The Stand-in Refuses to Become a Regular Chapter 64

[fanwai II] journey (II)

Ma peiluan didn’t believe in evil. After leaving from Xingyun company, he went straight to a university and asked Xue yingshuang to plead guilty.

She came to Ma Zengyue’s office and opened the door. There was only Ma Zengyue in the office and Xue yingshuang was not seen.

Ma peiluan raised his eyebrow: “where’s Xue yingshuang?”

Ma Zengyue stared at the computer screen without raising his head: “laboratory.”

Ma peiluan: “which laboratory?”

Ma Zengyue was silent, and Ma peiluan asked again.

Finally, Ma Zengyue raised his head and said coldly, “what are you doing? Are you going to help him with his experiment?”

Ma peiluan roared, “Ma Zengyue! Do you even want to help him!”

Ma Zengyue roared back: “so what!”

Brother and sister both have the character of exploding at one point. In the roar, the two pairs of horse house signs droop, and the big dogs stare at each other angrily.

Ma peiluan came in, slammed the door, and came to Ma Zengyue’s desk.

“Do you think Xue yingshuang is worthy of Xing Yun?” Ma peiluan patted the table, “do you have the heart to let your nephew be with that kind of person?”

“Is it over? You don’t look at your son’s dog model. Xue yingshuang is willing to ask him. Thank God.” Ma Zengyue took it back.

“Just him?”

“What happened to him?”

Ma Zengyue spoke for Xue yingshuang at this time, but he only scolded Xue yingshuang a few hours ago.

Xue yingshuang said goodbye to him and left that day, which made him half angry. Today, Xue yingshuang knew he deserved to die and came to the door to make amends early in the morning.

Xue yingshuang made a serious confession, confessed his foolish behavior caused by cowardice, showed his determination to take the postgraduate entrance examination, and handed in the schedule for the next three years.

Not only that, Xue yingshuang also sent tea to protect his voice, which made Ma Zengyue scold or not.

Of course, Ma Zengyue still scolded Xue Ying, but his anger disappeared after scolding.

After all, what kind of person is Xue yingshuang? He doesn’t understand that they have been together for a few months.

At this time, Ma Zengyue looked at Ma peiluan’s anger and said angrily, “have you been with him for three days? How much do you know him? What kind of person he is, do you understand!”

Ma peiluan hesitated and then replied, “I can see through that kind of person at a glance. He must bring bad punishment cloud!”

Hearing that the students were criticized like this, Ma Zengyue couldn’t help yelling: “don’t think you’ve met a rotten man, and Xing Yun will be like you! Even if they can’t get along, it’s also a barrier for Xing Yun. He should learn to overcome it by himself. Don’t interfere with him!”

Without waiting for Ma peiluan to answer back, Ma Zengyue roared, “how much do you know Xue yingshuang again? Have you been with him for three days? I tell you, Xue yingshuang is very good!”

Ma peiluan knows that his brother is more difficult to get along with than himself.

She thought Ma Zengyue just wanted to quarrel with her. Unexpectedly, Ma Zengyue agreed with Xue yingshuang.

Ma peiluan was quiet.

Seeing that she didn’t answer back, Ma Zengyue snorted coldly, “anyway, you’ll know if you stay with him for a few days.”

Ma peiluan groaned disapprovingly, but his arrogance was much smaller. Ma Zengyue sneered: “but I’m ahead. If you’re not really idle, don’t touch him, otherwise…”

Ma peiluan: “otherwise?”

Ma Zengyue: “otherwise you will regret it.”

regret having done sth.

What’s going on now? Not only Xing Yun, but also Ma Zengyue came to warn her?

Ma peiluan’s heart wavered, but she immediately thought about it.

Can Xue yingshuang make her regret? make fun of!

She wants Xue yingshuang to regret!


At 7 pm, the doorbell of Xing Yun’s house rang.

When Xing Yun opened the door, he saw Ma peiluan standing outside the door, looking murderous and threatening.

