The Stand-in Refuses to Become a Regular Chapter 66

[Fan Wai San] the dream of young grandma


Bai Qianyi was born in a scholarly family with a pair of teaching parents who pay attention to education. While others were still learning to walk, he had begun to learn English.

From entering primary school early at the age of five to graduating from high school, he had talent classes, foreign language classes and all kinds of tutoring classes every day, seven days a week without holidays.

After entering a foreign university, he began his internship as a freshman. Despite the heavy schoolwork and internship tasks, he still did not forget to volunteer everywhere. At the same time, he taught himself domestic laws and improved his ability.

After three years of university graduation, postgraduate study, after obtaining the master’s degree, I will be admitted to the lawyer qualification, and then enter the law firm to start working

He started running marathons from birth. He kept running all the way. He ran faster and farther than others.

But everyone has a limit on the road he can take in his life. He walked too fast and finished the road in his life all at once.

He can’t walk anymore. In the next days, he just wants to lie down and live.


Therefore, Bai Qianyi wants to be a young grandmother.

He wants a rich bully to fall in love with him and give him endless money. He doesn’t need to do anything. He just needs to drink coffee, skin care, watch exhibitions and listen to music every day. When his husband comes home, he will fall in love with his husband.

At first, he pinned his wish on his good friend Xing Yun, but it wasn’t long before he found that Xing Yun had a heart. His hopes were dashed and he had to go back to being a social animal.

He thought he should admit his fate, but he went to the hospital with a high intensity of work.

His parents lived in other places, and his classmates and colleagues were all busy. He had to deal with the hospitalization by himself.

He was busy in the hospital, but he was busy with them.

People are particularly vulnerable when they are ill, and he is determined to return home.

Even if he can’t be an elegant young grandmother, he is willing to be an elegant salted fish.

He is tired.


Bai Qianyi lived in Xing Yun’s house and lived like a salted fish.

The first thing he gets up every morning is to sit by the window, meditate in the morning light, and officially start the day with a big breakfast.

The morning is the most energetic time of the day. He never wastes a minute. He always sits in front of the French window and reads. When he was tired of reading occasionally, he read prose and poetry to change his mood with literature.

After lunch, he will go back to the house for a rest.

In the afternoon, he used to walk outside, see exhibitions, visit bookstores and feel the fireworks in the world. When he didn’t want to go out, he did yoga on the balcony at home.

He usually eats only a little fruit for dinner to give his stomach a good rest. At night, he is used to chatting with his friends, watching movies and drinking wine together to cultivate mutual feelings.

At 10 pm, take a bath and protect your skin.

At 11 pm, go to bed on time and end the day.

Bai Qianyi lives a full and elegant life when he doesn’t have to go to work. His life finally returned to the right track. He lived the way he dreamed and felt his growth every day.


Of course, such days lasted only seven days. On the eighth day, the day began to change its tune.

Xing Yun and Xue yingshuang go out early in the morning every day. When they go to work and school, they leave him at home alone.

Although Xing Yun and Xue yingshuang didn’t let him do housework, he didn’t have such a thick skin. As soon as they went out, he began to clean and tidy up the house like a domestic elf.

After cleaning, he was also tired. He lay on the sofa and began to read comics.

In the morning, Xue yingshuang will help him prepare an extra breakfast for lunch. After lunch, he will take a two-hour nap. When he is full, he will continue to read comics. When he is tired of reading comics, he will watch videos to change his mood.

In the evening, he usually realizes that his day has been wasted again and gets up to study.

After turning a few pages, Xing Yun and Xue Ying continued to go home. The three people crowded into the kitchen to cook dinner and had a full stomach together.

After dinner, we watched some programs together. At eight o’clock, Xue yingshuang went to study without hesitation. Xing Yun usually began to work overtime at this time.

Seeing that they began to struggle again, Bai Qianyi would also go into the house to study. But after studying for a while, he was tired and began to play games and read novels. He didn’t go to bed until midnight.

