Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 14

Scarlet Apartment (final)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 14: Scarlet Apartment (final)

The surrounding walls were scarlet, like frozen blood.

The bald man came to room 444 in the West building, opened the open door, found that there was no danger behind the door, and then dared to enter.

He took an axe out of the black book and motioned against the blood red walls around him.

“The male owner’s occupation is related to the construction site. He has arranged the decoration of the whole apartment. He will certainly hide the female ghost body secretly in the decoration process. The simplest thing is to build it in the wall.”

He murmured in his mouth, like self consolation: “if the body is hidden in someone else’s house, it can’t be found. It can be safe only if it is built in his own house! Even if there is anything abnormal, his family won’t expose it…”

The more he said it, the more reasonable he felt. The bald man gradually strengthened his courage and cut the wall in front of him with an axe.

In a trance, he seemed to hear a cry of pain.

After he stopped, the sound disappeared again. The room was quiet as if nothing had happened.

So he put his heart down again, waved his arm, and chopped down one axe after another. The axe blade blessed by the skill was very sharp, and soon hit a notch in the cement wall.

“It hurts… It hurts…”

In the sound of “Dong Dong Bang Bang”, a trace of women’s painful voice was drowned by the noise.

The bald man was still struggling to raise his axe, but he didn’t find that the whole room was changing. The blood red on the wall gradually condensed and the blood silk thread leaked out a little.

He just felt that his axe was getting heavier and heavier, and the touch of cutting it was getting thicker and thicker. The axe blade seemed to be wrapped in blood. It took a lot of effort to lift it every time.

Until the bald man heard someone gently ask him in his ear, “why did you cut me?”

It’s a woman’s voice!

The bald man, who was immersed in excitement, suddenly woke up. He stared at the notch cut by himself. That place was no longer a wall, but a lump of crawling flesh and blood.

He retreated in horror, but crashed into the layers of blood behind him, like a small insect stuck in a cobweb.

The whole room softened, and the blood red wall became jumping flesh and blood, asking again and again: “why did you cut my body, why did you cut my body, why did you…”

The bald man was excited by the scene in front of him and wanted to scream, but countless blood threads wrapped him and dragged him into the notch just cut to fill the gap.

The bald man wriggled, struggled and screamed silently under the blood.

But in the end, he didn’t move.

The room calmed down again, everything returned to its original state, the walls were smooth and flat, and there were no gaps and scars except for one place with a darker color.

As if nothing had happened.


“Are you sure it’s this key?”

Cui Hua asked.

The three stood on the top floor of the West building again and tried to open the mezzanine on the ceiling with the key.

“These three keys represent three people, and the meaning behind the three people is different.”

Shen Yu replied, “Zhang Lili’s daughter died and didn’t even have a chance to be born. But the son born to Wu Jianyi and his lover can grow up healthily, be naughty and make trouble at will, and run around in the corridor at will.”

“So of course she hated this situation, so her anger evolved into a key.” he picked out the key engraved with the name “Wu Xiaobao” and handed it to the anonymous.

Anonymous turned the key gently around the keyhole. With a click, the interlayer was opened.

But there was no corpse they imagined in the interlayer. The space inside was small and narrow. There was no room for an adult corpse.

The anonymous swept inside with his hand, only to hear a “clang clang”, and a pile of bottles fell down.

This is a pile of black plastic bottles. There is a kind of pale yellow powder in the bottle, which seems to be a chemical reagent. There are labels on the outside of the bottle.

Shen Yu picked up a bottle and saw the name of the reagent written on the label.


“What the hell is this?”

He was hesitating, but saw Cuihua shouting excitedly, “I know!”

“This is luminescent ammonia. We used to use it to look for evidence at the crime scene. I see what Zhang Lili means. I know where her body is!”

Shen Yu: “crime scene? Looking for evidence?”

All right! It seems that Cuihua is absolutely related to government departments in real life.

Anonymous raised his hand to stop the excited Cuihua: “continue.”

Cui Hua: “even if the blood at the crime scene has been cleaned, as long as the luminol solution is sprayed, the residual iron molecules will catalyze the luminol luminescence reaction, especially in the dark.”

Shen Yu’s eyes were also slightly bright: “that is to say, we just…”

“In every corner of the apartment, don’t miss one.” anonymous made a final decision, “let all the remaining people in the apartment come and help.”

It’s a big project to spread the solution all over every corner of the apartment.

When everyone was busy, it was getting dark.

In everyone’s surprised eyes, the original blood red wall of the West building gradually emits a faint blue light.

All the walls.

I don’t know when, the door of the apartment room also opened one by one. All the residents living in the West building stood at the door, looking at the blue light emitting wall in despair, silent.

A heavy atmosphere began to pervade the apartment.

“Lumino reacts with the blood and emits blue light.” Cuihua can’t help muttering as she looks at the scene.

Shen Yu couldn’t help worrying when he heard this.

He knows where Zhang Lili’s body is!

Ordinary people just think that Wu Jianyi built Zhang Lili’s body in a wall or ceiling, but this method is not safe.

Bodies always stink and rot, and they will also attract the attention of the police.

The best way is to make the body “non-existent”.

Wu Jianyi has his own construction site. There must be various tools on the site, so it is very convenient to deal with the body.

Therefore, Zhang Lili’s body was chopped up, stirred into meat paste, mixed with cement, and flattened in every part of the apartment during decoration.

So the body disappeared.

The pink apartment was born.

“This is the end, this is the end of the apartment…”

At this time, the apartment manager also came trembling, looking at the glittering walls of the West building, talking like a collapse.

