Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 23

The Lost Portrait (final)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 23: The Lost Portrait (final)

At the moment of seeing human bite marks, Shen Yu couldn’t help looking at Yueze.

The two hearts were in touch. They ran to the cemetery next to the villa. Only three girls remained in place with doubts on their faces.

The soil in the cemetery is very wet.

Shen Yu stood in an earthen pit and kept bending down to throw out the fresh soil.

Outside the tomb, a heavy cross tombstone fell askew to the ground.

All bud’s love and dreams are buried here

This is where bud’s love is buried… And the bones of those poor girls are buried.

“He really buried all his love.” Shen Yu dug deep and said with a complicated look.

In this wet and muddy pit, he dug up more than a dozen corpses.

Most of them have already turned into white bones. Only one body was fresh, thin and small, without skin, and its bright red muscles had not yet rotted, as if it had just been buried yesterday.

“Men’s skeletons are narrow, like inverted domes, and have higher bone density. The pelvis of these corpses is wide, cylindrical, lighter, and the bones of upper and lower limbs are short. They obviously belong to the bones of women.”

Through the identification of the bones, Yueze definitely said: “all the girls buried here are determined to be the victims.”

The only fresh body, whose skin had already been stripped, looked pitiful and terrible, and could not recognize its original appearance at all.

“Is she Zhang Keke who disappeared last night?” Shen Yu asked to himself, looking at the body that was obviously buried last night.

But then he shook his head and rejected his statement: “no, it’s not.”

According to the plot in the black book, there were only six of the seven. Zhang Keke didn’t die last night.

Bud’s diary may be false, but although the novelist’s black book is cheap, it will never deceive them.

Zhang Keke is still alive, and she is a tall, muscular woman.

But the skinned body in front of us was thin and small, shriveled and thin, with many bruises on the muscles, which was more like the result of hunger and abuse the day after tomorrow.

Most importantly, the female corpse’s eyes were blind, the eyeballs had long been necrotic, and the pus from the orbit stuck to her cheeks.

What’s more strange is that all the bones here have no bones of hands and feet.

Even the body just buried last night had its palms and soles cut off, and its limbs were bare, especially strange and terrible.

Yueze came forward, broke off the female corpse’s jaw, and then said with a gloomy face, “her tongue has also been cut off.”

Shen Yu’s eyebrows wrinkled deeply.

What happens when your hands and feet are cut off, your eyes are burned blind, and your tongue is cut off?

Blind, the victim can’t see the way to escape and can’t judge the direction to leave.

Without hands and feet, the victim had no chance to escape. He could not even stand up anymore. He had to lie on the ground and move his limbs like a dog.

After cutting her tongue, the victim can’t make a sound. Even if an outsider passes by, she can’t ask for help. She can only make a vague roar from her throat.

At this time, bud peeled off the girls’ skin, glued them with black dog skin, tied them to his feet, raised them as real dogs, and affectionately called them “Alice”

Shen Yu suddenly felt like vomiting.

No wonder when they first entered the story, the “big black dog” looked sick and almost out of breath.

Because that is an innocent girl. After being mutilated for a long time, her body, dignity and spirit have long been destroyed, and she has been tortured by inhuman means, leaving only one breath.

Bud called “Dear Alice” in his mouth, but he was very rude to the black dog, either strangling his neck or kicking him. All his actions were taming and demonstrating his authority.

No one could understand her vague cry for help. The poor girl walked towards death and swallowed her last breath in front of everyone.

Others didn’t even know she was dead and suspected that the big black dog was the legendary ghoul.

Shen Yu lowered his head to cover his face. After a long silence, he raised his head and took a deep breath. Calmly, he continued: “the latest victim in the tomb should have died last night.”

“Last night, Xie Junfei died and Zhang Keke disappeared. Just this morning, the” big black dog “, who had been depressed, suddenly became manic and grew in size.”

“Zhang Keke is just a tall woman.”

This is another frightening inference!

The book shows that Zhang Keke didn’t die, but obviously it’s not because she successfully escaped the danger, but because Bard’s pervert likes to destroy women.

The previous victim could not hold on and died of weakness. Just at this time, a strong woman was brought to him.

So the dead girl was buried, Zhang Keke was imprisoned, cut off her hands and feet, scalded her eyes, cut off her tongue, peel off her skin and stick on her dog skin… She became bud’s new “Alice”.