Day by day, the salted fish became more and more salty. He threw aside the “preparation for the examination” and “work” he had agreed with Ma peiluan.

After all, he finally resigned. Why should he work so hard!

Lying flat every day is so happy!


Salted fish is very happy. The only unhappiness is that he feels like a light bulb.

In the evening, three people get together and watch some TV dramas at will. Halfway through, Xue yingshuang said he would cut some fruit. Xing Yun followed Xue yingshuang into the kitchen.

Bai Qianyi stayed alone in the living room and thought that Xing Yun was becoming more and more dogs. He would follow Xue yingshuang wherever he went. It was too sticky.

Ten minutes later, they didn’t come back.

Seeing that they had gone for so long, Bai Qianyi thought there were too many fruits and hurried to the kitchen to help.

However, when he stepped into the kitchen, he saw that the watermelon had been cut and put on the table, while Xing Yun and Xue yingshuang stood there hugging and kissing.

Usually, Xing Yun and Xue yingshuang didn’t do any intimate behavior in front of him except sticking around. He thought about how they were so pure.

Now, seeing the two kissing, he took three steps backward for fear of missing someone else’s good deed.

“Did you steal watermelon? How sweet?”

“Kiss again if it’s sweet.”

In the kitchen, there was a soft conversation between the two. Bai Qianyi’s ears were red and crept back to the living room.

After a while, they came out. When they came out, they looked as usual, but Bai Qianyi was still full of the picture just now.

It turned out that people would be close, but not in front of him.

He’s been here all the time. It’s hard for others to fall in love. He’s really a light bulb in the way… Bai Qianyi sighs, laments and blames himself.

At the same time, there is a little faint envy.

He really wants to fall in love, too.


On holidays, Xing Yun and Xue yingshuang finally don’t have to go to work and school. It’s not easy for lovers to stay together. Bai Qianyi knows that he has to give others some space for psychological and physiological communication, so he finds an excuse to sneak out.

Where are you going? He has seen all the surrounding exhibitions, and he has no motivation to go no matter how far away.

Bai Qianyi walked away and finally came to the downstairs of Xingyun company.

Although it’s just a blind dream, Bai Qianyi still pursues it a little.

He wants to be a young grandmother, not a wife. Naturally, he hopes that the object can’t be too old. He is just under five years old. He likes the feeling of having a brother.

It’s acceptable to be six to ten years old. You have to consider it over the age of ten.

It is said that this office building is a Wanchai wharf. The bosses inside are young, handsome and rich like Xing Yun. I’m afraid his future husband is inside.

At this time, it is the weekend. Those who are still working in the company at this time should be very diligent and deep. Bai Qianyi is excited when he thinks about it.


Bai Qianyi planned to sit in a nearby coffee shop for a whole day, but the moment he stepped into the shop, he suddenly felt that he should buy some poetry collections. Otherwise, when Gao Shuaifu appeared, it would be bad to see him playing with his mobile phone.

Bai Qianyi turned and walked into the bookstore next to the coffee shop.

As soon as he walked into the bookstore, Bai Qianyi began to fantasize about the picture of Gao fushuai’s rescue when he couldn’t get the book.

It seems that this is also good.

He thought happily. Looking back, he remembered that he was nearly one meter eight. When he could get everything he wanted, his fantasy was disillusioned.

He went to the area related to art films and fell in love with a book about his favorite film.

He stretched out his hand to get it. At the same time, his other hand reached for the book, and their hands touched each other.

Bai Qianyi’s heart beat faster. When he was ready to turn back, he fell in love at first sight with a tall, rich and handsome man in a suit.

When I turned back, I was a young boy.

“Sorry.” The boy quickly withdrew his hand, nodded to Bai Qianyi, bowed his head and left.

After the boy left, Bai Qianyi’s hand was still there, and his heart beat faster than before.

