Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 3

Scarlet Apartment (3)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist | Chapter 3:  Scarlet Apartment (3)

The next day, a scream of horror broke the silence of the apartment.

Boss Qian’s body was first discovered by his driver. No one could imagine that a man could scream like this with his simple and honest and vigorous voice.

Hearing the scream, Shen Yu cautiously came out of the room with the little boy and gathered with others to room 101 of the East building.

As soon as I entered the door, I saw boss Qian’s body dangling out of the window. His fat and greasy face was facing the door, and his bloodshot eyes seemed to be staring at the people coming in.

In his hand, he still clung to his own black book.

Looking at his boss’s familiar face, Da Zhuang suddenly fell on the ground with a soft leg. He trembled and pointed to the window. He was almost speechless. Finally, he rushed out of the room and vomited.

Shen Yu saw at a glance that boss Qian was still holding the book before he died.

Regardless of others’ disapproval or frightened eyes, he came forward and untied the rope hanging from the neck of the body, placed the dead on the bed, and then took away the black book in each other’s hands.

He opened the page and saw that it read:

Thirteen brave cleaners live in the pink apartment

[on the first night, the cleaner Pangpang heard something outside the window, so he violated the rules of the apartment, opened the window and looked out…] [so, pangpangpang’s story is over.]

The bald man also came over, glanced at the page of boss Qian’s book, and then smacked with disdain: “the new man is the new man. There’s really nothing in the book. If you want to pick up a leak, there’s no place to pick it up. What do you do with his book?”

Pick up a leak?

Shen Yu didn’t speak, but recorded the information contained in the sentence of bald man in his mind, and then silently put the black book back to the dead man’s hand.

Just then, the rest of the people had gathered.

The man with glasses came over, looked at the wide open window, and made a decent comment: “it seems that this novice was really in danger last night because he was alone in one room and still lived in the East building.”

“No, he opened the window at night, not because he was alone or lived in the East building.” Shen Yu pondered for a long time and suddenly asked the people, “did you hear the sound of scratching the glass last night?”

The little couple who lived together looked pale and said, “I heard it. First I heard someone scratching the glass outside the window, and then there was a knock at the door… We were so scared that we held each other and didn’t open the doors and windows.”

The flower arm man who lost one hand shook his head carelessly, grinned and said, “don’t scare people. It was quiet last night. I didn’t hear anything anyway!”

He asked everyone and found that someone heard something last night, but no one did.

But anyone who hears scratching outside the window will hear a knock on the door. The sound of scratching the window will stop as soon as there is a knock on the door.

Shen yuruo thought: “it seems that the knocker has been chasing the things outside the window. When the knock sounds, the things outside the window will be scared away.”

The little couple holding together before suddenly raised their hands tremblingly and asked in a low voice, “since we have died alone… Is it right that there will be no one left alone tonight?”

The rest of the restless novices, listening to this sentence, suddenly brightened up, like taking a reassurance.

Yeah! There are only twelve of them left, just one room for two, so they don’t have to rob others for keys.

But suddenly there was another Scream: “wait, where’s my sister?”

The screamer is the sister of the twins.

The sisters’ names are Xu Tingting and Xu Jiaojiao respectively. Last night, her sister Xu Tingting formed a team with the glasses man. Her abandoned sister Xu Jiaojiao was picked up by her short haired sister.

But today, Xu Jiaojiao has come out well, but she can’t find her sister in the crowd.

So at this time, she finally couldn’t help asking the man with glasses, “where’s my sister? Is she… Still in the room?”

Finally, Xu Jiaojiao’s voice trembled slightly, and an ominous premonition shrouded her heart.

“You mean Miss Xu…” the glasses man pushed the gold wire glasses on the bridge of his nose, “I don’t know.”

“Don’t know? She lives in the same room with you. Why don’t you know?” Xu Jiaojiao screamed.

“After turning off the light last night, Miss Xu suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom, so she opened the door and went to the public bathroom alone in the dark.” the man with glasses said politely, “but what about her later… I don’t know. Anyway, she didn’t come back all night.”

In this dangerous and strange apartment, she went out alone after turning off the lights and finally didn’t return all night… The lesson of the rich boss is that it is obvious that Xu Tingting’s final end will not be very ideal.

Xu Jiaojiao asked incredulously, “how dare she go out in violation of the regulations? Didn’t you stop her?”

Hearing her rhetorical question, the man with glasses couldn’t help laughing. His tone was full of Indifference: “as we all know, Miss Xu is a mature woman with her own wishes and decisions. Can I stop an adult from going to the bathroom by herself?”

Xu Jiaojiao’s eyes turned red and sobbed. She no longer spoke. She just bit her teeth and turned and ran to the West building.

The others looked at each other, so they followed.

Pink apartment is an old apartment. Even if it is a newly painted West building, there is no separate bathroom in the room. There is only a public bathroom at the end of the corridor on each floor.

When they arrived at the floor where the glasses man lived last night, they saw the missing Xu Tingting.

