Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 24

Hide and Seek (1)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 24: Hide and Seek (1)

Shen Yu didn’t expect to step into the text white tower again so soon.

Because of the urgent task, the three found the book with the title of hide and seek on the cover in the library of Baita.

The familiar darkness came. When he opened his eyes again, he had stepped into a new novel world.

In front of me was a blue sea, with a slightly salty sea breeze blowing gently in front of me.

Shen Yu was stunned.

They are on a huge cruise ship.

This is an extremely huge cruise ship with stacked cabins and wide and flat decks. It is not made of steel, but a cruise ship made of wood, which looks like a ship only seen in the middle ages.

Can wooden boats be made so big?

Although the style of the cruise ship is very old, the scenery here is very good. On one side, many people are comfortably standing by the ship fence, holding red wine and champagne and enjoying the gentle sea breeze.

“It was just a trip out of the province. Who could have thought that we could take such a luxurious cruise ship in our life? We made a lot of money this time!” a middle-aged man said happily after drinking a mouthful of high-grade red wine.

Beside him, a young mother with a child looked worried: “we have been on the ship for three days, but the ship has not let us go home. Can’t we stay here all our life?”

This made the middle-aged man upset. He couldn’t help humming coldly: “this must be a luxury package given by the tourism company. What are you thinking? Who can provide you with such a luxury cruise ship for a lifetime?”

The young mother whispered, “but when will it end? The child still has to go to school…”

“Women are short of knowledge!”

The middle-aged man didn’t want to argue with her anymore. He just disdained to leave such a sentence and went elsewhere to see the scenery.

Seeing this, Zhang Cuihua couldn’t help brightening her eyes: “the car tourist who disappeared three days ago is really in this story!”

Yueze looked around, then calmly added: “obviously, the tourists spent the previous three days peacefully. Perhaps it is because there are no novelists among the tourists and they are all the audience, so the story cannot be unfolded.”

Now, with the three of them in the story, there are more than a dozen people holding black books.

Obviously, in order to promote the next plot, the story has attracted many novelists at one time.

This also means that the safe life of tourists will no longer exist immediately.

Many people entered the story this time, including the previous tourists, there are dozens of people.

Half of them had white bracelets on their wrists, and the other half wore black bracelets.

Yueze’s eyes were not frozen.

It seems that the casualty rate of this story is destined to be very heavy.

He turned and looked at Shen Yu behind him.

Shen Yu didn’t look very good at this time.

Most of the people around him stood on the deck and enjoyed the sea view like a vacation. However, he stared at the calm sea in front of him, retreated away from the deck step by step, his body was almost close to the cabin wall, and his fingers clenched into fists.

Before, Shen Yu was calm in the face of terrible monsters or disgusting flesh and blood, but this time he retreated in the face of the blue and beautiful sea view?

Yueze frowned and then walked to Shen Yu, blocking the other party’s line of sight to the sea.

“If you’re afraid, don’t stare all the time,” he said in a deep voice.

Shen Yu was slightly surprised. After seeing the person in front of him, he couldn’t help showing a bitter smile.

He is afraid of water.

The bottomless and unpredictable sea will only remind him of the suffocation he was dragged into the turbulent river when he was three years old.

There is only cold water around. The body twitches constantly because of suffocation and hypoxia. The lungs poured into the river are burning and painful. The eyes are blurred and gradually dim

He took a deep breath and felt sick in his stomach. He had to lower his head and gently press it against the shoulder of the person in front of him.

“I’ll just rely on it for a while…” he said vaguely. “It’ll be right away.”

Staring at the furry little head leaning on his shoulder, Yueze stared for a moment and moved his eyes away.


He replied.

Just then, the crowd in the distance burst into an uproar.

A white man with a big beard, dressed in a pure white uniform, stood in front of the crowd and proudly announced: “welcome to the white angel cruise ship. The next stop will be les town.”

“I am the captain of this cruise ship – Hans!”

Suddenly hearing the name of “Les town”, Yue Ze and Shen Yu couldn’t help raising their heads with surprise in their eyes.

No wonder three girls in the tour bus entered Les Town, and others entered the cruise ship.

It turns out that different stories are still related to each other?

Captain Hans continued to announce, “dear passengers, don’t worry about the boredom of the long journey. The white angel has prepared a little game for you.”

In order to relax, the bearded old captain even gave everyone a naughty wink.

Most people are disgusted, but many experienced novelists suddenly brighten their eyes.

