was distressed.

“Be good and easy.” The neighbor said and saw Xing Yun wearing a long sleeved school uniform. “Aren’t you hot? You still wear long sleeves in this weather.”

Hearing this, Xing Yun’s head was lower. Xing Shen answered on behalf of him in a helpless tone: “no way. He said he was afraid of the cold. He refused to let him wear short sleeves. I really don’t know what children at this age are thinking.”

At this time, the little golden hair in the neighbor’s hand went to Xing Yun and rubbed at Xing Yun’s feet. Xing Yun immediately took a step backward and became stiff.

“Come back and scare your brother.” The neighbor pulled the dog chain and pulled the little golden hair back to his feet. But xiaojinmao doesn’t move. He’s still rubbing the punishment cloud.

Xing Yun relaxed a little and looked at Xiao Jinmao.

Seeing this, the neighbor said, “a pocket won’t bite. You can play with it.”

Xing Yun’s fingers moved slightly, as if he wanted to touch little golden hair.

“Aren’t you hungry?” Xing Shenzhi suddenly said, “let’s eat in the house. You’ve made people what you like to eat.”

Xing Yun took back his fingers, nodded slightly, bowed his head and hurried back to the house.


The Xing family invited several servants, who arranged the big and small affairs of the Xing family. As soon as you enter the villa, you can see their busy figures.

However, when Xing Yun entered the house, no one greeted him.

Xing Yun bowed his head and hurried upstairs, all the way to the third floor. Back in the room, he put down his schoolbag and took off his school uniform.

Under the school uniform, his body was scarred. There are traces on the arms and back. Traces are old and new, red and black, all over the body.

Even in the room, he kept his head down. He changed into a thick set of long sleeved home clothes and came to the window again.

Looking down from the window, you can just see Xing Shenzhi still chatting with his neighbors outside the garage.

Xing Shenzhi squatted down, gently touched xiaojinmao’s head on his face, and looked up. He didn’t know what to say to his neighbor.

Xing Shen was born very handsome. The afterglow of the sunset shone on him and fell a layer of gentle light.

The picture is beautiful and harmonious. It can be used as an advertisement to promote the friendly relationship between neighbors in the community.

Suddenly, Xing Shenzhi stood up, raised his hand and motioned to his neighbor, seemingly saying goodbye.

Xing Yun was shocked in an instant. He hurried back to his desk, took out his textbook from his schoolbag and read it with his head down.

Silence, the room is quiet.

Xing Yun’s hand holding the pen tightly did not relax, and even trembled slightly.

Footsteps sounded.

The sound insulation here is good, but the heavy footsteps are very obvious. One sound is getting closer and closer, and one sound is like stepping on the heart of Xing Yun.

With a bang, Xing Yun’s door was pulled open.

“Don’t say hello when you see people? That’s what I taught you?” Xing Shen’s angry voice sounded, and Xing Yun tightened his body reflexively.

The next second, he was yanked from behind. With great strength, Xing Shen directly dragged him down from the chair.

Xing Yun fell heavily to the ground. At the moment of landing, he habitually protected his head.

The next second, the cane pulled on him.

He did not resist, nor did he avoid, but curled up with his eyes blankly and endured the beating again and again.

It turned out that the reason why he was beaten today was that he didn’t say hello, which was different from the previous two days

Fortunately, he changed into thick clothes in advance


At nine o’clock in the evening, Xing Yun heard the sound of bowl and plate collision outside the door.

He got up from his chair and walked slowly towards the door. When I opened the door, I saw a plate on the ground. He leaned down, picked up the plate and limped back to the desk.

Today’s dinner is a ball of green vegetables, a spoonful of rice and two or three pieces of meat. The food and meat are very finely broken, mixed with soup and water, which is obviously the leftovers left over from dinner.

With an expressionless face, Xing Yun stuffed the food into his mouth. The food was completely cold, and the food was hard cold, but he didn’t hesitate. He just stuffed the food into his mouth.