Shen Yu suddenly noticed something bad and hurriedly pulled the others: “let’s go to the East building.”

The newlyweds were still ignorant, but anonymous and Cuihua also responded in time and hurried to pull all the newlyweds away quietly.

But the administrator found them.

“They have keys! The key to leave the apartment! Grab them!!” the administrator roared hoarsely, and his chicken claw fingers trembled at them.

There was no need to hurry. Everyone ran away and tried their best to stay away from the West building.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Behind them, countless doors were smashed open. Groups of residents were like mad dogs, showing a sharp yellow tooth and biting tightly behind them. Their running posture was no longer like human beings.

“Wait for us…”

“Give us back, give us back the key!”

“Stay, you stay!”

“Don’t go…”

The crazy words and wails behind them were getting closer and closer. In front of them, there were countless doors “banging” open, and ferocious and strange residents poured in like a tide.

Almost surround everyone!

But just then, the real blood tide came.

The red blood flaked off from the wall, like sticky cobwebs, and like layers of turbulent blood waves, it surged in the direction of the residents, sweeping everyone into the house.

“I’m here, I’ve always been here, I’ve always been by your side… How can you get rid of me!” the woman’s voice of resentment was clearly transmitted to all residents’ ears.

Residents are like ants tossing in boiling water, struggling and screaming, but finally they can only sink gradually.

But the sea of blood bypassed Shen Yu and others.

Seizing this unique moment, Shen Yu, anonymous and Cuihua grabbed the stunned newcomers and escaped from the West Building in one breath.

Occasionally, a few residents who were lucky not to be swallowed by the sea of blood followed them like a lost dog.

“Where are we going now?” Cuihua asked.

“444 East Tower, come on!”

Shen Yu opened the way in front and took out another key from his pocket.

No. 444 was originally Zhang Lili’s home, but Zhao Axiang, as a third party, occupied it grandly and turned away the original hostess, so the key engraved with the name of “Zhao Axiang”

The door of room 444, which could not be opened before, was close in front of him. Shen Yu poked into the key hole and turned it as fast as possible.


The door opened.

Anonymity and Cuihua thrust all the breathless newcomers behind them into the house, and then closed the door heavily and blocked the door.

The residents behind them were locked out of the door. Suddenly, they all lay on the door, beating and roaring madly.

Among them, the apartment manager was also among them. At this time, he was desperately digging the crack in the door and screamed in a hoarse voice: “open the door, I can give you a rich reward… You can do whatever you want, let me in!”

The door was banged.

The newcomers in the room were in a mess. Cui Hua held down these frightened people, turned his head and quickly asked, “we still have a key and the last door.”

As long as the last “door” is opened, they can get out of the horror story.

Anonymity holds down the door, and Cuihua holds down the troublemakers. There is chaos inside and outside the house, and the last exit doesn’t know where!

Shen Yu took a deep breath, poured out the last mint from the sugar box and threw it into his mouth, allowing the cold sweetness to spread on the tip of his tongue.

He opened his black book again.

Thirteen brave cleaners stepped into the pink apartment

The dead remained in the apartment and there were six survivors left

They cleaned the apartment and it’s time to leave

[but be careful, she also wants to get out of here!]

She also wants to get out of here… Who is “she”?

The caretakers and residents outside the door?

No, the book says “she”, not “they” or “they”.

Who else wants to leave?

Shen Yu thought quickly and scanned the room.

When he glanced over the big wardrobe in the room, he paused.

This is a heavy solid wood wardrobe. It looks very strong. It is large enough to hold the next person. The workmanship is tight, leaving almost no gap to breathe.

Is this the wardrobe that suffocated Zhang Lili?

The meanings behind the three keys are different. Wu Xiaobao’s key opens the mezzanine and Zhao Axiang’s key opens the door.

What does Wu Jianyi, the main murderer of Zhang Lili, mean by beating her and depriving her of her freedom?

He took out his last key and opened the wardrobe with a click.

The wardrobe was empty, but the boards were full of blood stained scratches.

Before her death, Zhang Lili left these scratches powerlessly and hopelessly in bursts of suffocation.

The bottom of the wardrobe is a dark place. I can’t see where it can lead.

The anonymous who was blocking the door looked back, then whispered, “the exit is open, you go first!”

Cuihua didn’t refuse. She pushed the hesitant newcomers to the wardrobe, and then kicked all those who didn’t dare to jump in one by one.

After the couple fell into the wardrobe, they all disappeared.

Cuihua also jumped in.

Just then, the residents who were still smashing the door outside suddenly screamed again.

The blood has swallowed up the whole west building. Now we catch up with the East Building and devour several captured fish again.

However, after solving all the residents, the blood did not leave, but lingered outside No. 444, tentatively drilling into the gap of the entrance.

Anonymous turned to Shen Yu and said, “don’t you go yet?”

Shen Yu: “what about you?”

Holding a knife blade, the anonymous cut off the blood threads probing into the crack of the door one by one: “Zhang Lili wants revenge. We have avenged her, but she still wants to leave here through the exit.”

The pink apartment is not only trapped by the residents in the apartment, but also trapped by Zhang Lili.

She is the apartment, the apartment is her.

“The other side of the exit is our world. I can’t let her invade our world. You go first,” the anonymous added.

While he was talking, more blood penetrated in, and the thin door was crumbling.

“Our world?”

Shen Yu murmured, but he didn’t ask any more. He just took a deep look at him, then turned and jumped into the wardrobe.

Just a second before falling into the endless darkness, he heard the sound of the door breaking.


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