Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 12

Scarlet Apartment (12)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 12: Scarlet Apartment (12)

“The sound of percussion is crisp, and it is really hollow.”

Anonymous sat on Shen Yu’s arm, stretched out his hand and knocked on the ceiling.

At this time, the posture of the two of them was that Shen Yu stood below, bent his arms to hold him and sent him to the ceiling.

But looking at the anonymous expression, it seems reluctant.

“No one sent out boxed lunch today. Are you hungry? Will you have hypoglycemia in the morning?”

Shen Yu raised it high and asked with concern, “children are growing up. I still have a few mints here. Do you want them?”

The object of his love, an anonymous young face, was more and more tense, and his tone was very resistant: “don’t grow a body, don’t eat sugar.”

“Poof… Cough, I’m fine, you keep busy!”

Behind them, Cuihua didn’t hold back. She accidentally laughed. She suddenly coughed and motioned for them to continue.

Having said that, she looked at the anonymous with her tight little face, but her eyes were full of schadenfreude of “you also have today”.

Shen Yu suddenly asked coldly, “have you two known each other outside for a long time?”

The action on the anonymous hand gave a slight pause, and then gave a slight “um” sound.

“She is my old subordinate,” he added.

“Since you are teammates, why did you pretend you didn’t know each other when you first entered the novel?” Shen Yu wondered even more. “What’s the ghost of the old subordinate? How old are you?”

This time, anonymous didn’t explain any more, but said faintly: “the task needs.”

Shen Yu raised his eyebrow: “it’s quite mysterious. It’s like a spy joint.”

At this time, Cuihua, who was on guard, couldn’t help interrupting: “this new man’s insight and logical analysis are simply top! Head, how on earth did you meet such a good seedling with excellent qualifications?”

Shen Yu smiled bitterly: “in fact, I took the initiative to meet him!”

Where neither of them could see, the corner of anonymous’s mouth was slightly hooked.

But the smile was only a flash in the pan. He soon continued to calmly analyze: “the interlayer above is very weak, but it can’t be broken directly with violence, and it can’t be opened with blades and other props.”

As soon as Cuihua heard this, she immediately became energetic: “head, can you do it? No, change it for me!”

The anonymous said coldly, “you’re not tall enough. Do you want to jump and check the situation?”

Cuihua, who is eager to try: “…”

Words to kill the heart!

She looked up at her boss, who was forced to raise her head. Finally, she had to grind her teeth angrily.

In short, some people are worse than themselves!

Shen Yu asked, “this is also the limitation of the novel rules? You can’t break it directly by force, just like room 444 in the East building?”

The anonymous whispered, and then seemed to find something. Holding a blade between his fingers, he carefully scraped off a layer of wall paint on the ceiling.

The pink dust foam came down one after another. He hurriedly covered Shen Yu’s eyes with his free hand: “be careful not to be dazzled by dust.”

It was dark in front of him. Shen Yu could only hear the scraping sound. He calmed down and waited quietly.

Soon, he heard the anonymous murmur, “give me the golden key.”

The palm in front of him moved away, and he saw that the pink wall paint was scraped off at an insignificant joint between the ceiling and the wall, suddenly revealing a small key hole.

They found the right one!

Under the gaze of the three, the golden key poked into the key hole and turned a few times, but it made a “click” sound.

Anonymous frowned: “this key can’t open the mezzanine.”

“What is it?”

The original Cui Hua, who was full of expectation, could not help pointing to the name carved on the key, and Tucao said, “it is not possible to open your own door. Now, even a small interlayer can not be opened. Wu make complaints about your iron waste!”

The reason why the three of them ran to the West building was to speculate that after Wu Jianyi killed his wife, he would certainly take advantage of the opportunity to decorate his apartment and deal with the body secretly.

The West building represents the renovated apartment, so Zhang Lili’s body is most likely hidden in the “invisible seventh floor”, that is, it is built into the interlayer.

But now, the key in their hand can’t open the mezzanine. It’s almost useless!

Anonymous jumped down from the top, thought for a long time, and then said, “it seems that we have to go back to the East Building in the end.”

“The key engraved with Wu Jianyi’s name is temporarily useless. If you want to open room 444 and the mezzanine, you can only rely on two other keys – Wu Jianyi’s lover and illegitimate son.”

Shen Yu immediately understood what he meant: “there are too many apartment residents in the West building. Now it’s a little dangerous for us. It’s hard to guarantee that the siege like last night will not happen again, so we’re going to spend the night in the East Building tonight?”

“Only in the East Building, without the interference of apartment residents, can we find the opportunity to kill two monsters and get the vital key.”

“Wait, where are we going to find the monster?”

Cuihua interrupted them: “even if we can find the monster scratching the glass outside the window, another monster haunts and runs around in the apartment. We can’t find its shadow at all, let alone kill it!”