After all, the next two days are weekends. He can’t eat at school. In order not to be hungry, he must eat everything.

After dinner, Xing Yun put the bowl and plate back outside the door and limped back to his desk to continue his study.

At the age of 17, his long bangs covered his eyes. He was thin and weak, his cheeks were particularly thin, and his eyes, which were already large, were even bigger.

His eyes are like his mother’s, with big drooping eyes.

Xing Shenzhi hates these eyes most. He says they are ugly.

Xing Yun has been scolded to numbness. He only focuses on the textbook in front of him and does the questions quietly.

Since entering high school, his grades have not been below the top ten of the grade. Learning is one of the few things that can make him forget the pain in front of him.

At twelve o’clock in the evening, Xing Yun still wanted to read for a while, but his head hurt faintly.

He had to go to bed.

However, as soon as he went to bed, he cried softly in pain.

Today’s injuries fell on his back, and several times even cracked the previous injuries. When he changed his pajamas just now, his clothes were full of blood.

He could not lie down, but lay on his side. However, he felt pain all over, tossed and turned in bed for nearly an hour, but he couldn’t sleep.

He got up, went back to his desk, spread out his book and began to do math problems.

Do the problem, and it won’t hurt.

… but it really hurts.

The number in front of him gradually blurred. Xing Yun’s trembling hand couldn’t write any more. He fell on the table and gasped.

… it hurts. According to experience, he knew he didn’t have a fracture, but it was still too painful, and he was hot all over and his head was so heavy that he had to lie on his stomach.

… when will this day come to an end?

Xing Yun lies on the table and looks out the dark window. He can’t help imagining that there is a parallel world, and the parallel world doesn’t have to bear such pain.

I don’t know how long later, the high fever caused by wound infection made Xing Yun fall asleep unconsciously. In his dream, the parallel world in his fantasy appeared.

In that world, my mother didn’t give birth to him with her father who knew domestic violence. My mother found a real lover to marry and gave birth to him.

They don’t need to live in a big villa. It’s enough to live in the family yard of the University.

Like others, he can go to and from school without escorting prisoners. As soon as the time comes, he will be picked up by his father or driver. He is not allowed to stay outside for another moment.

He need not be beaten, intimidated or abused.

He can have a simple and warm home like others.


When Xing Yun woke up, it was already three poles in the sun.

After a night’s sleep, he not only didn’t get better, but his condition was even worse. His wound is still painful, his temperature is higher than yesterday, he is tired and can’t even sit straight.

I seem to be dying

Xing Yun reluctantly got up and wanted to go back to bed. However, he just got up from his chair and fell to the ground again.

He gasped and struggled twice, but finally he had to lie on the ground and couldn’t move.

His room has a large French window. Looking out from the French window, you can just see the scenery of the community and the yard opposite the door.

And just then, he fell right in front of the window.

He turned his head and looked out. In the yard opposite the door, little golden hair was playing with its little owner.

The little master kicked the ball to the other end of the yard, chased the ball in his pocket, and soon came back with the little football. Toudou likes that little football best. Xing Yun knows.

Xing Yun couldn’t hear their voices, but he knew that the little master must be praising his cleverness. He saw the little master pick up the little golden hair and kiss it again and again.

Xing Yun’s consciousness is unclear, and his chaotic brain keeps thinking.

… obviously, I also won the first place in the exam. Obviously, I can also learn to play football. Why is this still the case?

… if I become a little dog, will my owner be willing to hurt me?

… if I learn to be a good dog, I won’t be beaten again?

Everyone likes little dogs and doesn’t like Xing Yun.

If only I were a little dog, too.


When Xing Yun opened his eyes again, he was no longer in the room.

He found himself lying in the back seat of the car while it was dark outside the window.

He felt that his temperature was higher than the last time. It was speculated that his father found that he fainted, so he wanted to take him to see a doctor.

But how did you bring him out? The doctor who is punished by the punishment is very careful when he is away from home.

