Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 20

The Lost Portrait (4)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 20: The Lost Portrait (4)

Shen Yu left at the door.

“What about it?” Yue Ze asked.

Shen Yu sneered once and said,””Deliberately confusing someone! So I’d better leave, or someone else will worry about us grabbing food from him!”

Yue Ze patted him on the back calmly.”It’s good to be used to it. You’ll often meet such people in your stories later.”

Because Xie Junfei and his sisters have been hiding in their rooms, Shen Yu decides to look for clues in the villa first.

When I think about it, the biggest question is the wall in the living room on the first floor.

Three daughters were shocked yesterday and are crying all the time today. They must have been the ghosts when someone scratched their bed last night.

So they dared not stay in their room and continued to shudder with their arms on the ground floor.

The face of the mold on the wall is still scary, the girl dares not look, closes her eyes and pushes them together, accidentally knocking over a group of decorations on the living room table.

These elegant ornaments crash all over the floor, and many fragile ceramic works are crushed directly.

With a silent sigh, Shen Yumu did not blame the feared women and crouched down to pick up the decorations one by one.

Girls were embarrassed to see themselves in trouble and started to help them pick it up with shame.

“Introverted Wang Tongtong, when picking up a music box, suddenly says,””Oh, this music box is cute!”

Most of the overturned ornaments are exquisite in shape and elegant in taste. Only the music box in her hand seems a little old, rough in workmanship and vulgar in taste, like freely purchased from a floor stall, which is out of character with other ornaments.

However, the design of this music box is somewhat childish and cute. No wonder it attracts the attention of young women.

Wang Tongtong curiously turned the handle of the music box and heard a piano tune that was out of tune.

Shen Yu heard that the music he was playing was To Alice.

But the music box was so monotonous that it was so monotonous to and fro that the sound had gone out of tune for so long.

Wang Tongtong lost interest after playing for a while and returned the music box to its original place.

Shen Yu holds the music box in his hand and continues to shake it.

When Alice is finished playing this song, the lid of the box opens with a click. The two wooden sculptures hiding in the box, driven by a simple mechanism, rise, swing in the music box and kiss each other.

A piece of paper hidden in a music box rises and falls to the ground.

Shen Yu picks up the paper and opens it, while others gather curiously.

A poem is written on paper:

Thousands of stars hidden in his eyes

Deep in the invisible universe

Areas that cannot be explored by monitoring satellites

The gentle, invisible piece

I have fallen into it

A Kiss Under Redemption

Fate Meets Us

Happiness and happiness are so unimaginable

Cannot escape the sweetness tie

Ah! God, thank you for letting me meet him

Girls can’t help laughing at each other when they see it: “Haha, it’s a love poem!”

“Who wrote it and why was it hidden in a music box?”

“How sour this love poem is! It’s worse than my writing, with no hindsight.”

Shen Yu looked directly at the signature at the very end of the poem.

[Emily, to Dear Bud.)

Was this a lover when Budd was young? Or just an admirer?

What does Emily have to do with Alice?

After an episode like this one in the music box, the panic-stricken women relaxed a little again, and after putting the overturned trims back in place, they went away happily.

Only Shen Yu, still frowns at this silly love poem.

If a love poem written by a girl is given to a man you like, why hide it in a music box?

He was silent for a while and suddenly had a flash in his mind. He raised his hand and covered most of the poem, leaving only the first word at the beginning of each line.

[He’s watching me for help and running away.)

This is a Tibetan poem.

Shen Yu’s eyes shook slightly, then put down his palm and turned to say, “I think we need to go find Mr. Bader, who is very affectionate.”

Always silent behind him, nodding with agreement.

This story is mainly for Shen Yurun, so since entering the novel, Yue Ze seldom opens his mind actively.

They crossed the town again and came to the lakeside cottage to the east, still quiet and invisible.

Mr. Budd was planting flowers by the lake, and the big black-haired dog lay at his feet, still breathing as though he had been dead.

As they were going, Bard was angry at a rose: “I want perfection, perfection! God – is there nothing perfect in the world? Even a flower is so ugly!”

The rose in front of him was accidentally twisted and had insect diseases on its leaves, one of which was wilting.

He snatched at the gardening scissors in an angry voice: “Let me fix it for you and get rid of the imperfections.”

Cut off the leaves of the Yellow insect, pull off the dead bones and cut off the twisted branches directly… He even cut off the innate thorns of the roses themselves.