This morning, they went to the lakeside hut. The “black dog” shouted and pounced on them, not because he wanted to attack, but because Zhang Keke screamed for help when he heard their voice.

Bud said that Alice could understand human language.

So when Lin Miaomiao said “kill the dog”, Zhang Keke, who felt that his life was seriously threatened, would bite her wrist in extreme fear.

They always thought that the “black dog” was blind and toothless because of old age, but in fact, it was just because human teeth were not as sharp as real dogs.

After inferring the above conclusion, Shen Yu said solemnly, “Zhang Keke’s situation is very… Terrible!”

No matter what kind of person she was before and what kind of careful thinking she hid, a living person, a normal woman, shouldn’t be treated like this!

Even those sentenced to death can get a painless relief.

Looking at Shen Yu with a gloomy face, Yueze sighed secretly and came forward to placate him on the back.

“Now we and bud have completely torn our faces. I’m going to the lake cabin to find a chance to save Zhang Keke. You take this opportunity to go back to the villa and bring out the three girls.”

Yueze said: “the story is coming to an end. Now the villa is no longer safe.”

His strength is stronger. Naturally, he is more suitable to face bud than Shen Yu.

This is not a time for affectation. Shen Yu did not refute. He acquiesced to Yueze’s distribution, and the two acted separately immediately.

Yueze went all the way East, and Shen Yu returned to the villa in front of him.

It was only when he stepped into the door of the villa that he suddenly found something bad.

The girls who were still chirping before going out all tightened up and sat in the living room. Their faces were very white, their lips trembled, and the beads of sweat on their foreheads rolled and fell. They didn’t dare to move or speak. They were all extremely nervous.

Shen Yu frowned and asked, “what’s the matter?”

Lin Miaomiao, the bravest, had tears in his eyes, his bloodless lips opened and closed slightly, and trembled to make an extremely small sound.


Before her voice fell, a slow clapping came from behind Shen Yu.

When he looked back, he saw bud, who was well-dressed, walking slowly down the stairs, clapping his hands insincerely, with a false smile on his face: “Dear detective, welcome back.”

Shen Yu’s face sank.

Miscalculation. Unexpectedly, bud moved so fast that he rushed back to the villa in front of them. Instead, he staggered with Yueze, the strongest.

At this time, bud had gracefully walked to the living room and turned his indifferent eyes to the three girls sitting: “these three detective ladies don’t look very good.”

The girls, who had been tight, were swept by his eyes, suddenly collapsed with a scream, jumped up and stumbled behind Shen Yu.

“I’m afraid? Sure enough, young and beautiful girls are such lovely and interesting creatures.” he stroked his glasses on the bridge of his nose and said with admiration, “it’s a pity that you are not perfect Alice.”

He turned his eyes back to Shen Yu: “detective, have you found my lost Alice?”

Shen Yu stretched out an arm to protect the trembling girl behind him, but his mouth was still polite: “Mr. Budd, your Alice has always been here?”

Bud’s face was stiff and his tone was cold: “detective, I hope you’re not kidding. After all, I can’t afford to joke.”

Shen Yu raised his chin and said, “why don’t you look back?”

Bud’s face was more stiff, but he just stared at Shen Yu in front of him and didn’t look back.

Of course he knows what’s behind him.

Whenever he painted a girl and tortured her to death, the mold on the walls would show a girl’s face before she died.

The cheeks of a dozen people almost filled the whole wall.

His hand holding his glasses trembled slightly, but he still tried to maintain his false dignity: “detective, you really have a talent for telling jokes.”

Shen Yu pushed back quietly with his arm, suggesting that the girls behind him should find the right time to run away. He said, “Mr. Budd, you have a unique talent for opening your eyes and telling lies.”

“On the wall behind you, those painful and ferocious cheeks, each of which is your Alice!”

There has never been any “Alice”, let alone the portrait of Alice, because the really perfect thing doesn’t exist in this world.

Bud’s pursuit of “Alice” is just the nonsense of a madman in his madness, created to meet his abnormal fantasy needs.

However, such a naked disclosure of the truth is obviously unacceptable to some people who pretend to be affectionate.

As if angered by this sentence, bud’s face suddenly became excited, his forehead was green and his face was red, and his mouth almost screamed sharply: “these imperfect women are not worthy of being my Alice –”

“The really perfect Alice exists!”

