Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 26

Hide and Seek (3)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 26: Hide and Seek (3)

After some escape and hunting, all the people who grabbed the White Bracelet had successfully fled to the top dance hall.

The people left on the deck, without exception, were unlucky to wear black bracelets.

At this time, several sailors came to the deck and drove away the remaining people. They cursed and shouted, “you lazy, inferior and inferior! It’s time to work if you don’t go back to where you should go!”

Like sheep, they were driven to the bottom of the cruise ship at a loss.

The bottom cabin was dark and damp, and there were dirty and moldy plaque everywhere. It was so dark that I could hardly see the surrounding furnishings.

The sailors rudely threw everyone a piece of moldy bread.

Seeing this, one of the tourists finally couldn’t help feeling uneasy in his heart. He couldn’t help choking and complaining: “three days ago, we all had a good time, good wine, delicious food, comfortable and clean room…”

“But since you guys suddenly and inexplicably appeared, everything has changed… It’s been eight lifetimes for us to meet you!”

Listening to his whimpering complaints, he actually blamed all his mistakes on the novelist who later entered the story.

One of the grumpy novelists, without saying a word, tugged at the complainant’s collar and said with a sneer: “a group of useless waste, dare to blame us for their bad luck?”

“If you are in such a hurry to die, then die! Anyway, in this story, you won’t live long!”

In the frightened eyes of tourists, the novelist grinned and took out the black book, as if he would launch his skills and kill each other at the next moment.

The process of writing horror novels is dangerous and depressing. Many novelists need an object to vent their negative emotions.

But the next second, a sharp scalpel suddenly flew in and pierced the novelist’s palm.

With a scream, the novelist threw the tourists in his hand and tightly covered his bloody palm.

“Who did it?”

He roared and looked at the crowd furiously.

Yueze got up and slowly recovered the scalpel.

“Fuck you…” the injured novelist jumped at Yueze, but Zhang Cuihua kicked him over on the way.

He was trampled under his feet and yelled to struggle to get up.

But the girl who stepped on his skull looked small and thin, but it was like a mountain, heavy and hard to shake.

He not only struggled fruitlessly, but even the book in his hand was snatched by the girl.

The novelist’s face turned white. Looking at his black book, he swallowed his saliva. He didn’t dare to speak any more, let alone act rashly. He was like a piece of fish to be slaughtered.

Zhang Cuihua casually turned over his book and threw it back to his face: “abide by the rules and don’t let me see you shoot at ordinary people, otherwise…”

She squatted down, her slender fingers slowly across each other’s throat.

The novelist took back his book. He just felt that he had picked up a small life. He nodded hurriedly and got up from the ground. He was scared out of a cold sweat.

He clearly realized that the strength gap between himself and the other party was like a natural moat.

When the people around saw this scene, they also brushed back together and tried their best to stay away from them.

Two more big guys they can’t afford

In this crowded and narrow cabin, a vacuum appeared around Yueze and Zhang Cuihua.

But Yueze didn’t care about it. He just sat in place and looked up at the cabin roof. He seemed to be looking at a void with dark eyes.

“Head, what are you thinking?” after solving the unstable molecules around, Zhang Cuihua came over and asked curiously.

Yueze did not answer.

But Zhang Cuihua suddenly realized and said with a smile, “what about the boy who wants mint?”

“Also! He is a newcomer who has just started. He has just finished writing two novels. He enters such a dangerous story and is separated from us. No wonder you don’t worry.”

When she spoke, she did not shy away from others. Just the last sentence was heard by the sailors who had returned.

“Who are you worried about? Is it the girl you miss?” a big and thick sailor came up and asked with a smile, but the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were all ironic.

“Is the person you like at the top? Ha ha, I advise you to get rid of this and be careful!”

“There used to be a guy who liked the top class, but the captain found out that he died… Tut Tut, it’s terrible!”

The rude sailor shook his head sarcastically.

Hearing this, Yueze, who had been silent, turned his eyes slightly.

A sudden clue!

Has there ever been a cross class love relationship on this hierarchical cruise ship?

But then the other sailors kicked the rude sailor’s ass and scolded, “asshole! Is your front teeth leaking? Dare to say anything ugly!”

Knowing that he had made a mistake, the rude sailor immediately closed his mouth in chagrin and shouted to the people fiercely, “are you full, inferior bastards? Go to work when you are full. The maggots at the bottom of the ship are waiting for you to clean up!”

Having no time to think about this clue carefully, Yueze, like others, was tied with a rope around his waist by sailors and roughly dragged them out of the bottom cabin again.


Although this creature belongs to a kind of shellfish, it has a slender and soft body and looks like an insect. It likes to eat wood drifting in the ocean, so it often goes to the bottom of the boat and eats wood.

In the past when there was no steel ship casting technology, when Europeans sailed to sea, the biggest headache was the fear that the endless maggots attached to the bottom of the ship would gnaw the wooden bottom.

The white angel is just a wooden cruise ship.

The bottom man was brought to the side of the ship without any protective measures except the hemp rope on his waist.

They need to swim to the bottom of the cruise ship in the cold water, and then catch the maggots eating wood one by one with their bare hands.