Only after he vented and trimmed the bouquet of roses into a “perfect” look in his heart did Bard pant and put down the scissors and trim his appearance satisfactorily.

He turned back to that beautiful old artist again.

Shen Yu then went up carefully and said, “Mr. Bard, excuse me.”

“Oh, it’s you!” Bad looked kindly over. “Dear Detective, have you found Alice’s picture?”

“Shen Yu took out the paper and said,””I’m sorry Mr. Bard, we didn’t find the picture yet, but we found Emily’s love poem.”

“Do you know Emily?”

“Oh my God, it’s my lovely, kind Emily who wrote this poem to me so I thought I had lost it so long ago that I didn’t expect you to send it back to me!”

Bad sighed, taking over the love poem paper, folding the fragile pieces carefully and placing them solemnly on his chest, his eyes moistened with excitement.

Shen Yu observed his look: “I thought your sweetheart was Alice?”

“Alice, of course, Alice! There’s only one perfect love in me forever,” he explained. “But I had a couple of emotional experiences before I found the true Alice, but unfortunately the last ones left me.”

Shen Yu: “…”

It was still a sacred feeling for you in your old age!

Perhaps it was a lost and reverted love poem that reminded Bud of his good memories when he was young, and he said with great nostalgia, “Emily is so kind, she is the first girlfriend in my life.”

“She’s always so optimistic, a pious believer, going to church once a week, always kind to help others…”

“Unfortunately, since the ghost appeared, she has been under more and more stress and has become less and less energetic.”

“I tried to stop her, but to no avail, she finally broke her wrist and freed herself, leaving me alone in this world, unable to see her in heaven.”

“When Bard recalls this, he bursts into tears and is in a low mood:”Sorry, Mr. Detective, I need to be alone.”

He dragged his old dog, who could hardly move, back to the cabin by the lake.

“Mr. Bard, I have one final question,” Shen Yu shouted behind him.

“Where was the good Emily buried after her death?”

“Bard’s voice comes from a distance in the cabin:””It’s the cemetery next to my house where all my love is buried!”

After the question had been asked and the other party no longer answered, Shen Yuhe and Yue Ze set out to return.

But instead of returning to the villa, they went straight to the cemetery.

There are many trees planted in the cemetery, which, under the cover of their branches and leaves, add a little darkness to the light of the cemetery even during the day.

Most of the deceased townspeople are buried there. The famous, nameless, large and small cross-tombstones are filled with land.

At one corner of the cemetery, nearest to your house, stands a heavy cross-tombstone engraved with letters.

[All Bad’s love and dreams are buried here.)

There is no name or date of death on the tombstone.

Shen Yu suspects that more than one deceased person is buried in this tomb.

As Bard said before, Emily, who was kind and beautiful, was a pious believer and finally committed suicide under great stress.

But look at this cemetery-filled cross, Emily is clearly a Christian.

In Christian teachings, people who commit suicide cannot go to heaven.

So why did Emily, a pious believer, end up choosing to commit suicide? Or is it the painful death of biting your wrist alive?

Did she really break down and commit suicide, or… had to?

They stood for a long time in the tomb until it was getting dark, and the darker they were reminded, “It’s time to go back to their room.”

The two returned silently to the villa, always doing things carefully and carefully, but after entering the room, they were totally reckless, walking and stumbling, and even accidentally touching the picture on the wall with their elbows when taking off their coats.

Instead of picking up the portrait again, he tossed the coat he had taken off at random, just on the fallen portrait, covering the portrait’s eyes.

“It’s upsetting to look for Alice every day!” he said aloud, like someone to listen to, but pulled Shen Yu aside.

He spread out his book and wrote on it:

The picture is watching us through the girl’s eyes.

Shen Yuwei suddenly thought of the love poem.

He’s watching me, help me, run away.

This is the kind Emily, the last warning.

He also wrote in his book: Did Bard have an eavesdropper in his room in addition to the monitor?

“Yes, the mini-monitor is in the eyes of the portrait and the eavesdropper is in the ears of the portrait,” Yue Ze wrote.

He works in the relevant departments and has many years of experience and a keen sense of monitoring and eavesdropping machinery.

Since his first day in the villa, he has instinctively disliked the pictures hanging on the wall and the eyes of the pictures, always feeling that he is being stared at by a living person.

