Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 29

Hide and Seek (6)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 29: Hide and Seek (6)

The pale, wet and sticky Water Ghost has gathered in front of him.

Shen Yu’s eyes sank and his fingers had pressed the black book on his side.

If the water ghost pours on him the next second, he can immediately launch his skills, bind the other party with blood and strive for escape time for himself.

Or use the chainsaw skill to face the water ghost.

Whether it is war or flight, he always has some room for maneuver.

But the water ghost’s breathing nostrils searched around him. His pale and swollen face looked at him, but he didn’t respond at all.

It’s like he doesn’t exist at all.

Almost in an instant, Shen Yu seemed to understand something. His eyes turned and looked at his feet.

He was standing at the bottom of the ship’s lamp. Under the bright lights around him, his own shadow shrank under his feet and could hardly be seen.

At the foot of the water ghost, we can’t see the shadow that should exist.

Shen Yu’s eyes flashed a strange light and recalled the second half of Chris’s humming song again.

“Play hide and seek with me! Be careful not to let me catch you.”

“Stay with me! From this moment on.”

“Don’t move, don’t breathe, hide your shadow.”

“Shh! I’m looking for you…”

Don’t move, don’t breathe, hide your shadow

The water ghost in front of him can not only smell the breathing of the living, but also feel the shadow of the living!

The chief officer Jack just turned on all the ship lights. Under the light, as long as Shen Yu kept still, he could hide his shadow.

He held his breath, his nerves tightened, his fingers turned white on the black book, and stared at the monster in front of him, almost gambling and motionless.

If he gambles wrong, he will lose his life.

“Why doesn’t the boy run? He’s scared and stupid? He’s really a waste!”

Ao long, hidden in the barrier, could not help whispering when he saw the scene in front of him.

Good night. Gave him a fierce stare.

His eyes glanced at each other, full of disgust. Under constant consideration, he said good night, crossed his heart and quietly removed his barrier skills.

And Aolong, at this time, he didn’t feel it.

The water ghost stopped in front of Shen Yu, and his heavy smelly breath almost fell on his face.

After a short pause, the water ghost moved his heavy body around Shen Yu.

He raised his head, twitched the tip of his nose and moved directly to the corner where goodnight and Aolong were hiding.

Good night, he quickly held his breath, imitated Shen Yu’s appearance, stuck his body tightly to the cabin and didn’t move.

Aolong found that the other party had removed the hidden barrier.

“Sleeping trough! You son of a bitch…”

Aolong was furious and wanted to force the other party to use skills again.

But at this time, the water ghost suddenly accelerated his pace and was close to them.

Even without looking back, Aolong had clearly smelled the unpleasant smell of the sea on the water ghost.

His face suddenly changed. Ignoring the lesson to the boy, he suddenly jumped out of his hiding place and fled in the opposite direction.

He used his life-saving skills. His legs were like rabbits. He ran away much faster than ordinary people.

But just after he started running, under the bright boat light, the shadow behind him was like a tail, moving closely with him.

The shadow moved.

The water ghost knows that he is a living man, not a similar kind.

It was like getting a clear signal. The heavy and slow water ghost suddenly held his head high and his weak limbs fluttered. He caught up with him like lightning at a speed that no one could think of.

He bypassed the same motionless good night and just stared at the running Aolong. In the twinkling of an eye, he had caught up with him.

Unexpectedly, the speed of the other party’s pursuit was so fast. Aolong immediately panicked and used his skills again. He took out a translucent shield from the book and hit it hard behind him.

The shield hit the slippery skin and had no effect. The water ghost raised his sharp claws and easily tore open the opponent’s final defense.

Aolong, who was still arrogant before, didn’t have any life-saving skills at this time. Suddenly his brain was blank and instinctively wanted to scream.

At the moment he opened his mouth, the water ghost suddenly put the tip of his claws into his mouth and slowly tore open his scalp.

Under the shocked eyes of the other three people, the water ghost forcibly squeezed his head in from Aolong’s torn mouth.

Then, the swollen and festering flesh wriggled, and the huge water ghost seemed to become a worm, devouring Aolong’s flesh and blood and drilling into his skin.

The sagging human skin shook a few times and slowly branched up.

Then, in the bright light, a intact “Aolong” stood in front of everyone again.

A water ghost in human skin!

After Aolong got up again, he narrowed his eyes, smiled darkly at the others, revealed his pale teeth, and his torn mouth was still twisted.

However, it didn’t do much. It just staggered its legs and disappeared in front of everyone.

When the shaking figure of the other party disappeared, the remaining few people breathed a sigh of relief.

Starscream, who had just escaped in advance, landed back on the cabin and said to Shen Yu with appreciation: “fortunately, you didn’t escape directly just now.”

“If you run away, I’m afraid the one caught up by the water ghost is you!”

But Shen Yu’s complexion was complex and asked, “how many of the people who danced these two days are still real living people?”