Could it be that


Bai Qianyi took down the book and secretly looked for the figure of the man. He was so nervous just now that he couldn’t see the man’s face.

Should be handsome? It’s handsome, isn’t it?

Bai Qianyi didn’t dare to be too blatant. After walking around the bookstore for a few times, he covered his face with a book and looked at the man from a distance.

At a glance, his heart stopped beating for a moment.

He is an ordinary student with short hair and black framed glasses. He is about the age of college and wears a very old T-shirt. He is a little taller than Xing Yun by visual inspection. His trouser legs are not long enough and half of his lower legs are exposed.

It’s not ugly from a distance, but its skin is dark. But Bai Qianyi likes the handsome guy with a straight suit, and the student is younger than him. Who will be his brother? Forget it.

Bai Qianyi can maintain a three minute heartbeat for more than a dozen different handsome men on his microblog every day, so he defined it as an insignificant little throb in his daily life, and then put it down.


But at last he walked towards the student, because he saw the student standing in the area of the English study book, and Mr. Bai had an occupational disease.

“Postgraduate entrance examination?” Bai Qianyi gathered together like a man selling fitness cards.

The student looked down at him and nodded dully.

“The one in your hand doesn’t work.” Bai Qianyi looked around on the bookshelf and said, “it’s not very clear.”

When Bai Qianyi first taught Xue yingshuang, he knew all kinds of English textbooks and went to the bookstore to turn over the books one by one.

“How is your English?”

“Not very good…”

The other party reported a score of CET-4 or CET-6, which is really not good. Bai Qianyi asked him about his learning disadvantages again, pondered several times, and finally chose a book for him.

“This is a good one. Consider it.” Bai Qianyi finished selling, nodded to the other party and walked away smartly.

“Wait!” The student suddenly stepped forward and shouted to Bai Qianyi.


The student’s name is Luo fan. He is a student majoring in civil engineering at a university. He is preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, but English is his weak subject. Seeing that Bai Qianyi was familiar with teaching materials, he wanted to ask Bai Qianyi for English learning methods.

Bai Qianyi had nothing to do. Naturally, he promised, so he went to a nearby coffee shop with Luo fan.

Recently, Xue yingshuang is addicted to writing code and learning politics. He only reads English for half an hour every day. There is no room for white humility. Now a student delivers it to the door. He not only doesn’t feel troublesome, but also feels very interesting.

Because of his leisure, Bai Qianyi spoke very carefully and asked Luo fan to do some questions to test Luo fan’s ability, and then put forward suggestions for his problems.

It’s getting dark.

Bai Qian said easily that Xing Yun and Xue yingshuang should communicate at home. It’s time for him to go home for dinner, so he said goodbye to Luo fan.

Luo fan kept thanking him and gave him a ride.

“That’s right.” Bai Qianyi thought of something. “Are you free in two days? I’ll sort out some materials and bring them to you next time.”

Luo fan’s eyes lit up at once.


Bai Qianyi’s teaching lasted for a long time.

He and Luo fan came and went, and gradually became familiar with each other. He also learned that Luo fan’s family was poor. From freshman year, he would go to the construction site for internship during winter and summer holidays. The two met that day. It happened to be a holiday on the construction site. Luo fan came out to find the information for the postgraduate entrance examination.

Bai Qianyi also realized that Luo fan’s skin was black and his hands were thick. They were all ground out in the construction site.

Bai Qianyi didn’t suffer in the □□ and was particularly distressed for children like Luo fan, so he taught them very carefully.

Although Luo fan doesn’t talk much and doesn’t treat the teacher like Xue yingshuang, he is full of sweet words, but he is obedient and clever. The way he looked at you seriously greatly satisfied Bai Qianyi.

While preparing the teaching materials, Bai Qianyi also read some books. Soon, the feeling of reading came back and life was much normal.

This is a great thing for Bai Qianyi, so Luo fan wants to pay the tutor fee to Bai Qianyi. Bai Qianyi doesn’t accept anything, which makes Luo fan very embarrassed.


