Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 31

Hide and Seek (final)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 31: Hide and Seek (final)

The white angel is about to sink.

“All the life-saving tools in the cockpit are moved to the deck!” Yue Zedang made a decision. “You go to the deck and I’ll go to the bottom cabin.”

The sound of the water under the feet became more and more turbulent, and the shaking range of the ship became more and more intense.

Before leaving, Yueze pressed Zhang Cuihua’s shoulder and whispered, “you help me keep an eye on that good night. He is unknown on the stone tablet, but suddenly appeared. I don’t trust him.”

Zhang Cuihua looked up at the bronze colored boy and turned to Shen Yu around the boy.

“I see, head!” she answered.

Yueze let go, looked back at Shen Yu’s back, and turned to the bottom cabin.

At this time, the condition at the bottom of the cabin was worse than he expected!

The bottom of the ship has leaked in many places, and the muddy sea water almost drowns half a person. The chief officer jack is still standing at the bottom of the ship, enjoying the smell of the wet and dirty sea.

After seawater immersion, his skin became paler, showing a bloodless translucent shape, and even falling off in large pieces with the beating of water waves.

His whole body was festering, revealing the sticky outer membrane and twisted tentacles under his skin.

The crowd gathered at the bottom screamed and scrambled to the spiral ladder leading to the upper floor.

However, with a more frightened scream, a huge sticky tentacle suddenly squeezed in from the entrance. Then an extremely large and fat water ghost stuffed himself into the narrow bottom cabin, crushed the wooden spiral ladder and blocked the hope of escape for the people on the bottom.

The water ghost, whose skin was swollen and festered, still had a few traces of human appearance on his body, and his tattered white uniform showed his identity.

Captain Hans, who had not appeared for a long time, finally appeared.

It moved its fat body, moved strangely and quickly, rushed straight to the semi monster jack, exposed its mouthparts full of fangs, and roared at the betrayed former subordinate.

The murderer who killed his lover is in front of him. Jack is completely crazy. His mutated body is more distorted. His ferocious limbs completely break the shackles of human skin and break away from the human body.

Two disgusting beasts wriggled and wrestled in the cabin.

Pippo, the bottom man who had nowhere to escape, came. Many people screamed and ran around, but the tentacles of the skin monster were involved and broke their hands and feet. In the roar of despair, the skin crowd crowded under their feet and trampled into a mass of meat mud.

Some people are blocked in the corner of the cabin by two monsters, and they can’t find the space to escape. However, some people are lucky enough to isolate the monsters by the collapsed gangway.

The passage to the upper floor collapsed. The novelist, who had taught Zhang Cuihua a lesson before, was ruthless, launched his skills, and hit the nearby crowd with his weapons.

An old man with difficulty in moving, pita hit a heavy hammer, suddenly broke his leg bone, fell to the ground wailing, and his face was buried in the dirty sea water.

Many capable novelists, as early as the first day, grabbed the White Bracelet and went to the top floor. Most of the people still staying in the bottom cabin are “audience” without force value.

The novelist, at this time, is the existence with the highest value of force in the crowd.

His face was fierce, his teeth creaked, his weapons hit the crowd at will, knocked countless people who couldn’t dodge to the ground, and then piled their immovable bodies together, higher and higher.

Ignoring the wails of the living, the novelist stepped on the spiral ladder made of living people, and his expression gradually became excited, as if he could reach out and touch the hope of escaping from the bottom.

The exit is right in front of you.

But then a shadow suddenly came.

The novelist’s proud smile was still frozen at the corners of his mouth. Suddenly, he felt a pain in his face and a darkness in front of him. The whole person fell down directly, and his body was like a hob meat, rolling down between the two monsters.

“Ah! Ah –”

In the most miserable scream, his skin was fighting two monsters, crushed into a ball of non-human meat mud.

With a cold face, Yueze kicked down the novelist who took the opportunity to commit the murder. Instead of seeing his tragedy, he saved the victims who built the skin into a “human ladder” from the bottom cabin one by one.

The two monsters have been jealous. The narrow cabin is seriously damaged. Few people survived intact.