He roared almost madly, his limbs twitched slightly, his body leaned forward gradually, and his original face was twisting.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Shen Yu pushed hard behind him and shouted, “run!”

The girls, whose hands and feet were soft with fear, finally took a strong breath and fled to the villa desperately.

Before Shen Yu could leave, there was a wind approaching behind his head.

He quickly rolled on the spot, narrowly avoiding a sharp claw.

Just where he had just stood, a monster was crawling on the ground, his face flushed and panting.

Bud’s appearance has completely changed at this time. His body has soared. His strong and abrupt muscles break the well-made clothes. He has sharp teeth in his mouth and sharp claws in his hands. His face has become like a dog.

He staggered to his feet and stood like a man, but his body leaned forward, his eyes were full of filthy evil, and his mouth gave a sharp bark.

Barking like a dog.

The exit of the villa was blocked. Shen Yu, trapped in the house, had to look at him up and down: “so you are the legendary Ghoul!”

He still remembers the records in the book.

[in the taboo legend, human beings can be transformed into ghouls after a long process.] no wonder every time bud mutilated those girls to death, he wrote in his diary: “ghouls are coming!”

It is evil in itself!

Bud turned into a ghoul, staring at the human in front of him with bad intentions. His mouth oozed sticky saliva and drooped from the corners of his mouth.

Shen Yu turned to the second floor without moving.

Bud couldn’t wait. The dog barked and rushed at him.

But its body jumped into the air and stopped strangely.

Strands of blood red hair entangled it like a cobweb.

Shen Yu closed the page of “female ghost’s thanks” and ran to the second floor without looking back.

Three seconds, this skill can only last three seconds!

But it was enough for him to avoid the immediate danger.

Time was fleeting, but bud, who was dragged for a short time, soon broke free from his bondage, and then chased the second floor with red eyes.

Shen Yu’s figure has disappeared in many rooms.

Where are you hiding?

As if he were playing hide and seek, bud stirred the tip of his nose maliciously and smashed every door with malice.

When it finds the damn detective, it must pull out his internal organs alive

Wait, I found it!

It suddenly pricked up its ears and listened to the subtle movements around it.

A very faint sound of music is looming.

It’s his favorite to Alice.

The sound of music comes from its bedroom.

Bud chased after him with great excitement. Sure enough, he saw the cracked bed and the open iron door under the bed.

Behind the iron gate, the music of “to Alice” becomes clearer and clearer. Obviously, the source of the sound is in the cellar.

That stupid detective lost his head and even found himself dead in order to avoid it!

Bud almost didn’t think about it, so he rushed in ecstatically and plunged into the deep ground.

In the middle of the dark cellar, on the iron workbench, a small music box was placed on it. The box cover was opened, and the wooden carved villain turned slowly, emitting bursts of out of tune music.

But no one!

Bud’s pupils contracted rapidly. Just when he wanted to turn back, the heavy iron door on his head suddenly closed with a loud bang.

Outside the door, Shen Yu inserted the engineer shovel into the door handle and locked the door completely.

From the cellar came angry, shrill barks and the sound of “banging” against the iron door.

The iron door made by bud himself is very firm. Even if it is deformed, it still stands still.

Shen Yu was relieved at this time.

He just breathed a sigh of relief too soon

Under the continuous violent impact, bud behind the door knew that it was useless, so he was strangely quiet for a few seconds.

Before Shen Yu felt puzzled, a harsh electric saw sounded behind the door.

He almost forgot that there was a dangerous electric saw among the messy tools in the cellar.

At this time, the electric saw poked out of the gap of the iron door and sawed hard on the engineer shovel acting as the door bolt. The sound was harsh and noisy, metal collided with metal, and sparks splashed everywhere.

The engineer’s shovel is about to be sawn!

It was too late. Shen Yu’s eyes trembled. Then he jumped out of the window on the second floor without hesitation. A tumbling buffered his strength to fall on the second floor.

At the moment he jumped out of the window, the ordnance shovel was sawed open, and the iron door was overturned with a “bang”. Bud, holding an electric saw, rushed out from behind the iron door and stared out of the window with red eyes.

Shen Yu did not stop at all and ran to the cemetery without looking back.

Behind him, the more dangerous Ghoul also jumped from the window and pursued him.