The public toilet is divided into two rooms inside and outside. The inside is a toilet and the outside is a row of rusty shower heads, which serves as a public bathroom.

At this time, Xu Tingting was lying on her back under a shower head, with blood stains on her clothes, a clear pinch mark on her snow-white neck, and her chest had already stopped breathing.

Her bloodshot eyes were still wide open and full of fear, as if she had seen something terrible before she died.

Xu Jiaojiao immediately gave a cry of grief and lay down on her sister’s body, crying in despair.

Shen Yu’s heart jumped when he looked at the pinch mark on the neck of the body.

The bruise marks are small, not like the fingerprints of adults. There was no obvious wound on the body, but the clothes were stained with blood, as if they had been stained by something.

It looks so familiar!

He looked down at the dried blood on his skirt, and then carefully touched the silt mark on his neck, which was about to disappear.

The girl met the blood monkey who attacked him last night?

He was attacked by a monster like a monkey, and finally managed to kill him, but if an unsuspecting girl was attacked, she might not be so lucky.

But if the girl was really killed by the blood monkey, as far as he knows, there are at least three monsters in this apartment?

Unfortunately, Xu Tingting is not a novelist, and there is no black book in her hand to record the exact cause of her death. Shen Yu had to temporarily suppress her doubts.

“Tut tut!”

At this time, the glasses man who came with him hypocritically sighed: “what a pity! Such a young and beautiful girl still can’t escape.”

After hearing the fake mourning, the short haired girl glanced at him and said coldly, “the newcomers have always been timid and dare not break the rules. You deliberately coaxed her out last night?”

“Did you promise her that going out at night wouldn’t be too risky, so the silly girl believed your nonsense?”

Xu Jiaojiao, who was crying bitterly, was stunned when she heard these words, and then glared at the man with glasses.

The smile on the corner of the glasses man’s mouth remained unchanged and said as if nothing had happened: “everything should be based on evidence, and don’t slander others at will.”

The short haired girl sneered disdainfully: “in every story, an old hand will deliberately trick the new people to die and explore the way for herself.” “you want to use this girl’s life to test the end of violating the rules of going out late at night? You’re just one of those scum!”

The glasses man’s smile finally disappeared completely.

He said in a hoarse voice, “we are also old hands. Why hurt the peace for a newcomer? The newcomer is not even a novelist, but an audience, and will not help you in the future.”

“Or… You must be a good man today?” Wen Er peeled off his elegant skin. The man with glasses only had a cold killing intention in his eyes, and pressed his black book with one hand.

With a “bah” sound, the short haired girl spit out the lollipop in her mouth. Facing the provocation of the man with glasses, she also pressed it on the black book and was full of War: “you try one?”

The atmosphere between them was tense and almost explosive.

Shen Yu didn’t know the strength of the two men or the purpose of the black book, so he guarded the little boy behind him, retreating step by step and away from the battlefield between them.

The others also winked and hurriedly withdrew from the public bathroom.

When the atmosphere in the bathroom had been suppressed to the top, suddenly a hoarse and strange voice interrupted their next actions.

“Do you want to be lazy and not work when so many of you get together?”

The corridor administrator who distributed the keys yesterday was standing behind the crowd, with muddy eyes staring at everyone, and his old face twitching.

The glasses man and the short haired girl hesitated for a moment. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, they took back their hands pressed on the paper at the same time.

The administrator bent down and coughed, stretched out a withered old palm and muttered, “hand in your keys and get the tools to work.”

Everyone looked at each other, and finally turned in the key obediently, and then took a pile of brooms, rags, buckets and other cleaning appliances from the administrator.

Only Xu Jiaojiao, who had just lost her relatives, cried to the administrator with tears in her eyes: “my sister is dead, your apartment is dead! Two have died!!”

Hearing her venting cry, the administrator turned his eyes covered with white clouds, cracked his lips and said with a smile, “Oh, I forgot to tell you something.”

“Recently, there are three pets in the apartment, so if you go out and open the window at night, you will inevitably meet those little pets.”

“Those three pets are a little fierce. If they bite people to death, our apartment will be irresponsible.”

After that, she waved impatiently: “well, stop crying. Now the apartment is dirty. Go and clean it quickly!”

Seeing that she was leaving, Shen Yu, who had been silent, suddenly said, “wait!”

The administrator stopped, turned his head and stared at him with cold eyes.

Shen Yu turned a blind eye and asked calmly, “I have another question about those lost pets.”

The administrator smashed his mouth: “say.”

“What will happen if I find those three pets… And kill them?” Shen Yu asked in a deep voice, staring into the administrator’s eyes.

The administrator seemed to be startled by his problem. He was stunned for a long time. Suddenly his toothless mouth opened and smiled, “ho ho ho”.

After laughing, she went to Shen Yu: “young man, if you kill those lost pets…”

“Then be sure to give us their bodies. We can give you any reward you want!”

The administrator said almost gnashing his teeth.


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