In August, Luo fan’s internship came to an end and concentrated on preparing for the exam.

One day, Bai Qianyi saw that he was not quite right. When he touched his forehead, he found that he had a fever.

Bai Qianyi frowned: “stop learning and go back to rest.”

Luo fan nodded, “I’m sorry.”

Bai Qianyi saw that he was staggering and couldn’t help but ask, “did someone take care of you in the dormitory? Did you say that all your roommates went home last time?”

Luo Fan said, “I’ll just lie down for a day. It used to be like this.”

Bai Qianyi took Luo fan home without saying a word.

As soon as Luo fan got into bed, he almost fell asleep. Bai Qianyi took his temperature and found that he had a severe fever.

If you don’t bring it back, no one will find it in the dormitory.

It’s really an inconvenient child, Bai Qian said easily.


As soon as Xing Yun got home that day, he saw Bai Qianyi acting unnaturally.

Xing Yun raised his eyebrow and said, “what are you doing?”

Bai Qianyi almost knelt down: “I’m sorry! I took a man home!”

Xing Yun: “Oh?”

Bai Qianyi said anxiously, “I will take care of myself! I won’t bother you!”

Xing Yun: “don’t be like a child who secretly holds a puppy home!”


Finally, Xing Yun and Xue yingshuang go to watch the new brother. Xue yingshuang also cooks porridge for Luo fan.

Bai Qianyi fed Luo fan water and porridge, and hurriedly took care of Luo fan.

Finally, Luo fan’s temperature drops down at night. Bai Qianyi walks out of the room and hears Xing Yun and Xue yingshuang quarreling outside.

Xing Yun: “you cook porridge for others.”

Xue yingshuang: “Mingming left you a bowl before giving it to Xiao Luo.”

Xing Yun: “Oh.”

Xue yingshuang: “you are so jealous, Xiao Xing.”

Xing Yun: “yes, I’m jealous. Unlike you, I’m never jealous.”

Xue yingshuang: “what do you think if I carry him out now?”

Xing Yun: “no, I’ll go out by myself. From now on, I’ll be a stray dog.”

Bai Qianyi listened to the kindergarten conversation, speechless and envious. He also wants someone to talk with him

Some childish words


After Luo fan recovers, Bai Qianyi moves out of Xing Yun’s house.

First, he moved out because he had stayed at Xing Yun’s house long enough and it was time to go home and face the reality. Second, he heard Luo fan say that there was no air conditioner in the dormitory and thought it was bad for children’s study. Anyway, his house was empty, so he simply let Luo fan move in during the summer vacation.

Luo fan is still a student. Bai Qianyi doesn’t charge Luo fan’s rent and living expenses. As long as Luo fan helps with some housework.

But he was more cautious. He ate with an extra mouth at home and burned all his savings. After thinking about it, he simply found a job and became a social animal again.

At the beginning, Bai Qianyi returned home with the mentality of being a salted fish.

He never thought that it was less than two months. He was neither a young grandmother nor a salted fish. He just didn’t find a partner. He even began to work.

But what Bai Qianyi didn’t expect was that he had a good time.


Bai Qianyi’s requirements are not high, as long as he has a fixed income and is not too busy.

Although he hasn’t passed the law test, with his beautiful resume, he really found a job that meets his needs.

The intensity of the new job is not high, which is completely different from that in the previous law firm. Bai Qianyi gets off work on time every day and doesn’t work overtime.

When he got home, the house was clean and tidy, and Luo fan had already prepared dinner for him.

Luo fan can also cook and tastes different from Xue yingshuang. Xue yingshuang takes the wild road of figuring out the taste by himself. The taste is heavier. Luo fan learned cooking from his grandmother. The taste is relatively light. He can also stew medicinal meals. Bai Qianyi likes it very much.