At the sight of her, Xing Yun had a headache and said helplessly, “you’re still coming. Aren’t you tired?”

Ma peiluan didn’t say a word and went into the room with his chin raised.

Xing Yun stretched out his hand to hold her and said in a deep voice, “I’ll give you one last chance to repent. Do you really want to step into this room?”

Ma peiluan: ”

Xing Yun: “you still have time to run. Xue yingshuang is in a high mood. If you really want to come, come back in a few days.”

Ma peiluan: “?”

Xing Yun: “go quickly!”

Ma peiluan:

What makes you look like you’re going to the guillotine?

“Who is it?” Xue yingshuang’s voice came from the direction of the kitchen, “did you order takeout?”

Hearing Xue yingshuang’s voice, Xing Yun loosened his grip on Ma peiluan and sighed, “it’s too late. It’s too late for you to go now.”

With that, Xing Yun turned to the direction of the kitchen and said in a high voice, “it’s your Miss Ma!”

The voice fell and the broken wind sounded.

“Here comes Miss Ma? Here comes Miss Ma?” Xue yingshuang’s excited voice approached quickly, but in a few seconds. Ma peiluan saw the figure in front of her and Xue yingshuang appeared in front of her.

Xue yingshuang’s wind blew Ma peiluan’s hair. The next second, Xue yingshuang enthusiastically took Ma peiluan’s hand and said, “you’re finally here. Come in!”

Ma peiluan: ”

Xue yingshuang led ma peiluan to the room and said, “you’re just in time. Dinner has just been cooked.”

Xue yingshuang’s attitude made Ma peiluan full of question marks. She looked back at Xing Yun suspiciously. With an expression of “I told you earlier”, Xing Yun followed them with a sneer.

In the restaurant, there are four dishes and one soup on the table, which is the dinner of Xue yingshuang and Xing Yun today.

Xue yingshuang arranges Ma peiluan to take his seat and quickly brings the dishes and chopsticks. He looked at the dishes on the table and said, “how can you have enough dishes like this? You eat first, and I’ll cook some more.”

Xing Yun was speechless: “just eat.”

Xue yingshuang: “how can this be done? Teacher Ma is here and should be treated well.”

Xue yingshuang said, and the wind ran into the kitchen. Xing Yun took two more bites and finally put his chopsticks: “I’ll help him.”

Xing Yun also entered the kitchen. Ma peiluan was the only one left in the restaurant.

Ma peiluan: ”

Am I here for dinner?

More than 20 minutes later, they successively served braised fish and braised prawns in oil, and brought a pot of cold mung bean soup.

The two dishes smell delicious. Ma peiluan sandwiched a piece of braised fish. He thought it was good. The fish was very fresh and the soup was very delicious… No, I didn’t come to eat!

Ma peiluan looked up and stared at Xue yingshuang: “you…”

Xue yingshuang: “Miss Ma, eat shrimp.”

Xue yingshuang smiled and put the freshly peeled prawns into the small dish in front of Ma peiluan. Ma peiluan immediately forgot his words.

On one side, Xing Yun said anxiously, “where’s mine?”

Xue yingshuang: “don’t worry, I’ll peel it for you now.”

Xing Yun licked his mouth and waited. Xue yingshuang peeled the shrimp, so he put his head forward and directly connected it with his mouth. After eating, he smiled and buried himself in the basin to eat.

Ma peiluan was shocked to see this scene. Why is there a dog on the table?

No, that’s my son!

Well, a good son was spoiled like a dog!

Ma peiluan finds a place where she can dislike Xue yingshuang and immediately stares at Xue yingshuang, ready to scold.

However, when she opened her mouth, Xue yingshuang politely put a shrimp on her plate. After that, he looked up and smiled at her. His eyes were very worship.

Ma peiluan: ”

What’s that look?

Ma peiluan forgot his words and was so angry that he could only eat with his head down.

Three minutes later, I thought of what to scold myself. But he raised his head and looked at Xue Ying’s bright eyes again.

