Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 21

The Lost Portrait (5)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 21: The Lost Portrait (5)

Early in the morning of the third day, people found Xie Junfei’s sister and brother missing.

“Have you looked in the villa?” Shen Yu asked.

The three girls were also helping to find it, but they got nothing.

Lin Miaomiao said, “maybe they went out last night?”

Wang Tongtong’s mouth was flat and his face showed fear: “this place is so terrible. What else can they run around and where can they go?”

Where can I go out in the middle of the night

Shen Yu bowed his head and said faintly, “I think we should go to Mr. Budd to find it.”

There should be only one reason for two veteran novelists to go out regardless of the dangers of the night.

It may even be a clue that can get them out of the novel.

Shen Yu and Yue Ze are ready to go out. The three girls are afraid of being left in the villa and strongly request to go together.

But before they reached bud’s residence, they found Xie Junfei.

… or several pieces of Xie Junfei.

At the mouth of the town, not far from the lakeside hut, Xie Junfei’s broken body lay across the road. His flesh and blood were torn into several pieces, his abdominal cavity was empty, and all his internal organs were missing.

Blood spilled all over the ground. If Xie Junfei’s head was not complete, others simply couldn’t recognize him.

Xie Junfei’s lonely head rolled in the middle of the road. His face was very scary, and his eyes almost came out of his eyes, as if he had seen something very terrible before he died.

Leng Buding saw the terrible scene in front of him. Wang Tongtong, who had always been introverted and timid, didn’t speak. He turned his eyes and fainted directly.

As soon as Li Qingqing’s legs were soft, he sat down on the ground, his face turned white, his lips trembled and couldn’t speak.

The only bolder Lin Miaomiao immediately retched, held the wall of the roadside, vomited all over the sky, and almost vomited out all his bile.

Yueze and Shen Yu were calm. The experienced Yueze even stepped forward and looked at the traces on the body: “he was torn by some big beast, and the bite marks of the wound were close to the teeth marks of dogs.”

Lin Miaomiao, who stood reluctantly holding the wall, covered his mouth, endured vomiting and asked, “was he bitten to death by ghouls? Will ghouls still come to eat us?”

No one can answer this question.

Shen Yu stared at the scarlet ground and couldn’t help sighing. He took off his coat and covered Xie Junfei’s ferocious head. At least he gave the dead a last bit of dignity.

Those bits and pieces of meat didn’t care. He put the scattered bodies together, looked around and suddenly asked, “where’s another person?”

Zhang Keke is still missing.

Shen Yu decided to go to the lake house, but her two girls were too frightened and refused to go again. They helped each other back to the villa.

For some reason, Lin Miaomiao insisted on going with the two of them, even though she was so scared that her hands and feet softened.

“Among the three of us, I’m the oldest and boldest. Usually Qingqing and Tongtong rely on me.” Lin Miaomiao tried to hold back her tears and breathed, “I want to protect them all the time, so I need to find out what’s going on!”

Looking at the brave girl, Shen Yu sighed gently and acquiesced in her following behind them.

It’s not far from the lake house. The three will arrive soon.

Bud, as before, pruned flowers in the warm sun, dressed clean and elegant. No matter how he looked, he was just an old artist who stood aloof from the world.

But the old dog squatting at his feet was a circle bigger than before.

Its fur is still dirty and smelly, but it is not as thin as before. Its spirit is much better. It is no longer like dying at any time.

About hearing the footsteps, the dirty and blind black dog suddenly stood up alert. About one person was tall, opened his mouth to the comer, and made a sharp voice vaguely.

“Oh, Alice, it’s a guest. Don’t be so rude. Get down!” bud scolded, kicked the black dog on the waist, and then turned to apologize to the people. “I’m sorry, he’s a little upset today.”

Xie Junfei was torn into several pieces by the beast, and his internal organs disappeared. But the old black dog became big and fat overnight?

The people stared at the suddenly lively black dog, and their eyes were a little complicated for a moment.

Shen Yu had many questions in his mind, but in the end, he just said, “this morning, one of us died and another is missing temporarily.”

“Oh, my God! That’s too unfortunate,” said bud, still smiling and without emotion. “It must have been done by ghouls again. These filthy things have become more and more rampant recently.”

Lin Miaomiao finally couldn’t help but walk up and asked, “Mr. Budd, have you ever thought about your dog…”

She pointed to “Alice”: it could be a ghoul. It killed people. It’s dangerous!

