Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 18

The Lost Portrait (2)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 18: The Lost Portrait (2)

When everyone heard of it, they saw the three women left in the living room, hugged together in a trembling hug.

“What’s wrong?”

Shen Yu asked.

It is reasonable that monsters and dangers will not attack so quickly and that their pedestrians should be safe for the time being.

Lin Miaomiaoduo shivered out a cell phone and said with a crying voice, “I just wanted to call my mother, but the cell phone has no signal…”

“It is quite normal that horror stories do not allow people to connect with the outside world.”

“No signal, but there’s a lot of power on the cell phone, and the scenery and the house are beautiful, so the three of us want to take pictures of ourselves for a moment…”

Shen Yu: “…”

This strong psychological quality! It’s much stronger than when he first started!

At least in this kind of horror story, he is absolutely not in the mood to take pictures.

“But when we took pictures of ourselves, there were clearly only three people, but there were actually four face frames!”

“I thought my cell phone recognized the problem at first, but after trying on three different cell phones, there was still one more face viewing frame… There was an invisible person standing behind us while we were taking pictures…”

Lin Miaomiao, with a sad face, passes the cell phone over and says, “Don’t believe you try it yourself, there’s a real ghost here!”

After Shen Yu took over, he really pulled Yueze and prepared self-timer. “Come on, smile!”

Yue Ze: “…”

Just as they were taking pictures of themselves, three face recognition boxes popped out of the cell phone screen.

The extra face recognition frame hangs over Shen Yu’s shoulder and does not move.

Shen Yushakes his mobile phone and changes the position of taking pictures. The face recognition frame of the three people suddenly jumps out again several times.

He put down his cell phone and looked at the two with a complicated look behind him.

Behind them is a wall.

This villa has been around for some years. The wall in the center of the living room, which was white, has inevitably grown some mildew under the accumulated rainwater.

Instead of destroying the beauty of the wall itself, these obscure fungi merge with the old wall and create a strange aesthetic feeling by growing a different stain on the wall.

At this time, Shen Yu directs his cell phone towards the wall.

There was no one in the lens, but a dozen face recognition boxes popped out of the screen, crowded together densely.

One glance at it makes one feel panicked!

“Look, these moulds on the walls… Don’t look like a personal face?” Shen Yu suddenly asked.

Xie Junfei and Zhang Keke, who have been looking on coldly, pull away the ladies in the way and crowded to the wall to watch.

Carefully distinguish, on the white wall, the traces left by the mold really look like mottled faces, blurry, but they have a rather unique look.

These faces belong to the girl’s face, all of which are sad and crying.

Xie Junfei hesitated and said, “Sister, do you see these faces like those in the room?”

Zhang Keke frowned: “Where is it? How poorly it looks!”

The daughters on the portraits are all bright sunshine and young sweetness, while the faces on the walls are almost all distorted painful looks with five senses and can not see what they were.

“No matter who these faces are, the reason for the disappearance of the girl is always related to the ghost, which must be an important clue. I don’t know if there is a library near this town.”

For a deeper understanding of ghosts, it’s easiest to learn directly from the town’s history and books.

Xie Junfei actually took the initiative to point out the way and said, “Without the library, just on the top attic of this villa, there is a private library of Bad, the owner of the house, where ghosts should be recorded.”

“I just went up to check it out, but I don’t like reading, so I turned around and came down.”

Looking at Xie Junfei, who was out of his normal state, Shen and Yu could not help looking at each other, then thanked him and left silently.

When they reached the attic, Xie Junfei and Zhang Keke jumped up and left the three crying daughters in place. They found a more concealed room and closed the door.

Zhang Keke pulled out a thin diary.

“We have never had a chance to see the leads, and now we have finally spread the two apart!” Xie Junfei complained.

They had just stepped into the villa one step before, and naturally searched all the portraits one step before others.

Just as they searched the last room portrait, on the back of the frame, they found the hidden diary.

It bears the name “Budd”, clearly a personal note by the owner.

Unfortunately, as soon as they had taken the big clue in their hands, those people from Shen Yu came and had to put their diaries in first.

Naturally, such leads cannot be shared with others.

The two were excited to open their diaries.

