Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 22

The Lost Portrait (6)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 22: The Lost Portrait (6)

Shen Yu’s eyes tightly locked the bed, and the engineer shovel in his hand lifted

Then he turned abruptly and slashed the portrait behind him with his backhand.

Bud was right before. This shovel is really easy to use. With only one shovel, the giant portrait and its frame will be cut off at the waist.

Monitors and eavesdroppers were exposed from the torn picture, flashing a strange red light.

Shen Yu raised his shovel and smashed it.

Yueze was slightly surprised: “if you destroy the monitoring in the room, bud will be alert.”

Shen Yu: “indeed! But without monitoring, he can’t see our next move. He should not dare to act rashly for the time being.”

If he doesn’t destroy the monitor and bud sees what he’s going to do next, the old man is really going crazy! ”

Then he raised his shovel and smashed it at the bottom of the brick bed.

The shovel is sharp, but the bricks are stronger.

Yueze immediately understood his meaning and stopped him: “time is precious. We must finish it before bud takes action. Give it to me.”

He pressed the bed with one hand and the black book with the other. His fingers trembled slightly, a low voice hummed, and the bricks under his fingers shook together.

This is a new skill!

Shen Yu looked at him curiously. He didn’t know how many strange skills there were in his minister’s book.

However, in two or three seconds, the tightly built bricks broke apart under the vibration of the rhythm and completely smashed together with the bed board above.

Under the cover of debris, bricks and gravel, a heavy iron door appeared in front of them.

The iron door was unlocked. A thick handle was welded on the door. An extremely strong stench of decay clearly came from the crack of the door.

Shen Yu came forward and struggled to open the iron door. There was a long tunnel behind the door, and a simple step led to the depths of the earth.

Walking down the long and narrow steps, the light around gradually faded and the air was thin. At the deepest underground, an empty and humid cellar appeared in front of them.

The cellar has a large space, which can accommodate about an adult man standing upright. It is also very open in the front, back, left and right. In the center is an iron platform, similar to the workbench used by a butcher when killing pigs and sheep.

No one could have imagined that bud dug such a big and deep underground hole under his usual bed.

But surprisingly, different from what they thought, there was no tragic bloody scene in the cellar. None of the residual limbs, broken arms and blood viscera expected by the two people appeared here.

In addition to a strong rotten smell, the cellar was clean and could not even find a trace of blood.

A pile of chopped wood is neatly stacked beside the wall of the cellar. Scattered tools, such as axes, planers, firewood knives, etc., look like a special place for storing firewood.

The only thing that seems a little dangerous is that there is a long electric saw next to the wood, which is usually used to saw wood.

Shen Yu looked at everything clean in front of him, and his eyes were cold: “I want to cover it up.”

In order to avoid moisture, firewood generally needs to be stored in a dry place. How can it be placed in such a wet cellar?

Moreover, there is no fireplace in bud’s villa, and cooking also uses gas and water. Why do you need so much useless wood?

These woods are just a cover to confuse others, which can let people who don’t know relax their vigilance.

Shen Yu suddenly remembered one of his props.

Luminol reagent.

He put his palm on the black book and officially used his props in the story for the first time.

The cellar was dark enough. Under the reaction of the reagent, faint blue lights lit up on the surrounding walls.

Palmprints on the wall, desperate scratches, splashing blood… The blood stains cleaned in the past slowly appear under the action of reagents.

The iron platform in the center of the cellar had the most blood stains and lit up the faint blue light of the big beach.

On tools such as electric saws, axes and planes, there is also a trace of blue light.

This is a slaughterhouse to the letter!

Shen Yu took a sip of air-conditioning and said, “anonymous, do you remember how bud trimmed roses before?”

Yueze’s eyes were slightly dark: “remember.”

He cut all the imperfections of the rose, regardless of the shape of the flower itself, and stubbornly trimmed the branches into the “perfect” shape in his heart.

No matter how deformed the “perfect” is in the eyes of others!

Shen Yu looked around and gradually lowered his tone: “and he also mentioned in his diary that the girls who had contacted him also had their own imperfections.”

Annie is too short, Betty’s hair is ugly, Anna’s fingers are short and thick, and Emily has freckles on her face… No one is his perfect Alice.

But it’s very simple, just like pruning roses, just “repair” the girls.

Force the short Anne to lengthen her bones;

Peel off Betty’s ugly hair with her scalp;

Thin Anna’s short fingers;

Peel off Emily’s freckled face

The girls were lured into the cellar and imprisoned. They were tied to the iron platform. Like cattle and sheep to be slaughtered, they were gouged out of “imperfect” places everywhere. They were made into the perfection in bud’s heart and the deformity in the eyes of normal people.

The girls scratched and shouted in despair, printing their own bloody palmprint on the wall.

But in this deep cellar, no one could hear their cry for help.

Such a tragic and heavy truth does not prohibit Shen Yu and Yue Ze from being silent for a long time.

No wonder bud wrote in his diary that the people under the bed had been staring at him, so he had to seal the bottom of the bed with bricks.

No wonder on the first night they stayed in the villa, they heard the sound of bone chewing and scratching the bed board under everyone’s bed.

That’s the girl’s soul, desperately repeating the behavior of asking for help, and bud sealed the bottom of the bed, which also completely extinguished the girls’ weak hope of escape.

Bud’s behavior, like the legendary ghoul, invisibly chewed the girls’ flesh and blood.

After a long time, Shen Yu asked hard, “what’s more tragic is that the girls who have been transformed in this way will not die immediately. They can survive for a long time.”

Bud also mentioned in his diary that Anne died of pneumonia and Emily died of suicide. Being gouged out is not the real cause of death of these girls.

The girls must have experienced other things, more terrible, worse, and less dignified than being imprisoned in the cellar.

Weak people are tortured to death, and strong people are tortured to suicide.

Even the most devout Christians don’t care whether they can go to heaven or not. They just want to seek liberation and leave the living hell in front of them.

What terrible circumstances have they experienced?

With a heavy heart, Shen Yu groped around in the dark cellar and accidentally touched a group of furry things.

It’s dirty and smelly. It feels like hair that hasn’t been washed for a long time. It’s a light piece that can almost wrap the whole adult and hide it in a hidden corner of the cellar.

It was inconspicuous. If Shen Yu hadn’t searched carefully, he would have been missed.

He rubbed it and found that it seemed to be some kind of animal fur.

Where does he seem to have seen the fur of this animal before?

Shen Yu pondered for a moment and was suddenly stunned.

This is… Dog hair?!

Dirty, smelly as like as two peas of hair that had not been washed for a long time, and the same big black dog as the bud.

He seemed to think of something. Suddenly, he was excited all over, suddenly escaped from the cellar, and flustered to find the three girls still in the villa.

Lin Miaomiao was bitten by the big black dog before. She was frightened and afraid that she would get rabies. Now she still couldn’t help crying. Her companions were around to comfort her.

He shouted directly to Lin Miaomiao, “let me see your bitten wound!”

Lin Miaomiao was puzzled, but out of trust, he untied the gauze wrapped around his wrist and showed the bite marks to Shen Yu.

When the black dog bit her just now, although it looked very ferocious, it didn’t bite deeply because its teeth were too blunt. It just bit her skin and let her bleed.

At the moment of seeing the bite marks, Shen Yu took a breath.

The wound is not a mark left by a dog bite.

That’s a human tooth mark!


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