As he was thinking about it, he heard his father talking on the phone while driving: “it happened that Dr. Huang had a fever when he went abroad. This boy deliberately made a fool of himself! Yes, please contact the hospital first. We’re almost there.”

Dr. Huang has gone abroad?

Why you brought him out? That makes sense.

With a headache, Xing Yun closed his eyes.

I seem to be dying.

Xing Yun suddenly had a strong hunch that if he could go home alive this time, he would also be killed by Xing Shen.

I should run for my life… Xing Yun thought.

When he was a child, he escaped and was caught again. His father also threatened him that if he escaped, his mother would be the next one to suffer.

After being caught again and again, he was already tired. If he was killed one day, he felt it didn’t matter.

However, this time, his strong premonition of death raised his desire for survival.

He looked at the street view outside the window, and suddenly found that he had not seen the world well.

We have to live.

I have to live.

On such a thought, Xing Yun strengthened his will.

He closed his eyes and tried to think about how to escape with his sick brain.

He can escape to the hospital. There are many people in the hospital, so he can ask for help… No, his father can’t take him to public places. He must go to a private hospital, and he has contacted the doctor.

If you want to escape, you can only escape now.

He hasn’t escaped for several years. At this time, he is unconscious again. His father must have lowered his guard.

He has no mobile phone and no money, but he can’t manage these. He must seize such a good opportunity.

He lay in the back seat and gently moved his hands and feet. I don’t have much strength, but I can move.

He looked back and forth. Looking out from the window behind him, he could see that the store was not far from the car. The car was driving in the outer driveway.

When the car stopped, he couldn’t see the traffic lights, but he knew it was a red light.

Xing Yun took his hand quietly, pressed the door handle, then stopped and waited.

… can he escape?

He opened his eyes and looked out at the night sky.

He can.

Hearing the change of engine sound, he knew that the time had come. Over the years, he had already been familiar with Xing Shenzhi’s driving habits and knew that in a few seconds, there would be a green light.

3、 Two, one… Open the door!

One second before the green light, Xing Yun opened the door.

Xing Shenzhi didn’t know what had happened. Looking back, he saw Xing Yun slip out of the back seat.

“Xing Yun!”

The moment his feet stepped on the ground, Xing Yun’s feet softened. But he didn’t stop, didn’t look back, and ran.

The green light came, the horn sounded one after another, and the car behind kept urging Xing to drive with caution.

“Xing Yun! Come back!”

The horn sounded constantly. Xing Shenzhi had no choice but to drive first.

The car started. When Xing Shenzhi turned back again, Xing Yun was gone.


Where am I now?

Under the emergency, Xing Yun was in a panic and ran inside when he saw a path.

He has never been here in the future, only knowing that it is different from the place where he lives and the spacious and bright places near the school. Here the streets are narrow and the lanes are crisscross. He turns several times

Turn and come to another road.

This road is not busy, and there are not many people on the street.

Xing Yun noticed that the people in the street were looking at him. Looking down at his clothes, he immediately retreated and hid in the alley.

Xing Shenzhi didn’t help him change his clothes. At this time, he was wearing pajamas and bare feet.

It’s too conspicuous.

The torment he has suffered over the years has made him closed and unable to trust others easily.

He dared not ask passers-by for help, but stayed in the alley.

What should I do?

Where should I go?

Looking for mom? How far is it from my mother’s house?

The alley behind him is a dead alley, and Xing Yun has no way to escape.

His high fever did not subside, and the wound on his body also hurt faintly. Just now he was too anxious, and he didn’t feel the discomfort. At this time, as soon as he stopped, all kinds of physical pain appeared at the same time. As soon as his legs softened, he squatted down.

“Xing Yun?”

Suddenly someone called his name. He was surprised and subconsciously ran away again.

“Xing Yun, is that you?”

The man shouted again. Xing Yun stopped and turned back. I saw a teenager standing outside the alley.

