Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 10

Scarlet Apartment (10)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 10:  Scarlet Apartment (10)

Guess how long you can live?

Looking at the last sentence full of malice, Shen Yu couldn’t help frowning slightly.

The other two also opened their own black book and read the new plot.

“Wuhu, it seems that we are dead!”

Cuihua didn’t think so. She took out a lollipop from her pocket, peeled off the sugar paper and threw it in her mouth.

Anonymous quietly closed the page: “it won’t be peaceful tonight. Everyone be careful.”

Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it was night again.

The administrator appears again to distribute the key.

But Shen Yu felt that the administrator’s eyes had been turning around on the three of them intentionally or unintentionally, and the turbid eyes were full of hidden malice.

But in the end, she didn’t do anything. After handing out four keys, she bent her back and left.

Three pink keys and one red key.

Because of the death of glasses man, only Shen Yu, anonymous, Cuihua, Xu Jiaojiao, bald man and Dazhuang, and little lovers were left, a total of eight.

According to the previous practice, after grouping, they took their own keys.

But when Shen Yu reached for the red key, the bald man suddenly took the first step and grabbed the red key in his hand.

The crowd looked at him in surprise, but he said to Shen Yu with a smile: “brother, you’ve all been in the East Building for so long. Have you collected enough clues? Can you change my brother’s residence?”

Before, everyone dared not live in the East Building, but since Shen Yu and Shen Yu tried their luck but were safe, the East building has obviously become hot in the eyes of bald men.

Seeing the bald man holding the key and never letting go, Shen Yu immediately understood that the other party mistakenly thought that only living in the East building could find relevant clues.

He didn’t say much, just a cold reminder: “be careful of those monsters.”

But bald man didn’t seem to listen. He took a dazed look and walked away.

Anonymous and Shen Yu also took the pink key and went to the West building.

Just after entering the West building, Shen Yu stroked the pink wall and asked in some doubt, “the color of the West building wall… Seems darker.”

The first night, the West building was only light pink. But with the naked eye, the pink on the wall is getting redder and redder day by day.

Anonymous stood beside him, squinted at the wall and said calmly, “in short, be careful.”

“Tonight, I’m afraid it’s not easy.”


“Brother, why do we have to live here?”

At this moment, the two sleeping in the East Building, after turning off the lights, Dazhuang asked with a puzzled look: “it’s poor and broken here, which can’t be compared with the new house in the West.”

“What do you know, bumpkin?” the bald man scolded.

At this time, he was lying in front of the door, nervously waiting for the monster to arrive: “those people ran to the East Building mysteriously because the East building is good!”

“Do you remember what the old woman said? Who can kill the monster? She promised us everything, okay? Idiot!”

Hearing this, Da Zhuang was also happy: “brother, can we kill a monster and ask the old woman to let us out of this ghost place?”

How is this possible? The old man can give some skills at most… The bald man just wants to roll his eyes when listening to the new man’s whimsical words.

But he didn’t show it on his face. He just nodded his head and said, “OK, anything!”

Dazhuang was more excited. Excitedly, he gathered around the bald man and looked out of the door: “let’s catch a monster quickly. When does the strange man knock at the door every night come?”

In the apartment, the monster in the elevator is dead.

The monster outside the window hanged people on the first day, which is obviously not easy to provoke.

The rest of the monsters can’t be seen or found at all.

On the count, only monsters who knock on the door every day but haven’t killed anyone so far can be provoked by them.

“When the monster knocks on the door, I’ll break out and block its way. Just after it reaches the end, you’ll take the opportunity to sneak behind the monster, okay?” the bald man told him.

Da Zhuang nodded and asked cautiously, “brother, you… You really can beat monsters, are you sure?”

In fact, the bald man also felt a little weak in his heart, but now he can’t recognize counseling, so he had to scold with a tough attitude: “if you don’t have the courage to say it, you’re afraid of hands and feet! I can’t take a little monster. Haven’t I been mixing for so long?”

Dazhuang was scolded and didn’t dare to answer back. He had to be careful with a smiling face: “no, it doesn’t mean that. Don’t be angry, brother…”

Just as he was halfway through his speech, there was a dull drag outside the corridor.

The two men immediately calmed down and looked at each other.


It was a new night. The ugly baby was sitting in the coffin, dragged by a new apartment resident, walking slowly in the corridor, like a beast patrolling his territory.

Only this time, when it passed a room in the East Building, the door of that room suddenly opened.

A bald fat man suddenly jumped out of the room, clenched a fine steel axe in both hands, and without saying a word, slashed head-on at the apartment residents in front.

The walking corpse like apartment residents did not dodge at all. A hard head was immediately split in half by the axe blade, and the brains scattered all over the ground, mixed with red and white, disgusting.