After dinner, he is responsible for slumping on the sofa, reading comics and eating fruit. Luo fan is responsible for washing the dishes.

After the rest, he took a bath and Luo fan washed his clothes.

After taking a bath, he continued to collapse, and Luo fan blew his hair.

Bai Qianyi lies in bed with joy. His brother is really very kind. He is not a young grandmother now, but he lives like a young grandmother.

“It’s right to bring you back.” Bai Qian is easy to laugh.

“Yes.” Luo fan smiled at him and nodded.


Another advantage of Luo fan is that he likes watching movies.

Bai Qianyi likes some unpopular art movies. He usually watches them with Xing Yun and Xue yingshuang. The two never join in. They either roast from beginning to end, or they sleep together in less than half an hour. They are so angry that they kill him.

Only Luo fan is different. Luo fan likes watching movies and tastes similar to him.

Bai Qianyi: “do you like this director, too?”

Luo fan: “I’ve seen all his movies.”

Bai Qianyi: “I’ve brushed his works many times! I like him so much!”

Luo fan: “me too.”

Bai Qianyi couldn’t imagine that the little brother picked up by the roadside was so beautiful. Finally, someone can talk about movies with him. Moreover, Luo fan’s understanding of the role and plot is very interesting and his mind is very delicate. Sometimes talking to him about the film is more interesting than watching the film itself.

Bai Qianyi: “I thought a man of science and technology like you wouldn’t go to the movies.”

Luo fan: “actually, I…”

Bai Qianyi: ”

Luo fan lowered his head and the light was a little dark. Bai Qianyi couldn’t see the eyes under his glasses. Bai Qianyi asked for a long time before he whispered, “I actually wanted to learn acting before.”

Bai Qianyi couldn’t think of such an introverted person who said no more than 300 words a day, always lowered his head and wanted to learn acting.

“Can’t you think of it?” Luo fan whispered, “isn’t it strange?”

“At first glance, it sounds strange.” Bai Qianyi thought and said sincerely, “but… It’s quite appropriate to think about it carefully.”

Bai Qianyi looked at him and said, “it’s good for you to act. You’re tall enough, upright and like movies. It’s not very appropriate?”

Luo fan shook his head: “I’m ugly.”

“It’s not ugly. It has a nose and eyes.” Bai Qianyi said, and leaned over to take a closer look at Luo fan’s face. “Come on, brother.”

Luo fan lowers his head to prevent Bai Qianyi from looking. Bai Qianyi continues to tease him, making his ears red, but he doesn’t look up.

It’s too shy, little brother, I thought.

“You are so shy, how will you find someone in the future?” Bai Qian Yi said, “look at Xing Yun. He’s so shameless. He’ll find someone at once. Learn more.”

“I can’t find anyone.” Luo Fan said stuffy.

“It’s better not to look for it. You see how happy I am.” Bai Qianyi said, feeling sad.

I still want an object.


Near the beginning of school, Luo fan is going to move back to the dormitory.

It’s not easy to live the life of a young grandmother. How can Bai Qianyi be willing to let him go.

“I gave you all my salary cards. Keep them. I’m so bored.” Bai Qianyi pleaded and seduced. “Eating here is more nutritious than eating in the canteen, and the air conditioner blows. How good it is.”

Luo fan bowed his head and said nothing.

“My home is so close to the school that it’s convenient for you to go to school,” Bai Qianyi said. “I can help you with your English at any time.”

Bai Qianyi would have wanted to roll on the ground if he hadn’t been worried about his age.

However, Luo fan still wanted to move back. Bai Qianyi thought about it and sighed: “yes, you are still so young. You want to be an object and go out to play. I’m not so comfortable living here.”

This sentence somehow poked Luo fan. He immediately replied, “it’s nothing like this!”

Bai Qianyi: “if there’s no such thing, you can live. My brother hurts you.”

Luo fan: “… OK.”


Bai Qianyi left people behind and lived a life like a young grandmother.

