Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 17

The Lost Portrait (1)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 17: The Lost Portrait (1)

When the darkness in front of them dispersed, Shen Yu found them at the entrance of a small town.

Stylistically, this is a small European town with a slightly dilapidated spire Church in the distance, shining nearby lakes, bright sunshine and picturesque scenery.

In front of them is a white man squatting beside a large black dog.

Five people, in addition to the two, entered the horror story together.

The three young women, now gathered in a dazzling manner, chattered and discussed, “Where are we?”

“I don’t know. I slept in the car and wake up right here.”

“Aren’t we newspapering a provincial tour with a group? What tour group is so affordable that it’s sent abroad directly!”

And beside the girl, there is a man and a woman who hold black papers and look scornfully at their group of rookie audiences who do not even have books.

They are clearly novelists and veterans of many wars.

Just then the man standing in front of them said, “Seven distinguished detective gentlemen and women.”

“Welcome to my home town, Les Town.”

This is an old man with grey hair and wrinkled corners of his eyes, but he takes care of himself thoroughly, wears sophisticated clothes and speaks elegantly with a pair of glasses on his nose and is clearly well educated.

When he was young, he must have been extremely charming.

Three unknown young women whispered, “This foreigner speaks Chinese quite well!”

The old man smiled, clearly well-mannered, and continued slowly, “My name is Bud, who was an artist when he was young.”

“You detectives are invited here this time in order to find my love again.”

“The girl I loved, the best girl in my heart… She left me and left the world forever.”

Speaking of this, the old man’s eyes were slightly wet: “Fortunately, when I was young, I used my pen to keep her perfect face and painted her the most beautiful portrait in the world.”

“Unfortunately, because of a move, I unexpectedly lost my lover’s portrait, just like my heart… so I have to ask you to find my old love again.”

The plot begins.

While the new audiences were still in a state of confusion, novelists like Shen Yu opened their books in a very different way.

[Seven little detectives coming to Les Town.)

[Love is addictive.)

[But on the way to pursue love, you will encounter the obstruction of ghosts. [Be careful of those ghosts!]

Seeing the beginning of the story, Shen Yuwei picks up one eyebrow slightly.

He politely asked the old man, “Dear Mr. Bard, where was the last time you saw a picture of your loved one?”

Seeing how quickly he could get into the play, the other two novelists took an unexpected look at him and finally caught up their contempt.

“Old Bard supported his eyes on the nose:””I accidentally left my portrait in my former residence, the villa to the west of the town.”

Shen Yu said, “Since you know the location, have you ever looked back for it?”

“No, the townspeople said that ghosts were hiding in my house, so I hurried out of the house where I had been living for decades before dropping the portrait.”

“Ghost?” Shen Yu grabbed the key word, “What is a ghost, please?”

When he asked what everyone was paying attention to, the novelist present immediately raised his ears.

Bad had an abhorrent look on his face: “Ghost? The incarnates of demons, evil creatures, the existence of decaying bodies to feed on!”

“My house is close to a cemetery, which is the best place to breed ghosts. There have been many strange things happening in that house recently, so be careful,” he warned.

“Bard’s face suddenly became lost when he said,””There are three days left for my birthday, and I wish it were the lost and returned portrait.”

Shen Yu and Yue Ze could not help looking at each other.

It seems that this story is a little shorter, with only three days.

Just then another novelist suddenly asked coldly, “Where do you live now, since you have moved out of your house?”

Bad smiled and patted the head of the big dog at his foot. “Alice and I live in a lakeside cabin for a while, and the view is great. The flat, wet land is perfect for Alice to run around.”

Only then did they look at the big dog at Bard’s feet.

This is really a very large dog, standing up and seems to be able to bite a person’s neck at once, but it is already an old dog, thin skin and bones, full yellow teeth are not sharp and blunt.

The dog’s fur was black, and it seemed as if it had not been bathed for a long time, dirty and smelly, as if it were the hair of a man who had not been washed for a long time, knotted in a thread.

The old dog’s eyes had long been blind, with muddy pus, and when Bud placed the palm of his hand on his head, it seemed to wake up suddenly, raise its hair and shout like a hysterical bitch.

Not only did the black dog look unpleasant, but he was also so cranky and insane that everyone immediately stepped back.

Only Bard crouched down actively and held his dog piteously.

He sighed sadly,’Poor Alice, my old Alice, you too are getting older and less energetic, unable to see the beautiful scenery and eat the delicious food’.

“Maybe you will leave me in a little while.”

Bad seemed to be in sadness, holding the black dog tightly by the neck, and under his reassurance, the old dog finally regained its silence, fell ill again, and remained motionless as if it were likely to blow off at any time.

Bard, the owner of the dog, seemed to be in no mood to continue his conversation, and after pointing the way, led his old dog to the lakeside cabin.

The two novelists, a man and a woman, did not hesitate to go to the west of the town.

The three women who were accidentally involved in the story were totally confused, standing in a daze, and wondering where to go.

If they were left in this story at will, they would die for less than a day.

Shen Yu greeted them with a voice: “Can you go where we can find a place to live?”

Looking at Shen Yu in the clear sunshine and the more cool and deep behind him, the three little girl talked with each other for a while and finally followed them because they were not familiar with their places.

These three young ladies are really pure cheats, and it’s easy to get eaten in such a place without bones left.

Shen Yu moaned silently in his heart.

