Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 15

Real life

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 15: real life

He is falling endlessly.

The next second, he fell heavily on the soft bed.

When the darkness in front of him faded, Shen Yu got up and found himself falling on his own bed, surrounded by a familiar room.

It seems that the past few days are just a nightmare and nothing has happened.

It’s just

He looked dignified and picked up the black book at hand.

It’s true.

He opened the page and saw the first horror story written on it

Blood apartment.

At the end of the story, another sentence was added.

[the novelist’s menthol obtained the skill “the gift of female ghost” and the prop “luminol reagent”.] he opened another page and saw a bunch of blood red hair painted with rough strokes on the originally blank page of the book.

[Zhang Lili is very grateful for what you have done for her, so she cut off a section of her hair and gave it as a gift.] [skill activation can bind the target for three seconds, and the binding time can be relatively prolonged after the blood sucks the blood.] [PS: please don’t cheat in love during use, but Zhang Lili’s blood and hair won’t let you go!] open the second page, It drew a can of luminol reagent.

[I’m the best at chasing the murderer for thousands of miles. Take this jar of reagent and I’m the most beautiful cub in the detective world!] [props can be used to make the wiped blood show in the dark environment. They can be used for unlimited times, but they are useless for the blood wiped with bleach.] [PS: I don’t know if this item is useful, but I still want to say that this prop is inedible! Please don’t try to put chemical reagents in his mouth.] looking at his newly acquired skills and props, Shen Yu felt a little strange. He turned a new page again with a complex mood.

There is only one sentence written on this page.

[congratulations to the novelist “MINT” for ending a horror story. You have been qualified to enter the “text white tower”.] text white tower?

Shen Yu brushed the bloody palm print on the paper and couldn’t help thinking.

However, a rapid mobile phone ring interrupted his thoughts.

He casually clicked on the call, but the voice from his mobile phone shocked him.

“Shen, I’ll go to your house with a gas tank tonight and die with you!”

In the mobile phone, the editor’s voice collapsed: “ancestors, what’s the date of these months? The magazine will ask me for a manuscript tomorrow. Have you finished writing it?”

Manuscript! Deadline!!

Even Shen Yu, who was fearless in the face of monsters, trembled after hearing these two words.

What is the most unlucky thing in the world? It is inexplicably involved in a novel world that will die at any time.

What’s the more unlucky thing? It’s your near death escape from the novel. The first thing to return to reality is to be urged by the editor.

“Manuscript, I haven’t… I’ll soon… Give me more time…” he explained hesitantly.

The editor’s voice was even more desperate: “you didn’t write a word? What have you done these days? You don’t answer your cell phone, are you in heaven?”

I went to write a novel, the kind I wrote with my life!

Shen Yu pinched his eyebrows with a headache and didn’t know how to explain it.

When he apologized to the same editor, the door of the room was suddenly knocked.

He turned off his cell phone and looked out of the cat’s eye.

Outside the door stood two police comrades with guns. They politely informed him to pack up and leave the house.


Shen Yu held his belongings and sat blankly outside the community door, surrounded by a bustling crowd.

Just now, the official informed an unfortunate news. For unknown reasons, the bottom of the foundation of this old community collapsed, and the whole community may be swallowed up by danger at any time, so all residents are urgently allowed to take refuge.

After that, the relevant government departments will reinforce and repair the community. If the repair is not successful, the residents will need to move out of here. The government will come forward to purchase and compensate all the losses of the community residents.

The police informed door-to-door that someone cherished their life and was afraid that the whole community would really collapse. They moved out early. Some stubborn people were unwilling to leave in a hurry and were arguing with the police at this time.

There was a lot of noise in the community, but Shen Yu was more and more distressed with his luggage.

What’s worse than something worse?

It’s your return to reality. You not only have to be urged by the editor, but also suddenly become homeless.

The government’s compensation and resettlement room can’t arrive tonight. Now he must drag his luggage to a hotel or hotel for the night.

Shen Yu got up helplessly, but suddenly came a greeting behind him: “meet again!”

He turned around in disbelief, but saw the Cuihua who had just separated. At this time, he stood behind him and looked at him with a smile.

In the novel, Cuihua wore a wide black-and-white sportswear, her face was as tender as a middle school student, and she had a lollipop in her mouth.

But now, Cuihua took off her sportswear, wore a straight and capable military uniform, wore a gun at her waist, and her hair was shorter, more like a soldier.

HMM… still a little short!

Cuihua didn’t know Shen Yu’s stomach Fei at this time. She skillfully took out a cigarette from her pocket and didn’t light it. She just held it in the corner of her mouth: “I wanted to find you, but I didn’t expect to meet you so soon.”

“You live here?” she asked, pointing to the neighborhood.

Shen Yu frowned and immediately grasped the key point: “you banned this community… Not because of the collapse of the foundation, but related to the novel?”

He remembered the last sentence of anonymity.