Suddenly, a slight sob came from the corner of the cabin.

Yueze followed the prestige and crossed the gap between the two monster tentacles. He saw that the muddy and smelly sea water had covered his neck. A thin mother was trying to stand up straight, and her embarrassed head was floating and sinking in the sea water.

Although the sea was almost over her mouth and nose, the young mother held her arm and held a young girl in her hand, desperately holding the child on the water.

She is about to drown, and the ferocious monster may crush the mother and daughter at any time, but she still hopes her child can live!

PI’s mother desperately protected the girl in her palm. Her round eyes were full of tears. She looked around at a loss and looked at Yueze opposite the monster.

“Big brother…” the girl called softly.

It’s the mother and daughter he saved.

At this time, there are two wave SS Level violent monsters between them, biting and fighting.

Yueze’s eyes sank slightly, got up slowly and walked to the corner of the cabin. The sharp scalpel slipped silently between his fingers


At this time, the deck was also in chaos.

The upper class people waiting for escape and those who escaped from the lower cabin were all crowded together, scrambling to take the lifeboat.

Chaos, looting, killing, bullying… These frightened people almost overturned all lifeboats.

“Shut up! Be quiet -”

Zhang Cuihua was so disturbed that she shouted loudly and kicked a novelist who was fighting for a lifeboat to vomit blood.

“There are not many people alive. Our lifeboat is enough to take everyone, but if you rob it again, no one can go!” her voice was loud, overshadowing all the noise at the scene.

Some of them didn’t believe in evil and wanted to sneak away alone. As a result, before touching the lifeboat, they tied the skin red spider with steel wire and threw it directly into the sea.

Zhang Cuihua and red spider, who have never paid, reached an unprecedented agreement at this time.

The chaotic crowd finally regained order under the coercion of two top ten leaders.

Shen Yu and good night counted the number of people and assigned the crowd to different lifeboats one by one at the fastest speed.

Halfway through, goodnight suddenly hesitated. Then he came up to Shen Yu’s ear and asked in a low voice, “brother sugar, look at the crowd… The man who just got on the lifeboat, isn’t he…”

He didn’t go on because Shen Yu had seen it with his own eyes.

“Aolong” was sitting in the lifeboat, staying with ordinary people, looking around, with a strange smile on his face.

Or, it’s the water ghost in Aolong man’s skin.

The water ghost turned and looked at Shen Yu. The smile on his face opened wider, revealing his dark mouth and repeating a sentence: “do you want to join us?”

Shen Yu’s face was cold and suddenly shouted, “get out of that lifeboat!”

The crowd who managed to squeeze into the boat naturally didn’t want to listen to him. When they were full of doubts, they saw Aolong sitting in the middle of them suddenly grinning the corners of his mouth to the root of his ears.

Under everyone’s frightened eyes, a greasy palm was slowly stretched out from Aolong’s mouth.

The skin of the mouth was torn more open, Aolong’s head collapsed, a loose human skin fell off, and a cold and slippery water ghost came out of Aolong’s mouth.

Without any warning, everyone on the lifeboat immediately screamed and fled in all directions.

Like Aolong, many water ghosts who had mixed into the crowd finally tore off their bright human skin, exposed their hypocritical and disgusting face, twisted their fat limbs, opened their mouth and rushed to the surrounding crowd.

The order that finally stabilized suddenly became chaotic again.

“Do you want to join us? Do you want to join us? Do you want to join us…”

A hoarse voice, like a life-threatening voice, squeezed out of the water ghost’s throat.

The water ghost from Aolong’s body rushed to Shen Yu.

Shen Yu held the ordnance shovel in his hand and cut it down, but the sharp and solid shovel blade left a shallow impression on the water ghost’s wet skin.

He knows the strength of the water ghost in front of him. Even the top 100 novelists can’t hold a round under this water ghost. If he just uses ordinary skills all the time, he’s afraid he’ll explain here today.

At this time, the water ghost whose skin split a shovel continued to rush over without exception. Shen Yu hurried to use the skill [gift of female ghost].

