Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 2

Scarlet apartment (2)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist  Chapter 2: Scarlet apartment (2)

After entering the West building, Shen Yu understood why the apartment was called “pink apartment”.

Though as like as two peas in the West building, the East building is dark and shabby, and the West building is clean and tidy, especially the newly painted walls, with a delicate pink touch, just like the legendary warm fairy tale house.

The twelve people who entered the West building were divided into six groups and lived in rooms on different floors.

In room 404, Shen Yu sat at his desk. The little boy sat on the single bed, shaking his two short legs bored, staring at Shen Yu’s back and asking curiously, “what are you doing?”

At this time, Shen Yu’s clothes stained with blood have not been changed. He is concentrating on staring at the black book in front of him. Without looking back, he replied, “I’m reading.”

The beginning of the book, just a few words, has been read silently over and over by him countless times.

“The most important and basic thing in writing a story is the ability to read and collect information. We should not only analyze the meaning word by word, but also extract and summarize important information,” he added to the little boy.

Since entering the story, a series of things have followed. Now he needs to analyze and summarize all the information one by one, and then list it.

But he had only a box of mints and no pen to write.

Shen Yu lost a piece of sugar in his mouth and felt the cool sweetness of mint spreading on the tip of his tongue, gradually soothing his anxious heart.

He shook the box and heard the sugar jar clang. It was obvious that there was not much sugar left in it.

So he looked at the schoolbag next to the little boy and asked, “have you brought a pen? I can exchange a sugar for your pencil.”

The little guy looks like he should have been in primary school. There should be paper and pen stationery in his schoolbag.

Looking at his reluctant to part with the mints, the little boy was strangely silent. Finally, he nodded, reached into his satchel and found a pen.

“I don’t like sugar.” he handed Shen Yu his pen.

Shen Yu took the pen, paused a little, and then asked as if nothing had happened: “are you six years old this year? First grade?”

The little boy looked at him and nodded. His dark eyes twinkled with curiosity. He also asked, “what do you do outside the story?”

Shen Yu replied carelessly, “novelist, the kind that doesn’t enter the stream.”

He had just quit his high paying job and plunged into the abyss of writing horror novels only by his personal hobby. He had not been in the industry for a long time and had not had time to become famous.

After that, Shen Yu stopped talking and just stared at the red words on the black book.

The little boy’s pen and ink are also red.

Why do first grade pupils write with a pen instead of a pencil? And in red ink?

He rubbed his fingers on the pen for a long time, and finally began to write in the blank of the page:

  1. There is at least one monster in the apartment.
  2. Apartment residents are forbidden to go out after 11 o’clock and must lock the doors and windows.
  3. It is reasonable to infer that these two prohibitions are related to monsters. Maybe monsters will be more dangerous at night.
  4. But the monster that attacked itself finally disappeared under the bed. The way it entered the residents’ room was not the doors and windows. Why did the residents need to lock the doors and windows?
  5. Maybe there is more than one monster wandering in the apartment? (in doubt)


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