Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 28

Hide and Seek (5)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 28: Hide and Seek (5)

The dance before the night came was still held as scheduled.

Tonight’s dancing partner, Chris, was more enthusiastic than last night. When dancing, she almost stuck to Shen Yu.

Shen Yu frowned slightly and carefully moved away.

“Dear gentleman, do you like me? Do you want to be with me?”

Chris came up reluctantly, blushed and asked the question like a magic spell: “do you… Want to join us?”

Shen Yu’s eyebrows were suddenly cold.

He remembered the tragedy of the couple during the day. He didn’t refuse, but he didn’t respond directly. Instead, he raised a smile at the corners of his mouth: “Chris, thank you for your invitation.”

“It’s my honor to take the white angel! This trip is so extravagant and beautiful. It’s as bright and dazzling as the blonde hair on your forehead.”

“Chris, you are so dazzling that you are the center of the whole ball!”

The girl didn’t hear the answer she wanted.

But after listening to the endless flattery, Chris, who was already red faced, was even more moved at this time, and her eyes were almost filled with excited tears: “Mr. gentleman, you are always so considerate.”

Shen Yu with a stiff fake smile: “…”

I never thought I had the potential to be a scum man!

Maybe she was too happy. Chris took a light dance step. With the music melody at the dance, she couldn’t help humming: “… My name is Chris. I want to play a game with you.”

“I can’t see you, but I can smell you.”

“I can’t hear you, but I feel your breath.”

“Play hide and seek with me! Be careful not to let me catch you.”

“Stay with me! From this moment on.”

“Don’t move, don’t breathe, hide your shadow.”

“Shh! I’m looking for you…”

With the dancing steps, she kept humming this minor until the end of the dance.

After a hard dance, when everyone returned to his room, Shen Yu quietly opened the black book.

Just now, after hearing Chris’s little song, the cover of the book has been hot.

This usually means that he has encountered new clues.

A group of travelers embarked on a wonderful journey by cruise ship

Will they find their purpose

Or fall into the abyss

[which side do you want to join in the game of hide and seek?]

[be careful, if you choose the wrong one, you will die!]

Looking at the development of the plot in the book, Shen Yu raised his eyebrows slightly.

Everyone who stepped into the cruise ship took different colored bracelets at the beginning, which clearly distinguished the level.

But according to the tips given in the book, they still need to choose different camps?

He held his breath and thought carefully, as if trying to find the link between different clues.

However, as the night outside the window became deeper and deeper, an unstoppable sleepiness came to my heart again.

The eyes blurred again

No, no!

Shen Yu suddenly woke up, took out a small sharp scalpel and held it tightly in his hand.

The sharp blade cut the palm, blood seeped out, and the sharp pain rose, finally driving away the sleepiness entrenched in his mind.

He gently exhaled, slowly spread out his palm, and looked at the bloody blade in his hand with complex eyes.

This scalpel was given to him by Yueze when he first entered the story.

He closed his eyes hard, then opened them again, and his eyes gradually became firm.

Now, it’s time to go out.


The night was still dark. Shen Yu carefully locked the doors and windows behind him and went to his destination alone.

Far away, I saw Starscream standing at the agreed place bored, wearing a fiery red dress, looming in the fuzzy night.

But at this time, her face was not very good-looking.

Because there are two men around her.

A teenager who looks only 14 or 15 years old, with slightly dark skin, showing a healthy bronze color, messy broken hair in front of his forehead, lively and curious.

There is also a man who looks a little older. He is about twenty-eight years old. He is handsome. He is particularly attentive behind Starscream’s ass. he should be a fanatical suitor.

Starscream’s face was cold. He didn’t relax until Shen Yu appeared.

“These two are…” Shen Yu stopped and asked warily.

Starscream’s face sank: “two followers who can’t get rid of me have been paying attention to my every move. When they see me going out at night, they take the initiative to stick up and want to take the opportunity to get some customs clearance clues.”

She wanted to use violence directly to get them away, but the night on the cruise ship was too quiet. As long as there was a little movement, it would lead to something else and make their latent fall short.

Otherwise she would have done it!

But after listening to her words, the older suitor was not happy: “goddess, you’ve been waiting for this boy for a long time?”

He glanced at Shen Yu with contemptuous eyes and arrogantly introduced himself: “my pseudonym is Aolong, the 67th on the white tower stone tablet. May I ask your pseudonym and your ranking on the stone tablet?”

Shen Yu looked calm: “the pen name is mint candy. The newcomer who has just started is a nobody. It’s not worth mentioning.”

The novelist Aolong sneered: “it’s really a waste holding back!”