“Luo fan, will you go to the movies tomorrow?”

In the evening, Bai Qianyi directly opened Luo fan’s room. While opening the door, Luo fan just came out of the bathroom after taking a bath.

Luo fan is tall and has been working on the construction site for a long time. His muscles are very beautiful. Bai Qianyi took a deep breath and looked up again. He was stunned.

Normally, Luo fan wears a pair of thick black framed glasses, which almost covers half of his face. At this time, he has just taken a bath and hasn’t put on his glasses. Bai Qianyi sees his whole face for the first time.

This boy… Looks… Very handsome

What era is this? It’s still such a trick to take off your glasses and change your head! Bai Qianyi thought it was too lame, but he couldn’t help looking at it again.

Luo fan’s kind of handsome is different from that of ordinary small fresh meat. It is a kind of bone beauty. The whole person is very senior, like a male model.

“Brother?” Luo fan was overwhelmed by him and hurriedly asked for glasses to put on, “what’s the matter?”

“You’re so handsome. Let your brother have another look.” Bai Qianyi hurriedly pressed him.

“Don’t talk nonsense…”

“No nonsense. It’s so beautiful. If I look like you, I’ll laugh in my dreams.”

Seeing Luo fan blushing with shame, Bai Qianyi sighed again that this guy is really good-looking.


The next day, Bai Qianyi didn’t take Luo fan to the cinema, but took Luo fan to change his style.

He helped Luo fan buy several sets of clothes, cut his hair and wear contact lenses. When he went out during the day, Luo fan was still a rustic college student, but at night, he followed Bai Qianyi home with a handsome boy with a high rate of return.

“Brother, I’ll give you some money today.” Luo fan called Bai Qianyi a little money when he came home. “I’ll give you the rest next time.”

“What are you talking about?” Bai Qianyi frowned and hit the money back, “you’re still a student.”

Luo fan insisted on giving it. They almost quarreled. Finally, Bai Qianyi had to take his money.

But anyway, looking at the successful Luo fan, Bai Qianyi is very satisfied. He said, “you can really get out of the way now.”

Luo fan still blushes and doesn’t speak.

Bai Qianyi said again, “if you know any stars at that time, remember to introduce them to me. Please.”

Bai Qianyi didn’t know what he had said wrong, but he felt that Luo fan was a little unhappy that night.


Bai Qianyi passed the legal examination and was promoted and raised.

As soon as his salary increases, he wants to replace Luo fan with a new mobile phone. My little brother’s cell phone is so bad that he can’t watch it.

He checked the money on the card to see how much was left, but found that the money on the card was much more than he thought.

Obviously he gave the salary card to Luo fan for household use, but a few months later, Cary’s money was almost unused.

Bai Qianyi was confused. He grabbed Luo fan and asked.

“Where did you get your usual money for vegetables?”

“Working money and scholarships.”

“How can you do this!”

“Brother gave me a place to live, taught me English and bought me clothes. I can’t eat and drink for nothing.”

“Where are you free to eat and drink? You do all the housework.”

Bai Qianyi was silly. He never thought that he was happy to eat these months and spent the money of a college student.

He also wanted to support poor college students, but the person who was supported was himself!

“Listen, brother.” Bai Qianyi told him, “I’m not afraid to tell you that my dream in this life is to be lazy and supported by others. I thought this dream could not come true, but you accompanied me and almost fulfilled my dream for me. That’s enough for me.”

Bai Qianyi finally said, “you are still a student. Study hard and save your money. You have to use it to get a wife in the future, okay?”


The conversation that day was not successful. Although Luo Fan said well, Bai Qianyi obviously felt that Luo fan was unconvinced.

Luo fan was not only unconvinced, but later even went out early and returned late. Bai Qianyi came back from work for several days. Luo fan hasn’t come home yet.

It’s almost the final exam. Where has the boy gone… Bai Qianyi is a little angry, but he thinks he’s not Luo fan, and he’s not qualified to take care of him at all.