Until today, when Emily’s poem was found, Yue Ze was not really sure that the entire group was being watched by Bard after they entered the villa.

Shen Yu wrote again: Do you want to destroy the monitoring in the portrait?

Yue Ze: Don’t do it for a while. If the monitoring is destroyed, you’ll catch snakes in the grass. Bad must be aware of it.

Bad must be having problems now, but if they can easily reveal the card, they are afraid that the other party will get angry and end up breaking the net.

Just when Shen Yu and his sister Xie Junfei discovered the monitoring, they were not idle either.

In order to occupy the room and keep it secret from being discovered, the two of them have not left the door for a whole day, even eating in the room.

They stared firmly at the spare little window.

“Is that really the way you say it works?” Zhang asked reassuringly. “Is this the Alice Bard wanted?”

Xie Junfei responded, “Of course, we searched all over the room, only this picture was hidden, it must be the lost one!”

Zhang Coco was persuaded to keep staring at the small window.

Wait until the light outside the window fades and the night slowly covers the earth, and one heart of the two almost touches their voices.

I saw it!

There really was a dark, terrible woman with bloody faces and wrists, coming from the cemetery, floating silently to the second floor, her hands clasped on the window frame with jeweled rings, and her turbid eyes fixed on the people in the room.

Xie Junfei, with a tense look, took out several pieces of prop note paper from his book and carefully approached the woman outside the window. Zhang Keke covered him behind him.

But the woman outside the window did not move.

Xie Junfei gradually grew bold and reached out and touched the window frame lightly.

“Pop” once, the window frame becomes a picture frame and falls off the wall.

The woman lying outside the window becomes a picture when night falls.

“I knew it was absolutely a hidden image!” Xie Junfei looked over it with great delight and lifted it up. “While everyone else is still asleep, let’s get the picture to work.”

Zhang Coco, who had been holding his mind, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

But no one noticed that the expression of the terrible woman in the portrait had changed slightly, and her turbid eyes were full of regret as if they were about to weep.

The two of them slipped out of the villa under cover of the night.

The town is still quiet in the dark, not even a single figure can be seen, not even the street lights, all dark.

But Xie Junfei and Xie Junfei felt that they were staring at them quietly as though they had countless eyes.

They shivered slightly and quickened their steps in a hurry. They came to the lakeside cabin on the east side of town by the dim moonlight.

To their surprise, Bard did not sleep at this time.

The big black-haired dog, which everyone feared, was now paralyzed on the ground and motionless, while Bud was crouching beside the dog and moving with his hand.

They came closer and found that he was peeling off the dirty fur on the dog.

When Bard saw the two people holding the picture, he paused his movements and opened a slow, relaxed opening: “Unfortunately, Alice was ill and too weak to leave me at last.”

“I’ve had it for a long time, it’s time to say goodbye.”

Nonetheless, there was nothing sad in his tone.

Zhang Keke noticed that the old man in front of them was in an abnormal state today. He was slightly upset and could not help stepping back two steps.

But Xie Junfei could not stand the weird atmosphere at this time. He was more and more eager to leave. He immediately passed the picture in his arms to the past.

“This is the picture you want, and we’ve done our job.”

Bard slowly wipes the blood off his hands and smiles at the woman in the portrait.

“No, this is not Alice.”

“Emily, long time no see, you’re still so kind… and silly! You want to warn these idiot detectors?” He greeted the portrait cheerfully.

Surprisingly, the woman in the portrait really moved.

Emily, whose wrists and cheeks were bleeding, bowed her head in pain and covered her eyes with both hands.


Xie Junfei was shocked when he saw the man in the picture move and immediately throw the picture in his hand far away.

But the look in front of them got even more excited: “You say they are Alice? What kind of Alice are they? They are too short, their fingers are too short, their hair is ugly, their face is speckled… none of them is perfect!”

“Alice, my dear Alice! She is the most perfect woman in the world!!”

He shouted loudly, flushed red, his expressions became more and more insane, and his lean body was shaking faintly.

When Zhang Keke saw something bad, he immediately pulled Xie Junfei: “What are you doing dumbly standing up and running!”

“Sister, we both have skills and props, and even if the characters in the book go insane, we can do it all…”

“Idiot! Shut up! Run -”

Zhang hatefully kicked his opponent in the butt and turned around panicked and ran away.

She had a feeling of foreboding, an ominous feeling.

She heard a screech from behind her companion and a shrill noise…

A Dog barking.


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