The cemetery was close at hand, and Shen Yu could even smell the smell of fresh soil.

But the ghoul who was chasing after him was only a short distance away from him. The sharp canine teeth were getting closer and closer, and the smell of the monster’s mouth came to his face.

“Get down!”

I suddenly heard a clear drink in my ear!

Hearing this familiar voice, Shen Yu didn’t think about it. Instinctively, he chose to believe that even if there was a ghoul chasing after him, his body crawled on the ground without hesitation.

Several sharp awns passed over his head.

The ghoul behind him suddenly let out a cry, and his huge body fell to the ground.

Shen Yu took the opportunity to get up and meet the people in front of him.

Yueze, who rushed back from the lake house, looked dignified and carried a dirty big dog on his shoulder. He was sick and lifeless.

Behind him, the three girls who had escaped from the villa also trembled and huddled together, looking at the Ghoul in front of him.

Yueze just went to the lake cabin and found that bud was not there. There was only one Zhang Keke who was about to be tortured to death. He felt bad at that time. He immediately rushed back with the rescue object and picked up three people on the way.

Fortunately, he was not late.

Three bright scalpels were sharply inserted into the ghoul’s body. Bud cried and rolled on the ground for a long time. He stumbled up again. His dog like cheeks twitched and gouged out the blade together with the meat.

The bloody meat was thrown on the ground. Bud staggered and continued to approach the people. His clawed palm clenched the electric saw. His eyes became more and more fierce, with a distorted look of fish dying and net breaking.

Yueze took a step forward, stretched out his arm to protect Shen Yuhu behind him, and pressed the other hand on the black book again.

The familiar bass vibration sounded again.

Bud was shocked by his voice skills and took three steps backward. His mouth and nose were bleeding. He was obviously in pain.

But this aroused its ferocity even more!

The sharp barking of the dog sounded. Bud’s facial features were bleeding. Holding a chainsaw in his hand, he rushed against the impact of the sound, and the chainsaw slashed down their heads.

Shen Yu and Yue Ze dodged in time. The buzzing saw blade turned at high speed and wiped a strand of Shen Yu’s hair.

The hair fell on the ground in response to the sound.

Yueze again put the black book in front of him, quickly turned the pages in his hand, and stopped his fingers on one of them.

[curing, blocking]

Skill launch, he forcibly solidified the air around the ghoul into bulletproof glass.

Bud continued to rush to Shen Yu, but he hit a glass wall hard. His dog like nose almost bled.

But without hesitation, he directly lifted the electric saw in his hand and chopped it hard on the glass in front of him.

Like cutting tofu, the rotating saw blade smashed the glass, and the debris splashed everywhere.

Shen Yu and Yue Ze were slightly surprised.

After all, it’s bulletproof glass. Bullets can’t break through!

On second thought, Yueze immediately realized that the chainsaw in bud’s hand was definitely a very useful prop.

He turned again to avoid bud’s angry attack and shouted to Shen Yu, “the chainsaw is a good prop. I’ll take it from the ghoul’s hand and give it to you?”

Shen Yu: “… Let’s think about how to save our lives first!”

This thing can’t be killed. It’s too difficult!

The girls on one side are watching the war nervously and fearfully, while Zhang Keke, wrapped in dog skin, is dying. It seems that she won’t live long.

Lin Miaomiao could not help retreating because he was afraid of the more ferocious ghoul, but he accidentally stepped on something.

She looked back and saw a gloomy skull that was being trampled under her feet, and there were countless pale human bones at her feet.

Lin Miaomiao was startled and almost instinctively screamed.

But she reacted, but she covered her mouth and stopped the scream that almost blurted out.

Now that others are fighting ghouls, she can’t distract others.

She carefully raised her feet and shivered to pull the bone aside.

I don’t know if it’s her illusion. These pale bones seem… Shaking slightly?

On the other side, the ghoul attack became more and more fierce.

Shen Yu dodged the waving chainsaw again and had to start the only skill he could use at this time again.

[female ghost’s gift]

The blood spread again and temporarily trapped the crazy ghoul, together with the chainsaw.

This electric saw seems to be able to cut any physical defense, but the effect is not very good for supernatural skills, so it is always trapped by Shen Yu.

Unfortunately, the binding time is only three seconds.

Seeing that the short three seconds were about to pass, Shen Yu was determined to use his willpower to manipulate the blood to absorb the blood of the ghoul, so as to prolong the binding time.

