Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 27

Hide and Seek (4)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 27: Hide and Seek (4)

These water stains on the ground are not simple.

Shen Yu squatted down and examined the wet footprints carefully.

It’s about size of the an adult’s sole, so you don’t wear shoes, so you can see traces of the your toes clearly.

However, compared with normal people, the toes on these footprints are particularly slender and sharp. They are connected between the toes and seem to be webbed.

Last night, an unknown creature quietly opened the door and climbed into his bed while he was sleeping

Thinking of Yueze who became a water ghost in his dream, Shen Yu’s face was not very good-looking.

Is it thinking day and night, or strange prediction?

He couldn’t help but want to get up and go to the lower cabin.

But just outside, a woman’s scream came from a nearby room.

Shen Yu’s footsteps paused. Finally, he turned to the room where someone was screaming.

Several people who heard the same voice followed.

A middle-aged woman, pale and paralyzed, sat on the floor, her hands and face were covered with blood, and even her mouth was covered with sticky plasma.

On the bed in the room, there was a middle-aged man. The breath of life had long disappeared, the head was separated, the facial features on his face were very distorted, the skull was gnawed to pieces, and the white brain mixed with scarlet blood spilled half of the bed.

Many people who came to join the fun, just stepped into the room, were frightened by the bloody scene in front of them, couldn’t help retching, covered their mouths and hurried out.

“How could this happen… Why…” the woman sitting on the floor, her bright red lips opening and closing powerlessly, muttered to herself, as if she couldn’t believe everything in front of her, and her hands couldn’t stop trembling.

This is a middle-aged couple. They are just ordinary tourists. They escaped to the top dance hall yesterday. After the dance, they still sleep in one room.

The next day, his wife woke up and found that the tragedy had happened.

“I, I had a dream last night…” she seemed to suddenly think of something and continued to murmur, “I dreamed that I came to a melon field. I was thirsty and wanted to pick a watermelon to eat.”

“The watermelon seedling is too thick, just like a person’s neck. I couldn’t pull it off. Finally, I took a knife and cut it many times before I finally cut down the watermelon.”

“The watermelon in my dream is ripe. The red juice is really delicious. I’ve never eaten such a delicious watermelon before. I really want to eat it again…”

Like a dream, the middle-aged woman sitting on the floor bent her back, shrunk her body into a ball, and looked more and more crazy: “watermelon is very sweet, but it’s a pity that it’s a little old. It’s always hard to chew silk in the melon pulp…”

As she spoke, she put her fingers into her throat, made bursts of retching, and pulled some black hair out of her throat.

It’s human hair.

A strange expression appeared on the middle-aged woman’s face, as if it was the last sign before going crazy: “it’s not a watermelon at all, it’s him… It’s his head, it’s his hair… I ate him… I ate him!!”

Her bloody hands covered her cheeks. She bowed her head and let out a sad wail.

Seeing this, all the people who were crowded outside the door looked frightened and stepped back together. They wanted to be as far away as possible from the crazy woman who ate her husband.

Among them, several people whispered in a trance: “I also dreamed last night of my long dead mother…”

“I dreamed that my daughter, whom I hadn’t seen for a long time, died miserably in my arms…”

“I have deep-sea phobia. As a result, I dreamed last night that I was sinking into the sea. There was a terrible looking monster in the abyss, waiting for me to fall…”

“My door was opened this morning. It was well locked yesterday!”

“Me too. I found my quilt wet early in the morning, and there were footprints outside the door…”

In the conversation, the panic of the crowd became more and more serious. Almost everyone began to be in a trance and wondered what happened last night.

Are their dreams true?

Shen Yu listened to the noise around him, avoided the crowded crowd and stepped into the middle-aged woman’s room.

The woman still sat on the ground, as if she were dead, silent, stunned and gloomy.

Shen Yu tiptoed around her and looked at the miserable body on the bed.

The woman cut off the watermelon seedlings in her dream, but in reality, the man’s neck was not cut off by a sharp blade.

Judging from the torn muscle wound, his head was more like something pulled off alive.

