Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 19

The Lost Portrait (3)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 19: The Lost Portrait (3)

With a dog’s face and claws, the sound sounds like a sharp bark and a quick weep…

Shen Yu threw the book away: “What did you think about?”

Yue Ze: “That big dog Mr. Budd is following.”

“That’s what I thought at first,” said Shen Yu with a smile. “Unfortunately, then I turned to think, that big dog is too old to bark, blind and blind, and really capable of eating?”

“Yue Ze shook his head.”Be careful of Bard anyway, his name is different from that of the town.”

“Les Town, lies, lies town;”

“Bard, Bard, means someone who is happy and loves raising livestock.”

Time flies through the discussion and no one finds any more valuable clues for the next day.

The house has enough food to feed everyone for three days and a warm and comfortable bed.

Although it was uncertain whether there was a hidden danger, the hidden danger in the outside town was perhaps even greater and everyone unanimously decided to stay overnight at the villa.

After crying for half a day, the three women finally realized that nothing could be done. They can’t leave here, they just can’t accept the reality, and the three of them go to bed together.

Xie Junfei and Zhang Keke, on the other hand, occupied the westmost room on the second floor of the villa long ago.

“Sorry, two brothers,” said Xie Junfei with a smile. “My sister likes to see the scenery, so they chose this room.”

The westernmost room is next to the cemetery, and when you open the window you will see gravestones one after the other. Is there a ghostly sight to see?

Shen Yuwei frowned slightly, but could not tell, so they left alone and chose a room on the first floor at will.

That room is next to the garden on the first floor and fragrant flowers come out as soon as the windows are pushed open.

There is also a huge portrait of a girl hanging on the wall of the room. The algae is thick and long with red cheeks and a sweet and moving smile. Two green eyes fluctuate and smile at the person outside the frame.

As soon as Yue Ze enters the door, he stares at the portrait with thoughtful eyes.

Shen Yu opened his beloved sugar can again, shaking it and pouring out three sweet, cold mints.

This time he was ready to enter the novel, bringing a jar full of mints, long enough for him to eat.

He could have enjoyed it all these three days without counting the sugars one by one each day as he did last time.

“What are you looking at?” he asked curiously, chewing a sugar.

“The more eyebrows wrinkle slightly.”I don’t like this picture, especially her eyes.”

He did not like all the portraits in this villa and always felt prickly when dealing with them.

“It seems that you don’t like to see beautiful women…””Shen Yu joked, his eyes glanced out of the window unintentionally, but his joking voice stopped for a moment.

“It’s my name,” he whispered, “There’s a woman out the window looking at us.”

Looking out of the window, Yue Ze looks up.

Outside the dim window, a woman is dimly reflected, with long, dirty black hair spread over her body, thin face, dry lips, pointed cheekbones bulging, thick cyan-black overhanging beneath the eyelids, miserable green pupils, and stiff white faces staring at the window.

But after being found out, in a flash, the woman’s shadow fades out of the window and disappears.

Outside the window was the garden. Yue Ze pushed the window directly and chased it out, but he searched the garden carefully and found nothing.

“No one was seen,” he said when he returned to his room.

This time, instead, Shen Yu stared at the picture in the room.

“His uncertain opening said,””Don’t you feel, my name, that woman just outside the window… is very similar to the person in the picture?””

The same dense black hair, green eyes, and pale skin.

But the person in the picture has a bright smile and full, round cheeks like a sunflower in the sun.

The woman outside the window was dark and dry, with sunken cheeks and no smile on her face, and the whole person was very gloomy.

The two people inside and outside the frame are just the gap between heaven and hell, but they are just like each other for no reason.

They wait for half-night silently again, but the woman out of the window never appears again, so they have to lie down in bed for a while.

But after turning off the light, in the silent night, there was a sound under the bed.

“Squeak… Squeak…”

It was like someone was gnawing at a bone with a long nail scratching the bed.

The two people who had just fallen asleep had to get up again and lift the bed directly.

The bed is empty.

But the air here is so damp that even on the bed there are mold spots.

The traces of these moulds were vague and looked like a human figure lying on its back.

Even Shen Yu could not laugh at this moment. “Someone is backing us up?”

But Yue Ze extended his long finger and brushed the scratches on the pavement on the bed panel. “That’s the sound of scratching the bed panel just now, but human nails can’t catch such deep marks.”

“Otherwise, it’s a ghost?” Shen Yu guessed.

But when he glances out of the window again unintentionally, his tone suddenly becomes strange: “Name, just when you were out… Was the palm of his hand pressed against the window?”