Hearing these words, the black dog immediately became more anxious, and a terrible roar kept coming out of his throat.

Bud touched the head of the black dog and pushed the black dog in front of Lin Miaomiao: “don’t panic, look! It’s my Alice. It’s just a furry little cute.”

Lin Miaomiao argued, “but as soon as our companion died, he regained his vitality, perhaps because he ate human flesh.”

Bud’s expression became indifferent: “Dear detective, what do you want, let me strangle my dog?”

“It’s really dangerous. Maybe killing it is a good way… Ah!” Lin Miaomiao was saying, and suddenly let out a scream.

When the black dog heard that he was going to kill himself, he was suddenly excited, rushed forward and bit Lin Miaomiao’s wrist.

The dog was too close to her. It happened so suddenly that Shen Yu and his wife rushed forward to rescue and separated the biting black dog.

Lin Miaomiao covered his bleeding arm and cried and hid behind them: “I said it was dangerous. It must be the legendary Ghoul!”

“You provoked it first, and my Alice was angry when you said you wanted to kill it.” old bud pressed the restless black dog and said without meaning, “be careful, Alice understands everything.”

“Crazy dog! Crazy old man!!” the injured Lin Miaomiao cursed and hid further.

“Well, respected detectives, what are you visiting for today?” bud asked, still well cultivated.

Shen Yu stared at him, then turned his eyes to the black dog struggling to rush towards them and said, “we want to bury our dead friends, but we don’t have a shovel.”

“It was for the funeral.”

Bud suddenly realized that he went back to the wooden house and took out a shovel: “I lent you what I used. Although this engineer shovel is shorter, it’s best to use.”

Shen Yu took the shovel, calmly thanked, and then took the injured Lin Miaomiao away.

Behind them, the blind old dog still roared in the direction they left and tried to jump on them.

After returning to the villa, two girls who went back first rushed up and accompanied the crying Lin Miaomiao to bandage the wound.

Shen Yu put down the body wrapped in his coat and took out a book from his arms.

Xie Junfei, who has died, is a black book left over.

The characters in those books do not seem to be able to hide the novelists’ books, or even feel the existence of these books, even if the novelists hang around in front of them with black books every day.

So the book ignored by the role was picked up by Shen Yu.

He opened the page.

Seven little detectives came to rice town

[detective Xie Junfei found a portrait. He celebrated his success.] [but he was wrong…]

There were only six of the seven, and his story was over

Six out of seven?

Zhang Keke is not dead!

Shen Yusi cableway: “from the tips given in the black book, Xie Junfei died because he found the wrong portrait.”

“The place where he died is very close to the lake house. He should have something to do with bud.”

“But Zhang Keke is still alive? Maybe last night, they didn’t go together; or Zhang Keke narrowly escaped danger; or, what life saving skills does she have…”

It’s good to die one less!

Shen Yu put down his thinking and opened a new page.

Several pieces of yellowing paper fell from the pages of the book.

He picked it up and recognized that it seemed to be someone’s diary, which was about a very important clue, so he had been sandwiched in the page by Xie Junfei.

Annie, Emily, Betty, Anna, Alice, Ghoul

Shen Yu browned deeply after reading all the diary contents at a glance.

This is bud’s diary.

Xie Junfei found this diary before. He read all the contents and followed the clues above. He didn’t distinguish between true and false.

And bud’s diary is probably false!

He placed surveillance in the room to control their every move, and then the false diary was found, which deliberately misled the people who found it.

But Xie Junfei’s sister and brother are also old hands after all. If they only have a fake diary, they can’t be cheated to die so easily.

There must be some other clue that misled the sister and brother.

He stared at the remnant pages of his diary and thought for a moment. Then he picked up the borrowed engineer shovel and said to Yue Ze, “let’s go to the room where Xie Junfei lived before.”

The only room with a brick bed.

As soon as they entered the door, they smelled a faint putrid smell, which filled the room.

A huge portrait hung on the wall of the room, with thick black hair, blue eyes, a gem ring on her fingers and a few small freckles on her face, much like Emily described in her diary.

The window of the room is the cemetery. Standing in front of the window, you can see the high and low cross tombstones in the cemetery from a distance.

But the faint smell of decay in the room always lingers.

Shen Yu carefully identified the source of the smell. After a long time, he locked his eyes on the bed in the room.

The bottom of the bed completely sealed with bricks.


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