Moreover, the human skull is very hard. With the bite force and teeth of ordinary people, how can an adult’s skull be bitten alive?

When a woman’s husband is bitten, won’t he struggle and shout because of pain?

In this way, how can a thin woman suppress the counterattack of a healthy adult male?

There were more and more doubts. Shen Yu’s eyes inadvertently glanced at the porthole of the room, and then stopped.

“You didn’t close window last night?” he asked softly.

The woman finally reacted when she heard the window.

She raised her godless eyes and said almost numbly, “my husband drank a few more glasses of wine at the dance yesterday. He said the room was too hot, so he opened the window to breathe…”

Closing the porthole at night is the only requirement for the upper passengers of the cruise ship.

So last night everyone had strange nightmares, but the man who opened the porthole to breathe died.

Thinking of this, Shen Yu’s eyebrows locked more tightly.

Why do you have to close the porthole?

His door was unknowingly opened last night, and many people encountered the same situation as him. The door was wide open, the bedding was wet, and there were footprints outside the door.

But they were all safe.

Among them, there must be some details that he ignored, which are the necessary conditions for death.

But the woman returned to the state of numbness again, as if her heart was dead. No matter how she asked her, she didn’t answer. The clue was broken here again.

With the passage of time, the crowd outside the door gradually dispersed.

In this precarious horror story, everyone is worried about their lives, and almost no one has extra compassion to comfort a woman who has lost her husband.

Shen Yu sighed secretly, put the man’s head back to his neck, raised the bedding and covered up the miserable body.

The woman was still in a daze, her eyes staring at the bed.

“Oh! Handsome boy, you are very loving!” a frivolous laugh suddenly came from outside the room.

Shen Yu looked along with his voice and saw a red spider in a red dress leaning on the door frame, holding the slender and compact women’s cigarette rod in his hand, leaned close to his lips, took a sip, and spit out a faint smoke ring.

She looked at what Shen Yu had done before, and was a little curious at this time.

Starscream smiled lazily and said, “the couple stayed near me at the dance last night. I know their words, deeds and every move clearly. If you have any questions, why don’t you ask me?”

Shen Yu frowned slightly, went out of the room, carefully covered the door, and left room for the woman who lost her husband in the room to calm down. Then he answered Starscream’s question.

“What do you want?”

In a horror story, how can strangers help you without asking for return?

Starscream smiled and said, “I like your wit.”

“The couple also had dancing partners with them last night. One of the blonde girls blushed and asked her husband if he liked her? Do you want to be with her? Do you want to join them?”

“The husband refused the girl because he was concerned about his wife… He is a rare good man!” she said with great regret.

Shen Yu frowned slightly, “that’s it?”

Starscream took a cigarette and said, “that’s it!”

Shen Yu had to lower his head and said thoughtfully, “maybe the key is not whether men like girls, but whether girls ask him to join them…”

“To join them means to be their kind?”

“And men will be wrong and refuse the girl.”

Just after rejecting the girl, the man drank a few glasses of wine and opened the porthole after returning to the room at night

“Pa! PA! PA!”

Starscream clapped his hands for his inference: “I really didn’t read it wrong. Your thinking is really sharp!”

“The answer you want has been given to you. Now, listen to my conditions.”

She approached Shen Yu and said, “if we are led by the characters in the book, we will always be in a passive state and can’t get too many clues. So I’m going to venture out at night. Are you interested in coming together? We can take care of each other.”

Facing the invitation of the boss, Shen Yu said quietly: “you are in the top ten on the stone tablet. If you just want to find a attendant, I’m afraid many people will cry and fight for this quota!”

“Attendant? Of course I don’t need it.” Starscream gently pressed the slender cigarette rod to his lips, “but I don’t trust those men who come up on their own.”

“Those men who look like licking a dog may still be blatant flattery at the last moment, and they will stab you in the back without hesitation when they encounter danger or great interest temptation at the next moment.”

“I’m not going to cooperate with men who are posted upside down. Those people are either for beauty or to seek my shelter. But a powerful new man like you who doesn’t follow suit is novel and lovely.”