The supple blood immediately strangled, strangled into the flesh and blood of the prey, and the color became deeper.

But bud was still barking and struggling as if he had no pain at all.

Then, the blood filaments that were sucking blood suddenly trembled, and then quickly faded.

Shen Yu: “?”

In his book, such a sentence emerged.

[gift of female ghost] said to you, “I’ve never absorbed such rotten blood!”


Shen Yu: ”

Ancestors! Don’t be so picky about food, will you?!

Just before the blood gradually faded and the ghoul was about to gain the ability to move, Yueze suddenly rushed forward, holding a sharp scalpel between his fingers and slashing bud’s wrist with a chainsaw!


One palm flew out, along with the chainsaw.

Shen Yu seized the opportunity, hurried forward, picked up the electric saw, aimed it at bud’s thick neck and saw it hard

Bud’s neck suddenly bled, and his huge body could not stand stably, staggering and stumbling everywhere.

The girls hurried away from the ghoul.

Only Zhang Keke, who was half dead, finally accumulated some strength and was getting up from the ground. Although his eyes were blind, he listened to the movement around him.

Although her face was covered with fur, her expression was still full of resentment and revenge anger.

Bud, who was already dying, stumbled near the tomb, fell low and landed on all fours, as if he wanted to escape.

But what is more surprising is that at the moment when bud approached Zhang Keke, Zhang Keke, who was already blind, recognized the enemy’s footsteps with his hearing.

Her tongue lost mouth gave a sharp howl. Although she couldn’t stand without hands and feet, she rushed up like a real dog, bit the ghoul’s neck and tore it.

Bud, who was already at the end of his life, was hit by her. His huge body shook and fell directly into the excavated grave behind him.

At this time, the tomb was full of the victims’ bones.

To everyone’s surprise, these motionless bones trembled slightly as bud fell into the tomb.

This is a kind of excited, excited and uncontrollable tremor of hatred, just like Zhang Keke who just took revenge.

In the creepy eyes of the people, these bones began to deform and distort, and the human skull became longer and the face and teeth became sharp, like dogs.

All the bones rushed up and stabbed bud’s flesh and blood, surrounded the culprit in the middle, and those dog skulls rushed over and bit bud’s body, as if to tear him to pieces.

Shen Yu looked at the scene in front of him and remembered the records he had seen in the book.

[after a long time, human beings can be transformed into ghouls.] bud, a dirty thing, has been transformed into ghouls, which has harmed countless girls.

The girls he killed were randomly buried in the cold and humid cemetery, closest to bud, the ghoul. After I don’t know how long, the girl’s body was finally driven by hatred and turned into a new ghoul.

A dozen ghouls with only white bones left!

Under the siege of these skeletal remains, bud, who was seriously injured, had no resistance, so he had to scream and be torn into pieces by the skulls.

Zhang Keke just fell into the tomb with bud. At this time, under the siege of the corpses, he was inevitably injured by mistake and made a faint scream.

Shen Yu hurried to the tomb and dragged Zhang Keke out of the chaos and bloody revenge.

She was tortured with only one breath. At this time, she was injured and fell into a state of half fainting. She could cry for her life at any time!

Shen Yu looked at the woman who was mutilated into a dog in front of her, and his eyebrows couldn’t help locking up: “with such a heavy injury, can she still live after she goes out?”

Even if she can live without hands or feet, blind and dumb, and is destined to be disabled for life, I wonder if she can survive for the rest of her life?

Yueze saw his concern and comforted him: “there is no need to worry. As long as he returns to the real world alive, he can recover naturally without leaving a disability.”

Shen Yu looked happy: “really?”

Yueze: “yes, but the premise is to get out alive.”

While they were talking, the original scream in the tomb gradually stopped.

Shen Yu looked curiously, and saw a jagged white bone at the bottom of the pit. Bud’s figure had disappeared, leaving only a piece of meat with blood seeping between the white bones.

Bud was torn alive!

This revenge, which has been delayed for many years, has finally been completed.

At this time, the tomb began to change, the bottom of the pit continued to sink, and finally became a nothingness black hole.

Links to real-world exports have emerged.

Shen Yu touched the tip of the injured man’s nose and felt that there was still one last breath left.

He smiled at Yueze and entered the exit with comatose Zhang Keke and three nervous girls.