Only by doing so will the sailors allow them to return to the ship to rest, regardless of whether they can swim or not.

For ordinary people, this is tantamount to forcing them to die!

Even ordinary people who can swim are likely to suffocate because of insufficient oxygen before diving into the bottom of the ship.

Even if you don’t drown, normal people can’t keep their temperature in the cold sea water and will soon die of hypothermia.

Even if a very small number of people can successfully dive in a short time, they will catch slippery maggots at the bottom of the rough boat. Because of the delay, these people will have a great chance to crash their heads into floating foreign bodies and die.

Not only ordinary people, but even novelists with skills and props, this is too dangerous.

In the crowd, several novelists have quietly turned pale and quietly retreated behind others, trying to use the people in front as their shields.

But the sailors didn’t care. If they directly caught the person closest to them, they would push them into the water.

The man caught was a young mother with a several year old daughter.

“No, I can’t go down… I can’t swim…”

Being pushed and pushed rudely, the young mother looked at the deep sea in front of her and cried out in despair: “I will die, really will die!”

The young daughter around her didn’t understand what was going to happen, but she was frightened by her mother’s collapse. She also threw herself into her mother’s arms and cried loudly.

But the sailors were not moved by the cry.

In their eyes, the people at the bottom are not people at all. They are just consumables. When they die, add another one. Anyway, there are so many people.

The shrill cry in their ears annoyed them.

Just as the sailor wanted to kick the mother and daughter down directly, a voice suddenly sounded: “wait!”

When they looked back, they saw Yueze, who was originally in the last place, slowly stood up.

As Moses divided the sea, the crowd retreated to make way for him.

In the eyes of various complex explorations, Yueze glanced at the mother and daughter held together and said faintly, “I’ll come first.”


In the ballroom on the top floor, the atmosphere is hot.

The blonde dance partners were full of enthusiasm and the surrounding decoration was magnificent. Many passengers who were still nervous could not help but put down their hearts and gradually smiled on their faces.

They seem to believe that they are safe.

At this time, chief mate jack, who climbed up to the front desk, announced loudly, “dear passengers, Captain Hans has an emergency to deal with, so I’ll hold the ball temporarily.”

“After the dance, the staff on the cruise ship will arrange rooms for everyone. Passengers can stay at will without any restrictions.”

“But only a little…”

He looked solemn and said, “after you fall asleep, be sure to close the porthole of the room!”

But the serious tone just flashed away.

The expression on chief mate Jack’s face became relaxed again: “well, dear passengers, I hope you can enjoy the journey.”

Everyone in the ballroom was still immersed in joy, only Shen Yu’s expression was slightly dignified.

… remember to close the porthole?

It seems that the danger on the cruise ship still comes at night.

Until the end of the dance, they returned to the room in twos and threes. When Shen Yu lay alone in bed, he was still thinking in his mind.

The upper room is dry, warm, exquisite and comfortable. Before check-in, Shen Yu has carefully checked that the doors and windows are firm and secure.

He put his arms behind his head, fixed his eyes on the top, and his mind was thinking quickly.

In this story, the cruise ship seems to have very few restrictions on the upper class. There are no other requirements except to lock the doors and windows.

Danger may come at night, but Yueze and Cuihua are still at the bottom. At this time, I don’t know what the situation is, so I may take advantage of the night to find him.

He should find a chance to meet the two.

At the ball tonight, only the first mate, the captain of the white angel, appeared? What is the emergency he needs to deal with

Countless questions hovered in Shen Yu’s mind. He wanted to get up, but an uncontrollable sense of sleepiness suddenly came to his mind.

The scenery in front of me is gradually blurred, and the eyelids are gradually heavy

Shen Yu fell asleep.

In a strange dream, he seemed to see Yueze standing by the side of the ship with hemp rope wrapped around his waist. His eyes looked at him calmly in the noise around him.

Shen Yu’s pupils contracted rapidly.

In his dream, he wanted to shout, but his throat was tight and he couldn’t shout anything. He could only look at each other quietly and desperately, jump down from the high side of the ship and plunge into the turbulent vortex.

He seemed to see a swollen white face clinging tightly to his side window, and his muddy eyes peeped into the room.

With a creak, the locked door opened.

Yueze, who had become a water ghost, came in, his heavy breath was mixed with wet water vapor, leaving little water stains along the way.

Until he came to the bed and stared at his sleeping self, his action was stiff, lifted the bedding, and his wet and cold body fell asleep with him.

The wet touch around him is so clear and real that Shen Yu’s chest is blocked and he just wants to shout out.

He finally shouted.


With this exclamation, Shen Yu suddenly woke up from his dream in a cold sweat.

Outside the window, it was already bright.

He gasped in shock, but found that his bedding was wet and salty.

He opened the quilt and printed a human shaped wet mark on the bed on his side.

I don’t know when to open a crack in the locked door.

A line of wet footprints extended from the door to his bedside.

The author has something to say: small theater:

Yueze: “what did you dream of?”

Shen Yu: “I dreamed that you climbed onto my bed… Scared me to death w( Д) w!”

Yueze: ”

Yueze: “well, let’s practice tonight to overcome your fear.”

Shen Yu: “W( Д) w???”


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