The residents lost their heads, shook in place and immediately fell to the ground.

The bald man who succeeded in the sneak attack never thought it would be so easy, which made him stunned when he was ready for a hard battle.

But then he looked at the coffin in the back and was inspired.

No, the sneak attack was wrong.

In general, the person sitting in the coffin behind is the real threat.

But before he could remedy his mistake, Da Zhuang successfully walked around the back, picked up the ugly baby in the coffin and said proudly, “brother, I got it! I didn’t expect it to be so simple.”

“Ouch! This little monster is so ugly. How ugly can a mother give birth to such an ugly child?” he looked at the baby carefully and couldn’t help but dislike it.

But what he didn’t expect was that the ugly baby, who looked powerless, suddenly opened his mouth and let out a long, creepy scream.

The shrill howl spread throughout the apartment in an instant.

The pink apartment began to shake.

Dazhuang was confused, holding the baby in his hand at a loss.

Just when he was stunned, the bald man on one side saw that the situation was out of control. He immediately turned and ran back to the room and locked the door with a bang.

Blood, countless red blood, came continuously from the West building, climbed through the winding corridor and extended to the room in the East building.

When Da Zhuang realized that it was bad, those blood threads had climbed up his lower legs and pulled him down. More blood threads swarmed in and cut his flesh and skin inch by inch.

The baby in his hand slipped when he was dragged to the ground.

The ugly and thin baby was surrounded by scarlet blood, but he seemed to sit in his mother’s arms with a peaceful look.

But da Zhuang’s body was wrapped with layers of blood. With his only active arm, he struggled to climb to the door and knocked on the door: “brother, help! Strange, monster!”

“The monster is going to eat me – help! Help!!” he cried in despair.

“Didn’t you say you were strong and could definitely kill monsters?”

Listening to the crying outside the room, the bald man just stood on the door.

“The little monster… No, it’s him who catches the baby, not me! It has nothing to do with me, it has nothing to do with me…” he prayed silently in his heart, hoping that the monster would never notice him.

Finally, the big man outside the door was torn to pieces by the blood in the particularly fierce cries and curses.

There was only a pool of meat mud left.

The scream before da Zhuang’s death spread far away, and even people living in the West building could hear it.

Shen Yu and the anonymous naturally heard the sudden roar in the middle of the night, and then the miserable wail of the living.

“What did those two talents do when they just entered the East building? They made such a big noise?” Shen Yu asked with a frown.

But soon, the sound of the outside world quieted down and fell into a dead silence.

The silence was frightening.

In this extremely depressed atmosphere, suddenly a crisp knock on the door sounded.

Someone is knocking on their door.

“Here comes the strange man knocking at the door again?” Shen Yu asked anonymously.

Anonymous suddenly frowned and vigilantly pulled Shen Yu behind him, trying to block him with his small body.

The sharp scalpel had been silently clamped between his fingers.

Soon, the voice outside the door confirmed his conjecture.

“Guys, we just heard someone scream. Come and have a look. Are you okay?”

The administrator’s hoarse and strange voice sounded outside the door. It was not a knock freak who had never spoken before.

In particular, it is strange that the administrator’s tone changed from the usual indifference and was full of enthusiasm and care, as if he was really thinking about their personal safety.

It’s just too warm, it’s too fake.

In the dark, the anonymous gently pinched Shen Yu’s palm and replied in a deep voice, “nothing.”

Shen Yu immediately realized that they moved the desk gently and quietly in front of the door.

The administrator outside the door continued his hypocritical care: “is it really all right? Open the door and let me have a look?”

“I’m afraid you have something to do. I brought the only Doctor Liu in our apartment. Aunt Zhang, who talked to you before, is also very worried. I want to come in and have a look! And Uncle Li, your neighbor Wang and uncle Zhao downstairs…”

“They all want to come in and see you. Open the door.”

The administrator shouted, knocking on the door gradually became rough, and finally turned into smashing the door.

There were countless cold and hard voices, repeating again and again: “open the door! Open the door!”

Outside the door, a group of apartment residents headed by the administrator, men and women, old and young, all gathered together, and their heads filled the whole corridor.

They all had strange and indifferent expressions on their faces, but their turbid eyes twinkled with greed, stared at the door in front of them, and said numbly: “open the door, open the door…”

The sound of smashing the door became more and more intense, and everyone was squeezing towards the door, as if trying to squeeze themselves into the door.

The door made a “creak” sound, which was too heavy to hold.

Once the door breaks, all the outside residents will rush in.

There was a trace of pride on the administrator’s face.

“Zhang Lili!”

But at this time, a clear drink came from the room.

The name immediately made everyone’s movements stagnate, and the faces of the apartment residents showed obvious fear.

But Shen Yu in the room shouted again:

“Zhang Lili -“


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