In a flash, the exit was sealed and the tomb was restored to its original state.

More than a dozen female corpses were crisscrossed, surrounded by a bitten male corpse, and exposed in an open-air grave. The scene was very scary.

As if everything were dead.

But at this time, there were bursts of footsteps from a distance.

One shadow after another came to the cemetery where the tragic battle had just taken place.

They were all invisible residents of the town. At this time, they finally showed up. Their faces were expressionless, with an extremely cold look on their faces, and turned a blind eye to the horror in front of them.

Out of the church came a priest, tall and thin, standing in front of the crowd.

With a shovel in their hands, everyone coldly scooped up the excavated soil, refilled the tomb, and buried these bones into ghouls.

When the tomb was filled, they left without saying a word.

Only the priest sighed before leaving: “there is another person missing in the town.”

The tone was flat, as if talking about the weather today.

The crowd dispersed, the tombstone still fell to the ground, and no one picked it up again.

The town of Les was calm again.


The real world.


A woman lying on the table, as if she were taking a nap, suddenly woke up, the whole person suddenly sat up, and her forehead was covered with cold sweat.

Zhang Keke covered his heart, stared at the window in front of him, gasping for breath.

She, she is still alive, she survived… Her hands and feet are still there, her eyes are not blind, and she is not wearing dog skin

The wound pain in the story seemed to be vivid. She almost madly touched her limbs and face. Finally, she covered her face and let out a trace of crying.

This is the joy and tears of the rest of life.

For a moment, she really thought she would be made into a black dog and stay in the story forever until she was tortured to death.

But fortunately, she came back alive.

“Didi didi!”

The harsh cell phone rang.

There is only one person who will call her at this time.

Zhang Keke’s face was frozen and he didn’t dare to neglect. He quickly wiped the tears on his face, picked up his mobile phone and said in his calmest tone: “president!”

The processed voice came from the other end, and the inorganic tone was like a robot: “did you enter the novel before?”

Zhang Keke cautiously replied, “yes.”

“Where’s Xie Junfei?”

“He died in the story.” referring to his partner, Zhang Keke only felt bad, “but his subordinates came back alive.”

But the man at the other end didn’t seem to care about her life or death, but continued to ask, “have you seen this man in the story?”

When the mobile phone “buzzed”, a picture came.

The man in the photo is young and handsome, the sun is fresh, and his black eyes look like the sparkling lake water in the warm sun. He is smiling.

As soon as Zhang Keke’s eyes came into contact with the photo, his pupils were shocked.

The person in the picture is one of the people who saved her in the story. The pseudonym is “mints”.

“This person is an extremely important sacrifice of our black dragon club. Any believer who meets this person in the story should report to the above in time.” the president’s voice continued, “did you meet this person this time?”


Zhang Keke trembled even more. She knew what would happen to those who had been targeted by the organization in the past.

But the person in the photo… Just saved her in the story and saved her from incomparable torture and pain

The belief and personal conscience of the black dragon club collided fiercely in his mind. Zhang Keke’s palm holding his mobile phone was shaking constantly.

Finally, before she stagnated to the president’s suspicion, Zhang Keke cleared his throat and said in a deep voice to his mobile phone, “my subordinates have never seen it.”

“Well,” said the president as a matter of routine, “from now on, any clues about this person in the real world or in the story should be reported in time.”

The president hung up the call, leaving Zhang Keke sitting in place and staring at his mobile phone in a daze.

After a long time, she covered her head with a painful cry, powerlessly raised her hands, confessed to the ethereal spirit and said, “the great black dragon god…”

“Please forgive my deception.”


When I opened my eyes, a puffing face appeared in front of me.

Zhang Cuihua took a cigarette in her mouth, spit out a smoke ring, and said to him, “are you back?”

Shen Yu weakly rubbed his eyebrows and sat up from the bed: “don’t enter my dormitory at will… Also, I want to report to the minister that you smoke secretly.”

The smoke in Comrade Cuihua’s mouth was almost scared away: “isn’t it! It’s so unkind? I just saw my head to accompany you on a mission, so I dared to hide in your room and smoke… Why did you come back so soon?”

“It’s hard to say. The big wave SS in this horror novel is too cruel and abnormal, so the story goes on very quickly.” Shen Yugang just got out of the horror story and was in a bad mood, so he had to scratch his hair impatiently.