[Annie, my lovely Annie! How pure and lively you are, like a skipping lamb, I want to put a beautiful flower ring on your brilliant blonde hair!] [You are perfect!]

[Too bad! I didn’t find out until today that Anne is too short and she’s not very tall at all…] [Emily, my beautiful Emily, your eyes are like a blue sky, you are so gentle, no one in the world is better than you! I want to give you a beautiful gem ring.]

[Damn! Who can tell me why such a beautiful person freckles?][Betty Honey, your red face is tempting, but the color of your hair is ugly…] [Ah, Anna, you are the perfect person! Your dark long hair is like thick algae, your green eyes are like autumn lakes, your white skin is like ivory, and I want to give you everything good in the world!] [Only you are like Alice most!]

[Wait, Anna’s fingers are a little short and thick…]

[None of you are Alice, none of you is my Alice!!] After roughly reviewing these nagging words, Xie Junfei grumbled,’Old fellow, when you were young, you had a few conversations! It wasn’t a good thing at first sight to be alone and with a dog!’

But Zhang Keke pointed out the key point: “He said these people were not his Alice… Maybe he had a true love called Alice before.”

“But after the accidental death of his sweetheart, all he has to do in love is to find the girl who looks like Alice?”

Xie Junfei was so surprised that his chin dropped out. “Is this still a stand-in literature?!”

They continued to read through it, but the second half of the diary gradually became horrified from the love flow that had flowed through it.

[Annie is sick, she has been coughing vaguely and getting hot, I hope not pneumonia. [Damn, it’s really pneumonia!]

[Poor girl, her little body is not strong enough to hold it up…] [Ghost is here, Ghost! Ghost!]

[Emily’s spirit is broken, she can’t stand everything in the world, and I can’t stop comforting her, but it’s no use. She even starts to attack me like crazy.][Poor Emily, I have to take away all the sharp tools, ropes, glass that could harm me, I just hope she can think about it a little more.) [Emily bit her wrist with her teeth while I wasn’t paying attention… this sad girl left me at last. [The ghost is back and hovering all the time.)

[No, Anna! You used to be so proud, you can hold it up, you can hold it up!] [Anna left…]

[Blame the ghosts!]

[No, it shouldn’t be! They’re back?]

[Follow the ghost, my home is next to the cemetery, and the ghost often wanders in my room. [Damn!]

[I know they’re under the bed… my eyes look straight at me asleep in bed…] [I don’t like to be stared at while I’m asleep, so I block the bottom of my bed in my room with bricks… let them hide under the bed in other rooms!] [Now they can’t stare at me any more.)

[I can get a good night’s sleep.)

Seeing this, both of them looked very dark.

Zhao Junfei: “Sister, the”it”hiding under the bed refers to the returning girl or the ghost who often wanders around the room?”

“Zhang Cocoa is as dark as water:”Whoever you mean, this house is dangerous, especially those rooms with beds.”

No one wants to have a monster staring at you under the bed while you are asleep.

Zhao Junfei tapped his thighs: “Sister, we can go to the only room under the bed that was blocked by bricks. It must be safe there! It is also written in his diary and no monsters are looking at him anymore.”

“It’s a rare time you’re smart. Let’s go and find that room and get in front of everyone.”

Listening to the rushing and disordered footsteps downstairs, Shen Yu in the attic leans on the bookshelf and idly turns over a page of the book.

“Listen to how fast they are going, it’s time to find new clues,” he said.

He knows what leads the other party must have found beforehand, but is unwilling to share with them, so he hides intentionally.

He also knew that if he insisted on sharing, it would certainly lead to a civil war, so he simply borrowed the donkey downhill and avoided the two in the name of reading.

“The more calm and quiet he said,””Don’t care about them, we come at our own pace and must not rush to get things done and get into trouble.”

“Oh, find it!” Shen Yu opened a book again and actually found a little about ghosts.

[Ghost, a wicked human being, with upright feet and forward body, is similar to human beings in many places, but has a dog’s face and claws, making a sound like barking or crying. [They feed on rotting bodies and haunt around cemeteries.) [In taboo legend, human beings can go through a long process to become ghosts.]


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