Xue yingshuang not only admires her eyes, but also looks forward to her swearing.

The boy took the wrong medicine

What happened?

Ma peiluan could not scold again, so she had to eat bitterly.

A meal ended in a confused atmosphere. Ma peiluan ate mung bean soup and sat down on the sofa in the living room to have a comfortable rest.

She almost forgot her purpose of coming here. It was not until Xue yingshuang brought her a cup of hot tea that she frowned and thought she was coming to catch up with Xue yingshuang.

“Xue yingshuang!” Ma peiluan roared.

“Stop shouting. He’s gone to the study.” Xing Yun’s tone was calm and his eyes pitied.

Ma peiluan’s intuition was wrong, but he didn’t think much. As soon as the tea cup was released, he went to the study angrily.

When the door of the study was half closed, Ma peiluan pushed the door in and saw Xue yingshuang sitting in front of the desk. She stepped forward, but heard the “creak” sound behind her. Turning back, the door of the study was closed.

She stretched out her hand to pull the doorknob, which remained motionless.

What’s going on?

Behind the door, Xing Yun gritted his teeth and pulled the door hard, his tail taut.

Wind off? forget it. Ma peiluan pressed his doubts and calmly walked towards Xue yingshuang.

“Here you are.” In front of the desk, Xue yingshuang raised his head and couldn’t help smiling brightly at Ma peiluan.

When Ma peiluan saw that there was still a book on his desk, he sneered in his heart. What book was he reading? It must not be a serious book!

“Don’t pretend there. I think you’re just upset and kind!” Ma peiluan said fiercely.

“You’re right.” Xue yingshuang looked at her admiringly.

“You’ve never planned to leave Xing Yun, and you dare to lie to me!”

“I was wrong.”

“I really didn’t read you wrong!”

“That’s great!”

“It’s you who broke Xing Yun!”

“That makes sense!”

No matter how Ma peiluan scolded, Xue yingshuang said “you’re right” and “it’s my fault” with a clever face.

Ma peiluan hit the cotton with his fist. There was no place to use it. The more he scolded, the more boring he became. Finally, he could only gnash his teeth and say, “what are you doing? Say, when to go!”

Xue yingshuang finally couldn’t help: “can I ask a question first and then discuss it?”

Ma peiluan: “what questions do you have?”

“Please sit down first.” Xue yingshuang pulled Xing Yun’s chair and sat down with Ma peiluan.

As soon as Ma peiluan sat down, he saw Xue yingshuang holding the book he was just reading: “I heard from Xing Yun that you teach in the University. I don’t understand something. Can you teach me?”

Ma peiluan looked, what… The ideological and political guidance textbook for the postgraduate entrance examination?

Although it came suddenly, Ma peiluan’s occupational disease made her unable to see other people’s problems. She stretched her face and explained in cold words. Then she said, “how did you read in the self-study exam before?”

Xue yingshuang: “many places are half understood and the foundation is not well laid.”

Ma peiluan: “even high school has only been read for less than a year. What foundation can there be!”

“Yes!” Xue yingshuang nodded in agreement and pointed to another question, “I don’t understand this either.”

Ma peiluan thought that when he finished this, he would return to the right track and ask the boy when to go away.

Three minutes later, Ma peiluan finished. Xue yingshuang was filled with joy and asked the next question.

OK, I won’t talk about it after I finish this topic.

After three minutes, Xue yingshuang naturally asked the next question.

OK, let’s finish this topic

In the twinkling of an eye, an hour passed.

Ma peiluan regained his consciousness and found himself in the routine of one thousand and one nights.

She stopped, drank the hot tea that Xue yingshuang had prepared for her, and said to herself: be careful, don’t fall into the trap again.

Just thinking, she glanced at the book on Xue yingshuang’s desk and found… Wait, I wrote this book?

There are several books on the desk, all of which she wrote before. There was a thick stack of printed materials on one side. When I looked closely, it was her previously published papers.