The name of this story is “hide and seek”. The next game to be played on the cruise ship is self-evident.

“Every night, a dance will be held at the top of the cruise ship, and distinguished passengers are invited to attend.”

After captain Hans announced the above information, his face suddenly changed. He shouted at the group of people wearing black Bracelets: “don’t you see the distinguished passengers going to the ball? You lower class, don’t roll back to your bottom cabin, don’t get in the way!”

“Have you cleaned up the maggots at the bottom of the boat? You bastards still have the mind to wander. Get out and work! Otherwise, I’ll feed you all to the fish!”

The sudden abuse stunned almost everyone on the spot.

Yueze reacted quickly and immediately looked at himself and Shen Yu’s wrist.

Shen Yu wore a black bracelet on his wrist.

His eyes trembled, then grabbed each other’s wrists, stroked the Black Bracelet down as fast as possible, and put his White Bracelet over him.

“Anonymous?” Shen Yu asked in a low voice.

Yueze’s dark eyes hung down without much explanation.

Not everyone is a noble passenger. Half of them are “inferior” in the captain’s mouth. They will not only be expelled from the bottom cabin, but even go into the water to work.

Shen Yu is afraid of water

The captain’s way to distinguish the crowd is to rely on bracelets of different colors.

At this time, several big and thick sailors rushed out to disperse the people wearing different bracelets and divide them into two distinct groups.

Captain Hans politely walked to the crowd wearing white Bracelets: “dear passengers, please go to the upper cabin for dinner. The chef prepared mellow steak and exquisite dessert for you.”

The man wearing the Black Bracelet was driven away like an ox and sheep: “get back to work, inferior bastard!”

Shen Yu suddenly realized that he wanted to change their bracelets back, but he was pressed by Yueze.

“The upper level and the lower level can collect clues. For me, there is no big difference,” he whispered. “But if you are forced to work in the water, you will die.”

Yueze got up and took the initiative to go to the lower class. As unlucky as he was, there was Zhang Cuihua who was also assigned to the Black Bracelet.

However, Cuihua obviously didn’t think there was anything wrong with the lower level, but looked around with great interest.

But some people are hard to accept, especially the tourists involved in the story three days ago.

The middle-aged man who was still enjoying champagne was divided into “lower class” at this time. He was furious and rushed to captain Hans: “what do you want, big nose foreigner?”

“What the hell is your travel company doing? Isn’t this a complimentary trip to the sea? We all spent money! I want to complain to you and wait to be fired by the travel company!”

The man roared to grab the captain’s collar, but his forehead suddenly cooled.

A cold barrel rested on his forehead.

He was stunned and didn’t dare to move. The cold sweat suddenly rolled down and murmured in his mouth.

Captain Hans pointed a gun at him, with a cold disdain on the corner of his mouth: “bastard!”


The gun went off.

Half of the middle-aged man’s head was blown off, white brains and blood red meat splashed, and his fat body fell heavily to the ground.

“Throw this bastard out to feed the fish and don’t dirty the passengers’ eyes.” the captain put away his gun and ordered carelessly.

Soon sailors came and threw the body into the sea to clean up the deck.

The crowd suddenly became silent, with only a few uncontrollable retching sounds.

Suddenly, a dark and strong man asked aloud, “isn’t it inferior to wear a white bracelet?”

Captain Hans glanced at him with a sneer: “of course, only pure white is an advanced man!”

“After all, we’re the white angel.”

After that, the deck had been cleaned. The captain took the sailors away and left the people present in place.

So, the man as strong as black tower stared at the crowd with his bloody eyes full of bad intentions.

Those wearing white bracelets suddenly felt a chill behind their backs!

Shen Yu suddenly understood.

The game of hide and seek has begun.

At this time, the strong man of the iron tower is walking towards a woman in red.

“Little girl, hand over the bracelet yourself. Let’s both relax so that my brother and I don’t have to use it!” he said with a grin.

Among the people wearing white bracelets, only the woman in red in front of him was tall, good-looking, and her figure curve was more and more perfect with a red skirt. She was a canary kept by the rich. She had no attack. It was best to bully!

While asking for the bracelet, the strong man of heita smiled and stretched out his salty pig’s hand, as if he wanted to wipe off the oil.

The woman in red is holding a section of women’s cigarette rod and wearing black gloves. She gracefully puts the women’s cigarette on her lips, spits out a faint smoke ring, and her moving eyes glance at the strong man carelessly.



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