Bai Qianyi began to feel lonely again. He had no choice but to find Xue yingshuang to play.

Unexpectedly, he went to a university, but unexpectedly saw Luo fan.

Luo fan is tall and handsome after dressing up. Standing with several girls, she looks very talented and attractive.

Bai Qianyi looked at them and at himself.

… there are still topics among young people. It’s not like him. He has no vitality at all. It’s normal for Luo fan not to want to play with him.

Bai Qian is easily bereaved and wants to drink some wine.

He thought about looking for Xing Yun to drink, but he thought he would have a happy life. What kind of wine would he drink? After thinking about it, he can only drink it himself.


Bai Qianyi got drunk that day and didn’t know how to get home.

The next day he opened his eyes and found himself lying in his bed, while Luo fan slept beside the bed. Obviously, he took care of him all night.

“Brother, are you awake?” Luo fan noticed that he woke up and then woke up, “what’s wrong?”

“Pretty good.” Bai Qianyi sat up. For a moment, no one spoke. You look at me and I look at you.

Bai Qian is easy to see Luo fan looking at himself, vaguely afraid.

Bai Qianyi was afraid that he would get drunk again since he went crazy before Xue Ying and recruited all his old friends. I didn’t expect to get drunk again this time, and I was still drunk in front of Luo fan.

My image will never return… Bai Qianyi is extremely embarrassed. He wants to ask what he did yesterday, but he doesn’t dare to ask.

“I yesterday…” Bai Qianyi finally asked, “did you say anything?”

“You said you wanted to be a little grandmother. You wanted someone to support you.” Luo Fan Road.

Bai Qianyi almost shed tears. It’s not over. Why should I be shameless when I’m drunk?

“Just listen. I’m crazy… Anything else?”

“You said you wanted to fall in love, you wanted a boyfriend.”

Bai Qianyi is gnashing his teeth. He is dying of thunder. He covered his face with one hand and waved to Luo fan with the other. He said weakly, “you… You don’t think you heard, okay?”

“Brother, is what you said true?” Luo fan asked softly.

“Fake, fake, drunk talk.” Bai Qianyi denied it.

Luo fan was silent. Bai Qianyi couldn’t wait for his answer. He glanced at him secretly, but found that his expression was a little sad.

Bai Qianyi suddenly feels guilty again. He tells Xue yingshuang the secret. Xing Yun also knows about it, but he doesn’t tell his younger brother who gets along with him day and night. It’s a little unkind.

“Well, don’t laugh at me,” Bai Qianyi sighed. “I just don’t want to go to work. I just want to be a young grandmother. I want to find a rich and handsome man to support me.”

Hearing this, Luo fan’s eyes lit up.

Bai Qianyi:?

Did you find the organization? How? You don’t want to be a little grandma, do you?



“If you… If you want to find a boyfriend, can you consider me?”


“I’ll try to make money to support you.”


Bai Qianyi didn’t expect that one day someone took the initiative to help him realize his dream.

But this man is younger than him!

How can this work!


It was not until later that Bai Qianyi knew that Luo fan went out early and came back late every day for a while. Unexpectedly, he went as a model.

Luo fan gave Bai Qianyi the first sum of money he earned as a model and promised that he would give him every sum of money he earned, whether he moved bricks or worked in the future, so that he could become a young grandmother as soon as possible.

Later, Luo fan gave Bai Qianyi the reward for his first time as an actor.

Later, Luo fan gave Bai Qianyi the pay for his first film performance.

The two were sweet and bitter, and finally came together.

One day after a long time, Bai Qianyi sat in front of the French window of the villa, looking at the poetry collection and a popular student who was cooking for him. He felt like he was dreaming.

“Little grandma, it’s time for dinner.”

“I said don’t call me that. I’m sorry.”

“Listen to my brother.”

“You’d better shout again.”

“OK, little grandma.”



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