We can’t let her invade our world

Cuihua looked at his expression and simply led him directly to the police car: “I’ll take you to a place.”


Downtown, a humble courtyard.

At the gate of the Academy stood a sign of Zeshui Academy of Sciences. A soldier’s little brother was standing guard with a straight posture.

The yard is a little old. Green Parthenocissus crawls all over the back of the whole building. Civil servants in the building come and go in an endless stream.

If Shen Yu had passed this yard before, he would not have been interested in taking a look at it, because this place is too humble, just like countless grass-roots office buildings.

But after he really entered here, what happened overturned his cognition.

“Don’t look left and right here. There are at least three snipers watching you on the road you just walked through.” Cuihua walked in front and guided him.

“Don’t run around after entering the building. At least half of the civil servants who have just passed you are plain clothes. You are new. They don’t know you. If I catch you, I have to go to the top.”

Turning left and right, she led him to a young man: “head, I brought you here.”

The man didn’t wear a military uniform like Cuihua, but wore a long black windbreaker, dressed casually, which is incompatible with here.

Shen Yu is very tall, but he is taller than Shen Yu. His eyes are dark, his face is cold, his eyebrows and eyes are very beautiful, and his whole body shows a lonely temperament.

The man looked at Shen Yu and asked him to sit down: “Shen Yu, 24 years old, was born and grew up in Zeshui city. When he was three years old, his parents drowned accidentally.”

Shen Yu paused and then smiled, “Sir, check your account?”

The man continued, “after your parents died, a distant relative took care of you and became your guardian. But when you were five years old, the family died of gas poisoning.”

“Later, several distant relatives lived with you, but one after another encountered accidents. Finally, you lived alone in the house left by your parents until today.”

The smile on Shen Yu’s face finally completely disappeared: “what do you want to ask?”

The man spoke again, but this time he did not mention those distant relatives who died unexpectedly: “according to the data, when you were three years old, a family of three went for an outing in the countryside, and your parents drowned in the river, but why did you survive until someone went into the water to rescue you?”

Seeing him turn the topic back to his parents, Shen Yu frowned and said, “I can answer your questions. Can you answer my doubts?”

The man’s dark eyes looked at him quietly: “what’s the problem?”

“You know, it’s obviously not the first time you’ve encountered such a thing about the novel.” Shen Yu fell back, leaned against his back and asked casually.

The person opposite paused slightly, then took out a bottle of water and a small plastic ball: “yes.”

“This is our world.” he put the water bottle on the table.

“This is the ordinary people in our world.” he threw the plastic ball into the water.

“And this is a novel.” he took out a sharp nail and gently poked it on the bottle.

The water bottle broke several small holes, and suddenly the water flowed like a note. Some plastic balls in the water were also mixed, flowing out of the bottle and sprinkled on the table.

Pointing to the flowing plastic ball, he said: “those extracted from the world by the novel are us… Whether novelists or audiences.”

“Some of these people who entered the world died, some survived and returned to the world.” he picked up a few plastic balls from the desktop and stuffed him back into the water bottle.

“Some of these surviving people are viewers and some are novelists. Obviously, novelists prefer novels, so those who survive by chance will be repeatedly pulled out of the world and write horror stories one after another.”

“The main responsibility of the government department I belong to is…” he wiped the hole of the water bottle with his finger belly, and the water stopped immediately, and the previously pierced hole was as smooth as new.

“Our duty is to repair,” he said. “A horror novel is over, but the hole it left in the world has not disappeared. We can only seal up the place completely and forbid ordinary residents to enter, so as not to cause the disappearance of people.”

Shen Yu, on the other hand, was staring at the repaired place on the water bottle: “this is also one of the abilities you get in the novel world?”

The man understood what he meant and nodded: “the skills in the book can be used even in the real world.”

The real world… Shen Yu frowned slightly when he remembered the new skills and props in his book page.

I don’t know whether this news is good news or bad news.

“I have another question,” he continued, “what is the white tower of words?”

The man looked at him and said, “you have obtained the qualification to enter the white tower?”

“Press your hand on the bloody palm print on the cover of the black book. Qualified people can enter… But I advise you to wait until you are skilled before entering the white tower.”

“Now, it’s your turn to answer my question.”

Shen Yu was irritated by his eyes. He rubbed the center of his eyebrows and replied slightly irritably: “in fact, there’s nothing to say. It’s really a miracle and an accident that I can survive.”

“I don’t know why I didn’t drown at the beginning, and why my guardian died strangely one by one, but do you believe it?”

No one will believe it, from small to large.

A family of three fell into the water, two adults drowned, and a three-year-old child floated on the water for several hours until rescue.

Distant relatives covet the inheritance left by their parents to their children and scramble to be their guardians. The family openly move into a big house, and then rush the children to live in the utility room, abusing them day by day.

Then the family soon died of gas poisoning, and the child happened to be out on the day of the gas leak.