He looked at Starscream and suddenly changed his face and changed his attitude: “goddess, what are you doing with this kind of mop? My strength is stronger than him and my utilization value is greater than him!”

“If you want to take a valet, I’m willing to be used by you!”

He seemed to confide affectionately, and his tone even had a tragic sense of sacrificing his life for love. Looking at the expression on Starscream’s face… She seemed to be about to vomit!

Aolong, the suitor, was still entangled with a shameless face. On the other side, the bronze colored boy, with bright eyes, came up: “I seem to have seen you before!”

“On the first day, you found the rules of hiding in the top ballroom and knocked down several novelists at one go. What’s your name…”

“Mints!” Shen Yu had to repeat.

“Sugar brother!” the boy rushed up and was so excited that his eyes were small stars: “you’re also great! Can I follow you?”

“Don’t worry, I’m also a novelist and won’t delay. My pseudonym is good night, which is good night in English!” the chattering boy introduced himself.

Shen Yu: ”

He finally understood Starscream’s mood.

What a mess of people!

Aolong on the other side is still chattering about trying to belittle Shen Yu and sell himself to the goddess.

A thin steel wire suddenly came up and stuck to his tongue like a real spider’s silk.

Finally, spider Starscream said coldly, “if you dare to talk more nonsense, I’ll make you speechless all your life.”

Aolong felt the cold killing intention on the tip of his tongue. He suddenly turned white, sweating and nodded like pounding garlic.

Look at his advice. Good night, he quietly came to Shen Yu’s ear and whispered, “in fact, I don’t know him, but we both want to hold the legs of Starscream goddess and happen to touch each other.”

“Brother sugar, don’t get me wrong. I’m not with this guy!”

Shen Yu: ”

No, your wonderful flower is not much more than him!

Just then, there was a sudden sound in the distance.

Several people immediately became quiet and quickly hid at the corner of the cabin.

A bearded white man came slowly, wearing a white uniform, and kept looking back as he walked.

Shen Yu recognizes that this person is the first mate Jack who has been the abbot of the ball.

On this ship, even the first mate has to patrol at night?

It seems that there is no trace of several people at all. Chief officer Jack just keeps looking around, turning on the boat lights along the corridor all the way.

The light was harsh and bright, dispersing the surrounding night, and almost exposing the hiding place of several people.

Several people immediately concentrated and held their breath.

But after all this, the first mate Jack left here and went to the next cabin.

Just before he left, he seemed to have inadvertently glanced in the direction of several people hiding.

“What is the old white man doing?”

When the other party went away, Aolong was relieved and whispered.


Shen Yu suddenly looked cold and covered each other’s mouth: “something is coming again!”

In the distance of the cabin, there was a faint sound of water droplets.

It was like the movement of amphibians when they were crawling, mixed with the patter of sticky water. Something was panting and dragging its heavy body, moving over bit by bit.

Under the guidance of bright ship lights, a slow behemoth slowly appeared in front of everyone.

Pale to bloodless sticky skin, like a human body, twisted and slender limbs, translucent webs between fingers and toes, no eyes or ears, only a pale and swollen face.

Shen Yu’s face changed slightly.

This monster is the water ghost in his previous dream!

At this time, the water ghost was crawling on the ground, moving his limbs slowly, sniffing like a dog, as if sniffing something.

I can’t see you, but I can smell you

I can’t hear you, but I feel your breath

[play hide and seek with me! Be careful not to let me catch you…]

Inadvertently, Shen Yu suddenly remembered the song that Chris hummed at the dance.

The water ghost seems to be looking for a target according to his sense of smell.

At this time, the water ghost was getting closer and closer to their hiding place, raised his nostrils and rushed straight at them.

There was a sudden soft noise in my ear.

Looking up, he saw that Starscream had wrapped his steel wire around the cabin fence on the upper layer. He climbed to the top cabin almost silently and crossed with the water ghost he was about to find.

The boy named good night also used his skills to open a dark barrier on his side.

“Brother Tang, my skill can temporarily block the senses of all monsters in the story. It can hold two people. You can also come in and hide.”

Although it was only the first time we met, the boy seemed to have an extraordinary liking for Shen Yu and directly whispered to invite him in to avoid.

But without waiting for Shen Yu’s answer, Aolong looked fierce, suddenly pushed him away, and forced himself into the barrier of good night.


Good night, exclaimed.

What was more unfortunate was that with Aolong’s fierce push, Shen Yu was immediately pushed out of his hiding place and directly exposed to the dazzling boat light.

The wet and sticky water ghost, at this time, stirred the tip of his nose, approached Shen Yu in front of him and sniffed gently.


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