The blood wound up and tied the water ghost in place, but it can only last for three seconds at most.

But that’s enough!

Shen Yu put away his shovel and used the skill [murderer chainsaw] again.

You can only use the skill five times, an invincible chainsaw, ignoring any physical defense and □□□.

The chainsaw, which was still stuck with dried blood stains, buzzed in Shen Yu’s hands.

Just a second before the water ghost was about to break free, a bright buzzing blade slid through its neck.

A pale and festering head rolled to the ground.

After killing the water ghost in front of him, Shen Yu breathed a sigh of relief. Just before he looked back, he suddenly heard someone shouting behind him: “sugar brother, be careful!”

A smell with the peculiar fishy smell of water ghost has quietly rushed behind his head.


Then Shen Yu heard a gunshot.

When he turned his head, he saw a huge water ghost, showing his thick fangs, standing behind him with open teeth and claws, with an obvious bullet hole in his body.

The water ghost fell down and revealed that he was holding a gun behind him. Good night.

Good night, I put down the smoking muzzle in my hand, looked pale and panting, and said in shock: “brother sugar, this is my skill. My skill is to shoot a cold gun…”

He seemed not very confident in himself. He could hardly believe that he had killed a water ghost. At this time, the explanation was incoherent.

Shen Yu gently exhaled and came forward to soothe his hair: “you’re doing well. Believe in yourself. You’re really good.”

Good night’s eyes lit up: “well, I’m no worse than others!”

“Now, we continue to solve these difficult monsters,” Shen Yu said in a deep voice, lifting the crazy electric saw in his hand.

On the other side, Starscream is tired of it.

These water ghosts are very destructive, and the surrounding people are running around. They almost overturned the lifeboat several times.

She was not a helpful character, let alone a civil servant like Zhang Cuihua. It was impossible for her to sacrifice herself to save others. She had done her utmost to help maintain order before.

So Starscream jumped into a lifeboat and separated from the deck with the only few living people left on the boat, like an arrow.

She turned back and shouted to Zhang Cuihua in the crowd, “don’t save it. You can’t save a few. Go while you can get away!”

Zhang Cuihua looked back at the chaos behind her, and her face was a little pale, but at last she almost red eyes. She grabbed two lifeboats from the chaos and rushed the survivors to the lifeboat: “all up, let’s go!”

Shen Yu suddenly realized… Yueze hasn’t come out yet.

He’s still in the bottom cabin!

He grabbed good night and quickly explained, “go to the lifeboat first. Wait for me with Cuihua in the distance. I’ll be right back.”

Good night. Realizing what he was going to do, he immediately grabbed his wrist: “sugar brother?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll come back…”

Shen Yu broke free of his hand and came to the entrance to the bottom cabin. Looking at the higher and higher water under his feet, he couldn’t help taking a deep breath and almost murmured, “I’ll come back…”

Come back with Yueze.

He clenched his teeth and jumped into the sea in the bottom cabin.

At this time, the boat board was rotten. The water was below his neck. Shen Yu was in the cold sea. His hands and feet were very stiff and could hardly breathe.

Calm down, calm down

He tried his best to restrain his panic. In the narrow and secluded corridor, he directly sawed all the boats and trees blocking the way with an electric saw, and went straight deeper into the water.

At this time, the bottom cabin was full of rotten meat and debris, and the sea became more and more turbid and smelly. It was almost impossible to see anyone.

It seems that there has been a fierce battle here.

Just as Shen Yu continued to approach, suddenly a shining blade flashed through and broke through the water, reaching dangerously at his throat.

The wetter the body, the more it appears from the water.

When he first saw Shen Yu, his eyes trembled as if he couldn’t believe it. After he was stunned, he changed his face: “why did you come down?”

“Don’t you know you’re afraid of water? You’re crazy!”

Shen Yu looked at Yueze, who was also quite embarrassed. He didn’t answer. He just showed a pale but slightly proud smile: “I found you.”

Yueze looked at him. After a moment, he breathed a sigh of relief: “well, you found me.”

He’s not in good shape at the moment.