The man, wearing a white shirt and black trousers, with a thin coat, a bag on his back and a piano box in his hand, was looking at him in confusion.

He is his classmate.

Xing Yun usually doesn’t associate with his classmates, but he remembers everyone’s name in his class. He knew that this man was Bai Qianyi. Bai Qianyi got good grades and was very popular in his class.

“I just went to violin class. Why are you here?” Bai Qianyi walked towards him, “wait, are you wearing… Pajamas?”

Bai Qianyi sees Xing Yun squatting on the ground and reaches out to pull Xing Yun up. When Bai Qianyi touched Xing Yun, Xing Yun was surprised and waved his hand away.

The wide Pajama sleeve slipped with Xing Yun’s action, revealing the scarred arm below.

“Are you hurt?” Bai Qianyi was surprised, “who hit you? I’ll call the police for you?”

What should I do? Should I tell Bai Qianyi? Will it affect Bai Qianyi?

Xing Yun fell into hesitation, but he didn’t hesitate for a few seconds. Someone in the distance was shouting: “Xing Yun! Xing Yun!”

It’s his father’s voice!

Xing Shenzhi is here!

Xing Yun was surprised and hugged his head reflexively.

Bai Qianyi was startled by Xing Yun’s action, but Bai Qianyi reacted quickly and instantly judged what had happened.

Bai Qianyi said, “is the person who hit you coming? Go, go!”

Bai Qianyi said he was going to pull Xing Yun. Xing Yun reluctantly stood up, but he had a fever and his limbs were weak. He couldn’t stand up at all.

“I carry you!” As soon as Bai Qianyi put the piano box, he squatted down and had to carry Xing Yun on his back.

Xing Yun lies on Bai Qianyi’s back, and Bai Qianyi tries to stand up.

However, Bai Qianyi is very thin and usually doesn’t like sports. At this time, his legs are so nervous that he can’t carry a Xing Yun about his height.

As soon as he got up, his legs softened and he knelt on the ground again.

“I… I carry you…” Bai Qianyi’s voice trembled and couldn’t stand up. He was reluctant to move, but he could only climb on the ground with Xing Yun on his back.

“Don’t climb…” Xing Yun was weak and reluctantly came down from Bai Qianyi. As soon as he turned over, he fell to the ground again and snorted with pain. He said: “you go, leave me alone, I don’t know you well…”

“How can I ignore you!” Bai Qianyi stared, “we are classmates!”

“Xing Yun!” Xing Shenzhi’s voice sounded again, for example, it was a little closer to the alley.

“Who is that?” Bai Qianyi was surprised.

“My dad.” Xing Yun reluctantly said, “you… You go… Be careful he beats you.”

“No!” Bai Qianyi gritted his teeth and said, “I can’t just leave you alone!”

Bai Qianyi saw the piano box lying aside and had an idea.

He quickly took off his thin coat, threw it on Xing Yun’s head and began to take off his pants again.

Xing Yun: ”

Bai Qianyi: “come on! You wear my clothes!”

Bai Qianyi quickly took off his pants and took off Xing Yun’s pajamas.


Someone shouted. Bai Qianyi looked back and saw that he was a primary school student. The pupil looked at them with a puzzled face and opened his mouth as if he wanted to ask.

“Go away!”

Bai Qianyi blushed, waved to the other party to roll, and quickly helped Xing Yun put on his pants.

The two exchanged trousers. Bai Qianyi stuffed his piano box into Xing Yun’s hand. At the same time, he let Xing Yun put on his thin coat and put on the hat on his coat.

Within a minute, Xing Yun changed his clothes. If he didn’t look carefully, he couldn’t see that it was Xing Yun.

After finishing, Bai Qianyi picked up Xing Yun and stood up with Xing Yun’s hand.

This is a dead alley and there is no other shelter. If they are found here, they have no way to escape.

Bai Qianyi said quickly, “you wear this first. I’ll go with you. My house is nearby.”

