Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 25

Hide and Seek (2)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 25: Hide and Seek (2)

“Are you going to fight me?”

The woman extinguished the burning cigarette, leaving only a trace of smoke rising in her hand.

Zhang Cuihua in the crowd looked greedily at the rising nicotine and sniffed almost wrongly.

“Girl, you’d better be sensible!” the strong man of the iron tower stretched out his black haired palm and grabbed the woman’s white and tender wrist.

But to his surprise, the woman in red skirt jumped on her toes and passed over his head with a light posture, like a bird falling behind him silently.

“You…” the strong man opened his eyes in amazement. Before he shouted, he suddenly turned into a sad Scream: “hand! My hand -”

He screamed and fell to his knees, holding his wrist, rolling with pain, and blood spilled all over the deck.

His left hand had disappeared, and the wrist section sprayed with plasma was flat as if it had been cut off by a sharp blade.

The red skirt woman looked at the strong man indifferently, stroked a thin steel wire with two fingers, wiped the blood on the steel wire, and her face was cold.

Until the end of the play, the crowd suddenly burst into a burst of laughter: “idiot! Where is this lengtouqing? He doesn’t even know Starscream. He dares to come forward and die!”

Starscream, the top ten novelist on the stone tablet of the white tower, wears a red skirt and a women’s cigarette pole, which is her signature dress.

That strong man must be a half hearted man who has just started, so he dares to annoy the top ten figures. This time he just lost one hand. It’s his good luck!

Most novelists are laughing at strong men, but many ordinary tourists who are only “audience” can’t stand the bloody scene in front of them and just want to escape here.

Someone screamed out of control, turned and fled to the upper cabin.

Almost with this scream, many novelists wearing black bracelets looked at each other, almost immediately launched their own skills and caught up.

The scene was in chaos.

People wearing black bracelets are constantly chasing and looting.

People wearing white bracelets either stay where they are, or run around in panic.

Shen Yu was also among the people being pursued.

He raised his head, looked at the cabin higher and higher above his head, and suddenly remembered what captain Hans had said before.

Invite distinguished guests to the top ballroom for the ball

He suddenly realized that he jumped up the gangway leading to the top floor, shouted to the crowd wearing white bracelets below: “go to the top floor! According to the rules of the cruise ship, people with black bracelets can’t get close to the top floor ballroom!”

The ball was prepared for distinguished passengers. In the eyes of the captain, “inferior” naturally could not get close to the superior ballroom.

This sound, like a thunderbolt in the clear sky, instantly woke up the people present.

People who react quickly have begun to climb up desperately.

But Shen Yu’s cry made him the target of public criticism in an instant.

“Where did this little white face come from? What identity?”

“I haven’t seen it! The newcomers who have just entered the tower…”

“He also has a white Bracelet!”

“Get him!”

Several novelists wearing black bracelets, without saying a word, raised their knives to him.

Shen Yu’s eyes sank, his left hand pressed on the black book and used props

[ordinary engineer shovel].

The engineer’s heavy hand fell into his hand, and his heart was slightly relaxed.

Just at this time, a man had rushed to him and the □□ in his hand hit him on the top of his head.

Shen Yu raised his shovel to block.

With a “click”, this seemingly ordinary shovel cut off the sharp □□□.

The novelist holding half of the □□ was stunned. Before he could react, Shen Yu had slapped a shovel on the tip of his nose!

With a scream, he covered the broken bridge of his nose, filled with nose blood between his fingers, and stumbled down the gangway.

Without any stagnation, Shen Yu launched the second skill like clouds and water

[gift of female ghost].

The bloody silk thread appeared out of thin air, spread wantonly, and entangled other people in an instant.

He grabbed the handrail of the gangway like a clever cat, threw off the crowd and climbed to a higher cabin.

Three seconds later, the novelists, who were suffocated by the blood, fell to the ground, covered their necks and coughed violently.

“Who the hell is this boy? He doesn’t look like a newcomer at all!”

“I don’t know! I haven’t seen his pseudonym on the stone tablet of the White Tower…”

“Are all new novelists monsters now?”

At this time, Shi Shi ran also came over and looked at the direction Shen Yu left, slightly provoking the corners of his mouth.

“This new man is a little interesting!”

Then her disdainful eyes turned to the red faced novelists.

“Your arrogance and bullying looks no different from the clowns you laughed at before.” she sneered and walked away as if there were no one else.

Before leaving, Starscream also left a sentence: “a group of frogs at the bottom of the well!”