Ma peiluan:

Ma peiluan suddenly remembered something. He grabbed the book that Xue Ying read. Drink it! She wrote it!

She forgot what she wrote many years ago!

“I’ve read a little teacher Ma’s article these days. It’s really well written.” Xue yingshuang noticed her sight and explained, “it’s a pity that I didn’t know a good teacher like you earlier.”

What are you talking about? I don’t believe you read

Ma peiluan picked up the paper and looked at it. He saw that the top was full of notes. The notes were not written or drawn blindly. They were written very carefully.

Ma peiluan was in a complicated mood, shocked and puzzled, but still had a faint… Happiness.

“Can I ask you another question?” Xue yingshuang blinked his beautiful peach eyes, full of thirst for knowledge.

“Ask.” Ma peiluan nodded proudly. She thinks she is not a stingy person. Since some students who worship her want to ask questions, she is merciful and sets aside some time to answer. Anyway, she has to catch up with Xue yingshuang. There is more time.

It’s just that she didn’t expect this, two in the morning!

Ma peiluan has been drained and can only be poured cup by cup with strong tea.

She suddenly understood why Xing Yun let her run away.

Xue yingshuang is terrible, and his thirst for knowledge is too strong!

It’s like a wolf!

She wanted to escape, but she couldn’t escape at all. Besides, Xue yingshuang was able to ask some stupid questions. Some questions were very deep, which made her interested.

At this time, she came to a paragraph, and Xue yingshuang was bowing his head and taking notes.

Ma peiluan watched quietly and saw that Xue yingshuang’s handwriting was correct and neat, and his notes were very neat. As a teacher, she felt comfortable from the bottom of her heart when she saw such handwriting.

When she saw a pamphlet on the table, she took it and found that it was Xue yingshuang’s calendar.

The pamphlet was very old and the paper was soft. As soon as it was opened, it was densely filled with daily to-do items. Each time he finished one, he crossed it out with a red pen and marked the completion time behind it.

Ma peiluan looked at it and found that Xue yingshuang had a heavy learning task every day, but none of them fell behind. Even on the day when I was supposed to go abroad, so many things happened that the learning task was completed late at night.

There are also some daily chores, such as cooking for Xing Yun, preparing business luggage for Xing Yun, bringing meals for Xing Yun, and playing games with dogs… Dogs?

Although I don’t know where the dog came from, Xue yingshuang’s life is all about Xing Yun in addition to study and work.

Turning back to the first page of the calendar, there is an old line of words on it: you can’t be a master until you eat bitterly.

At the bottom, there is a line of words with newer traces but sometimes.

We must become a person worthy of Xing Yun.

Ma peiluan stopped on that page for a long time.

“All right! Stop writing!” Ma peiluan took out the pen in Xue Ying’s hands and stared, “don’t let people sleep? I think you can’t even take care of yourself and want to take care of Xing Yun! You need to learn, how can you sleep so late!”

Xue yingshuang seemed to notice something, smiled at Ma peiluan, nodded and said, “OK.”

“Miss Ma, I’ve cleaned up the room for you. You can have a rest quickly.” Xue yingshuang said, “sorry for wasting so much time.”

“Just know!” Ma peiluan stared again.

It was already the middle of the night. Ma peiluan came to the guest room and saw the properly cleaned room. He said that the discomfort was false.

She’s as tired as a dog. She’s going to take a bath and go to bed.

However, after entering the bathroom and taking a bath, she suddenly remembered that it was terrible! Clothes!

She didn’t intend to spend the night, so she didn’t bring her clothes. After taking a bath, she didn’t want to put her dirty clothes back. Just thinking about what to do, the probe looked and found that Xue yingshuang had already prepared her clothes for change.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

All right, Xue yingshuang is quite good at taking care of people.

Three minutes later, Ma peiluan put on the pink ugly dog clothes prepared by Xue yingshuang without expression.

She regretted. She couldn’t wait.

She should have listened to Xing Yun and Ma Zengyue.


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