Les Town is warm as spring in the day, but in the middle of the night, the temperature plunges and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is very large.

The outdoor air is cold, while the indoor air is still warm, so when the hot air gets cold, a fine layer of water condenses on the window glass, which looks like a mist.

At this point, there is a very clear palm print on this water mist.

“The more Ze walks over, carefully and meticulously,””Ten fingers are thin, palms are thin, and look more like the palms of a woman than I just left behind.”

“Looking at the palm print, Shen Yu suddenly said,””The palm print on the water mist is pressed up from the inside of the room.”

The water mist condenses in a warm room where only the people in the room can press their palms on the glass.

The two of them suddenly thought of the ghostly woman together.

“The woman outside the window, if the palm prints were left by her…””Shen Yu’s eyes quivered slightly.”What we just saw is only the reflection of the window glass.”

“She’s been hiding in this room with us all the time.”

Just then the black papers of the two suddenly warmed up.

New progress has been made in the plot, but what have they just not done?

They looked at each other in amazement and opened the book in their hands.

[Seven little detectives coming to Les Town.)

[It is said that a madman has great strength.)

[It is said that the dead person’s body is heavy.

[It is said that after death, nails will continue to grow madly.

[It is said that they live on graves.


Shen Yu watched the “hip-hop” at the end, and suddenly felt angry.

I really want to beat up this shabby book!

At the same time, the room on the west side of the second floor.

Xie Junfei has been very upset and can not sleep at all.

Not only do they see countless graves outside the window as soon as they open it.

As noted in the diary, the bed in this room has been brick-lined and they have rested for half a night without any surprises or sound.

But there was a faint odor in the room, a odor like rotten raw meat.

But they can’t find the source of the rot.

What is more disturbing is that there are one or two pictures hanging in this room.

The large one, like the portraits in other rooms, depicts a beautiful maiden with blue eyes, thick black hair and the same sweet smile. She also wears a gem ring on her finger.

They surmised that the ring-wearing maiden had been painted as Emily Bad had written in her diary.

But the other picture seems a little strange.

This smaller painting also depicts a woman whose face is particularly horrific.

The flesh on her cheek was cut off a large piece, bleeding miserably, her eyes were opened with great force, her turbid eyes seemed to fall out of her eyes at any time, her lips were cracked, her brows were bulging, her palms were clasped on the frame as if they were about to break out of the frame.

Xie Junfei could not figure out why Bad put such a gloomy painting in his bedroom.

“The artist is a little neurotic. Maybe this picture is horrible in our eyes, but beautiful in his eyes,” Zhang said impatiently.

“Sleep! Feed up, and we’ll have to continue looking for pictures tomorrow.”

Xie Junfei made another two complaints, one brother and the other paved the floor and one slept, and finally fell asleep.

The next day, Zhang Coco first wakes up from his sleep.

Her eyes were blurry] Glancing at the portrait, she suddenly sat up sharply and screeched.

“Ah, what happened… Sister, what’s wrong? Danger…” This scream frightened Xie Junfei with a twist, and he immediately got up from the floor and asked vaguely in his mouth.

But Zhang Keke forced himself to calm down by covering his mouth firmly. “Portrait! That terrible picture last night!”

Last night that portrait of a ghostly woman… Xie Junfei looked at it confusedly but suddenly opened his eyes.

Where is there a picture, where was painted yesterday, there is only a small window.

Zhang Keke’s body trembled slightly: “Yesterday we saw not a picture, but a woman lying at the window, staring at us so hard…”

She could not go on.

Xie Junfei wakes up completely, rushes to the window and looks over and over. “How can I possibly have checked it carefully last night, it is a painting indeed.”

He muttered, “It’s really bad. I thought there was an extra picture in the room, but who knows there is an additional window… etc!”

“Suddenly he got excited and cheerfully pulled up Zhang Coco.”Sister, I thought about it! We have found where the lost picture is!”

Zhang may not know, so there is a knock outside the door.

“We just heard a squeal. Would you like to ask if you need help?” is Shen Yu’s voice.

The other people in the villa came to visit after hearing the screech just made.

“How many of them sleep in another room and were not in danger last night?” Xie Junfei hummed. “Life is really big!”

Then he shouted, “Thank you for your concern. We’re all right. My sister just met a cockroach.”

After confusing the person outside the door, he said with great excitement, “Sister, the secret we have discovered must be protected.”

“Never let others know!”

“When we find the portrait, go away and leave the others in the story.”


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