Looking at her back, those who were laughed at dared to be angry but not speak, so they could only watch the big man leave.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, many people who have no self-protection ability but wear white hand rings also took the opportunity to flee to the top.

But there were still many unlucky people who didn’t have time to escape, were intercepted by others and were forced to hand over their white bracelets.

The deck was in chaos again.


When he ran to the top of the cruise ship, Shen Yu stopped and had a rest.

As he thought, those wearing black bracelets, let alone entering the top floor, or the three-story cabin near the top, would be driven down by the sailors guarding one side.

“Go away, you bastard! Is this where you should come? Go back to your bottom cabin and be with the maggots!”

One of them, wearing a black bracelet, wanted to squeeze into the upper layer because he didn’t want to watch his prey slip away. As a result, he was shot dead by the sailors, and the bloody body was pushed into the water to feed the fish.

Those who escaped to the upper level, as long as wearing white bracelets, will be respectfully invited to the ballroom by the sailors.

Shen Yu was the first to reach the top floor.

The front door of the ballroom is slowly opening.

A group of tall handsome men and women, all blonde and blue eyed, poured out of the ballroom to meet them: “distinguished passengers, the ball is about to begin, we are your partners!”

These handsome and beautiful boys and girls were so enthusiastic that they made people blush. Many frightened people were pulled into the dance hall at a loss.

A blonde girl who looked like a teenager, warm and cheerful, ruddy faced and young, just like a lovely lark, flew into Shen Yu’s arms: “Dear passenger, I am your partner. Would you like to dance with me?”

Shen Yu narrowed his eyes, stepped back vigilantly, and tried to distance himself from the enthusiastic girl: “of course! Beautiful lady, it’s my honor to dance with you.”

“I haven’t asked your name yet?”

The girl giggled, “my name is Chris.”

“OK, Miss Chris, please hold my hand and be careful of wrestling!” Shen Yu finally pushed away the girl who had been throwing at him with his hand as an excuse.

“God, you are such a respectable gentleman.” the smile on Chris’s face was more delicate.

While talking, they had entered the ballroom.

Even if he had already prepared himself, the dance hall on the cruise ship still surprised Shen Yu.

The dome and the floor are inlaid with gold wires, and ornaments such as ivory, emerald and pearl are displayed on all sides. There are publicized luxury and undisguised display everywhere.

At this time, some people began to dance in pairs in the dance hall.

Everyone is equipped with a dance partner. Even those who are clumsy and can’t dance blush and walk awkwardly under the patient guidance of their dance partner.

When Shen Yu was in college, for reasons of interest, he spent a year in the waltz club on the campus. At this time, he can handle simple dance steps easily.

At least it’s much better than those who always step on their partner’s feet.

After a dance, Chris smiled almost pleasantly and said, “God, your dance steps are great.”

“For the first time, I saw such an excellent gentleman as you. Your dance steps, cultivation and appearance are all impeccable. Are you of noble origin? Otherwise, how could you have such a pale and noble complexion!”

Listening to her endless praise, Shen Yu’s eyebrows jumped gently.

From small to large, many people boasted that his skin was white, like a warm jade.

But… Pale?

He kept silent and continued to dance with the girl as if seduced. He asked, “Chris, what kind of person am I in your eyes?”

The girl blushed: “you are the most handsome person I have ever seen. Your noble skin is pale and bloodless. Your bright blond hair is like the sun. Your blue eyes are deeper than the sea…”

Shen Yu didn’t listen to Chris’s next praise.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin color, the appearance described in each other’s mouth, it is clear that he is a white man.

As an authentic yellow man, Shen Yu blinked his ink stained eyes, and his face gradually became strange.

The dance continues.

On the west side of the ballroom, a huge mercury mirror reflects the men and women dancing in the ballroom.

Shen Yu skillfully moved the dance steps and took the girl in a circle to the mirror.

He looked into the mirror.

In the mirror, dancing with the girl Chris, a blonde white boy like a classical aristocrat.

For a moment, Shen Yu seemed to understand what the “noble and superior” in the captain’s mouth meant!

He also understood what those so-called “inferior people” represent!

After all, this is the white angel.


His mood suddenly became gloomy and his dance steps couldn’t help but give a meal.

Before Chris was surprised, right in front of the ballroom, a white man in uniform climbed up the platform and shouted, “Dear gentlemen, ladies!”

“I’m the first mate of this ship, Jack!”


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