How many people, like Aolong, have been quietly covered with human skin by water ghosts?

He finally understood why his partners were always asking: do you want to stay? Want to join us?

This is the truth of “joining”!

The staff on board will give you irresistible temptation. People in the lower cabin can only endure insult, hunger and danger, while people in the upper cabin can enjoy a safe, luxurious and noble life.

Under such encouragement, I am afraid that many “upper class people” will not be able to resist temptation and have already promised to “join” them.

The water ghosts who succeeded in replacing the living people lived in the crowd.

At this time, Starscream suddenly asked, “but what’s the matter with the first mate jack on this ship?”

“It’s reasonable to say that the big copy should be the same as the captain. But just now, he quietly turned on all the ship lights.”

It was also because of the boat lamp that Shen Yu discovered the secret of the shadow.

“The upper class, the lower class, the captain, the first mate, the water ghost… The interpersonal relationship on this ship is really complex!”

Shen Yu also couldn’t help rubbing his eyebrows and said with a headache.

“Let’s continue to follow the lights on, and maybe we can find the trace of chief officer jack,” suggested Starscream.

Good night, also jumped out quickly: “take me, sugar brother! I’ll follow you.”

After what happened just now, he seemed more convinced of Shen Yu.

Shen Yu, however, turned his eyes to the bottom of the cruise ship: “the lights at the bottom are also gradually on.”

“Mate Jack should be in the lower cabin.”


“Head, did you find anything?”

At the same time, Yueze and Zhang Cuihua have sneaked out of the bottom cabin, successfully opened the closed cabin door and slipped into the cab.

It was supposed to be the most important cab. It was quiet. There was no guard, only dark.

With the faint starlight, Zhang Cuihua groped out a pile of tools in the cab.

“Lifebuoys without inflation, lifeboats folded up… Why are these things piled up in the cockpit?” she asked with a frown.

But Yueze found a thick book on the console of the cab.

The captain’s diary.

Ignoring the darkness around him, he opened the pages and read in the dark.

[May 3, overcast.]

[boat maggots, there are disgusting boat maggots everywhere!]

[these dirty, dirty bad people, they will dirty the eyes of noble passengers.] [it’s disgusting to have to stay on the same ship as these ship maggots!] [May 6, sunny.]

[after three days of hard work, we finally drove all the inferior species out of the bottom cabin.] [I’m in a good mood!]

Let them take on the job of catching ship maggots! Anyway, these inferior species are no different from ship maggots.] [June 2, sunny.]

The sailors reported that some maggots died while working

[what can I tell you about such a small matter?]

Just throw the body into the water

[June 5, overcast.]

We somehow deviated from the sailing route, which made people feel a little upset

Is there anything in the water

June 10, overcast

We’re lost, shit

June 15, sunny

[don’t be discouraged. After all, we’re on the white angel!] [white is always pure and great!]

Just like our race

[June 20, overcast.]

There is less and less food on board, and some noble gentlemen and ladies have begun to express their dissatisfaction.] [are those bottom maggots dead and still wasting food?] [the current situation is somewhat difficult, but fortunately, my heartfelt and capable deputy has been firmly supporting me.] [June 22, overcast.]

Recently, my deputy Jack seems to be a little absent-minded. He always seems to run to the bottom cabin?] [he is the chief mate of the ship and my favorite man.]

I should trust him

[June 25, overcast.]

The sailors reported that Jack was quietly transporting food to the bottom cabin

Why waste food for those boat maggots in these difficult times? [I should keep an eye on him myself.]

[June 30, sunny.]

I got him

I can’t believe if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes – a man! A bad man!] [Jack was staying with the bad man when I caught him!] [they were very close.]

July 1st, overcast

I found out the reason why Jack was abnormal these days

[disgusting! Disgusting! A feeling despised by the Lord and cursed by the devil!] [upper and lower people, noble white and inferior, men and men…] [I’m going to vomit!]

[July 2, overcast.]

Jack is my favorite deputy. I can’t live without his help at this difficult time

So I dealt with the inferior ship maggot

July 3, sunny

Jack was a little silent, but he didn’t object

[ha ha, I knew he just went astray for a while, but he will eventually return to the embrace of the Lord.] [he just became a little silent.]

[July 5, overcast.]

[what’s the matter? The bottom cabin is leaking?]

[didn’t those poor slackers salvage the maggots eating the ship board?] [July 6, overcast.]

The problem of water leakage is becoming more and more serious, and those inferior people have begun to rebel.] [where is my chief mate?]

[July 7, overcast.]

[boat maggots everywhere, disgusting boat maggots everywhere!]

[the end of the white angel is coming.]

Until the end of the diary, Captain Hans still scratched the last sentence on the wet page with trembling handwriting: [these disgusting ship maggots…]

Yueze closes his diary and silently looks at the entrance of the cab in the dark.

There was a man standing at the door, watching them quietly.

Yueze gently greeted him:

“Good evening, chief officer Jack!”


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