Then the second Guardian moved in and repeated the abuse of the first generation of guardians. Before long, when the whole family went out, they encountered a car accident

The third, the fourth

So many accidental deaths have eliminated those relatives who have gone before and after and coveted their family property, and also made Shen Yu successfully become a Tiansha lone star among other people.

Inevitably, some people will think… What if all this is not an accident, but man-made?

A child who can make such an “accident”, even if he is young, is scary enough.

The eyes of suspicion, blame and fear grew up with Shen Yu from school to neighbors.

Once upon a time, he tried to explain, but no one believed it.

That’s it! It’s good to be alone.

After many years, he heard such doubts again. At this time, Shen Yu didn’t even have an angry mind. He just shook his fingers: “I’m telling the truth. Believe it or not!”

He felt that the person opposite should show that familiar and suspicious look again.

But to his surprise, the man opposite actually nodded and said in a clear voice, “these events really have nothing to do with you.”

Shen Yu opened his eyes in amazement.

The man took out a document from the drawer: “now it seems that the biggest doubt about the original death is related to your parents.”

His parents?

Shen Yu had a momentary blank in his mind, and then mechanically took over the document and read it.

According to documents, his parents’ registered permanent residence was originally in a remote mountainous area. They graduated from a primary school and a junior high school. Their family was poor, so they had so many poor relatives.

But just 30 years ago, before Shen Yu was born, his parents suddenly moved from the mountains to today’s Zeshui city and spent a lot of money on real estate, vehicles and jewelry.

Although they don’t have a formal job, they spend a lot of money. Someone will regularly put a lot of money into their card every month.

According to the police investigation information, the person who funded his parents is an organization called “black dragon club”.

At first glance, the “Black Dragon Society” sounds like a third rate sect in a third rate novel, but it has a strong religious color.

His father and mother are also members of the Black Dragon Society… More specifically, they are devout believers of the Black Dragon Society.

Later, Shen Yu was born. When he was three years old, the black dragon club injected the largest amount of money into his parents’ card at one time.

After his father and mother wasted some time, on his birthday, the family dressed up formally and beautifully and drove to the countryside.

On that day, three of them fell into the river, and he was the only one who survived.

Unknowingly, Shen Yu clenched his teeth tightly and his fingers gripping the paper turned white.

Because he saw the autopsy report on the document.

“… the bodies of the two dead were swollen, holding hands with a smile, and there was no sign of struggle before they died… There was still residual cloth in the hands of the dead, which was consistent with the clothes worn by the dead son. It was preliminarily speculated that the dead held his son tightly before he died and pulled him into the water, but the child finally escaped accidentally…”

“The police speculate that this is a collective suicide, perhaps related to religious sacrifice…”

Seeing this, Shen Yu almost clutched the documents into a ball.

But then, he fell into his chair like a man without strength, and the crumpled documents in his hands came out.

“For so many years, I always thought my parents died accidentally…” he opened his mouth and his voice was extremely weak. “But now you tell me that they committed suicide and wanted to sacrifice me?”

The man whispered, “I’m sorry.”

“No, you’re sorry. You didn’t do anything. I just… I’m fine.” Shen Yu rubbed his face, probably to cheer up, but finally just grinned a smile more embarrassing than crying.

“Then the gas poisoning and car accident… Are also related to the black dragon club?” he asked again.

The man nodded slowly: “according to the clue, you are the sacrifice selected by the Black Dragon Society, but when you were young, you accidentally got out of trouble, which made them miss the best sacrifice time.”

“We can’t predict the best time for the next sacrifice, but obviously the black dragon society didn’t give you up. Your later growth process has been under their watch. The Black Dragon Society will naturally find a chance to deal with the guardians who abused their sacrifice.”

“The country has secretly exterminated the black dragon society many times, but each time, it didn’t take long for the black dragon society to revive.”

“Later, more and more survivors of the ‘horror novel’ incident appeared in the vision of relevant departments. The state found that many people in the Black Dragon Society were also novelists. They had always relied on horror stories outside the world for their existence and development.”

“The five days you accidentally entered the novel world before is exactly the five days that the black dragon club can’t monitor you.”

Shen Yu leaned back in his chair and smiled: “no wonder Cuihua protects the new people in the novel world.”

She is a soldier and a civil servant in a special department of the state. Within her ability, she will naturally try her best to protect civilians.

He seems to suddenly understand the purpose of this “Zeshui Science Research Institute”.

Study the “novel”, trace the Black Dragon Society, and try our best to protect ordinary people involved in accidents.

“That’s why you came to me.” he looked straight at the man in front of him. “I’ll join.”

The man didn’t look surprised. He just took out a new document: “enjoy the treatment of national talents, have the establishment of five insurances and one fund, cover board and lodging, and allocate dormitories.”

“Welcome to Camellia department, team member 002.”

“I’m the Minister of Camellia department.”


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