No matter how powerful a person is, he will also be injured after dismembering two terrible monsters at the same time.

His left arm can’t move now. On his right arm, there is still a young mother who has fainted. The little girl saved by him is lying quietly on his back and hugging his neck.

Shen Yu took the girl. The little girl was very good. She stared at her two big eyes. She didn’t make any noise, but her skin was scared hard.

In order to avoid their separation in the water, Shen Yu grabbed Yue Ze’s injured arm with his other hand and walked out of the cabin in the muddy sea.

In the cold water, I felt the temperature of another person in the palm of my hand. Yueze looked a little stunned.

But their way out was not smooth.

The sea water has completely flooded in. Under the muddy and smelly water, they seem to see countless water ghosts shuttling among them.

Shen Yu even saw Chris again.

The beautiful blonde girl, at this time, her skin was swollen and festered all over her body, her skin blistered white, a swollen face almost stuck in front of him, and her rotten tongue shouted vaguely: “Sir, dear gentleman…”

“Are you here to join us?”

“Join us… Why don’t you join us? Don’t you like me? Join me…”

A voice of temptation rang out in his mind.

At present, there are more water ghosts blocking the road.

It’s not far from the deck

Shen Yu took a deep breath, calmed his mind, stroked his palm on the black book and used a new skill.

[Emily’s music box]

Sarcasm skill can attract the attention of the characters in the book to the greatest extent, lasting for more than five seconds.

In an unnoticed corner, a small and shabby music box suddenly appeared there.

The music box began to rotate, and a burst of out of tune “to Alice” sounded from the box and spread far in the water.

As if PI had been seduced, all the water ghosts in front suddenly floated around the music box like sleepwalking after hearing the music. They lingered nearby and refused to stop. They had no time to take into account what happened outside.

Five seconds, only five seconds.

Shen Yu seized this opportunity, and together with Yueze, he rushed out of the bottom cabin with the fastest speed, with bursts of white water flowing under his feet.

Behind them, like water ghosts waking up from a dream, they suddenly gave a sharp long howl and ran after them reluctantly.

At this time, the white angel has almost turned over. In the sea not far away, Zhang Cuihua and good night are driving a small boat and waiting for them.

The sticky footsteps behind them were getting closer and closer. They didn’t look back. At the same time, they rushed onto the deck and jumped high into the sea.

All the smelly smell was forgotten by PI. Shen Yu fell into the sea with the little girl in his arms, and then picked up Pi the next second.

In front of me, there was a good night cheek, a youthful look, and my hair was still messy.

Good night, pull him and the little girl to the lifeboat, laugh from the heart and say, “sugar brother, you’re really back.”

On the other side, Zhang Cuihua has also pulled Yue Zela into the boat. The unconscious young mother is also lying on the boat coughing and is about to wake up.

The little girl has opened her little hands for her mother.

Good night, rowed the boat over and handed the little girl to her mother.

Everything is so beautiful, except for the sinking cruise ship behind us.

The wooden hull is cracking and decomposing, and all the hatred, discrimination, blood and corpses on the ship will sink to the bottom of the sea forever with the water ghosts.

People witnessed the end of the white angel.

Just as the sea returned to calm, suddenly a long boat flute sounded.

In Shen Yu’s stunned eyes, another cruise ship came slowly on the distant sea.

The same wooden boat board, the same luxury, the same class, people come and go on the cruise ship, sailors, staff and dance partners.

He even looked as like as two peas, Captain Hans and Jack, who were exactly alike on the cruise ship.

“Endless cycle back and forth.”

Yueze also looked at the new cruise ship and said with emotion: “this is a cruise ship that has long sunk. Like a ghost, it will never stop and will never have a destination. It will be repeated again and again, waiting for the arrival of the next group of people.”

Discrimination and oppression will never be eliminated, just like the white angel will be reborn again and again.

Across the distant sea, chief officer Jack looked at them from a distance, and then the cruise ship slowly drove away from them.

Shen Yu slightly breathed out: “at least for this moment, we are safe.”

Now all that is left is to find the reef beach in the nearby sea area and wait for the hidden vortex to appear.

