Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 30

Hide and Seek (7)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 30: Hide and Seek (7)

A tall figure walked into the hatch. His uniform was straight. He was the chief officer of the white angel.


Jack stared at them silently. After a long time of silence, he squeezed out a hoarse laughter from his throat: “do you know?”

His eyes have been staring at Yueze’s navigation diary.

“The white angel… Ha, it shouldn’t have existed from the beginning! It’s neither pure nor angel. It’s never great…”

No one answered, but Jack was in a trance and muttered to himself, “this ship is just an illusion that should have disappeared long ago. Only those people are still immersed in the false prosperity of the past, but we should have sunk to the bottom of the sea long ago.”

“We can’t get out of this sea area and will never reach our destination.”

Looking at Jack who seemed to be in a nightmare, Yueze was not too surprised, but calmly opened his black book.

The cover is getting hot and the plot begins to update.

A group of travelers embarked on a wonderful journey by cruise ship

A journey that never ends

Where should we go

Where should we be buried

He was acutely aware that the focus of the next plot must be closely related to Jack in front of him.

“Excuse me, Mr. Jack.”

Yue Ze closed the page and asked calmly, “do you remember his name?”

Jack’s face changed slightly.

Yueze didn’t specify who the “he” was, but Jack knew it very well.

“Semir…” he painfully confided the names of his past lovers, “my boy… He will always sink in the sea, and he will be buried in the strange rocky place and under the vortex…”

As if immersed in unbearable grief, the first mate Jack looked more and more pale, and even staggered away, regardless of the two people in the cockpit.

Where the rocks are jagged, under the vortex?

After chief mate Jack left, Yueze also frowned slightly, as if he thought of something, and continued to grope in the cockpit.

“I think you’re looking for this?”

Suddenly, a beautiful voice floated into their ears.

After hearing the sound, Zhang Cuihua suddenly changed her face and suddenly turned her head to look at the hatch.

Starscream was leaning against the door, holding a worn and yellow map between his fingers: “there should be nautical charts on every ship… I got them in advance yesterday, one step faster than you.”

Her eyes were as graceful as silk, and she glanced proudly at Zhang Cuihua: “jealous? Little girl!”

Zhang Cuihua suddenly saw her. The whole person was like a fried cat. He almost jumped up, gnashing his teeth and shouted, “red spider spider!”

All the novelists in the white tower know that Zhang Cuihua and Starscream have never dealt with each other!

On the stone tablet of the white tower, they both ranked in the top ten.

Zhang Cuihua ranked eighth and Starscream ranked ninth.

For Starscream, the other party has stabilized her head in the ranking.

For Zhang Cuihua, the other party stabilized her head in height.

Obviously, both of them are very upset!

Meeting again in the story, the atmosphere between the two suddenly became tense.

But Yueze’s eyes moved slightly and looked at the man beside Starscream: “… Are you coming?”

With a smile in his eyes, Shen Yu slowly came out from behind Starscream: “I’m coming.”

“I came to you.”

The corners of Yueze’s mouth involuntarily stirred up, but he said, “you have some adventure.”

Shen Yu: “it’s worth it.”

The other three: ”

Zhang Cuihua: “tut!”

Starscream: “tut tut!”

Good night: “tut tut!”

A few people who were watching suddenly felt a little sour!

Ignoring the toothache, Yueze stepped forward and politely took the nautical chart from Starscream: “we need to find the distribution of reefs in the chart.”

“The vortex in the craggy rocks, which is probably the burial place of Jack’s lover.”

“His lover was killed, so he didn’t share the same heart with the other crew on board. This is a very important clue.”

Shen Yu also came up and added, “we saw water ghosts just now. These things are dressed in human skin and hide in the crowd.”

“The story requires us to choose the camp. If someone chooses to join those luxurious’ noble people ‘, it may mean that these people have become a’ water ghost ‘in human skin in essence.”

“Stepping on the bones at the bottom, maintaining a sense of superiority and having fun at the top. It’s like white discrimination against people of color and upper class discrimination against lower class people.”

“This ship only embodies this discrimination and oppression.”

After they met again, they hardly said a few words, but they seemed to have a good heart and naturally began to analyze the current situation.

Among them, the youngest one, good night, grabbed the life-saving tools in the cockpit and asked curiously, “Why are these things piled here?”

Yueze glanced at him and frowned: “he is…”

“His pseudonym is good night. He happened to act with us this time and has been actively following me,” Shen Yu explained.

“Sugar brother!”

Good night and shouted enthusiastically, “your friends look great!”

Looking at the boy who looks like a little golden hair and is circling around Shen Yu, Yueze’s eyebrows wrinkled deeper.

And Zhang Cuihua and Starscream are still facing each other as if there were no one else.

“Haven’t seen you for a long time. It seems that the children still don’t grow tall?” Starscream covered his mouth and smiled, his eyes turned, and looked up and down at Zhang Cuihua’s short body.

Zhang Cuihua was unwilling to show weakness and retorted: “just like someone’s ranking, it doesn’t rise, ten thousand years old nine!”

“Always only pay attention to the ranking. Sure enough, she is just a little girl, just like primary school students who care about their grades.”

“Gee, it’s always better than someone who can’t handle it. Haven’t you been squeezed out of the top ten?”

The two fought head to head and fought with each other. After several rounds, no one took advantage of the verbal advantage.

Finally, they had to hum coldly, turn their heads and stop looking at each other.

In the dim line of sight, Yueze has appropriately adjusted the sailing direction of the cruise ship according to the position on the chart.

“Do you know how to sail?” Shen Yu asked curiously.

“Understand a little,” said Yueze. “At this speed, maybe after dawn, the cruise ship can reach the nearby reef shoal.”

“The living environment of the bottom cabin is very bad, and the safety of the upper cabin is not optimistic. We need to end this story as soon as possible…”

Before he finished, the cabin suddenly vibrated violently.

Yueze stopped his voice and looked at each other with Shen Yu.

At their feet, in the lower cabin, there was a continuous low sound of water.

Like thinking of something, Yueze’s eyes suddenly trembled.

Chief officer Jack!

Just now he mentioned Jack’s long dead bottom lover. Maybe the other party was stimulated again. Now it has become the only variable on the ship.

But what did Jack do in the bottom cabin?

Soon, the surprised voice outside the cab answered his doubts.

“… water, leaking! The cabin is leaking and sinking -”

“Boat maggots! There are boat maggots everywhere!!”

The noise of shouting, swearing and disorderly footsteps are intertwined and clearly transmitted from the bottom cabin.

Several people in the cab suddenly turned pale.


At this time, the bottom cabin, which had long been a mess of porridge, everyone shrank in panic and looked at a decadent white man with a frightened face.

Chief mate Jack’s uniform had been taken off. He was tall and gloomy, and kicked the iron bucket in the capstan one by one.

The iron bucket is full of maggots that have been cleaned up in the past two days.

The hungry maggot fell to the ground and immediately began to eat the board at the bottom of the boat.

The water leakage around became more and more serious.

“It should have sunk long ago…”

Jack opened his arms and took a deep breath of the dirty air at the bottom. He seemed to be intoxicated and said, “this evil ship and the evil people on board.”

“Noble white angel, evil white angel!”


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