Bai Qianyi’s hands trembled and he was so nervous that he was about to cry.

He was suddenly angry that his parents didn’t buy him a mobile phone. If only he could call the police at this time!

“Don’t cry…” Xing Yun gasped, “I didn’t cry…”

“I didn’t cry!” Bai Qianyi hurriedly forced himself to stand and helped Xing Yun out of the alley.

The road outside the lane is also small, leading to a dilapidated community.

Xing Yun was seriously ill and his back was aching, but he had to walk and force himself to move forward.

He looked to the end of the road, which was a busy street. As long as he goes out this way, Xing Shenzhi can’t do anything in front of everyone.

To live

“Punishment cloud!”

The voice of shouting sounded again, and Xing Shenzhi suddenly appeared at the corner.

Bai Qianyi trembled, and Xing Yun, who lowered his head, hurriedly pulled him.

The light of Xing Shen’s face, Bai qian can easily see the oncoming Xing Shen’s face full of anger.

When the two were backlit, Xing Shenzhi saw the two people walking slowly side by side, but he couldn’t see their faces clearly. He only vaguely saw one of them carrying a piano box.

For a moment, time seemed to slow down.

The distance between Xing Shenzhi and Xing Yun and Bai Qianyi is getting closer and closer

They can hear the breath of Xing Shenzhi.

Xing Yun lowered his head and stared at the ground. From the corner of his eye, he saw the leather shoes on Xing Shen’s feet. It’s the leather shoes. He has been severely kicked by the leather shoes countless times… If he is caught at this time, the consequences can be imagined.

His body trembled unconsciously and he could hardly walk.

But he has to go. He has to go.

Closer and closer, closer and closer… The three passed by.

Time returns to normal at the moment of wrong body.

When Xing Shenzhi looked back, he saw that there were two students. One of them was carrying a schoolbag and the other was carrying a piano box. He seemed to have a good relationship, walking side by side and holding hands.

Xing Shenzhi didn’t doubt him, so he turned back and continued to walk.

He turned his head and looked at the dead alley aside. There was no one.

Further on, he looked at the shabby community not far away, and his anger was higher and higher every second.

Where’s Xing Yun? Hiding inside?

He let Xing Yun run away!

A sick man who fainted to the ground ran away!

That boy must be pretending to be ill!

That boy is a liar. He likes to pretend to be hurt and sick from childhood!

If he finds it, he will teach him a good lesson! Let Xing Yun know the end of disobeying him!

“Woof, woof!”

At this time, a few barks came from the roadside. Xing Shenzhi saw a dog tied outside a family on the roadside.

There was no one around. Xing Shen was angry and didn’t look at it. He raised his foot and kicked the dog. The dog purred and dodged with his tail between his legs just before he kicked it.

Xing Shenzhi raised his foot and wanted to kick it again. Suddenly, he saw his shoes and something flashed in his mind.

One of the two students just now seems to have no shoes

Xing Yun didn’t wear shoes when he went out!

Xing Shenzhi suddenly turned back and saw in the distance that one of the two students did not wear shoes! Take a closer look, the pants on the other person are Xing Yun’s pajamas!

OK, this boy

Xing Shenzhi immediately wanted to turn around and chase after him.

However, before he turned around, he heard a child’s voice in front of him.

“Uncle! Did you kick the dog just now?”

As soon as he looked, he saw a child from primary school to junior middle school. Wearing an old school uniform and carrying a plastic bag, the child looks like a nearby resident.

“Fuck you!” “Is that your dog?” said Xing Shen angrily

“I feed it every day. It’s my dog!” The child stared at him with a pair of peach eyes. “You can’t go! If the dog is kicked by you, you have to pay the medical expenses!”

Where’s the bear boy? Xing Shenzhi didn’t want to pay attention to the child at all. He turned and wanted to go.

However, the child didn’t let him go. He stretched out his hand and grabbed him. At the same time, he shouted, “don’t go!”

