Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 16

Text White Tower

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 16: Text White Tower

Camellia means humility, virtue and ideal love. Even in the frost season, it can still bloom proudly, without arrogance or impatience, noble and beautiful.

With “Camellia” as the name of the Department, the minister clearly expressed his expectations.

Shen Yu signed the document and asked, “minister, how many people are there in our department now?”

The minister took the document and saved it. His face was still cold: “you, me and Cuihua, three people in total.”

Shen Yu was stunned: “but there are so many people outside…”

Minister: “they are all seconded from other departments.”

Shen Yu: ”

Is it still time to refuse?

With a long sigh, he felt cheated into a stolen ship: “I have one last question.”

Minister: “speak.”

Shen Yu: “Why are you so tall, anonymous?”

The minister was stunned, silent for a long time, and then said faintly: “he used a little skill to cover up in the novel.”

He stretched out his hand to Shen Yu: “in real life, my name is Yueze.”

Shen Yu grabbed his hand and shook it: “Hello, Minister Yue, I still like the way you looked when you were a little child.”

Yueze: “… Get out.”

Shen Yu, who has just joined the No. 002 team member of Camellia department, was kicked out of the office by his own Minister.

On the corridor, green flowers leaned against the wall and were boring counting the green leaves outside the door.

The cigarette was still in her mouth and still not lit.

Seeing Shen Yu go out, Cuihua takes off the cigarette at the corner of her mouth and says hello to him lazily: “come out and join the group?”

Shen Yu whispered, “well,” why is our department called Camellia? ”

Cuihua: “the head got the name. It doesn’t have any special meaning, because the flower pattern printed on the 100 yuan bill is camellia. He took the name to remind the above. Don’t forget to give the fund.”

Shen Yu: ”

Now he doesn’t know whether to make complaints about it or should he be shocked: “what, the flowers printed on banknotes are Camellia? I always thought it was peony!”

Cuihua: “I thought it was chrysanthemums! However, chrysanthemums are only printed on fifty yuan notes. He thinks fifty yuan is too small.”

Shen Yu: ”

Minister Yue’s original image of being tall and mighty is slowly collapsing in his heart.

He was stunned for a long time. Finally, he had nothing to say. He said, “don’t you always hold a lollipop in your novel? Why don’t you hold a cigarette now?”

Mentioning this, Cuihua immediately clenched her teeth: “I also want to smoke, but I bet on quitting smoking. I lost!”

“In order to quit smoking, I only have a broken lollipop in my mouth when I go out of work. Now I go home, I can only satisfy my craving and can’t really smoke.”

After that, she angrily took out a bottle of iron Erguotou from her pocket and looked up “ton”.

“Fortunately, the boss only asked me to quit smoking and didn’t let me quit drinking. Now in order to resist smoking addiction, I always carry Erguotou on the left and vodka on the right.”

Shen Yu: ”

He could not tell how many times he had been shocked since he entered the Department in just a few minutes.

“What should I call you, comrade Cuihua?” he asked, “what’s your real name?”

Cuihua just finished a ton of wine. When she was in a good mood, she patted him on the arm and said with a laugh: “dear dawalich, I can’t tell you my real name.”

“My surname is Zhang. Your name is Lao Zhang. You can call Zhang Cuihua directly.”

“You just joined the group. When we haven’t become comrades in arms who can trust each other, my real name doesn’t want to be disclosed at will, which may bring trouble to my family.”

“You’d better not tell other novelists your real name at will.”

“Only people who trust you very much will tell you his name.”

After telling these, Zhang Cuihua left with her beloved wine bottle, leaving Shen Yu alone to meditate in situ.

Only people who trust you very much will tell you his name.

Just then, anonymous reached out to him: “my name is Yueze.”


“Now reach out and gently stick it on the bloody palm print.”

Yueze taught on one side.

After nearly a month of cultivation, Shen Yu was reaching out and printing his palm on the cover of the black book.

The blood colored palm print is sewn with the silk pattern of his palm. The touch under his palm is warm and soft, just like the whole book is alive.

His mind moved, and then his whole body was in a trance. He opened his eyes hazily, and a towering white tower appeared in front of him.

The whole tower is white and flawless. I can’t see what material it is made of. I can’t even find a carved gap. It’s simply not a creation that human beings can imagine.

Shen Yu stood under the tower and could only look up.

A white stone step spread from his feet to the bottom of the white tower.

“Here is the text white tower.”

Yueze’s voice sounded behind him, “but you can’t stay long. Take a new novel task here and leave.”

Shen Yu turned to look at him: “Cuihua won’t come with us this time?”

Yueze shook his head slightly: “she went to pick up other tasks. This time I came mainly to accompany you to temper.”

“You have only completed one novel, and I can temper it with you twice.”

So Shen Yu smiled gently, like a beam of warm sunshine: “so you came for me.”

Yueze lightly moved his eyes: “let’s go!”

Along the white stone steps into the tower, more and more people came and went, all kinds of people.

Someone stood bored at the gate of the white tower. When he saw someone come in and found a new face, he smiled and said, “newcomer? How many horror novels have you completed? What skills and props have you got?”

“Brother is already an old hand. There are several useful skills in the book. Do you have any useful props? We can exchange them.”

Most of the newcomers who have just entered the white tower are still in a dazed state. At this time, someone greeted them with a smile and said a few good words. Some confused newcomers would easily hand in their books.

What is waiting for them is either the money lost by fraud or the goods directly stolen and killed by those rogue veterans.

Several people wanted to come together when they saw the new face of Shen Yu, but they were frightened by the cold Yueze. Finally, they hesitated for a long time and left to look for other targets.

Yueze told Shen Yu, “remember, your skills and props must not be easily shown to others, let alone let others find out your cards.”

Shen Yu raised his eyebrows: “but in the novel, you gave me your props?”

Yueze was silent again, just leading the way.

Shen Yu “tut” behind him.

Angry again! The temper is still the same as that of primary school students. It’s very difficult to coax!

After they entered the white tower, they saw a stone pillar standing in the center of the bottom of the white tower.

The stone pillars are densely engraved with people’s names.

“These names are the pseudonyms of novelists. Baita ranks them according to the number and quality of novels they have written. The higher the ranking, the stronger the strength,” Yueze said.

Shen Yu looked up at the stone pillar and wanted to see the top name.

Unfortunately, the stone pillar was too high. Before he could see it clearly, it was taken away by yuezela.

He was pulled into a room, a room full of blank books.

“This is the birthplace of all novels. Novelists must choose a novel, then enter, and complete their stories in the novel at least once a month,” Yueze explained.

“With so many choices, I’m going to commit phobia. Would you like to choose for me?” Shen Yu said as if joking.

But Yueze said faintly, “this is the choice you must make. You don’t have to do more temptation.”

“You don’t have to worry. The Department won’t control your life, let alone make choices for you.”

Shen Yu watched him for a long time before he walked slowly to the novel.

The novels here are piled on the bookshelf, messy and crumbling. I don’t know how long they haven’t been sorted out.

Shen Yu tilted his head and looked at it for a moment, then pulled out a book from the pile of books.

The lost portrait.

He opened the blank pages, and then the familiar darkness swept in again.


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