It was already daybreak. The two sides were driving two lifeboats slowly. Soon, they met Starscream who left first.

At this time, Starscream looked around with a navigation chart in his hand. After seeing the other two safe boats, he gently picked his eyebrows.

Zhang Cuihua laughed loudly, stood in front of the boat and laughed loudly: “Wannian Laojiu, what if you left early? You’re not waiting for us now!”

Starscream sarcastically said, “you are also very capable. You have survived by asking for trouble. It seems that the little girl is not good for nothing!”

“Why, aren’t you happy to see me alive? Your ranking can’t move forward. It’s still old nine.”

“Tut! The ranking will always change. Unlike someone’s height, it is always fixed.”

“… dead spider, you want to smoke!”

As soon as they met, they began to fight again.

On the blue sea, there was a messy reef shoal, and a big vortex gradually appeared under the water, as if to suck in the three boats.

But everyone was not flustered. As we all know, when the plot entered this stage, they should be able to get rid of the story.

The current atmosphere can not help but be relaxed.

Good night, the lively young man stabbed Shen Yu in the shoulder and said, “brother sugar, how was my performance today? Was I handsome when I shot with skills just now?”

“Brother Tang, can we meet again after returning to reality? Can I invite you to my house?”

The vortex has swallowed Starscream’s lifeboat, and their two boats are approaching the vortex.

Shen Yu was physically and mentally exhausted at this time, but he didn’t want to attack the boy’s enthusiasm. He had to look at the vortex and nod his head. “Your skills are very strong, but in reality, we should not meet…”


A sudden gunshot broke all the peace.

A burning pain came from his back. Shen Yu looked stunned and looked down at his chest.

A sudden bullet penetrated his chest.

He looked back in disbelief and saw the warm and cheerful young man behind him, with a smoking gun in his hand and a shy smile on his face.

“Sugar, is my gun good?” he asked with a smile.

Shen Yu didn’t answer. His body was out of strength. He was dazzled. The whole man turned over from the boat and fell into the cold sea silently.

One second before falling, he seemed to hear Yueze’s roar.

The incident happened suddenly. Almost no one expected that just before they were about to leave the story, the boy who always looked friendly and cheerful would suddenly make a move.

At the moment Shen Yu fell into the sea, Yueze on another lifeboat, his eyes trembled and jumped into the sea without hesitation.

All this happened between lightning, stone and fire. Almost in the next moment, the originally calm sea was suddenly choppy, as if it suddenly set off thousands of startling waves.

Good night. I originally wanted to pick up Shen Yu who fell into the sea, but the action was a little slower. Countless waves had rolled up the waves and almost swallowed the boat under him.

He stumbled and fell back into the boat. Looking at the angry waves in front of him, his heart could not help trembling slightly.

Like Poseidon getting angry!

“It really deserves to be an anonymous in the legend, even if it has been injured…”

He murmured absently, “brother sugar, it seems that I can’t take you this time.”

“Find another chance to visit my house later!”

Before the real storm came, his lifeboat disappeared into the vortex and separated from the story in the next second.

Only Zhang Cuihua was left, startled and angry, looking at the sea, trying to find two missing companions.


I’m falling.

Shen Yu fell into the cold sea and thought vaguely with his only remaining divine consciousness.

I seem to be falling endlessly.

It was like a three-year-old lake. It was cold, dark and silent. Only death surrounded him.

How did he survive Why don’t you remember?

The cold water poured into his lungs, the bleeding wound and the gradually cold limbs almost took away his last consciousness.

Maybe he’s really dying.

Just like when I was three.

But he survived at the age of three, just because

When he was young, the vague memory surged up and gradually became clear in his mind.

Because someone caught him

A warm hand suddenly reached out and firmly grasped his falling palm.

Just like then.

Almost the next second, Shen Yu felt that it was light on Thursday and Monday. He had been rescued from the water by others and was wet in his arms.

“Let’s go!”

He heard the sound of Yueze.

The author has something to say: today is a fatter chapter. Are the readers happy! O(∩_∩)O~


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