He picked up his black book and opened it.

The lost portrait

[congratulations to the novelist mints for completing his second horror novel.] [get the prop: the mediocre engineer shovel]

[girls thank you for bringing them a chance to revenge, so I give you a truncated engineer shovel.] [prop can be used for unlimited times. It can be used to cut people, dig soil, chop firewood, open beer bottles… You can even fry eggs!] [PS: an engineer shovel that has been sawn off and repaired, tut tut! How stingy!] [acquire skill: Emily’s music box]

[kind Emily especially thanks you for stopping the tragedy from spreading, so I give you a music box.] [acquire skill: murderer chainsaw]

[Mr. Budd hated what you did. He didn’t want to give you a chainsaw at all, but you robbed him.] [skill use, invincible chainsaw, any physical defense and barrier are a piece of cake in front of this chainsaw, but he can’t destroy supernatural objects. He can use it five times for unlimited time each time.] [PS: hehe! The least stingy gift this time came from the villain? Although Mr. Budd didn’t volunteer, who cares! Anyway, he has broken into a pool of meat and mud.] after obtaining three skill props in a row, Shen Yu’s expression finally relaxed.

At this time, the cigarette in Zhang Cuihua’s mouth is only a little cigarette butt.

She continued with a cigarette end in her mouth, “I’ll wait for you to come back this time. In fact, there’s another important thing.”

“There was a tourist car traveling out of the province. When driving on the road, the whole vehicle of tourists suddenly disappeared, together with the driver and guide. The vehicle lost control, rushed into the roadside field and stalled, and was found the next day.”

“We suspect that this is another case of missing persons caused by terrorist novels, and we have locked in the novel stories that most of them may enter.”

“Out of province tour bus? ” Shen Yu suddenly remembered the three girls he met in the last story. They were involved in the novel world on the tourist bus.

“Are there three names among these tourists: Lin Miaomiao, Li Qingqing and Wang Tongtong?” he asked.

Zhang Cuihua’s eyebrow tip picked: “how do you know? At present, among the whole vehicle tourists, only these three girls were found. They suddenly appeared just now. The police immediately called our department.”

At this time, a deep voice sounded from behind her: “we met them in the story.”

Suddenly hearing this sound, Zhang Cuihua suddenly looked behind her like a lightning strike and stammered: “head… When did you come back?”

As soon as she spoke, she immediately realized that she had asked a stupid question.

When else can I come back? He went with mints and naturally came back together!

Yueze looked at Zhang Cuihua, who was nervous, and smiled with a rare gentle smile: “Comrade Zhang Cuihua, how many did you smoke today?”

Zhang Cuihua immediately jumped up, threw the cigarette butt in her mouth on the ground and stamped it out: “I said I was just picking up the cigarette butts thrown on the ground. Do you believe it?”

“Believe it, why don’t you believe it?” Yueze smiled more meaningfully. “From tomorrow on, you’ll quit your wine.”

“No -”

In the courtyard, Zhang Cuihua screamed bitterly.

After the scream, even if she was unwilling, Comrade Zhang suddenly entered the state when talking about business.

She took out a note.

Hide and seek

“What is this?” Shen Yu asked curiously.

Zhang Cuihua: “the information gleaned from the outside black market is most likely the story name of those tourists who need me and the first two people to enter the rescue.”

“In particular, from the above analysis, the Black Dragon Society may be involved in this large-scale human disappearance,” she added.

Black dragon club?

Referring to the black dragon club, Shen Yu’s expression slowly changed.

“Count me in,” he said, staring at the note.

Yueze frowned slightly: “this story is too dangerous. Your qualification is not old enough. You’d better not enter rashly. Moreover, you have just completed a novel and need a period of cultivation…”

Shen Yu raised his hand, grabbed his sleeve, looked up at him, and his moist black eyes trembled slightly: “count me.”

He softened his voice, almost pleading.

Yueze looked at him for a long time. Finally, he put aside his eyes, sighed gently, and whispered, “OK.”

Shen Yu suddenly raised his mouth in surprise, and his eyes at night seemed to be full of stars.

Watching Zhang Cuihua: ”

Boss, what are your previous principles?

Tut! Color makes the mind faint.

The author has something to say: after ten thousand words, the author feels so kidney deficiency_ (: з” ∠)_~~


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