It’s a small town, but it’s very exotic. Residents have beautiful houses, but it’s too quiet.

They came all the way without seeing a single figure, and the town seemed to be in a dead silence.

At this time, the three young ladies finally realized that the world was wrong. At first, they were afraid, huddled together tightly and walked slowly.

On the buildings near the church, there are many posters which, after a long period of wind and rain, are mostly damaged and can be carried away by a gust of wind.

A piece of paper waddles past them and is held by Yue Ze’s hand.

[Emily, female, 18, has been missing for nine months and is suspected to have been mutilated by ghosts.) Shen Yu also runs to uncover several notices and reads them.

[Annie, female, 14 years old, missing for three months, according to witnesses, her last place to appear is haunted by ghosts.]Betty, female, 16 years old, missing for one year, no news yet, suspected to have been mutilated by ghosts. [Jenny, female, 17 years old, missing for one month, parents are anxiously waiting for her to return home, suspected to be related to ghosts.) [Anna, female, 15 years old, missing for three years…]

The missing time of the maidens on the notice is long or short, the date on the notice is old or new, but the disappearance of each of the maidens has something to do with the ghost.

Shen Yu and his colleagues clamped some residual paper in the book and carried it away together.

To the west of the town, you can see a three-storey white villa situated on a hillside from a distance.

The pure white walls are especially beautiful in the sun, and there is a garden on the ground floor. At this time, the flowers are blooming brightly and fragrantly.

The three daughters, who were shivering, saw this beautiful house at this time and finally relaxed. They all cheered once and ran away to the villa excitedly.

“This house is so romantic! It’s much better than the place that that the broken tour group took us to!” The girls cheered.

At the door, the two novelists who had arrived one by one also stepped out and looked at their group with complicated eyes.

“What do you do with those three redundancies?” the man muttered.

The woman then stabbed him quietly, stopped what he said next and greeted Shen Yu with a smile: “My pen name is Zhang Keke, get to know each other?”

This is a tall woman with strong limbs and muscles and a shrewd, competent face; the man beside her is rather slim.

The man saw his companion take the lead in saying good things, although he was reluctant to do so, he finally said with a loud tone, “Written name, Xie Junfei.”

Then he lifted his chin with an arrogant look: “What about your pen names?”

“Mint sugar.” Shen Yu winked, but did not say Yue Ze’s pen name.

Yue Ze does not seem to have the meaning of introducing himself.

At this time, the three women saw them talking and crowded in. “Hello, my name is Lin Miao, her name is Li Qingqing, and Wang Tongtong.”

Zhang Keke and Xie Junfei are too lazy to take a look at these novice audiences who simply can’t benefit themselves.

Only Shen Yu acknowledged them seriously and said, “Hello!”

The little ladies were more excited, and Li Qingqing, who was more outgoing and outgoing, jumped out and said, “Is not that Grandpa from a foreign country looking for a picture? We have just turned around the room and found several at once!”

They are excited to pull Shen Yu to see the portrait, while Xie Junfei, on the other side, is impatient and says, “How can this be so simple?”

“We have also seen portraits of many different people hanging in various rooms, clearly not that we were looking for them.”

As he said, the room was full of pictures, almost all of which were portraits of different maidens, probably because Bard was an artist before.

These young ladies of different shapes are all the same in their portraits, without exception, they all look straight out of the frame, with a sweet smile, fresh face and clear eyes, as if the person in the picture had come back to life.

Just as Yue Ze saw the portraits for a moment, his eyebrows frowned shallowly.

Shen Yu took off a picture frame in front of him and examined it carefully.

On the back of the picture, there is an artist’s signature.

[To my perfect Alice, Bud.)

Is the girl in this picture Alice?

The person in the picture is a little girl in a water-blue skirt with a ruddy face and long, coarse linen hair in a twisted braid.

Shen Yuduan hung the portrait back in its original place for a moment, then went into another room and took off the picture hanging on the room.

This picture shows a girl in a long white linen skirt, tall, thin, with black hair, a little freckles on her face, and blue eyes.

Behind this portrait, there is also the artist’s signature.

[To my perfect Alice, Bud.)

This girl is also called Alice?

Shen Yudi frowned dimly and looked at several portraits one after the other and finally found a problem.

These different looking women are clearly not the same person, but they are all called “Alice!”

The old, almost dead dog next to Budd seemed to have been named Alice.

Perhaps the young lover of the artist Bard was named Alice, so he has been keen to name each of his works Alice ever since?

As he was thinking, Xie Junfei and Zhang Keke also found him.

Zhang Keke smiled and asked, “Have you found any clues?”

Shen Yu pointed out the “Alice” behind the portrait to them and then asked, “What about you? You should have seen the portrait one step before us, and found anything?”

Zhang Keke trembled slightly as he pressed the pointer on the black paper, but it didn’t show up at all, just saying with regret, “Unfortunately, we don’t have as keen an eye as you do.”

Shen Yu gazed at her indifferently, and after a while, he said softly, “Is it?”

Behind him, the warmer and colder look at both of them.

The cold sweat of Zhang Coco suddenly came down!

The unknown person on the other side almost suffocates with a dagger-like glance.

This person must not provoke!

“Zhang Keke forced out a smile and walked out with nothing in his mouth:””You are busy first, let’s go somewhere else and see…””

As she spoke, she would also pull away her companion, who still stood in the same place and could not feel anything.

Just then a screech came from the direction of the living room.



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