Shen Yu frowned slightly: “as you said, I’m just a newcomer who has just started. Maybe my strength can’t meet your requirements at all.”

“I think you underestimated yourself. Who hasn’t come all the way from the newcomer? Maybe one day you will be famous in the White Tower… Maybe?” Starscream shook the ash and turned away.

Before leaving, she waved at will and left a sentence: “I know you care about your two companions, but during the day, sailors are patrolling everywhere on this highly rated cruise ship. Only at night can you find a chance to go to the bottom cabin.”

“If you think it over, you’ll still meet here tonight.”

Looking at the back of red spider leaving, Shen Yu’s eyes moved.

The last words of the other party did persuade him.

He must go out, just tonight.


At the same time, in the bottom cabin.

Captain Hans, with a very serious face, stared at a bucket full of maggots: “do you mean that all the maggots at the bottom of the ship can be salvaged with only one inferior species in the water?”

The sailors responded yes, captain

At this time, Yueze was soaked in clothes and was sitting alone in the corner with a cold face.

His sleeves, necklines and sideburns were dripping downward. His wet black hair stuck to his pale cheeks, but added a sharp edge.

Around him, a group of people at the bottom trembled slightly under the sharp sight of the captain.

After looking around, Captain Hans couldn’t help grinning and said, “since one person has done all the work, what am I keeping so many people for?”

He told the sailor, “stop the waste food if they shout hungry…”

He kicked the iron bucket full of maggots around him: “just give them this. Anyway, there are so many, and they don’t spend money!”

Then the captain swaggered away.

Only a group of people were left, with a look of amazement.

They had only one piece of moldy black bread for each meal. They didn’t have enough to eat. Now they don’t even have this food?

Even if the ship maggot is just a kind of shellfish, not a real maggot, but look at its appearance… It’s smooth and greasy. It’s wrapped in an iron bucket and twisted around. It’s just a large maggot!

How can people eat it!

For a moment, there was a cry in the cabin.

The novelist who wanted to attack ordinary people but was taught a lesson before fell directly to the ground and sighed: “if someone has finished all his work, he must have no shortage of food. How can we live?”

Listen to his meaning, it is obvious that he pointed the spearhead at Yueze.

People around him cast obscure and complicated eyes at Yueze, but no one spoke to him. Instead, he silently left the novelist a little far away.

Ordinary people are not stupid. How can they not hear that the novelist is deliberately picking things, trying to provoke the anger of others and make cannon fodder for himself.

Before Yueze went into the water, he inadvertently showed his strength. Others were crazy and dared to face him!

No one around agreed with him. Seeing that he could not provoke him, the novelist could only close his mouth bitterly.

Yueze still looked indifferent and closed his eyes, just like the provocation of a novelist. It was just the “buzzing” sound of a fly harassing him.

But a small hand quietly grabbed his wet sleeve and pulled it carefully.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a little girl who was only a few years old, holding his sleeve and grinning at him, revealing several missing baby teeth.

“Big brother, I was on the boat before… Thank you for saving my mother!” the little girl said with milk and a pair of big round eyes looking at him. “My mother also thanks you very much!”

Timidly, the little guy ran back and threw himself back into his mother’s arms.

Looking at the safe mother and daughter, Yueze’s eyes, which had been condensing, were finally slightly softer.

Just at this time, Zhang Cuihua also quietly came to him: “head, I’m back.”

Before Captain Hans came to the bottom cabin, the sailors were in a mess. When everyone focused on the captain and Yueze, she took the opportunity to slip out and grope in other cabins.

“According to your instructions, I found out the exact location of the cab on the cruise ship, but the cabin door of the cab was closed. I didn’t dare to break in with brute force, otherwise the movement was too loud and it was easy to disturb the nearby sailors.”

She whispered to yuezehui: “if we want to find a chance to sneak in, we can only wait until after dark until the sailors relax their vigilance.”

Yueze’s eyes sank slightly.

“OK, just tonight.”


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