Hearing this, Shen Yu lowered his eyes and thought for a moment, then whispered, “I know how to lead it out.”


The day passed quickly, and the fourth night came in a twinkling of an eye.

The walls of the pink apartment are darker and redder day by day. From the beginning, the delicate pink has become infinitely close to bright red.

It’s impossible to ignore.

The bald man sat on the sofa on the first floor. His face was gloomy and his breath was short. He seemed to be extremely depressed.

After he learned the truth, he was full of confidence to find the body, but he searched alone all day, but he didn’t even get a fart!

Tomorrow is the fifth day. The deadline is coming, but he has nothing. He simply doubts whether Shen Yu’s people have deliberately given him false clues!

The remaining three novices, seeing his face at this time, all avoided him far away.

Seeing others hiding from themselves as if they were the God of plague, the bald man suddenly became more depressed!

An old hand like him, in the previous novels, which one was not scrambled and flattered by a group of new people? Once, like now, I couldn’t find a newcomer to explore the way!

It’s all those three! They are all those three people who stick together, blindly protect the new people and exclude themselves! Those three unruly people did it!!

Thinking of this, the bald man couldn’t help blushing and punching angrily on the sofa, powerlessly venting his anger at the bottom of his heart.

What’s more, the administrator didn’t assign the key today, so he still has only the red key he grabbed yesterday.

The red key can only sleep in the East Building, but

Thinking of the tragedy in the East building last night and the red blood everywhere, the bald man couldn’t help covering his head timidly.

He really dare not live in the East building again!

Just when he was worried, a pink key suddenly came to him: “change the red key in your hand.”

The bald man looked up blankly, but he saw Cuihua standing in front of him.

“What the hell are you doing?” he asked suspiciously.

Cuihua said impatiently, “do you want to change the key of the East building? I’ll rob it directly!”

The bald man took a swipe of the skin and quickly threw the hot potato in his hand to the other party.

Cuihua got the key and whistled to Shen Yu, but an anonymous took the key: “we go to the East Building and you stay in the West building.”

“The administrator has broken his face with us. The rule of two people in a room is not to be observed for the time being. You four have a room tonight. You can look after the three newcomers.”

Cui Hua was stunned and immediately jumped up: “kill two monsters in one night. It’s only you two who are so dangerous? Head, you…”

Anonymous tone slightly heavy: “this is an order!”

Cuihua suddenly jammed.

Seeing that she was still unconvinced, anonymous had to repeat: “the siege last night may reappear tonight. The three newcomers can’t protect themselves. They can only be watched by an old hand.”

“The East building we are going to is dangerous, and the West building you are in is also unsafe.”

Cuihua hesitated for a moment before she said, “yes.”

The bald man listened and his eyes turned red. He knew that the other party was going to look after the three newcomers. He was definitely not within their protection scope, so he was even more upset.

Now he was in a panic. He didn’t like what he saw, but he couldn’t beat other veterans. Finally, he could only hold his breath and quietly scolded and left.

Cuihua also lives in the same room with three new people, like a chicken mother protecting three frightened chicks.

However, Shen Yu and anonymous stayed in place and looked at each other for a long time.

This time, no one took the lead in moving away.

After a long time, it was about eleven o’clock. Shen Yu finally got up and went to the East building to find a room at will.

Anonymous followed him quietly with dignified expression.

At eleven, the light went out.

Shen Yu groped in the room and found a cold, stiff and fat body under the bed.

He couldn’t help laughing: “I didn’t notice when looking for a room just now. We actually lived in the room where boss Qian was hanged.”

Then, he was suddenly stunned, and then smiled at himself.

It’s only a few days. As a third rate novelist, I’m not afraid to touch a body under the bed in the middle of the night.

How adaptable human beings are!

But Anonymous was silent in the dark and didn’t answer his words. After a long time, he said, “I still don’t agree with the method you put forward before.”

On the sixth floor, Shen Yu proposed… The method to lead out monsters.

Shen Yu did not directly refute, but sat on the bed and told again patiently: “from Wu Jianyi’s diary, we can see that his illegitimate son Xiaobao is actually a bear child to the letter.”

“Killing cats and dogs, pushing down the elderly, beating bullying students, being arrogant, domineering and naughty at a young age, is also very annoying in the apartment. Every time, his parents have to clean up the mess for him.”

“When I first entered the novel, I was almost strangled by a child sized monster at the beginning, and then the monster attacked and strangled Xu Tingting. The modus operandi was the same as Wu Xiaobao strangled cats and dogs in his diary.”

“At least 80% of that monster is Wu Xiaobao. As a bear child, I can’t stand provocation! And I -”

With a smile on his face, he got up and pushed open the door in the dark. The light outside the corridor immediately lit up the dark room.

“I’m the only one who escaped from it. A person who likes to kill prey, how can I allow fish to escape from the prey?”

“So it will come and kill me!”

Facing the dim light, Shen Yu walked outside step by step.


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