Xing Shenzhi raised his hand and wanted to hit him. The child immediately let go and retreated, but he didn’t escape. He only said, “there are a group of hooligans in my house! Dare you hit me, I’m going to shout! I’m really going to shout!”

There’s no one like that!

Xing Shen was so angry that he turned back again, but Xing Yun had disappeared.

The road outside is full of people. How does Xing Yun chase him when he runs there?

“It’s all you!” Xing Shen was so angry that he wanted to beat the child who was in the way.

But when he looked back, he saw that the child had run away. The child stood in the distance and made a face at him. He knew immediately that the child was dragging him on purpose!

“Xue yingshuang! Where are you dead! Where’s the meal!” In the community, I don’t know which family heard a roar.

“Coming, coming!” The child shouted, made another face at him, and then ran into the shabby community.


While Xing Shenzhi was dragged by the child, Bai Qianyi and Xing Yun walked out of the path.

When they came to the busy street, they breathed a sigh of relief, but did not stop.

Bai Qianyi held back his tears for a long time. At that moment, he finally couldn’t help crying secretly. Xing Yun’s wound was so painful that he couldn’t breathe. He grabbed Bai Qianyi’s hand and said, “don’t cry… It’s all right…”

“I didn’t cry.” Bai Qianyi quickly wiped his tears. “I’m just tired. I yawn and cry.”

Although not far from home, Xing Yun couldn’t walk, and Bai Qianyi’s legs were soft with fear. Bai Qianyi took a taxi directly and took Xing Yun back to his home first.

“Dad, I’ll go to the meeting after class.”

Bai Qianyi’s house is very beautiful. As soon as he enters the living room, he sees several bookcases. But Xing Yun didn’t want to observe so much. As soon as he entered the door, he couldn’t support it anymore and fell directly to the ground.

Bai Qianyi was startled and quickly knelt down: “call an ambulance? Or should I call the police first?”

Xing Yun couldn’t shake his head: “if he can’t die… Inform my mother first… If he can’t find anyone, he will find my mother first… My mother is in danger…”

With the last effort, Xing Yun told Bai Qianyi his mother’s phone number. He lay unconscious on the ground and vaguely heard Bai Qianyi’s voice trembling on the phone.

“Aunt… I’m Xing Yun’s classmate. My name is Bai Qianyi…”

“Xing Yun is bad. He can’t speak now…”

“Someone beat him as if it were his father…”

At the other end of the phone, his mother’s angry voice rang out. Xing Yun knew that he should really escape now.

He was relieved and finally passed out.


Later, Ma peiluan hurried to Bai Qianyi’s house.

Seeing the miserable situation of Xing Yun, she knew what Xing Yun had experienced in recent years. She was angry that Xing Yun didn’t tell her anything, and she was even more angry that she didn’t protect Xing Yun well.

After that, a group of scholars from the Ma family used the strength of their family to bring down Xing Shenzhi and send each other to prison. The retribution of Xing Shen came quickly. Before he was released from prison, he fell ill and died.

Xing Yun was taken back to Ma’s house to continue his studies.

He did as well and learned to play football.

He was fed with various nutrients and supplements by Ma peiluan every day. He began to develop slowly for several times. All of a sudden, he grew taller and looked more and more handsome.

Gradually, the students in the class began to notice the existence of Xing Yun. For the first time, they found that the gloomy and silent first place was so eye-catching.

However, Xing Yun still doesn’t like to deal with people. Among so many students, he only became friends with Bai Qianyi in the end.

Although they experienced escape together, they didn’t mention the events of that day again, as if nothing had happened.

Bai Qianyi only talked with Xing Yun about homework, poetry and all kinds of romantic affairs.

But Xing Yun will never forget that day. Bai Qianyi trembled and said he wanted to run away on his back.

Xing Yun didn’t say thank you to Bai Qianyi.

He only told Bai Qianyi that from then on, the door of my house will always be open for you.




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